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Under The Knife

Under the knife………my old nursing jargon from those surgical years……..under the knife is what we are at this time. In the surgery forum it means the patient is anesthetized, all monitors are hooked up and checked and working, and the surgeon is making the incision.
This is where we are now for the change of our lives and of our world.
I like it though, it’s a time here of really looking at how we spend our time and resources and if it’s worth it or a waste. Wasting anything is just not feasible anymore. I’ve always been good at recycling and I’m a thrift store junkie, but it’s beyond even that. Not spending money is the new art form. How can we conserve in every area of our lives. Maybe dumpster diving is next!!
My grocery store probably wants me to stop shopping there as I really get on their case about waste. The other day, the produce manager was removing 30-40 heads of really good looking broccoli and I asked him where that was going and he said to the dump. I sort of came unglued and asked him why he didn’t take it to the shelters where they have to live on boxed and canned chemicals…………….Grrrrrrrr.
I know it’s changing, but as you know, we were changing this back in the ’60′s and now the world is being forced to look at what we’ve been saying all along. It isn’t gratifying to me to be “right” if that’s what you call it. Or maybe “harbinger” is the word.
Anyway, the new spending that seems to be working best is on self help. What do you need in your world to make it better? Mental/emotional health is certainly at the top of the list and sometimes you have to pay for that, but it’s worth it in whatever form that works for you-counseling/readings/massage ad infinitum. Physical health, I’ve pared it down, and those supplements are spendy …….but I don’t feel well without them. Spiritual………it has to be daily and more, moment to moment. Looking at each situation to see the bigger evolving picture and my place in it.
Under the knife, cutting out what doesn’t work anymore.

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