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September Astrologically For All Signs

And the heat is on……………….from long and enduring planetary transits, we are really heating up this September. The last time we had a similar astro transit like this was 1965-66 and the tone was evolutionary revolution. Now we get to take care of what was started back then. The grassroots are waking up all over the world. The message will be the same, power to the people, love is all there is and so on. Look to your life, what needs to be overhauled? Where do you need to give and receive more love? Mid month presents a powerhouse of configurations! On the 15th we have a New Moon (starting over) in Virgo conjunct Mercury (communication) giving us all an opportunity to sit down and talk things over from our hearts instead of our heads. On the 18th Pluto (transformation) goes direct releasing the floodgates on how we are going to restructure our world so that it is more in alignment with our highest, most spiritual beliefs. September 20th packs a whollop with a T-Square (big friction) between Uranus (chaos), Pluto (power) and Mercury (mind) giving us a push forward in all of our transformations. The way to balance this big energy is through seeking harmony and nurturing from our home base. The Full Moon in Aries on the 29th can bring a burst of enthusiastic energy you’re your life. Venus (love) will be moving into Leo the first week and she brings a lot of laughter and joy to the rest of the month. When Venus and Leo get together you know it’s going to be a big party, elegantly catered and the wine will flow! If you have a birthday during this time begin to plan now and invite all your friends, the more the merrier! On the 23rd the Sun will move into gracious Libra smoothing out the rough edges from mid month. The Soul of the World (Anima Mundi) is being lifted into a higher spiritual playing field. This is clearing out the dysfunctional, cruel and unfair behaviors of the un-evolved ego.

ARIES-It may be time to revolutionize your relationships and you will get help from the planets. Venus (love) is good to you this month in your home and with children and creativity. If you haven’t been paying attention to what needs to change for the better in your life, mid-month will be a little uncomfortable. Mars (force) is hanging out in the area of your chart that brings about great transformation all month long. The Full Moon is in Aries on the 29th and it will be conjunct Uranus (unpredictable), could be a wild ride!

TAURUS-Relationships will be super-charged this month and possibly an ego dispute or two with those you love. Venus is helping you out in all your communications and the daily functions of your life at the first part of the month. Second half she moves into your home area which will create beauty and harmony and if you are looking to sell your house, it will be beneficial for you. The Full Moon on the 29th will kick some needed changes into high gear for you.

GEMINI-Your health is strong this month thanks to Mars (strength) and you need that as Pluto (change) continues to work on transforming your attitudes and life. Expect the unexpected when it comes to friends and social gatherings this month and in the years to come. It’s fun having off beat friends! The New Moon in Virgo (details) on the 15th bring opportunities to change-plant a few seeds and see how they grow. The Full Moon on the 29th can either bring you crazy friends with weird problems or a great and unusual party to attend.

CANCER-The New Moon on the 15th offers you a chance at some real personal growth, make an appt with your therapist. The month is a busy one for you and full of chances to let go of the past patterns in relationships to open to a deeper more profound love. Your achievements/career are about to get a huge bolt of energy from the Full Moon on the 29th!
There is a possibility of some disputes with your children, but you can diffuse that energy by taking a little trip instead or using your creativity more.

LEO-What a great month for you! It may be time to go back to school and learn a new trade. The New Moon on the 15th heralds new beginning for you and it highlights your talents, or talents you don’t even know that you have. As long as Pluto (transformation) is in your health house (till 2027) take extra care that you exercise and eat organic. The Full Moon on the 29th will bring some far out ideas about spirituality or higher philosophical thoughts that will expand your mind greatly. Great month for exciting conversations or brainstorming with friends.

VIRGO-It’s an important month for you and if you set your intentions now, will bring you what you desire. Sometimes those relationships are painful, but don’t forget to notice the healing that comes with them. If you have children they may be a little hard to handle in the years to come. The New Moon on the 15th brings many new ideas of how to live your life. The Full Moon on the 29 is full of unexpected news which could be good or bad, and it will change you.

LIBRA-A strong month for you thanks to the energy of Mars, although on the 15th it will collide with Saturn and this may be a difficult and irritating day for you. Jupiter continues to expand your mind and Pluto has you thinking deeply about your home. The Full Moon on the 29th has a jarring message regarding someone you are in a committed relationship with. Venus highlights good friends and good times this month.

SCORPIO-The Month is heavily focused on friends and social activities. You will feel strong, thanks to Mars, all month long, but keep that ego in check. The New Moon on the 15th brings a chance to connect with old friends or make new ones. The Full Moon on the 29th lands next to erratic Uranus in your health/work house. This could lead to some interesting workplace encounters. You are changing so rapidly this year be sure to take time off for just you.

Sagittarius-Lots of activity putting you out into the world this month. There is a New Moon in your career sector on the 15th, if you have been thinking of asking for a raise, that would be a good time to ask, and then just wait till the Full Moon on the 29th to see something come to fruition. It looks like money is on your mind a lot so use your talents to manifest more. You may be having fruitful dialogues with a partner this whole year.

CAPRICORN-There may be some strong opinions discussed with friends this month, just make sure everyone’s egos are in their proper place. The New Moon on the 15th brings in strong energy for success in what you are seeking. The opposition of this Moon to Uranus can create discord from an unexpected person. The Full Moon on the 29th lands in your home area conjunct Uranus. This could be a really fun, upbeat gathering in your home or some discord with those that live there.

AQUARIUS-Saturn (responsibility) is calling you to stand up and out in the world more. Your great humanitarian gifts are needed at this time and you will be noticed. The New Moon on the 15th lands in the house of major change. Some old pattern/person needs to go to let in a more positive future for you. The Full Moon on the 29th could create some very unusual conversations, just be sure that you stay calm and positive. Committed relationships are smooth and you can thank Venus for that.

PISCES-It’s a wild ride for you just trying to figure out what role you want to play next. The planets are stirring up your awareness of self, your gifts and money, your home, play and work, relationships, death and rebirth, friends and so on! No wonder your memory is a little shaky. The New Moon on the 15th could signal a rebirth of a marriage, while the Full Moon on the 29th could wreak havoc on your possessions or you may become aware of hidden talents and take a whole new direction.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” Hermes Trismegistus


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    Thanks Sue the Sept scope

  2. April September 3rd, 2012 10:22 am

    Sounds like a big LOVE IN starting with yourself first is in the air. A time for engaging creativity to come around full circle. Somany ways to do this???????? Thanks Sue

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