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Doing It Up Right………..

When I was small I spent a great deal of time on an 80 acre plot of heaven with my grandparents in Nodaway, Iowa. We followed the seasons then with how we lived and what we ate. Spring was planting and filled with hope for the harvest. Summer was hard work tending to all that was growing, not only plants, but livestock, especially those chickens. Fall was the harvest of so much loving labor and stocking up and storing for the sleep of winter. Winter was when all the tools were sharpened and repaired and the things you didn’t have time for in the other three seasons. Rest and rejuvenation, not only the farm, but our bodies. There was time to play the piano and sing the old songs, time to sew and dream.
Today I was out in my yard harvesting sour cherries. And I just want to thank the squirrels and birds for leaving me enough this year to make 3 big pies. When you are involved with nature, time has a way of being eternal or in the moment. You have to pay attention. While I was cherry picking so many thoughts of my childhood came back to me of what we would do after gathering the bounty. One of those things was sharing. I remember the pies and jellies and jams and butters we would deliver to the neighbors, our friends, and how delighted they would be to receive these gifts, but it was more than the food, it was the thought and consideration and the love that went along with it.
While I wasn’t able to gather that many cherries, my neighbor has a birthday on the 31st and she loves cherries. This year she gets a cherry pie from me filled with labor and love. If you have ever picked cherries, you know how much work it is between picking and eating!
We used to know that it truly is the little things that make life worth living. It is the effort and love that counts and the sharing of all of that.

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