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2012-What Does That Mean?

2012-What does that mean? I was reading my favorite astrologers blog today and found this interpretation, quite good I thought! Sue
Though the period confronting us is in fact one of many squares and oppositions (another way to measure time!), we can position ourselves intelligently to deal with whatever arises in our experience. We are Eternals with the power to shape and re-shape our physical, emotional, and mental realities. Because we confront what appears to be an era of great upheavals, it is a period when we can step “out of time” and view our evolving Self in an altered time stream. There are many ways to position ourselves in any time continuum.
For those who live in the NOW, regardless of all the predictions across time, 2012 is in fact just another number that follows what we call 2011 and precedes 2013. It is the human interpretations around that number, some of supposedly great importance, that gets us all worked up. True, it marks one of many important points in time for evolving humanity, as do the years preceding and succeeding 2012. But in the grand scheme of things, there are also other points in past and future time which are of even greater import for humanity.
Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of fear and drama around the number 2012, with many ominous predictions floating around the global brain. This is generated by glamor, which as you know is a world problem. Many confirm their fears by searching for that which seems to be associated with the dramatic predictions. However, this fear and drama is useless wheel spinning if we are to position ourselves intelligently, lovingly, and wisely for the experiences we confront over the next several thousand days.
It is natural for we humans to fear the end of our familiar perceptual reality, since we learned that response eons ago. However, we have now reached a point where a sense of things ending is a constant (and an inevitability!) in our experience of our Age in Transition. Due to many factors, some geophysical and some simply the time of the Initiation of the World and all its sentient Beings, there is a collective quickening.
This is a prelude to a new perceptual reality awakening in those who strive to know the unknown. It is occurring everywhere in individuals who have cultivated such things in prior “beginnings.” But we do not live in a vacuum, and are far more sensitive to the collective consciousness than we suspect. This gives rise to the challenge of not allowing any form of fear, glamor, or sense of separateness, specialness, or self-importance to distort our experience of what is actually another gateway to unknown possibilities, individually and collectively.
There can be no activity in our impermanent reality that doesn’t at some point transmute into some other state of Being. That’s the end of an era, whether in a microsecond or a millennium. In the Eternal NOW, where experience is truly experienced rather than measured, everything that seems to BE is in constantly changing vibratory states. These are all transitions from one nature of Being to whatever other nature of Being arises
Eras end, whether in personal life or the life of nations. If something ends, it leaves a void which is naturally filled by whatever still has potential. That which has potential usually “begins” at some point in what we call “the past,” since existence, being a continuum, doesn’t arise spontaneously. All forms arise from seeds of prior cyclic manifestations.
Since we are part of Nature, perhaps we can learn about larger cycles of time and change by studying Her as the one who brings forth forms in our reality. If we look at Nature, we observe that in her infinite abundance all things arise from “seed forms” as well as prior existing roots. These grow, are refined by experience across time, and eventually come to an end as that form uses up its potential.
Eons are the same way. The continuum of time we’re moving through right now constitutes a period after the old seeds have dropped and the plant form is dying in this “Winter of the 21st Century.” The seeds lay dormant until awakened by heat, after which they will sprout into new life if the conditions are ripe and those who tend the garden are diligent, both in nurturing and protecting that which is growing.
2012 is the midpoint of the Winter of the 21st Century. After that point the life force will again become stronger, and natural conditions occur that will foster the growth of the beginnings of our new Era. We’ve already passed through the densest Round and Globe of this Earth’s larger evolutionary arc, and are solidly streaking into the Dwapara Yuga, where we will remember more than we can imagine.
The electromagnetic nature of Creation and Life is revealing itself moment by moment, week by week, year by year, century by century. An era of miracles and wonder is on the way. We just have to get through this part of the night that precedes the dawn. For many who position themselves accordingly, it won’t be that bad, despite the bad news all around for some time to come.
© Copyright 2008 Robert Wilkinson

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