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Nancy Fischer 3/14/51-4/30/09

Today I would like to honor my friend, Nancy Fischer. She left this reality after a strong and beautiful journey through end stage melanoma.

An amazing woman of many talents and accomplishments. Perhaps best known as the owner of Workout, Inc and the first person in Omaha to become certified in Stott Pilates and then the first to bring Pilates to Omaha. Nancy was a quiet, but giant force here.

Hundreds of people benefited from her caring nature. She was a great teacher, coach and mentor.

She was also an amazing yoga teacher trained at Omaha Yoga & Bodyworks under Susi Amendola, and registered with national Yoga Alliance. But, that says so little about her quietly strong personality and her many gifts. I don’t know many people that are as accomplished as her in the kitchen, and many of you know that cooking is my main passion. She always impressed me with her originality in recipes and presentation.

I’m a gardener. Nancy was an extraordinary gardener and her flower gardens responded to her love by being more beautiful than other gardens.

Many of you know that I have walked the journey of transition back to our “real” home with her for several months. I wasn’t the only one. Her husband, Steve was there 24/7, and as his solid, ”can handle anything Iowa farm genes provide”, he handled it with love, strength, sorrow and practicality……..he handled it beautifully. There were others, of course, friends and family literally flowed through the phone and the front door. The refrigerator was overflowing with food from friends.

But I can only speak for my part. How do you deal with the days/months leading up to death? By taking care of what needs to be taken care of in the moment. I could only give her morning hours, but they were rich in diversity. We laughed, we cried, we listened to music; I massaged her back and feet and hands for hours. I read her Rumi and a precious book on transition called 100 Cranes. I cherish the time that two friends and I spent laughing with her, and creating ritual for her passage. I was fortunate enough to be able to say goodbye in many ways at varied times.
God Speed Nancy, may your spirit fly in joy and radiance!

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  1. Cousin -Janet May 1st, 2009 7:07 pm

    Nancy’s spirit will always be close to your heart … she left you so many gifts to cherish. My deepest sympathy…and love! Just Janet

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