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Halloween From My Past

The Halloweens I remember so fondly were in the 1950′s. We always made our own costumes as the ones you could buy in the dime stores were lame and the masks were hard plastic and never fit right. I remember being a cat very often as I had this long black tail from some dancing costume. Black eyeliner made whiskers on my face and little black ears were cut from cardboard, painted and tied on with string under the chin. It was easy to find a black shirt and slacks. Our goodie bags were old pillow cases, and you needed a bag that big for all the homemade goodies you would receive. Popcorn balls were the best, made from scratch just like the hand dipped caramel apples. Old Mrs. Hubbard would bake her famous sugar cookies and we would eat those still warm beauties before we ever got home. You knew everyone who’s house you knocked on and delighted in fooling them about who you were. There was much laughter and mystery and memories made.

In the center of town the teenagers would always find an outhouse in the country and bring it to town and lock somebody inside of it. Toilet paper streamers danced in the air from the tall trees and you expected to see ghosts at any minute and often, of course, you did. The smell of hot apple cider wafted from doorways and many times you were warmed by someone’s generosity on a cold night.

I feel blessed to have lived my youth in the then small town (500) of Ralston, Nebraska. The memories are a rich journey into my past at times of the year like Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone, may you be safe, but still in awe of the mysteries of life and death and the celebrations we share.

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