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I want to live a life that reflects all that I am. That used to be a lot simpler than it is now. I am so many things, so many passions, so many exciting twists and turns, so many dreams, so many intensely desired directions for the next phase of my life. Always unfolding, always seeking the next avenue of expression. I see myself at this last third of my life as a blank canvas. I feel like I am emerging from the ether with infinite potential for whatever I want to be next. It is such a relaxing and rich feeling to know that whatever I wish the rest of my life to be……………will be.

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Shadow Attacks

“Our shadows exist to teach us, guide us, and give us the blessing of our entire selves. They are resources for us to expose and explore. The feelings that we have suppressed are desperate to be integrated into ourselves. They are only harmful when they are repressed; then they can pop up at the least opportune times. Their sneak attacks will handicap you in the areas of your life that mean the most. “ -Dark Side of the Light Chasers

It takes me years of study and research to begin understanding. With shadows, my first response was generally denial or disbelief. Then moving on through more study, a kind of grudging belief that perhaps this could be true. Now as events come up in my life I grab hold of what is this shadow and how can I allow it real expression? What has it brought to me and why now?

So, another sneak attack and as I look at this particular shadow I find I’m really liking the beauty of it and the acceptance that I am gifted in this way.


A River Moving In You

When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
When actions come from another section,
the feeling disappears. -Rumi
I have experienced a “river moving through me” often in life and especially right now.
We are experiencing a once in 500 year flood of the mighty Missouri River at this time too.
And that is how some of these powerful astrological energies are flowing through our world, like a river running, overflowing, out of control and very strong.
Some days it’s all I can do to sit and breathe and allow these rivers of energies to flow through me, other days I’m caught up in the flow and experience amazing creativity. I’ve just about transformed my Center and organized files that have been laying around for over 20 years. Thank you to Mercury retrograde, always good for cleaning up old stuff.
The bigger changes of Pluto, Uranus, Neptune are transforming all of us and I am finding it hard sometimes to connect to old friends. The energy is gone, we’ve changed, and we don’t match up anymore. Life times are speeding by and it is vital to remain flexible, open, free, non judgmental, compassionate and to stay out of any unhealthy ego patterns.  It’s all very exciting and I wonder what 10 years from now will look like and  who will be in my life then.

And this from Robert Wilkinson: 

“That’s right – we’re now in the heart of a few very volatile days. It began when Mars entered Cancer August 3, setting the square to Uranus and opposition to Pluto into motion. These are very challenging and dynamic aspects to two of the most powerful disruptive energies in creation.”

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How to Forgive

Several years ago I wrote The Dailies on this Blog. Then I shifted into mostly astrology musings.
Tonight I’m back into the Dailes with something that has caused me angst, great angst, all day. I was listening to the radio news at either 91.5 or 90.7 (can’t remember which station now, as they are the only stations I listen to). The story was about Meth addiction and a man in Council Bluffs who had just killed a cat. But not before sexually abusing the cat and then throwing it out the window, where it died and someone reported him.
I have wrestled with this all day, and tears flow as I try to understand why.
Years ago I made one of my spiritual practices on Forgiveness about sexual perpretators. It was a hard discipline as I had very rigid judgements against anyone who could possibly sexually abuse a child. I was vigilant in my pursuit of real forgiveness……it took years before I came to that place. During that time I researched perpetrators and how they could harm such innocence. The essence I took away from that investigation was that all perps had been abused so severely at such an impressionable age that pleasure/pain/shame/sex etc was all rolled up into a very complex desire for love.
Today, I lost my work on forgiveness. Unfortunately, my mind won’t lose the image of the cat and how that whole scene had to play out. It took me to Africa, where women and so many very young girls are raped daily in a war I can’t understand.
And that brings me to a place that I have no understanding of and I wonder if I will ever be able to let go of humans abusing life.
I don’t want to hurt others in any way. But I do understand that through our deep emotional pain we seek relief. I do understand that sometimes our darkest shadows can emerge and perform acts that our waking consciousness would be horrified of.
My prayers are with the cat tonight. Maybe tomorrow I can pray for the man that fed his lowest cravings for love.

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Gratitude or Relief?

I like to work on positive attitudes in the face of life. The other day I was overcome with a sense of gratitude about something and just into the feeling when I noticed that it was more a feeling of relief that something didn’t happen. That got me to thinking about all the things I am grateful for………so far it looks more like I’m very relieved instead of grateful. That makes me wonder what real gratitude feels like.
This feels like Neptune in Pisces, which is happening now for the first time in 150 years. Neptune is a spiritual harbinger of greater awareness. I have really been noticing that what I thought I believed/know etc is being revealed as something a little different. Perception is widening and opening to newer playing fields.  Very awesome and sure I will enjoy this immensely!

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Fearless Moral Inventory

Today I was starting to go down that path of seeing the world as filled with wrongdoings that need to be righted.

And as serendipity came in during my morning meditation I was reminded of how important it is to look to myself first. To be careful that I use a discriminating wisdom when I view life.

My marker now is when I become righteously indignant to follow an AA teaching of “fearless moral inventory”.

This is to see clearly. Recognizing our own wrongdoings to self and others first before rushing out to cure the world.

Jack Kornfield talks about having to end our isolation by seeing and telling the difficult truth to ourselves and to one another, but always in the spirit of compassion, and in the knowledge of interconnection. We have to learn that we can trust the truth and that the truth will lead to freedom.

To see without any harsh judgment. Knowing that any teaching has its wisdom and its folly and to be able to sift through and take what is best for us. This means we are not looking for perfection, but willing to see both sides.

I am taking this view into how raped our country has become by vast corporations. Learning all I can about what is actually going on, why this has occurred and how to change that in me which created it.

Found this great quote and it really fits with me today:    “The world we are experiencing today is the result of our collective consciousness, and if we want a new world, each of us must start taking responsibility for helping create it.” — Rosemary Fillmore Rhea

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In Service to a Higher Spirit

I was going to write about Uranus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces and a few more “happenings”, when it struck me that what we all need to be focusing on now is service to a higher spirit. So, I’m throwing all the aspects/transits and astro jargon of the day into this message from the Universe.
Where is your service energy? How are you developing a deeper connection to your higher self? To truly know something we need to study it. What is our higher spirit? To know that, look at all of your best actions. The kind word to someone in need; the compassion that opens your heart for others in pain; donations that give others hope and a chance; choosing to understand your own pain and not act from it, I could go on and I’m sure you could too.
What we have help for now is to realize that this life is made best by following our highest nature to do good in the world and in our lives. Today, with so many planets stirring the pot, step up and do your best. Let your loving kindness lead the way and others will follow. You have no idea how your actions help others to be better also.

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How Are We Feeling Today?

Motivated for change would be good as long as you are taking those action steps required for real change.
We have a lovely/brief Sun, Moon & Mercury conjunction adding all sorts of reasons for each of us to sort through and eliminate and begin anew. Tomorrow lovely Venus who has been in her own sign of Libra which has smoothed this Mercury retro immensely, moves into her dark side of Scorpio. I love Shadow work and Venus in Scorpio is intense Shadow work. This would be a good time to heal any addictions as the inclination will be to slide deeper into them rationalizing that said addictions are giving you something you need. While true, a counselor whether astrological or traditional can help steer you through what potentially could be some pretty rocky shoals. On the other hand, sex gets pretty hot when Venus visits Scorpio and that’s a nice indulgence. She will stay in Scorpio till November 8th, slide back into Libra till 11/30 and back into Scorpio till January 7. During these next few months remember to use the intensity in productive ways. Venus rules all that is lovely, fair and beautiful seeking ever to nurture and lift up out of the darkness. Scorpio revels in the dark so get set for some interesting adventures. More later.

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Mercury Retrograde Time Again

We don’t usually have 4 Mercury retrogrades in one year, so this year is special. It doesn’t start till the 20th but you can feel it coming…….not wanting to get out of bed in the morning after being pretty jazzed about projects is how it is affecting me. Time to slow it waaay down, look around at your busy life and re-organize. You will have till the 12th of September, and really 5 days either side of the retro is still hazy energy. Most people know that you don’t buy electronics during a retrograde and that things break down. However, it is a wonderful opportunity to clear out the clutter and get more focused on important projects that were begun before the retrograde. This is hunker down time to get busy on finishing up old projects.

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Rethinking Your Spirituality

Uranus (creative/uncontrollable) went retrograde in Pisces (spirituality/deceipt) the first of this month and will stay there till the 6th of December. During this time we will re-visit what we think our spiritual nature is. Uranus wants us to be enlightened and to remember that ego works best if aligned with the soul. Personal freedom is very important during this time and you may find yourself reviewing choices and lifestyles of the past few years and perhaps reinventing yourself to debut just in time for Christmas!

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Moon in Libra Conjunct Mars/Venus/Saturn

More zingers to our Cardinal T-Square and the Moon just moved in. You might find this a little tense. So, if you can keep your cool it will help everyone’s situation. Today’s energies are great if you can harness them for fair play, mediation, helping others and just generally spreading good will. But the tendency will be to feel rushed, out of sorts, irritable, stuck and just wishing somebody would come in and clean your house. With all the other transformative energies out there you might just feel like crawling back in bed and pulling the covers over.
We are being pushed to clear up our stuff and finish a few of those projects as Mercury goes retrograde on the 20th.
Bite off as few heads as possible, nose to the grindstone and spread some good cheer. Remember we are heralding an Era of Peace and there is a lot of work to get done!

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The Dance Of Venus & Saturn

This week Venus (lavish beauty) is dancing closely with Saturn (narrow focus). You might call that some harsh realizations about how you live in harmony and beauty, or not. How your relationships are loving and supportive, or not. Saturn demands that things are done properly, like a good English butler. No shortcuts are allowed with Saturn and it is asking you to thoroughly examine all Venusian activities in your life: Art, money, love, beauty, harmony, sexual liasons, and much more.
We’ve been through quite a lot this entire summer and most are becoming aware that life will not ever go back to what it was. This week is a good one for visualizing what you would like most in your life. Look around at every aspect and on a scale of 1-10, rate it and then start thinking diligently about how to get where you would rather be.

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New Moon in Leo 8/9

Once a month during the New Moon we get an opportunity to think about what we would like to have in our lives and then begin to plant those seeds.
A New Moon in courageous Leo stirs some part of us that is not feeling recognized for our gifts, to seek attention. Put yourself out there and let the world applaud your unique qualities. If you have been wishing for something different, take action now or it will just remain the same old status-quo.
Leo favors an open heart, a jolly laugh and to be the life of the party.   Gather friends around and regale them with your tail/tales! Enjoy, eat well, be merry!
It’s a little respite from the intense challenges/changes of the legendary summer of 2010, enjoy your new mooning……………tally ho!

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August 6-7 Not Again In Our Lifetime

The Cardinal Grand Cross now has Uranus (chaos), Jupiter (expansion), Saturn (foundations), Venus (love/money), Mars (aggression), Pluto (transformation) and the Moon (emotions) in a very hard and finger nails on the chalkboard Cross. One astrologer, Susan Miller, looked up the dates and we have never had this before and it won’t happen again even in 500 years.
It would be wise to just chill now. Shore up your reserves because these energies are moving through you and eliminating what can’t stand the light of day and that goes for governments/institutions/corporations etc. Look to see where the weak links are and that is what is leaving.
Be very cautious with money as it is unstable right now-don’t gamble, emotions are running too high and fear is afoot.
Now is a great time to meditate and find other stress busters for your life.

And I saw the river
Over which every soul must pass
To reach the kingdom of heaven
And the name of the river was suffering –
And I saw the boat
Which carries souls across the river
And the name of that boat was

—Saint John of the Cross


Feeling Small

In the face of such Titans as Uranus (change), Saturn (accountability), Jupiter (expansion) reeking havoc in our lives, it would be easy to become afraid and want to hide. Feeling too small to handle all of this monumental change is another response. And now that Venus (love) and Mars (force) are mixed up into this Cardinal action some people may just want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over.
That’s one way of dealing with it but perhaps not the best. Stop for a moment and breathe into it and then look around at your present space and state of mind. Notice what you are grateful for. Look out at your day, how could you make it feel larger and more enthusiastic? What can you change right here in your present moment that will open up your life? In other words, what would you rather have instead??
These Titans are not against you, they come to show you your infinite strength and adaptability that you may have forgotten. They also are helping you to break free of the dead zone=the past.
During the month of August I am offering mini astrology readings on how all of these energies are working in your life. Contact: or 402.884.0621
We will all do better if we stick to the basics and keep it simple and follow all those “golden rules” we grew up with. Be nice to each other and to yourself.

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Keep Your Head

When Alice was playing croquet with the Queen, the best advice given her was to keep her head as the Queen gleefully whacked off the heads of others.
That’s good advice for this month but especially this week as planets move into position for some pretty hardball games! We have a little rest today with the lovely Moon in Taurus, use it wisely because you will need your strength starting Wednesday. One astrologer I know likened this month to an agonizingly long drawn out illness and was just wishing for it to be quick! The best use of these energies (and they must be dealt with or you may get sick) is to continue to look at your life realistically and sort out whatever makes you frustrated/angry/helpless/hopeless etc. Find the time to incorporate that which brings you joy and feelings of love and peace. I will be focusing on peace and to that end am naming my new Yoga Studio-Om Shanti Yoga & Meditation Center – Be At Peace Always.
Find ways for yourself  to be at peace always.

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Finding Your Higher Purpose in Turbulent Times

We are in the thick of such radical change that it can be a little confusing as to which “me” we need to be.
Asking yourself a few questions can be helpful if you allow the real answers to be revealed in your questionings.
Am I happy? If not, ask yourself what would make you happy and keep it very concise.
Am I passionate about the work I do? If not, what would make you more enthused and excited about what is yours to do?
Do my relationships support me? If not, why are they in your life?
Do I find pleasure in the “little things in life”?
What is my stress level at?
What is really important to me?
In the following weeks you may come up against many seemingly argumentative and angry people as we all search for meaning in our lives. We know the old has failed us and the newer archetypes haven’t formed yet. We are in the space of gone but not yet here. Find a peaceful practice, one that allows you to breathe and reflect on the changes that you need to make for your world and all of ours to be a better place. A world that does not allow poverty/hunger/war/abuse etc.
Jai Bhagwan (All Glory to God)

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Mars conjunct Saturn-Calm Down & Focus

Tomorrow’s intense Mars (force) conjunction to Saturn (resistance) may stir up hostility/frustration and more. Today as Mars looks across at Uranus (genius/chaos) you will need to be very cautious and hold back on being impulsive in any way. Breathe, count to 10 or 100 and know that if you can make it through the next few weeks without a knock down drag out you are following your higher nature. And that is always the best advice for any time at all. Follow what you believe in your heart: kindness, tolerance, compassion, moving into happiness, love and generosity.
We are being remade, you might say that we are now given a higher archetype for being and it is like learning to walk all over again. So be kind to yourself and to all others, especially be kind with your thoughts and words, they are very powerful right now, not that they aren’t always! Your thoughts become “things” in all of your life…..look at your “things” and see if  some need to be discarded and if you would like some new “things” instead. Breathe or Chant into this re-birthing of self……..AUM

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Angry or Motivated Your Choice

To better utilize the intense energies of today that are flowing into the weekend and beyond thanks to that powerhouse Mars, get focused on your plan and move quickly into researching (Pluto) a deeper and way more fulfilling path.
Don’t take any criticism and anger seriously, it isn’t about you for others, it’s about them not being happy with themselves.
My favorite Astrologer Robert Wilkinson says: “These are times of dynamic change, intense challenge, and truly an opportunity to ‘move and groove through the intersection of fate and free will’. Just remember that it rains on Saints and sinners alike. And sometimes we learn more through apparent defeat than apparent victory.
Astrology shows us the energies of the field, when they are in flux and flow, and what we are challenged to do or not do in a given moment. However, Astrology is no substitute for character, courage, clarity, and compassion.”
I’m making lists and taking action with all this Mars get up and going energy and still zooming along with great speed towards my goals.


Gaia’s Crop Circles

I came across an amazing website regarding crop circles. I know they’ve been around for a while but I don’t know much about them. As I looked at the photos I felt like I was looking at a map of the planets and some of the aspects occurring at different times. Very interesting. Check out:
While it is true that anyone studying the stars feels connected to the Universe in a personal way I began to feel very connected to our Mother Earth and felt like these “messages” were from her and we were not getting it at all.
The circles as far as I could tell occur in ancient sacred sites all around the world but chronicled by many in England. Why the world isn’t studying this to understand why our earth is communicating to us in such a visible way is beyond me.
I believe we are about to enter into a time where psychic communication is not just with other humans but with the stars, the plants and animals and more. I can really feel that when I look at the circles.

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Breathing into Change……off we go!

This is the day many astrologers have been waiting for a couple of years, the last exact opposition of the Titans”:  Saturn and Uranus. I hope we have all learned the lessons of reinforcing what is good and solid in our lives while winnowing out the dilapidated dreams or foundationless fantasies. The other side of that is to be fearless in following what inspires us and stepping outside of our comfort zone to see ourselves as the brilliant lights we are and capable of enormous effort and resilient beyond belief! Look around and see who is left standing after this sizzling summer of change. Make sure you are in the crowd and notice that you’ve changed your hair and your clothing style and found a new career and healed some old relationships or threw them out altogether!!! We’ve all been on the astrological roller coaster whether we like them or not.
There should be a tad of a break as Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have slowed way down and gone retrograde. Translation: rethink your big changes and self discoveries, breathe deeper into your changes and poke your head up above the crowd to see where it is all at for you now.
Be encouraging to all around you and find your support in people you trust.

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Full Moon in Aquarius

Emotionally charged as the full moon wants to be, we can experience the humanitarian or the controlling aspect of Aquarius. And since it is in opposition (dance or fight-your choice) to the Sun expect to be very energized for either or that dance or fight. A good use of this energy is to work hard at some manual labor. Yard work is great to help dissipate excess energies. Anything started during this particular Full Moon may not be very stable. So be creative and try something a little different that has a humanitarian vibe to it and laugh a lot though out the day. No sourpusses allowed.

Today in India they celebrate Guru Purnima-honoring the Guru (teacher) and is a huge celebration-Jai Gurudev!

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Keep The Faith Baby! Saturn’s Last Opposition to Uranus

And stay as true to yourself as you can. We are in the choppy waters of the last Saturn opposition to Uranus (started elections ’08) and this last one really packs a whollop!
Stay true to your self, follow your highest destiny, keep the faith in the face of potential calamity. Do not take others advice at this time, they are struggling with their own stuff. If someone betrays you chalk it up to a lesson well learned and keep moving forward on your path.
We have all learned so much and let go of so much these past few years. It’s like we have been in our own cocoon and the metamorphosis is just about complete………….step out, look around, and welcome to your new world. You’ve been creating it for years, take a deep breath and spread those wings………………Om Shanti

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Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces

Today Jupiter, the planet of great expansion/philosophy/generosity and enthusiasm, retrogrades (slows down that energy) into Pisces (spirituality/deception). This will give us all an opportunity to dive back into our spiritual paths. And if you aren’t “working” one, this is a good time to re-start a meditation practice. Connect with other like minded people and see what good you can do for your community. Find someone struggling with financial problems and tithe your bounty to them for a month or so. Support the many micro-loan organizations around the world like
Jupiter stays in this retrograde pattern until November 18th so you will have ample time to sort out your spiritual values and maybe polish them up a bit.
Just watch your boundaries during this time as they tend to get pretty fuzzy, thank you Pisces who knows no boundaries!

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August Leonine Energy

I love August with that fabulous Leo energy!! Leo’s are the Brave Hearts of the world and rule all situations that arise with their true spirit. They shine from their heart with a generous, open loving energy at their best but can be a little egotistical and need a lot of attention. That is because they want to be recognized for the great gifts that they have. I have a Leo grandson with a great heart/spirit and his Father’s Leo Moon can show a rich and generous expression of feelings. My own Leo energies are huge with Mars/Pluto/Saturn in Leo in the 7th/relationships.
If you have any Leo friends you might want to hang out with them this month as they shine so brightly, you will be entertained to the max!

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Saturn in Libra till October 2012

Tomorrow Saturn moves into the sign of Libra for the next 2+ years. Saturn reminds us to be responsible and to do it right for all. It’s like a wonderful grandfatherly Judge looking at you and everyone else and asking what you are here for? What crime did you commit or were you the victim? The Judge asks you to be thoroughly honest in all of your dealings and to correct or make restitution for anything you were foolish enough to slip up on.
Many will be called to “fess up” to past crimes and do right by the victims. Look to big government to start also acknowledging some past errors i.e., Congress passing a Bill to reinstate employees benefits. There will be more of that and some of it shocking as we now see the last opposition of Saturn to Uranus on 7/23. This is the 5th zinger since we first experienced it during the 2008 election. This opposition has changed us all. Look back to the fall of 2008 and scan through your life till now and you will see huge changes if you are honest.
Always good to work with the energies at hand, so be fair, be diligent, responsible, accountable and do your fair share of good works……and hang onto your hat as the planetary vibrations stir you up like a centrifuge, throw off the dross energies and keep what is good.

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Heads Up and Alert!

July 22 thru August 22 is being called the “zap zone” by one astrologer I know. Fairly intense and bursting with potential disputes, irritability and possibly a few accidents. Doesn’t have to be that way if you are focused on changing your life for the better. Continue to clear out old clutter to prepare for a new life. I’m not kidding, a new life is barreling down the pike and you do not want to get mowed down by this. Breathe in the fresh air of your own unique originality and truth to yourself. Find a worthy cause to support and take action instead of just thinking about it. Check out your local politicals and let them know you are a concerned citizen. If it isn’t “green” it’s killing your world-get rid of the plastic! Start reading some of the books that have exposed who is really in control in our world like Eaarth and Eating Animals.
The rest of our summer will be electrified and “gear grinding” so jump in with both feet and get to work on your life and what you want it to be and “give peace a chance” to blossom in your life and our world.


Todays Energies

During the weekend of July 17-18 many are gathering around the world to help birth in an era of peace and love. The Planets are certainly lining up to push us through those doors.
Many people wonder how it will look when we reach this place of peace. Well, it will take generations to accomplish this and much that is wrong with our world will complain and fight back bitterly. There will certainly be more chaos.
What is a person to do? Move in the direction of your highest self, do what you know in your heart is right. Be kind, help others, recycle, complain about food in plastic, complain about cruelty to animals, you get the drift.
When I opened my email bag and found this quote below from Edgar Cayce I decided to make my spiritual lesson this week to think consciously and not automatically.

“Learn the lesson well of the spiritual truth: Criticize not unless ye wish to be criticized. For, with what measure ye mete it is measured to thee again. It may not be in the same way, but ye cannot even think badly of another without it affecting thee in a manner of a destructive nature. Think well of others, and if ye cannot speak well of them don’t speak! But don’t think it either!” Edgar Cayce Reading 2936-2

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Evolving with the Planetary Impulses

With so many powerful planets urging us to be more than we have been, I periodically choose a trait I would like to be better at. This past month I’ve selected tolerance through accepting diversity. In other words, to quit judging people, places and things because they are different than me.

What this usually does, and this month is no different, is bring into focus how many times I am doing that which I want to heal. There was an article in the newspaper about a young woman attempting to get off of welfare. So, I experimented with really looking at her picture and reading the story without prejudice. My heart was softly opened as I heard her story through the reporters words. Then I remembered why I and so many others judge. It is so much easier and less painful than really looking into another’s situation. As I read her story so many feelings of hoplessness, fear, shame and then just anger/rage at a society that allows a group of people to have to live like this.

It’s no wonder we choose judgment. How can we live with ourselves otherwise?

This week I choose to accept the diversity all around me and to do what I can to help ease suffering and pain without judgment.

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The Cardinal Square on July 30

As we sail or grind through the intense energies of this summer one of the opportunities on the horizon is Mars conjunct Saturn on 7/30. Saturn in Libra teaches us about equality for the world. In Libra we seek Justice and with Saturn wearing this sign we seek it relentlessly and with focus and intense determination. When Mars joins the foray at the end of July, there will be an added force to be dealt with. Mars is impulsive, energetic and of course, the God of War. World events will certainly be affected by this combination but how it will affect all of us depends on our sign. Saturn and Mars will be staring across at Uranus (chaos) and Jupiter (expansion) in Aries and Squaring back is Pluto in Capricorn. Welcome to the Cardinal T-Square that is transforming our world and our individual lives. If you have the wit you will get clear about your motives, avoid negative people and angry attitudes, learn to trust in the bigger picture, and by understanding things in terms of the human experience, find ways to be involved in healing our community and our world. This is the time of taking action.

For deeper delving into all of this visit:

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Still zoomin’…………

The planetary influences continue to inspire us all to find more creative ways to live our lives. Take advantage of all that’s happening this summer! The last eclipse was like catching a wave and I hope you are all still zooming with that energy! Cut your losses, clear the clutter, clean out your house both inside and out…….get ready for a huge end of July. In order to handle this power for change you need to become a bigger and better person. Don’t harbor any grudges, revenge, disloyalty or separation. Expand, open your arms and let in the life that is wanting to manifest with your own brilliant and unique flavor. We are called to step out of our smallness and into a thrilling life of Unity with all that is.
No more projecting what the future will be like, it is here and as the Hopi say, “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”
Don’t get left behind mired down in your own negativity.
Jai! Om Shanti

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