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Those Thoughts

I believe we are called to do the best that we know how.

And that is how you say good morning when you don’t really feel it is.

No one can lift us up out of our depressing energies but us. When you look out into your world, what are you seeing?

It’s that age old adage, is the glass half empty, or half full?

The underlying success to making this work is being conscious and in the moment so that you can monitor what you feel, what you say, how you are acting and so on.

We no longer have the luxury (sic) of an unconscious life. Every thought from every person creates the reality around us. The smallest thought of kindness and love can transform an entire day for hundreds of people.

No one can save you, make you feel better, heal you……..only your thoughts.

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To Know God

“…..all that ye may know of good must first be within self. All ye may know of God must be manifested through thyself. To hear of Him is not to know. To apply and live and be is to know!” -Edgar Cayce Reading 2936-2

That eternal struggle to know God….I have watched people my whole life to see if I could figure out what they knew about God so that I could figure God out. The informatioin I gathered didn’t amount to much when I was watching others.

It turns out to be so simple after all. The smile on a baby’s face emanating pure light through every molecule….the bumblebee crawling into the depths of a radiant flower….the interaction of plants in a garden……the chatter of litttle birds in the bushes…..the small kindnesses from unexpected and even unknown places and people…kittens bursting with life and playfulness…….a stormy sky with rainbow….a breath of moist air….the sound of my own breath in meditation.

When I stop looking for the grandeur and the bigness of God I find that Light in the so-called small happiness’s in life.

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Your attitude towards relaxation and a willingness to let your life flow without the tension of resistance creates the rhythm of your life.

Many things are prevented from entering people’s lives because they are too tense to let them in.

Sometimes you alienate a potentially helpful person, or you might be too cautious or overlook an opportunity because of your tense state.

This is a negative state of consciousness.

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A Better Place To Live

“The purpose in life, then, is not the gratifying of appetites nor of any selfish desires, but it is that the entity, the soul, may make the earth, where the entity finds its consciousness, a better place to live.” -Edgar Cayce Reading 4047-2

This is our task, whether we consciously take it on, or not. How do we improve our world? What is our individual role?

When I was growing up we were taught to be polite, share our prosperity with others, take care of our possessions and give. It was supposed to be better to give than to receive.

The teachings now are to fill up your own self with what you need first, love, happiness, prosperity etc. and then you will be able to give from your overflow. Watch your thoughts-they create your world.

I think people are confused…….I know I am.  And when I get confused I have to keep it simple.

Simple for me is to stop judging others-I don’t have enough information to make an intelligent judgment.

Spread goodwill-when I’m happy around others, they become happier also and that spreads out like water.

Take care of what is mine to do-take care of my body and surroundings/recycle/buy organic/donate to charities/slow down/garden/teach/cook/enjoy life to the fullest/loving relationshiops/appreciation of beauty and artistic pursuits.

If I manage to do these things and to stay in the moment (not that easy) I find such a peace pervades my life, and it is not a flat peace, but an enlightened or joyous peace.

I am giving up the need to know everything.  I am accepting the beauty of my own life.

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True to Self

“Know thy ideal, and live to that. For each soul must give account for its own self.”

-Edgar Cayce Reading 2803-2

I have pondered what that means for so many years and now as I sit here typing away and looking out into the incredible misty woods behind my house I”m having a little epiphany.

All the things I love to do seem to be marching before me. Gardenings/landscaping, cooking, art projects/jewelry, hiking, traveling, teaching, writing, astrology, playing with children……….and more, but these are very strong right now.

How will I give an account of my journey in this life? Was I loving enough? Did I allow my talents their time? Was I more happy than not? Was I kind and patient? Is the world a better place for my being in it?

I’ve reached a time in my life when I don’t want to do anything anymore that doesn’t serve my happiness. Now the quest, what is that? Is it the things I love to do?

As I continue to breathe in and feast my eyes on rays of sunlight filled with molecules of water and feeling the presence of God in all the little things, I want my life to be filled with this feeling of quiet joy… let that permeate the actions of my life. Namaste

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