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I re-visited a beautiful website this morning:

I feel as if my insides have been stirred up, like opening to something much bigger than my daily self.  And that got me to thinking about daily life and how we get lost in it, and how we miss the beauty all around us as we scurry from point to point.  Looking at the breathtakingly beautiful human beings interwoven with those amazing elephants, jaguars, falcons etc. I feel as if the majority of people’s lives are gobbled up by things of little importance.

I noticed some deep fear moving up to the surface also of being eaten or trampled by one of the wild creatures, but mostly I felt this deep longing that moved me from my small self into a greater whole………the fear of the beauty and wildness and symmetry of an intelligence I can hardly wrap my small thinking mind around.

The closest feeling I can summon to explain what this is like are those times when sexuality can move you into a space of such altered experience it is like an awakening Buddha……….vast, limitless potentiality…….I never want to leave it, but invariably back down to the daily rituals.

Art brings us glimpses of eternity.  a brief clip of ashes and snow

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On The Road Again

It seems like such a long time since I have felt my life moving forward.  So many windy roads down other people’s paths; family, friends, work and so on.

Today there is the smell of change in the air, some newer prospect of movement.

Thank god it’s spring and hope and change and rebirth, all those wonderful elements of spring life after the death of winter.

I’m on my road again, not that I’ve really been off of it.  But now it is moving, I see the clouds parting and a Robin is merrily trilling outside of my door.

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Save or Savor

Every morning I awaken torn between the desire to save the world and the inclination to savor it.          –E.B. White


A Person’s Life

Carl Jung said that a person’s life is characteristic of the person.

We are complex creatures, made up of many facets, and all the different dimensions of the human psyche will seek, sooner or later, to find their place in the light of day and achieve expression in the outer world.  But some aspects of the personality are inherently in conflict with other aspects.  Some will elbow others out of the way because we identify with these at the expense of the other, less developed attributes.

Human development, like that of any other living thing, proceeds in stages, in an elaborate dance of interwoven themes.

When the time is right, certain aspects of the individual will strive for expression.                                –Liz Greene

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Written in the Stars

Destiny is not “written in the stars” as your “fate”, but reflects the core of who you really are.

Discovering your destiny is what you most wholeheartedly need and want in order to live a meaningful life.

The desire to know one’s destiny can bring on radical changes in your life direction.  There may be external conflicts with friends and those in authority….which represents an inner struggle to break free of the confines of the life you have built around youself.

Patience, time and prolonged periods of privacy and introspection will help in reevaluating your goals.  And the most important of all is that you have Faith in yourself and in your power to survive and build anew.

Aligning with your destiny is a period of great opportunity and similar to the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.  It takes time and effort to prepare for a new life.


An Energy of These Times

Although challenging circumstances may affect your close relationships, the potential unease of this time really arises from within you.  At the moment a conflict seems to be occurring between a sense of personal limitations, and an ideal of how life could and ought to be.  The gap between these two may seem very great right now, and you may experience a deep sense of disillusionment with yourself, your efforts, your ideals, your loved ones, and with life in general.

A gnawing feeling of debilitation or depression may reflect a kind of “Divine Discontent”.

However, if you work with the feelings of this time, rather than sinking into self-pity or self-blame, you could emerge much stronger and more authentic.

It is important to let go of any defensive need to control others or the world around you. (control being the key word)
The energy of this time is the Neptune in opposition to Saturn which is affecting the world in very profound ways in order for us to “wake up” and “make right”.

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Worms and Mates

Soft morning rain and it is just so beautiful as the Robins sing their hearts out in search of worms and mates.

I love this place of contentment and the soft smile that turns my lips up at the corners.  I think this is heaven.  No where else I want to be, no thing else, no one else…….I am content in this moment breathing and absorbing spring.

Is there a better place than spring?

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The Universe does not know or care whether the vibration that you’re offering is in response to something you are living right now, and observing, or in response to something you are imagining. In either case, the Universe accepts it as your point of attraction and matches it.


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Eclipse-Just One More Piece of Info

One of the many astrologers I have learned from is Natori Moore.  I just found her article on this Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Pisces that occurred on the 18th but will be affecting us for years.

So, I hope you aren’t just saturated with too much info but this is great and includes even more detailed info for each sign at the bottom.

Also, Jon checked himself out of the VA, took back his power, and moved back home.  It was a brave gesture, he has approximately 10 months, but I think he will have a lot more peace now.

New Pastures

Springtime brings new life, new energy and green pastures of possibilities to our lives.  This year’s no different, yet activated by a 28 degree Pisces New Moon/Solar Eclipse March 18, positioned very near the end of the 360-degree zodiac wheel, something significant will likely come to a close for us over the next few months. Perhaps a volunteer effort, a long service commitment, a job, a relationship, a personal habit pattern–some way of being in the world to which we’ve long been involved or attached will likely require letting go.

This letting go may have been some time coming, and may involve some tears, but also could be assisted by the natural dissolving energy of Pisces. This transition:

1) Will involve letting go of something that we’ve been involved with or committed to for at least a year, probably many years;

2) Will involve a loss of innocence in some way, a need to let go of a childlike approach to life that may have been useful up until now, but which has likely been outgrown;

3) Will involve bringing a gift we’ve gained such as emotional attunement, compassion, listening skills, sensitivity to others or to our own inner selves along with us into the next phase;

4) Will open us to a new creative direction that puts more of our capabilities and emerging interests to use.  These new interests may be more visual than verbal, more intuitive than logical, more emotive than cognitive, as befitting the sign of Pisces.

(sign dates are approximate depending on year of birth)

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 19):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Twelfth House of spirituality, retreat and behind-the-scenes activities.  You may want to keep a low profile this month and see what your nighttime dreams have to tell you.  Relaxation may bring inspiration that resolves your biggest concerns.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation: travel, higher education, publishing, promotion of academic or philosophical ideas.
Best days for Aries:  Mar 19-20, Apr 15-16

TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Eleventh House of friends, groups, business income, humanitarian causes, and long-range hopes and wishes.  Beginnings or changes in these areas may occur for you this month.  You can further long-held hopes and wishes with practical action, especially by joining groups or talking to friends about your goals.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  joint finances, investments, emotional intimacy, sexuality.
Best days for Taurus:  Mar 21, Apr 17

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 20):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Tenth House of authorities, reputation and career.  You may be more professionally active or visible than usual this month, especially with the public or those in positions of leadership.  Issues with parents, supervisors or authority figures may come to the surface.  Strike a balance between asserting your capabilities and accommodating those deserving of your respect.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation: partnerships, one-to-one negotiations, playing fair, balance of power.
Best days for Gemini:  Mar 23-24

CANCER (Jun 21-Jul 22):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Ninth House of philosophy, religion, higher education, long distance travel, long-range plans and big adventures.  New doors may open for you in one or more of these areas.  Consider mapping out some details for a long range goal, even if only to open your mind to the possibility.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  work routines, health habits, applying knowledge in practical ways, purification of hearth, home and attitudes.
Best days for Cancer:  Mar 25

LEO (Jul 23-Aug 22):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Eighth House of joint finances, sexuality and secrets.  Reviewing investments or loans, refinancing, deepening partnerships through communication, and entering counseling or therapy may be on the agenda this month. Determine where you stand with important joint projects and consider reviewing your credit report.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  creativity, romance, play, risk-taking, having fun even while you work.
Best days for Leo:  Mar 27-29

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sep 22):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Seventh House of partnership and marriage.  New partnerships or phases of an existing partnership may emerge at this time.  Take a look at your general approach to partnership and the balance you achieve between self and others.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation: home renovations, redistribution of family responsibilities, emotional security.
Best days for Virgo:  Mar 30-31

LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Sixth House of work, health and service.  You may want to review your health and fitness regimes or organize your work environment for greater productivity.  You may need to develop fresh routines in your work or health habits to keep you energized.  A doctor’s appointment or health review could give you a reassuring reality check.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  open communication, verbalizing your concerns, networking, connecting with others nearby.
Best days for Libra:  Apr 1-3

SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Fifth House of romance, creativity, children and play.  New beginnings, breakthroughs or changes may occur for you in these areas.  Launch a creative project or find one you started in the past and bring it back to life. Focus on the childlike creative spirit within and bring a sense of play to whatever you do.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  income sources, balancing your checkbook, finding your own sense of values, allowing other people to have their own ideas and attitudes and resources without trying to absorb them.
Best days for Scorpio:  Apr 4-5

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Fourth House of home, family and property.  You may want to move, reorganize or redecorate your living space.  You may have more activity in or focus on your home this month.  New starts in your emotional foundation and self-nurturing bring stronger family relations.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  health, personal appearance, personal presentation, body image, asserting yourself for a cause.
Best days for Sagittarius:  Apr 6-8

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Third House of local travel, transportation, communication, neighbors and siblings.  Opportunities for change or new starts may emerge in these areas. Communicating your needs and exchanging information with others via  telephone, e-mail or fax brings you better success than going it alone. You could be busier than usual with more mental stimulation–make sure you get plenty of rest.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  overcoming subconscious fears, taking dreams seriously, pursuing an artistic or musical hobby for pleasure, no matter the outcome.
Best days for Capricorn:  Apr 9-10

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your Second House of earned money, possessions and values.  New work or income opportunities may come your way this month.  It’s a great month to network with others and surround yourself with coworkers or clients who share your priorities.  Look for income sources that will reflect your values.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  friends, groups, causes, long-range hopes and wishes.
Best days for Aquarius:  Apr 11-12

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20):  The New Moon/Solar Eclipse occurs in your First House of action, identity and personal presence.  The spotlight shines on you this month, so use it to your advantage.  Put your best foot forward and use your appearance and presentation style as a tool to enhance your confidence.  You have a particular appeal this month that attracts people to you with ease.  Your biggest areas of growth and transformation:  career, authority figures, reputation, parents, power to achieve and influence.
Best days for Pisces:  Mar 18, Apr 13-14

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Eclipse info for all astro-signs

This is such a special day-dream big, send it out to the Universe, plant your seeds.  Below is a little more info on this eclipse today and at the bottom a tidbit for each individual sign.

Hang up your sorrows and put on your dancing shoes-these are the times when dreams come true!

Love to you all,


The Solar Eclipse occurs at 29 degrees of Pisces on March 18 at 7:43 pm PDT, just before the Vernal Equinox March 20 at 5:08 pm PDT. This Solar Eclipse will bring many things to completion, and the seed essence of whatever progress we’ve been making will be stripped of old forms so newer, more appropriate means of expressing our Light can come forth. Eclipses affect everyone, including nations, for a long time after they occur, and take things away that are no longer a part of our future; they obscure the Greater Lights so lesser ones can be seen which will become Greater Lights in their time. This Solar Eclipse at the end of Pisces will be the next larger step in time to free us from “a narrow destiny” promised by last September’s Virgo Eclipses.

This Eclipse will work as a Thinking-Deciding-Feeling sequence of responding on the personality level. It will require that we need to consciously incorporate our feelings and experience of things we’ve seen, discussed, and acted upon. This is a great configuration for getting information and clear visions, then deciding or acting on the basis of those. Still, we need to remember to feel, and name those feelings and experience to ourself or others, to complete the process. Follow decisions with naming your feelings and how you’re experiencing those actions and decisions, then do more research and communication, get information that updates your understanding, again followed by deciding, acting, and then complete the process through feeling and experiencing what just moved forward. Just don’t get hung up on feeling frozen in place.

Aries: Falling in your 6th house, expect long term changes in your work, health, pets, and ways of being of practical service to your world. Your partner will have different motives and come to closure around old sorrows, and your home, self expression, creativity, and ways of playing will fuse through new adjustments.

Taurus: Falling in your 5th house, expect long term changes in how you relate to children, self expression, and what you like. Your partner will have new goals, ambitions, and friendships, and your environment and way of relating to family will fuse through what you have fulfilled up to now, renewing your playfulness.

Gemini: Falling in your 4th house, expect long term changes in your family, home, and memories of childhood. Your partner will have new professional opportunities, and your money, values, how you use what you have, your environment, and ways of communicating and interpreting will fuse in new foundations and ways to live.

Cancer: Falling in your 3rd house, expect long term changes in your environment, attitude, ways of viewing things, and communicating. Your partner will open to new education and philosophical views, and your self image, instincts, values, and how you deal with money will fuse through adjusting your attitude and what you express.

Leo: Falling in your 2nd house, expect long term changes in your money, values, resources, and how you use what you have. Your partner will open to new desires and regenerate some things thought lost, and your motives will fuse with a new self image, letting go of old behaviors that brought sorrow in a new sense of self-worth.

Falling in your 1st house, expect long term changes in your body, self image, and instincts. Your partner will open to new ways of relating to you, others, and opportunities that have been developing for awhile. Your ambitions will fuse with your deepest motives, and friends will bring karmic blessings and/or closure.

Libra: Falling in your 12th house, expect long term changes in your motives, a ton of karmic closure, and a need to meditate a lot. Your partner will open to new work and service, and your goals and ambitions will fuse with your public self to bring you closure on old sorrows and karmic limiting patterns, offering deserved rewards.

Scorpio: Falling in your 11th house, expect long term changes in your goals, ambitions, friendships, and group involvements. Your partner will open to new ways of expressing themselves creatively, and your higher truth and destiny will fuse to open new ways to fulfill your ambitions AND your higher Truth of being.

Sagittarius: Falling in your 10th house, expect long term changes in your profession, public standing, or sense of how you are seen. Your partner will open to new needs, ways of seeing the past and new living arrangements, and your desires, magnetism, and higher Truth will fuse showing you a new role in the world.

Capricorn: Falling in your 9th house, expect long term changes in your truth, morality, and what you think your future looks like. Your partner will open to new attitudes and ways of expressing themselves, and your way of relating to others with your magnetism will fuse to open new ways of seeing alternative futures.

Aquarius: Falling in your 8th house, expect long term changes in your desires through losses and regenerations. Your partner will open to new values and ways of dealing with money, and your way of viewing others and how to adjust to practical necessities will fuse through gains and losses to show you what’s beyond both.

Pisces: Falling in your 7th house, expect long term changes in your partnerships and how you see yourself in relationships. Your partner will open to a new self image, and your natural way of playing, creating, and working will fuse through new modes of being and dancing with others showing you new ways to shape expectancies.

-Robert Wilkinson

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I must be a little outside of my feelings, or even perhaps really inside of them.

The daily journey to the hospital is surreal.  I float above and watch my human body walking into hospital drama.

Having a 30 year history as a nurse I know a bit about what the human mind goes through in ICU and extended stays in the hospital.  There are stages, they even have names.

And this is my friend who now realizes that he was somewhat of a guinea pig for student Drs. to operate on.  It is, after all, a teaching hospital and this is how you learn, by practicing on patients.

I see him daily awaken back into physical reality from the altered induced state by drugs of present time.  There is sometimes a look on his face of oh my god, what did I do?

And now he is taking back his power and I am cooking all of his meals, good healing, organic, it’s what I do.

Daily trek to his room loaded with baskets of freshly steamed veggies, miso soups, digestive teas and herbs etc.

At this point he doesn’t know what will happen but he isn’t ready to leave just yet.

I thought you might like an update.


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As you can see, the Law of Attraction has been around a very long time…….Sue

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth,
so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind.
To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again.
To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over
the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.

- Henry David Thoreau

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Your Joy

I’m sharing a quote from the this morning as I found it so uplifting and so full of Spring……Sue

Your joy walks with you every step of the way. You need look no further than that which is your own being. The world would have you think otherwise, and yet, what you do, how you think, and what you feel is entirely up to you. You are truly a magnificent entity with powers lying dormant and feelings, so sublime, ready to burst forth like a young flower which spreads its petals for the first time to greet the morning summer sun.

How long will you wait before you see yourself in your highest light and do what makes you truly happy? What will it take for you to open your heart and radiate outward the ocean of love which lies within you? You have been bound up too long, shackled to your fear, imprisoned by ghosts who are not real unless you make them so. The world needs you to be happy, to shine your light on all that you see, to laugh without limit, to touch the hearts and minds of every man, woman, and child who come your way.

Take a chance now and live life like you’ve always wanted. Envision yourself throwing off the fetters of fear, and calling unto you the glory that is yours by right of birth. Let your joy blaze like a fire in the night. That’s what the world needs from you.

And, more than that, that’s what you need from you.

From The Code ~ Intentions in Action



Spring is here at last, I’ve felt it for weeks, even through the snow and now the birds are trilling through the woods with their cacophony of mating calls and territorial threats.

And I’m crabby.

There is a hard edge in my energy these past days, could be all the eclipse energy, change of the seasons, or just plain done with doing anything I don’t want to anymore.  Restless with desire for something greater.  Can’t look outside for it anymore, even though I try.

Crabby Crone-sounds like a book or something!

In self-observation or self-realization many tidbits of my patterns floating up to be seen.

Deeper change is always the post cursor of the pre cursor of crabbiness for me.  Hmm….wonder what this new one will be, it has the feel of Wow in it.  But mostly it just feels big.  And what feels big for me anymore has nothing to do with the physical reality we call home…….and more the reality of what we call heaven.

No wonder I’m crabby.

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Feelings of Pain

Emotionally you may not find things easy at times, because contact with deeper levels of the psyche can bring feelings of pain to the surface.  Nothing heals unless it becomes conscious, and the process of evaluating your past and the ways it has affected your present and potentially your future could prove immensely healing.

Long forgotten experiences which have left you with insecurity or defensiveness about the future, and whether or not you are a good person who deserves to be happy, may now be seen in a new light.

Deep down the process you are undergoing is concerned with the transformation of your fundamental philosophy of life.  This means that you need to look not only at the things you wish to believe but also life’s realities, including its inequalities.

Whatever is activated in you by external circumstances may provide a trigger for soul searching.  What is being activated in you is the urge to discover meaning in suffering, and consequently even a happy event may bring unhappy memories to the surface.

It is time for us all to “grow up”, to mature.  Deal with our shadows, our dreams and to realistically see our world and what we can do to heal it.

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March 18th-New Moon/Solar Eclipse

This is a very powerful time that will affect you for years to come in a very different way than the Lunar Eclipse just last week on the 3rd.

For your own personalized glimpse into what this will bring you, email me your birthdate, time and place, and I will send you your own personalized view of this momentous astrological event.

Let us all put aside our negativity, and shine as the Light we are.

New Moon Solar Eclipse – March 18/19 – New Moon exact at 9:43 PM EST March 18

This Partial Solar Eclipse is visible in most of Alaska, eastern and central Asia (except for central Japan) and the western part of Russia.

All New Moons are endings and new beginnings, and eclipses are super-charged New Moons.

This eclipse represents a spiritual culmination, a moment of unity, oneness, and a turning point. It will be like a “Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.” This symbol praises the beauty of the individual spirit and the light of unity. Prepare to be mystified, to embody your true path and purpose more fully.

There will be transformation on the individual as well as the collective. Consciousness is transformed to allow the highest frequencies of divine, spiritual love to infuse the planet. In ceremony and prayer, invite the highest vibrations of love and light into your being then radiate this energy throughout the Earth plane and into the Cosmos. Allow visions of a more enlightened future for humanity and the Earth to fill your dreams. Commit (or recommit) to your path of service. –Allison Rae

Solar eclipses are always more positive and easy to take than lunar eclipses, for they suggest new paths that will open up for you. Still, eclipses of all kinds throw change into the mix, so you will need to stay flexible.

Solar eclipses always bring up discussions related to the part of the solar chart that Leo the Lion rules.

Eclipses are choice points, supercharged gateways of visualization and manifestation. In Buddhist teachings, eclipses are high holy days when our thoughts and prayers are amplified exponentially. In this tradition, we would be in ceremony, meditation and prayer during the passage on March 18, for the benefit of all beings.

Right after the eclipse are the Rites of Spring passage into rebirth, renewal, hope and more at the Spring Equinox.

These are super charged times that we live in and they are becoming more so with each month.

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Destiny is not written in the stars as fated circumstances, but reflects the core of who one really is.

You must discover your destiny, which really means what you most wholeheartedly need and want in order to live a meaningful life.

You may need patience, time and prolonged periods of privacy and introspection in order to re-evaluate your ideals and goals.

You need faith in yourself and in your power to survive and build anew if existing factors in your life have proven unviable or wrong for you.

There is great opportunity, both inner and outer, but you need to be aware of your emotions in a particularly level headed way.

You can emerge from a chrysalis, just like a butterfly, and as time passes you will feel more deeply connected with a stronger sense of purpose.

Take your time, don’t worry, move gently and recognize your own complexities while you prepare for a new life….your destiny.

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Living and Dying

I sat with a friend post surgery for multiple cancers all over his body.  The surgeons thought to remove many cancerous tumors and lesions, but after exploring discovered there wasn’t much they could do.  Before closing him up they inadvertently damaged his (well) spleen so badly they had to remove it.  Talk about insult on injury.

As we sat together in the wake of such destruction to his body we talked for a long time about living and dying.

It was a time of pure clarity because anywhere else was just too scary.  A very lucid conversation deeply probing existence and thought.  Living and dying, there is no small talk in there.

This is not a person who is ignorant of spiritual matters being well-steeped in Chopra, Tolle, Buddha, Christ, Myss and so on.  A true spiritual guide and teacher himself of many years.

So he struggles with what did he do wrong?  Back and forth from acceptance to blame.  Finding peace only in the moment not in the meanderings of a justifying mind.

God speed.

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Many years ago my Mother in Law drove me crazy.  When we would get together all she could talk about was cleaning her house.  In great detail.

I was talking to a friend of mine about this and she said to me that it was the only way she had to show how much she loved me.

That stopped me in my tracks.  From that time on I took all of those talks and tips about cleaning as how much she loved me, wanted to spend time with me and it transformed our relationship from one of irritation to one of continued love.  She wasn’t really “lying” to me, but her intent of sharing love was all twisted up, similar to a lie.

Abraham-Hicks addresses this so well in the attached below:

“If you feel drawn to someone, but you are annoyed because you think that they are telling you some lies, try to look beyond the lies and try to focus upon the feeling. People offer all kinds of words for all kinds of different reasons. Most lies are offered to try to keep things in alignment. We’re not encouraging it, but the motive behind lying is usually a pretty honorable motive. In other words, when a child lies to their parents, it’s usually because they want to be free to do what they want to do, and they don’t want their parents to be upset about it. It’s about wanting an alignment. Physical ears have a hard time hearing this. You keep talking about “We need to be honest.” And we say, we don’t meet any of you who are honest. Even those who claim to be the most virtuous, are not honest, but your vibration always is. We would trust the feeling more than the words.“

All Is Well

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I have a friend stuck in sickness… many people can be.  It’s all he talks about or thinks about through his day.

As we know, energy flows where our thoughts go…….hard to stop when you are consumed by it.

Having watched many people suffer as a nurse and in family/friend situations, I often struggled with how I could best help.

The best that I can do is relate to them as whole, not this small part that is ill.  I don’t think it helps them at all to relate to their disease, they just aren’t strong enough to be whole right now, so I will be strong for them and see them in all their beauty and strength, I will hold the best of them in the Light and not go down into the darkness with them.

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Ashes and Snow

Today’s Daily is a breathtaking journey through the soul of art:

Click on this link and be prepared to be amazed and deeply touched by the photography and music of this amazing artiste.

I have never experienced such depth and profound feelings as I did through these Animal Totem pictures.

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Denial is a Closed Door in an Open Door Universe

That is my mantra today, it came out of me or through me in an email to a friend and I read and re-read it and decided it was the Dailies today

It came out in a conversation about giving up a part of life in return for something. I don’t know, but I don’t think God barters, or I would have been on the receiving end of that many times through my life.

“If you will just give me this I won’t do that anymore.” Part of my litany through growing up in the Catholic Church, or maybe not confined to church, maybe we all do that.

It’s that longing to have some kind of control for God’s sake! When raging against that kind of power for what we want I just have to laugh boisterously at our huge egos.

Opening up to what is and acceptance……..all the words we speak but run from…….humility, surrender, acceptance, faith, belief, even love.

My door is open, and so then, come what may.

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