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Making Changes

I long for the days when I think I remember that change was a lot easier and definitely smoother. Maybe I’m kidding myself, I might be glorifying the past with what I would like to believe it was.
In my past I was always happy, hmph! It’s true, that’s what I remember, I wonder if it is a defense mechanism……certainly there were not so happy times, why can’t I remember them as well as the joyous ones?
These aren’t very happy times, and yet I am happy most of the day. It is a little confusing. Certainly I am stuck in several old patterns right now that need a little nudging, or perhaps a stick of dynamite.
I am hearing similar thoughts to the above from quite a few people including family and friends.
Maybe today I’ll figure it all out. I’ll let you know.
One of my favorite astrologers, Robert Wilkinson has this to say about April:
Slow down and take it easy today and tomorrow! It’s definitely a major turning point in several areas of our lives and affairs as indicated by the waning Mercury square Mars and the waxing Sun square Jupiter, this affecting areas involving Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces. We’re all bringing some areas to fruition, while other things are emerging with important implications for Summer and beyond.

When Mercury squares Mars, try to slow everything down in areas and behaviors ruled by these planets. Beware of hasty decisions, jumping to conclusions, being too abrupt or brusque, or leaping before you look twice. Be realistic in your assessments and find the right way to coordinate the endings of what has been with the new information coming in. Mercury is impartial, while Mars is hard edged. The square either brakes or releases, but given these two planets, it’s often jarring.

If challenged at present, stay balanced, get the right perspective, get a plan, and use the wisdom from your experience. Open to subtle interpretations and the downward flow of natural energies showing you how to integrate the various parts of your personality and life, doing whatever repair work that needs to be done joyously.

Sort things out, prioritize, and see this as the end of a preparation time and the emergence of something that will dominate the long view. This is a time to embrace various forms of exercising your body, feelings, and mind, seeing it all as a test of organizing your energies to make them all work rhythmically and efficiently.
This is a time to search for a greater vision or way of learning and serving self, others, and a greater good. Try not to overlook perfectly good opportunities for expansion in some life areas, keep things moving along without procrastination or wasting time, energy, or money, and find a greater sense of humor, truth, or your future possibilities. This is the light of a greater vision if we open to it.

This square occurs from 22 Aries to 22 Capricorn, so it most affects those born around April 9-11, July 11-14, October 13-15, and January 10-12. This marks a time of expansion and major future promise for anyone born around those dates, since it’s 1 degree away from where Jupiter goes stationary retrograde on May 9, 2008. Thus people with these birthdays will have Jupiter in a close dynamic configuration with their Sun for quite a few weeks to come. The real adventure begins in November-December 2008, when Jupiter makes its final pass over this degree span just before it enters Aquarius, which promises an entirely different way of viewing things from now on.

So it seems that right now is an important time of some things beginning to end while a new promise or vision is introduced on the stage of our lives. Dare to dream, dream to dare, open to a wider view of what you could become with a plan and persistence, don’t get aggravated by short terms stuff, or the stuff of relatively recent invention. Turn on a dime, and redirect your efforts to more profitable ends. This is the time to find the new plan and begin to execute it, turning away from old methods.

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