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As I was perusing the many astrological sites I find meaningful, I came across the below on Cayelin’s site, really resonated with that today, maybe you will too.

The ancient Vedic text known as the Bhagavad Gita describes what happens when we learn acceptance of as stated below being content and unattached to outcome

Content with getting what arrives of itself
Passed beyond the pairs, free from envy,
Not attached to success nor failure,
Even acting, s/he is not bound.
S/He is to be recognized as eternally free
Who neither loathes nor craves;
For s/he that is freed from the pairs,
Is easily freed from conflict.
- The Bhagavad

Said another way… total acceptance of self and of all that life IS without judgment, or resistance, or a need to fix it or make it be different than what is liberates us from the limiting experience of duality including the concepts of good or bad, right or wrong, success or failure. This is the place of total freedom.

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