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Spiritual Connection

I have a rich spiritual life that I sometimes forget about.  In the midst of scurrying through activities I perceive as important to accomplish, I forget about my own Divinity as reflected back to me by God.  I have not been taking much time to realize that Divinity.

Recent events are moving me back to that deep connection.  Nothing earth shaking, just noticing that my level of peace has been blocked again.

I’ve been a little stumped about where and how do I want to connect this time.  Surprisingly, one of my old and favorite spiritual connections is back in my life with great furvor.  And that is simply prayer.  Prayer with feeling, with emotion.  This morning as I recited some of my childhood prayers I was wrapped up in the arms of God by golden sunlight.  The next prayer brought a shimmer of the Divine Mother standing before me in reddish violet grace.  I felt as if sweet nectar, like golden honey were flowing into and out of me-transported into bliss.

When I opened the email bag today I found this from the Carolyn Myss foundation:

“It is admittedly not as easy to follow the awakening path in midst of today’s world. But the good news is that it is not necessary to live in a monastery to follow the mystic path. With God’s grace we can establish within ourselves a sincere and quiet determination not to be swept away by the demands of the day. Each of us can, with God’s grace, enter the castle of our own soul in which God lives. Our point of entry in this ever-present way is as close as our willingness to slow down, right now, in this very moment, so that divinity of the life we are living can begin to come into view. ”   -James Finley 

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Accepting Diversity

Periodically I choose a trait I would like to be better at.  This past month I’ve selected tolerance through accepting diversity.  In other words, to quit judging people, places and things because they are different than me.

What this usually does, and this month was no different, is bring into focus how many times I am doing that which I want to heal.  There was an article in the newspaper about a young woman attempting to get off of welfare last night.  So, I experimented with really looking at her picture and reading the story without prejudice.  My heart was softly open as I heard her story through the reporters words.  Then I remembered why I and so many others judge.  It is so much easier and less painful than really looking into anothers situation.  As I read her story so many feelings of hoplessness, fear, shame and then just anger/rage at a society that allows a group of people to have to live like this.

It’s no wonder we choose judgment.  How can we live with ourselves otherwise?

This week I choose to accept the diversity all around me and to do what I can to help ease suffering and pain without judgment.

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Don’t forget:  Your purpose on Earth is to evolve to your highest possible state of being.

From the time that we were small children, we’ve been taught to mind our manners and to be like everybody else.  We’re told that it’s respectful of others to practice certain courtesies, and that’s fine, as long as we don’t become slaves to what other people think or say about us.  Taken too far, our conformity keeps us living in a subtle, but very real, state of fear.  We become afraid of acting differently than everyone else around us.  Even when our heart tells us to do something one way, our social consciousness screams out to do it another way, lest we draw too much attention to ourselves.  And all too often, our fear wins out.

To experience your highest light, you must break the mold.  You must do things not as others do, but as your heart bids you to do.  Put on your old comfortable, raggedy clothes and take a walk around the park; whisper to a flower in your backyard; get up at four in the morning and go out and take a look at the pre-dawn skies.  There are those who might contend that you’re ready for the loony bin.  But they’ll be the ones who are missing out on some of the finest experiences in life.  They’ll stay under the thumb, albeit unconsciously, of others who would control their every word and deed.  While you, in your newfound wisdom, will begin to walk this earth freely and fearlessly, without a care in the world.

Know that there will most certainly be times when you’ll feel the pressure to conform from those all around you.  Just remember, in these moments, that it is you, not them, who gets to sing as you amble through the beautful park.  It is you, not them, who hears the joy in the voice of the flower as she shispers her innermost secrets back unto you.  And it is you, not them, who receives loving guidance from the morning star as she breaks the horizon at dawn. 

My Intention for today is:  I Intend that I am my own person.

-The Intenders

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Life is Good

Just focus on that.  The rest will take care of itself.

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Time Out

I might call it lethargy, or maybe even avoidance, but whatever it is, I’m in time out and I don’t feel like changing it.

I’m looking for a different reality than the one I have created.  I’d like a little breathing space in it and definitely fresher air.  All the old relationships that dangle like loose threads on a gown can just be pulled out and discarded, I want a new gown.

I’m appreciating myself a lot more this day and thinking I really deserve a different style, a grander style, of living.  One not so encumbered by others woes. 

Time out is a good place to observe what needs changing.


Moments of Grace

Once in a while, we are given moments of real grace.

Sometimes, during my early-morning meditation, a place within me opens and parts of myself let go that I did not even know were holding on.  In these moments I feel all the hard places in my heart and body yield to a great softness carried on my breath, and I am filled with compassion for the part of me that is always tring, always organizing, problem solving, anticipating.  And my mind stops and simply follows my breath.  A great faith washes through me, a sudden knowing that everything that needs to get done will get done.

-Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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The Goal

The goal ever recedes from us.  Victory lies in the effort not the attainment.  Full effort is full victory.                    Mahatma Ghandi

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Creativity and Pride

Many blessings this week in many different ways, so glad I’m noticing them.

Last night I had the pleasure of watching my middle son step into his creativity and power with courage and a deep belief in his abiities as a performing artist.  It was simiply awesome to watch this young man present songs he has been writing and rewriting for months; singing and playing his guitar with a group of other young men who gravitated to him because of his belief, his passion, for music.

The feeling of pride was very strong as we sat there mesmerized by how much he has grown and how many years he has devoted himself to this life of music.

The courage part is also strong, as he left a very successful band in another city and changed his style dramatically. 

It is a blessing to be inspired by one of your children.

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Blessed To Be Here

I opened my email bag this morning and received a wonderful blip about feeling and being blessed to be here.  Funny little paradigm shifts can really open you up and change the way you were thinking.

I’m off into another haze of a crazed day and after reading this piece I’m relaxing into the day with a renewed sense of wonder.  Here is part of that mail:

“Once we’ve taken heart and learned to trust in our power, the next step is to stretch our imagination and know that we can create anything that we can think of.  When we go beyond the bounds of our old, consensus reality, whole new realms open up before us.  We can have leaders who are kind and beneficent; we can clean our air and water in a matter of days; we can enjoy free energy, free food, free shelter, free everything!  A life of total comfort is available to anyone who is willing to shed their old thinking processes.”

My intention for today is:  I intend that I feel blessed to be here.


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Ebb and Flow

I like that title.  We have a new class we are teaching with that title and it fits like a glove for my life.  All of us really.  I am very focused right now on my ebbs and flows.  I’ve missed a few from standing back and being frozen with all the energies at hand.  I’ve watched them move on into an ever changing rhythm of my life.  Makes me a little panicky at times thinking I’m missing that one, but really I’m learning to surf and I don’t catch all the waves yet.


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I’ve been such a caretaker in this life.  I’ve also had people take care of me.  It has taken me many years to see that taking care of another makes them weak.  The same is true when someone is taking care of me.

There is a fine line between service and codependence.  I’ve waffled that line all of my life.  It is interesting to listen to the language we use on ourselves and others, very telling. 

Now, as I take longer looks at myself and the way I have managed my life, I’m on the fence, knowing I cannot go fully back into codependent relationships, and a little frightened about the other kinds. 

Health is very important to me now.  Of course, the physical, but more, the emotional and mental levels for they, more than anything else, are creating my life every moment. 

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I’ve been a little absent lately in more ways than one.  It is actually part of a larger absence that has been going on since I moved and started a new business almost 5 years ago.  And that was part of an even bigger absence resulting from a divorce and children grown up-almost.

This recent absence has to do with the many things I have done and not done in this life.  The children I’ve raised, the relationships I’ve had, the choices I’ve made.  I have greater clarity on how these choices have affected my life.

These types of changes that call to you in the last third of your life are different because we finally get that this is important.  Not in a frantic, hurry up and change way, but a deep contemplative fashion that doesn’t let you hide from yourself so much anymore and gives you such compassion for all the other humans out there.


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Treading Water

It can so feel like I am treading water this summer.  Many things that I have forgotten to let go of are grabbing my attention pleading to be laid to rest.  Even nature is showing me how to let go as I watched a Robin parent instruct it’s dying child to let go, it’s wing was broken, let go, lay down, release, all is well.  I cried for two days.

I get it God, I’m letting go as fast as I can.  I want this brilliant new life I see peeking over the horizon……….I am ready to let the past be done with, a bright jewell of accomplishment and a very rich life.  It was what it was, I’m cutting the ties.

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