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Taking a little breather…………………..

I’ve been taking a little breather, but here are some thoughts for your consideration:

Here I am for all to see………A glistening product of eternity………………
We practice “presence” every moment of every day…………what is your presence saying to the world and what is it saying to you?
“Transformational Presence—a state of being in which one lives, leads, works, and engages in life from a place of profound alignment with their soul, their soul mission or life purpose, and the Greater Consciousness. This presence opens the door to the greater potential waiting to emerge in any moment, situation, or circumstance, and becoming a steward for that potential to manifest.  The more authentic and dynamic one’s presence, the more effective that individual or organization will be in serving the positive transformation and evolution of our world.” –Alan Seale
I am present in my life; I am a presence in many people’s lives. Just making that statement brings in such a profound energy and it holds me accountable to be the best I can be.  Om Shanti


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  1. Janis D'Arcy July 31st, 2012 3:08 pm

    Dearest Sue,
    I resonate with this posting. Being observant of what my presence is saying to the world and is it saying what I think it says or what I would like it to say has been one of the summer focuses for me. Expanded expression of myself and my Self another. Also, the word “accountability” has been foremost for me this summer. Holding myself accountable to be the highest expression I can be in each experience of life as it unfolds. Yes, I love this post. Was this quote from one of his books and if so, which one?
    In Love and LIght

  2. Sue July 31st, 2012 3:27 pm

    Hi Janis, I think it is Soul Mission/Life Vision. He is just so right on target with everything he writes.

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