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The Grand Irrationality-Look to the Summer

It can be very easy for us to be consumed with the changes going on in our own lives. But stop for a moment and look around you…………everyone is being affected by some pretty massive changes either personally or family/friends, job, neighborhood etc.
I’ve pasted my new favorite astrologers info below, check it out and see how this is affecting you and why and what maybe you could do a little differently.

Astrology in April-May 2008 – The Grand Irrationality Is Triggered By Mars in late Cancer (Welcome to what Summer will bring)

Right now Mars just finished quincunxing Neptune and is entering the exact zone of the triseptile with Pluto. With the Moon is in Aquarius conjuncting Neptune in the Grand Irrationalty, welcome to the hard edge of choosing the future. It would seem as though many are choosing their future “destiny,” though of course anyone can always change course if they’re not caught up in irrationality, compulsions, or prior unconscious factors. And just because we see it in another does not mean we have the power to make them differently.

As you know from previous Spiritual Astrology articles (with several to follow in the near future!), we are living within what I have termed “The Grand Irrationality,” shown by the Neptune-Pluto septile energy going on the last decade which will last another. At critical points in the year cycle various transits open up these doorways to other weird choices and changes. These points are where “destiny is at work,” which of course affects Saints and sinners alike, just in different ways according to our merits and demerits in consciousness and karmas, the errors and actualities that we manifest for good or ill.

During the next few days, Mars will traverse the degree span that makes a triseptile to both Neptune and Pluto, forming an off-set “Yod” to the Cancer Mars. Expect dramatic choices and changes that will affect many lives for many years into the future. This will consolidate some initiatives for the long term, and mark a critical turning point in many socio-cultural efforts. It obviously affects each of us in whatever areas Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius fall, since these are signs that are activated or ruled by the planets in question.

In a nutshell, expect up close and personal experiences to be taken in very personal ways that affect the future of whoever is making those choices, which is all of us. If ever there was a point where the future is entirely up for grabs, this is the “Cosmic moment,” the next few days. The next big point will be in early May, when Mercury occupies the Gemini point of the Grand Irrationality. This will activate many changes, especially when Moon is in Aries, filling in the 4th point of the 7 pointed Star pattern.

So if you have any planet around late Sagittarius, early Capricorn, early third decan Aquarius, early second decan Aries, early Gemini, late Cancer, mid-Virgo, or early Scorpio. hang on to your hats, since the wild ride is taking a strange and hard turn at the intersection of Fate Street and Free Will Street where they meet Eternity Boulevard.

Overall, this is NOT a time where things are settled or we will feel stable. Yes, there are possibiities to be embraced, and rewards are coming as indicated by Jupiter. But with a little reflection, it is obvious that these are not very settling times at all. In fact, we need to all find an approach to circumstances and people that works for us. And adaptability is a virtue in an Age in Transition. Be sensitive, accept the power, conform to collective standards, and get ready to rise to some occasion. It’s definitely on the way for each according to their need or duty.

© Copyright 2008 Robert Wilkinson

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