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Checking In……………

I’ve been caught up in the daily grind and trying to figure out where to go from here. I love the celebratory feel and expression from Thanksgiving thru New Years, but I always get a little lost in the activities and planning. As I perused my early morning web sites I found this tidbit  perfect for what I needed to ground this morning. Thank you Robert Wilkinson for a wonderful website of wisdom:

1. All forms pass away.

So don’t get too uptight at the changes. Don’t get too attached to suffering the difficulties, and don’t get too attached to the enjoyment of pleasures. Both the problems and the enjoyments will pass, so chill out and don’t take any of it too personally. Live life to the fullest while not getting stuck by clinging to habits in thought, feeling, or action that lead to suffering.

2. The Golden Rule works.

Also known as, “What goes around, comes around.” Even though we may not see the larger workings of the eternal law of cause and effect, it’s there if you take a wide enough point of view. A logical corollary of this truth is that as one acts, feels, thinks, and aspires, one creates the tendencies for these to manifest in the future.

We just usually have such short attention spans that we don’t see the bigger picture of the cause-and-effect cycles of our lives. Still, the Law works in mysterious ways whether we perceive it or not, and if this second Truth actually works for all of us, then it is easy to see that the third Truth is…

3. Love is the way.

Since Truth number one is inevitable in our dualistic impermanent system, and Truth number two is an expression of the “karmic law” governing the field of sensory manifestation and creating patterns that persist through space and time, then this third Truth, to embrace, learn, and BE Love, is the only sane way to live.

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