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Blue Moon

Scary things are happening on the planet as the evolution of consciousness picks up its pace.  Remain as open as possible today and listen for the truth of your life to show itself to you.

To make matters more powerful and a little frenzied, the second Full Moon called a Blue Moon, of May occurs at 6:05PM PDT – energizing 11 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius.

Individual and group meditations are recommended. Send out your healing thoughts and prayers to humanity and the kingdoms of nature. Be of greater service to the people who help to turn your world around.

Transform yourself into an ambassador of goodwill wherever you go.

* I often quote my favorite astrologers:  Robert Hand, Kevin Burk, Simone Butler, Susan Miller, Liz Greene, Steven Arroyo, Sydney Omarr, Alan Leo and more.

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Every Cell

Every cell in your body has a direct relationship with Creative Life Force, and each cell is independently responding. When you feel joy, all the circuits are open and the Life Force or God Force can be fully received. When you feel guilt or blame or fear or anger, the circuits are hindered and the Life Force cannot flow as effectively. Physical experience is about monitoring those circuits and keeping them as open as possible. The cells know what to do. They are summoning the Energy.

All Is Well                                      -Abraham-Hicks


All Of Our Rights

It has been a long time since I have actively sat down and listed all of the ways the patriarchal society we live in is still just that-patriarchal.

I’ve been focusing on personal power and tolerance…compassion…the spiritual work at hand etc.

This article below felt like a slap in the face to me.  So many of our women are so tortured, or ignored,  or whatever words you would like to put on it.  Joss Wheedon speaks eloquently with his words below and I am once again reminded that I am part of a minority striving for equality. I watched the video of all these young men stoning a 17 yr old who had fallen in love with another teen from a different faith.  Although it brought greater reality to the killing, I’m sorry I saw it, I’m sorry we are such a violent race. ( and yes, I know we are also a valiant race and do many awesome humanitarian deeds.  It is rather like the weakest link-we are only as strong as our weakest link)

Last month seventeen year old Dua Khalil was pulled into a crowd of young men, some of them (the instigators) family, who then kicked and stoned her to death. This is an example of the breath-taking oxymoron “honor killing”, in which a family member (almost always female) is murdered for some religious or ethical transgression. Dua Khalil, who was of the Yazidi faith, had been seen in the company of a Sunni Muslim, and possibly suspected of having married him or converted. That she was torturously murdered for this is not, in fact, a particularly uncommon story. But now you can watch the action up close on CNN. Because as the girl was on the ground trying to get up, her face nothing but red, the few in the group of more than twenty men who were not busy kicking her and hurling stones at her were filming the event with their camera-phones.

There were security officers standing outside the area doing nothing, but the footage of the murder was taken – by more than one phone – from the front row. Which means whoever shot it did so not to record the horror of the event, but to commemorate it. To share it. Because it was cool.

I could start a rant about the level to which we have become desensitized to violence, about the evils of the voyeuristic digital world in which everything is shown and everything is game, but honestly, it’s been said. And I certainly have no jingoistic cultural agenda. I like to think that in America this would be considered unbearably appalling, that Kitty Genovese is still remembered, that we are more evolved. But coincidentally, right before I stumbled on this video I watched the trailer for “Captivity”.

A few of you may know that I took public exception to the billboard campaign for this film, which showed a concise narrative of the kidnapping, torture and murder of a sexy young woman. I wanted to see if the film was perhaps more substantial (especially given the fact that it was directed by “The Killing Fields” Roland Joffe) than the exploitive ad campaign had painted it. The trailer resembles nothing so much as the CNN story on Dua Khalil. Pretty much all you learn is that Elisha Cuthbert is beautiful, then kidnapped, inventively, repeatedly and horrifically tortured, and that the first thing she screams is “I’m sorry”.

“I’m sorry.”

What is wrong with women?

I mean wrong. Physically. Spiritually. Something unnatural, something destructive, something that needs to be corrected.

How did more than half the people in the world come out incorrectly? I have spent a good part of my life trying to do that math, and I’m no closer to a viable equation. And I have yet to find a culture that doesn’t buy into it. Women’s inferiority – in fact, their malevolence — is as ingrained in American popular culture as it is anywhere they’re sporting burkhas. I find it in movies, I hear it in the jokes of colleagues, I see it plastered on billboards, and not just the ones for horror movies. Women are weak. Women are manipulative. Women are somehow morally unfinished. (Objectification: another tangential rant avoided.) And the logical extension of this line of thinking is that women are, at the very least, expendable.

I try to think how we got here. The theory I developed in college (shared by many I’m sure) is one I have yet to beat: Womb Envy. Biology: women are generally smaller and weaker than men. But they’re also much tougher. Put simply, men are strong enough to overpower a woman and propagate. Women are tough enough to have and nurture children, with or without the aid of a man. Oh, and they’ve also got the equipment to do that, to be part of the life cycle, to create and bond in a way no man ever really will. Somewhere a long time ago a bunch of men got together and said, “If all we do is hunt and gather, let’s make hunting and gathering the awesomest achievement, and let’s make childbirth kinda weak and shameful.” It’s a rather silly simplification, but I believe on a mass, unconscious level, it’s entirely true. How else to explain the fact that cultures who would die to eradicate each other have always agreed on one issue? That every popular religion puts restrictions on women’s behavior that are practically untenable? That the act of being a free, attractive, self-assertive woman is punishable by torture and death? In the case of this upcoming torture-porn, fictional. In the case of Dua Khalil, mundanely, unthinkably real. And both available for your viewing pleasure.

It’s safe to say that I’ve snapped. That something broke, like one of those robots you can conquer with a logical conundrum. All my life I’ve looked at this faulty equation, trying to understand, and I’ve shorted out. I don’t pretend to be a great guy; I know really really well about objectification, trust me. And I’m not for a second going down the “women are saints” route – that just leads to more stone-throwing (and occasional Joan-burning). I just think there is the staggering imbalance in the world that we all just take for granted. If we were all told the sky was evil, or at best a little embarrassing, and we ought not look at it, wouldn’t that tradition eventually fall apart? (I was going to use ‘trees’ as my example, but at the rate we’re getting rid of them I’m pretty sure we really do think they’re evil. See how all rants become one?)

Now those of you who frequent this site are, in my wildly biased opinion, fairly evolved. You may hear nothing new here. You may be way ahead of me. But I can’t contain my despair, for Dua Khalil, for humanity, for the world we’re shaping. Those of you who have followed the link I set up know that it doesn’t bring you to a video of a murder. It brings you to a place of sanity, of people who have never stopped asking the question of what is wrong with this world and have set about trying to change the answer. Because it’s no longer enough to be a decent person. It’s no longer enough to shake our heads and make concerned grimaces at the news. True enlightened activism is the only thing that can save humanity from itself. I’ve always had a bent towards apocalyptic fiction, and I’m beginning to understand why. I look and I see the earth in flames. Her face was nothing but red.

All I ask is this: Do something. Try something. Speaking out, showing up, writing a letter, a check, a strongly worded e-mail. Pick a cause – there are few unworthy ones. And nudge yourself past the brink of tacit support to action. Once a month, once a year, or just once. If you can’t think of what to do, there is this handy link. Even just learning enough about a subject so you can speak against an opponent eloquently makes you an unusual personage. Start with that. Any one of you would have cried out, would have intervened, had you been in that crowd in Bashiqa. Well thanks to digital technology, you’re all in it now.

I have never had any faith in humanity. But I will give us props on this: if we can evolve, invent and theorize our way into the technologically magical, culturally diverse and artistically magnificent race we are and still get people to buy the idiotic idea that half of us are inferior, we’re pretty amazing. Let our next sleight of hand be to make that myth disappear.

The sky isn’t evil. Try looking up.

Joss Whedon, May 20, 2007

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Love Much

The important thing is not to think much but to love much; and so do that which best stirs you to love.                               -Teresa of Avila

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Match It Up!

If there is something that you desire and it is not coming to you, it always means the same thing. You are not a vibrational match to your own desire.

All Is Well    -Abraham Hicks

Some days that just makes me seethe and then I have to laugh at myself as I see this tiny person in this tiny world in this tiny galaxie shaking her fist at God!!  Pretty hysterical visual.

It is the same for us all, there are no shortcuts and there really are no handouts.  If you want it match up your thoughts to it.  See it, hear it, smell it, feel it, notice what you are wearing when you have it, who you are talking to, what everyone is saying.  This means as complete of an engagement as you can.

In the end, no one can change your life but you.  What are you waiting for?

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Good One

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May 31st

I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on these mini-astro reports, especially this coming one on the Blue Moon/Grand Cross.  If you are seeking a little more knowledge or information in some area of your life, these reports are very helpful.

May 31st  is the 2nd full moon in May and in a fiery sign!  Sagittarius is looking for truth and understanding.  There can be great comfort in higher truths, helping us to see or find that “bigger picture” where all the puzzle pieces at last fit together and make sense.

At the same time a Grand Cross is showing us where we have come from in our lives and where do we now want to go.  It brings a deeper awareness of the spiritual side of our lives and how to integrate that into our daily ones.

Many important revelations will occur around this Full Moon/Grand Cross…………which ones are just waiting for you to claim and re-charge your life?!!  I see this time as being very positive for most people!!

Birth date, time, place

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Pets and Telepathy

Many years ago my friend Genevieve had an amazing cat, G.G. (General Grant)
This cat would thought form us for things that she wanted.  Genevieve would also thought form her back.
Looks like many people do this with their animals.  My own cat Moondoggie thought forms me to get him food and can tell when I’m in a bad mood, and more.
When I received the article below I thought it was worth sharing to all of you who love animals.

Pets and Telepathy
by Owen Waters

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake did enough research on the
intuitive powers of pets to fill an entire book. It was called,
“Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home:
And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals.”

In it, Sheldrake documents extensive cases of animals’
telepathic communication, awareness of distant events and
precognition of danger. His book was written before the
December 2004 tsunami which hit the coasts in Southeast Asia.
In that disaster, more than 3,000 human beings lost their
lives, yet the wild animals all knew to move to higher ground
before the tidal wave appeared. In the coastal cleanup, not one
wild animal was found drowned.

Pets read the minds of their owners and they also transmit
mental pictures, but few pet owners are aware of this. Often,
the idea is simply too strange for them to entertain. A former
neighbor of mine was a retired family doctor. He was perplexed
that his dog insisted on walking on one particular side of his
quiet side street and would always refuse to cross over to the
other side when the owner wanted him to. One day, he was
telling my wife about this mystery and she said, “Why don’t you
ask the dog why he does that? Use telepathy.”

The doctor looked at her, agape, like she’d just landed from
Mars. Then, he composed himself and mumbled something about not
believing in that kind of stuff. It’s a pity, really. Imagine
how useful it could be for a doctor to communicate mentally
with the spirit of a patient who is paralyzed or comatose. For
one thing, they’d know when to expect them back out of the

Pets communicate with each other using mental pictures. These
mental pictures act as thought packages which also carry
meaning. As you mentally absorb the picture, the meaning or
intention behind the message unravels. Thought is also fully
holographic in the sense that, when you unravel a thought
package, you gain a full experience of the picture being
transmitted – the sights, the sounds, the tastes, the smells,
and also the feelings on both a physical and emotional level.
If the thought package is about an experience that the sender
has had, you will be able to share and relive the entire

Telepathy is a natural medium of communication. Animals use
it. Dolphins and whales use it. Humans use it at night, when
they are out-of-body and traveling in the spirit world. Speech
was developed as a means of communication in the physical world
because the human conscious mind is tightly focused upon the
exterior world, emphasizing the use of five physical senses for
its information.

While the conscious human mind typically ignores telepathic
input, the subconscious mind is fully telepathic. Your
subconscious mind perceives every thought that the subconscious
mind of another person – or the conscious mind of a pet -
directs towards you.

Your subconscious mind is fully connected to the global mind,
which Jung referred to as the “collective unconscious” and
Teilhard de Chardin as the “noosphere,” which means “mind
atmosphere.” You continually receive thoughts from this global
mind atmosphere in tune with the frequency of your
consciousness at the time. Then, you process these thoughts
through your own consciousness and automatically retransmit
them back into the global mind.

Therefore, because of this automatic thought-sharing process,
every moment that you spend in uplifting thoughts is a moment
spent uplifting the thoughts of the world.

Professional pet psychics have found that pets even learn some
words from the human vocabulary. Pets know the sound of their
own names, but they also pick up other words. Once, a pet
psychic was asking a horse what his favorite food was and the
horse telepathed the word, “beans.” Thinking that beans would
be a strange item in a horse’s diet, the pet psychic told the
horse’s owner about this. He replied, “Oh, when I feed him
horse food pellets, I always think that they look like beans.
That’s where he must have picked up the word.”

You can use telepathic communication with your pets with just
a little practice. Your pets already read your thoughts,
especially if they are expressed with supporting mental
pictures. You can practice conversing mentally with your pets,
asking them questions and waiting for their responses to enter
your awareness.

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Life is Hard

Life is hard! You must be willing and able to “do the hard” if you are going to achieve the heights that very few attain. I often ask my audiences, “If I tell you exactly what you must do to create Harmonic Wealth. in your life, will you do it?” Most quickly answer, “Yes.” Most answer that they will take the necessary action, but realistically very few will “do the hard.”

For anything to live, something first must die. The death is the hard part, isn’t it? What the caterpillar calls death is new life and opportunity for the butterfly lying deep within.                                         –James Ray

I used this quote today because of the coaching groups we are facilitating lately. Like James talks about above, we all say we want a good life of abundance, happiness, supportive relationships etc, but when push comes to shove, it is hard work and it requires discipline, motivation etc. or we “settle” and stay in our small lives and complain.

Today I am re-committing to do “the hard” and follow through on one of my short-term goals.

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Be Like Water

Water doesn’t stop…….it flows.  If it encounters a barrier it builds up strength and either removes the barrier or flows around it.

Today I will be like water, simple, flowing, unobstructed…..a wonderful practice to be water.

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Praying For Rain

When neurotics come to you for help, they seldom seek to be healed, for healing is painful.  What they really want is to be made comfortable in their neuroses.  Or, best of all, they yearn for a miracle that will heal them painlessly.

“The old man dearly loved his after-dinner pipe.  One night his wife smelled something burning and shouted, ‘For heaven’s sake, Pa!  You’ve set your whiskers on fire!’

‘I know it’, answered the old man angrily.  ‘Can’t you see I’m praying for rain?’

-The Song of the Bird-Anthony De Mello

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Standing Women

I was a little under the weather this morning, so just getting to the Dailies.  If you feel so compelled to stand for our children’s world read the below.

I will be at Memorial Park at 1:00 with many other women from the area.


Tell us where you will stand | Standing Women website | See where others will be standing


Dear Souls who will stand together on May 13 –

The response to our call has now spread throughout the world. This coming Sunday, women (and men) will be standing silently for the sake of the children, on every continent, in over 70 countries, in groups ranging in size from one to thousands. We are in awe of the possibilities for our future.

From the many messages posted at, it is clear that together we are honoring the intent of the original call — to stand as a positive demonstration of our deep impulse to do what we can toward a better future for our children, grandchildren and the seven generations beyond.

As we stand

We acknowledge that we are the ones who can create the positive future we seek; we are not asking that someone else make this future happen.
In silence, we invite our own deep wisdom, so that we may model the kind and gentle world that we seek for our children; in this moment we are not protesting against anything or anyone.
Please know that we received a few messages that expressed disapproval (2) or threatened harm (1 that came through a server in British Columbia, Canada). Wherever you are (because the message could have come from anywhere), we invite you to stand with awareness, drawing upon the strength and wisdom of the mother for the sake of her children.


On Tuesday, May 15, we will be inviting you by email to share your experience of our wave of global silence. Please consider –

Before Sunday

Download and print some “postcards” from http://www.standing to hand out to passers-by.
Call or email your friends to join the stand for a better world.
On Sunday

Count how many people are standing at your location, noticing who they are, and how it feels to be with them.
In follow-up conversations, take note of the visions and actions that arise for you and others.
Bring a camera; take some digital pictures you can upload and share through the web site.
Gather the email addresses of those who would like to participate in an Internet Global Village.
Many of you have expressed the sense that this is a long-awaited moment. We also feel the possibility of our collective grassroots arising.

By sharing our gatherings, our dreams and our possibilities, we will not only inspire one another, but also offer ourselves opportunities for connecting with others — people everywhere who share our deepest impulses to create a better world, both locally and around the world.

With gratitude for each soul, for all of us together,
Those of us who are facilitating the Standing Women Global Village

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Energy of Life

Today I am filled with the energy of life, it is all around me and I am breathing it in.

I am filled with grace and light…….I am buzzing with energy and hope…….I think I’ll go cook a feast for breakfast and walk in the woods when done!

Days like this are such a treasure……….it is good to be alive……….it is good to see, hear, be, laughing out loud!

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I Chop Wood

When the Zen Master attained enlightenment he wrote the following lines to celebrate it:

“Oh wondrous marvel:  I chop wood!  I draw water from the well!”

After enlightenment nothing really changes.  The tree is still a tree; people are just what they were before and so are you.  You may continue to be as moody or even-tempered, as wise or foolish.  The one difference is that you see things with a different eye.  You are more detached from it all now.  And your heart is full of wonder.

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A Grand Cross & Blue Moon in Sagittarius-May 31st

Know yourself better-design a richer life-expand your dreams-take action through truth!
It is the 2nd full moon in May and in a fiery sign!  Sagittarius is looking for truth and understanding.  There can be great comfort in higher truths, helping us to see or find that “bigger picture” where all the puzzle pieces at last fit together and make sense.
At the same time a Grand Cross is showing us where we have come from in our lives and where do we now want to go.  It brings a deeper awareness of the spiritual side of our lives and how to integrate that into our daily ones.
Many important revelations will occur around this Full Moon/Grand Cross…………which ones are just waiting for you to claim and re-charge your life?!!  I see this time as being very positive for most people!!

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Your children are not your children, they are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.  They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts.  You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.

You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you, for life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth……….let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness.                                                                       –Kahlil Gibran

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Crossing the Sea

“You can’t cross a sea by merely staring into the water.”                                -Rabindranath Tagore

I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I’ve watched some friends and family wanting big changes in their lives without having to do the work.

They don’t say they won’t do the work they just complain and make really valid excuses.  But the bottom line is they really don’t want to do the work.  I can relate to that.  I have a couple of large projects that aren’t moving very well right now because I simply am not devoting much time to them.  There is always so much to do.

My “to do” lists have become “life eaters”.  And when that happens, for me, I drift about aimlessly in a sea of confusion about my direction because I have so much to do!

Back to the basics, what do I want?  How will I get it?  How will I know when I have it-what will I feel, see hear etc?  What will having that do for me?


Spring Rain

Soft and dreamy and so green today, feels like Oregon country.  Wanderlust would be the feeling of today, moving or traveling to beautiful new scenery, meeting people, learning new ways of living.  This is the daydreamy me, all flowing like liquid silk.

I’m spending time in the garden today in the rain pulling up creeping jenny and loving all the blooming flowers.  Feels so good to have the rain on my hair and skin, toes in the mud, won’t even need to take a shower, thank you mother earth.

My little plum tree spoke while I was pulling weeds and told me he was there…..I almost missed it.  Earth spirits are like that, fleetingly subtle

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Kept Safe

If there be anywhere on earth a lover of God who is always kept safe, I know nothing of it, for it was not shown to me.

But this was shown; that in falling and rising again we are always kept in that same precious love.              -Julian of Norwich

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The Bird

When the bird and the book disagree, always believe the bird. –James Audubon

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The Four Noble Truths

The fundamental teaching of the Buddha is his teaching on the Four Noble Truths:

1)  That there is suffering; 2) that suffering has cause; 3) that there is cessation of suffering; and 4) that there is a path to such freedom.

The underlying principle of this teaching is the universal principle of causality.

What becomes important in the understanding of this basic teaching is a genuine awareness of one’s own potentials and the need to utilize them to their fullest.

Seen in this light, every human action becomes significant.

-The Dalai Lama

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