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New Moon in Gemini for all Signs

We’ve been getting a steady dose of Gemini energy lately thanks to the Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter. Gemini, commonly referred to as the Twins, is an airy, mental sign that shows us both sides of the coin, or yin/yang, light/dark etc. It’s about understanding our dual natures and gaining wisdom from that insight. When so many planets are in a sign, we get an abnormally high infusion of its energies. Right now people are being called to look into their lives for deeper understanding of who they are, why they are doing what they are and is it possible to expand out and have a very different life/love/fun etc.
ARIES-Brothers/sisters are important to you, make time for them. If you don’t have any siblings, spend time with the neighbors or even striki up a conversation at the grocery store, it will enrich your life.
TAURUS-Think about how talented you are and get a little more motivated to explore new ways you can use those talents and make extra money.
GEMINI-It’s all about you right now and you are charming the world! Take advantage of all of this Gemini energy and enjoy yourself to the max!
CANCER-A retreat would be heaven for you now, can you get away? Even over the lunch hour would help. Write down your dreams, they have plenty of messages for you.
LEO-It’s summer and you need to be spending a lot of time with friends! This is a mentally stimuating time, don’t let it go to waste-be social!
VIRGO-It is time for you to achieve more of your greatness. Think and plan now for a better future soon. You are wise and grounded, this New Moon will stimulate wonderful new ideas for your life-write them down.
LIBRA-You are a natural teacher at this time and ideas are overflowing. Get a little more organized and start to vision your future in grander ways……..then it will manifest.
SCORPIO-Time to reinvent yourself. What is stuck and stale, what can you let go of and let in? Old ideas might be a good to rethink. Daydreaming will bring you a lot of great info.
SAGITTARIUS-Marriage on the horizon? In a marriage? Perfect for a new one or making an old one better. Communication is at its finest and you adore one another.
CAPRICORN-Get new ideas about your job and how you could make it more of what you want. Taking care of others will become lighter in the days to follow, relax, it really is all good.
AQUARIUS-You had better be on vacation with all of this wonderful energy in your play house! If you can’t, at least get to the park with yours or somebodies children and play all day! It will revitalize you.
PISCESS-Home is your haven and you may be thinking of changing it a bit or even moving. Whatever is on your homefront, it is happy and airy and light and you are content for once.

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