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April Astrologically

It’s a strong Aries month….and if you are one you may want to tone it down for your friends and family!  The New Moon on the 10th is in Aries which is a good time to start a new project or dream a new dream, there will be lots of energy to achieve with this Moon.  The month is focused on acting on the changes we all know need to happen whether that is personal or global.  So, look around and begin repairing what you can, letting go of the inevitable and dropping barriers or beliefs that are judgmental.  The Full Moon on the 25th is also a Lunar Eclipse, the first of three eclipses this spring.  This one is in Scorpio and I’m telling you it will be intense, what isn’t with Scorpio?  Wherever 5 degrees of Scorpio falls in your chart will show an area where you need to give up the ghost……..let it go……….move on!  For the country this happens in the 8th house of Death and Rebirth.  Dying to the old so that the new can emerge.  Of course those kinds of changes don’t happen in a day or even a couple of years, but this eclipse is a harbinger for our country to change.  The past months heavy Yods and more can have you wishing for a quiet get away, but not yet, there’s work to be done.

ARIES-This month continues the surge of power that started in March as many planets moved into your sign, there are 5 and the focus is on strength and moving forward with your life.  The New Moon is just for you, make the most of it.  Make a plan or two and take steps towards transforming yourself into a new you!  The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th lands in your house of major change-make it a good one.

TAURUS-You will be getting a charge as the Sun moves into your sign along with Venus and Mars enjoy yourself, you will be a loving, charming magnet for all kinds of good stuff!  The New Moon lands in your meditation room and you may need to jumpstart a new spiritual form of connecting to something greater than you, it could also be a little jarring with some past karma coming up for a payment.  The eclipse on the 25th is in your house of committed relationships.  Some old patterns are drawing to an end……you may feel a little in limbo for a stretch, but it will pass.

GEMINI-Jupiter and Lilith are expanding and bringing up a few shadows to deal with.  With Jupiter in your 1st house you need to watch over doing everything especially eating.  A good month to really start liking yourself more and how you present yourself to the world.  There are endings and beginnings with friends and small groups now.  The many things you take care of, including a job are about to end/change.  Peacefully let go and be open to better things coming in.

CANCER-The New Moon on the 10th lands in your Career!  This is the time to go for the gold in whatever way you wish…….just listen to your awesome intuitions and follow your heart.  At months end find a way to spend quality time with friends to renew your spirit.  The Lunar Eclipse on the 25th lands in your house of children.  It could be that one of your children is changing and you may need to let them go for awhile….it will be ok.  If you don’t have children, you need to find a different way to have more fun!

LEO-The transformation that you are undergoing is at the subconscious level and you need to breathe and embrace new changes but don’t forget who loves you.  Pluto will be in your house of health for many years to come-get healthy-Pluto wants to regenerate you.  There will be a rebirth of sorts in how you think and view the world this month-keep it expanded and let go of any rigid belief systems.

VIRGO-Transformation is very strong for you at this time with so many planets in the house of death and rebirth.  Learn to be flexible with your changes.  If it isn’t working out, oh well, move on to something better.  You are making your mark in the world and the world is noticing…stay the course and much will be yours.  You may need to communicate differently than you have in the past, check and see if you have been insensitive to others in your daily life and correct that.  You will have a great deal of help for any improvements you attempt in how you talk to others.

LIBRA-The New Moon happens in your marriage/partnership house-huzza!  This will be a time for either renewing or letting go in that area.  All depends on what for your highest good.  Big changes coming at the end of the month-are you ready?  Pluto continues to totally remake your home for many years to come.  The Eclipse on the 25th lands in your money/talent/possessions house, hmmm, maybe you need to let go of some of the things you do and develop new talents….just a thought.

SCORPIO-It’s a good thing you like the deeper side of life because this month you transform at a very basic level.  One way to use this energy would be to get a “new do” or workout, change your diet, change your attitude, love yourself.  It’s a strong physical month for you so plant that garden, or workout, run a couple of miles, just do something to boost your health.  At the end of the month unwind with someone you are deeply committed to, it will be FABULOUS!

SAGITTARIUS -You get a New Moon in your house of fun-how lucky is that?!  This is also the area of great creativity/love/children and more.  It’s time to find newer ways to enrich your life through playing.  A new job may be in the offing at months end, or maybe you just need to take more  herbs!  The Eclipse on the 25th spotlights your 12th house.  This is a complicated area that the old astrologers called the House of Self Undoing.  I like to call it the Meditation Room.  Regardless, pay attention to what you absolutely have got to let go of now-only you know what that is.

CAPRICORN-You wield astronomical power at this time, be sure to use it well.  The New Moon lands in your home…..yikes, better paint a wall red so you don’t fight with the people you live with.  Best to knock out walls and redecorate, paint etc.  But, really, it just shows that there is a need for new beginnings there.  The eclipse on the 25th lands in your house of friends/small groups and could signal an ending of some of those.  Jupiter and Lilith have you thinking about all those things you take care of…..why so many?

AQUARIUS-There is a rebirth awaiting you on the 10th with that New Moon in Aries.  It’s focusing on your everyday world.  Make a plan if you would like something a little different there……..then take some action.  Dreams will be action packed this month as your subconscious is being challenged by the fiery god of Aries and the earthy god of Taurus.  The eclipse on the 25th lands in your major achievements in this life, so something needs to be let go of so you can step into greater glory, know what that is?  I bet you do.

PISCES -You’ve been so creative this past month, now it’s time to make some  money from it all.  Thanks to the New Moon in your 1st money house you can now find new ways to increase that income.  Towards the months end daily life should be pretty cushy thanks to comfort loving Taurus.  The eclipse on the 25th lands in your house of higher mind/long long journeys.  There is something changing in your philosophies and it’s been coming for awhile.  Soon, you will be seen as a strong authority figure and greatly rewarded for that.


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  1. Jamie April 26th, 2013 6:38 pm

    I always told you, you were my angel!!! ALL MAKES SENSE NOW… Thank you Sue.. for making such a difference in my life!!!

  2. Jamie April 26th, 2013 6:38 pm


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  4. Leonardo July 14th, 2014 11:35 pm

    Oh my goodness! I would revlie that day over and over if I could. Those boys were so wonderful and are each just amazing with their unique personalities! Love them!

  5. advance then August 13th, 2014 12:46 am

    To think, I was confused a minute ago.

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