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Happy New Year to you all!!

It’s a Capricorn year and I think you will all love that!

We are just leaving a Sagittarius time….. where we explored our roles as individuals within the great arena of the universe and the microcosms of society. Sagittarius seeks an understanding of universal truth.

Now Capricorn begins to take this understanding of truth and uses it as a foundation to create laws and structures that will help protect the integrity of society. Capricorn is where we begin to take on a sense of personal responsibility to the group. We are now initiating and creating change.

Capricorn is one of the hardest working signs of the zodiac. I have a Capricorn Rising, if you know me, you know that I am not afraid of work. My friend Leela has a Capricorn sun and what she has accomplished is nothing short of miraculous in building a Temple ( ) and more.

So, then, this is a nose to the grindstone year……do the work and be rewarded, that is the
formula for 2008!!

Pluto in the sign of Capricorn is capable of many things. The evolution of the world is at
stake, with a possible decay of civilization as we know it. (read the history books, history does repeat itself) Geological changes, volcanic eruptions and major earthquakes, nothing new there.

And politics, well, if we have people in high places who use their offices for a better purpose, perhaps the deterioration will be halted. But whatever foundations are rotten will crumble during Pluto’s transit thru Capricorn until 2024.

A whole new order must be maintained and the conception of what constitutes “success” be viewed from a moral standpoint. Ruthlessness must be replaced by genuine humility and power generated through spiritual strength.

I don’t know about you, but it is so time that our institutions serve the people and not the ones.

That’s what this is about – revolution and evolution.

Let’s make it fun……….we can all work and have passions about whatever we do and create a world that our children and grandchildren will be honored and loved and cared for.

I am very excited about 2008!

Jai Bhagwan……Namaste……..Shalom………..Peace………..Om…………Ciao Baby!

May you have a prosperous 2008

“Each of us is a lake of love, yet strangely enough we are all thirsty.” -Swami Kripalu

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The Art of Practice

“To read uplifting books or listen to spiritual discourses is good. But to practice even a little is of the utmost importance. The profound meaning of yoga is understood only by those who study it systematically through personal practice. The day you start to practice, your true progress will begin.”                – Swami Kripalu

“To practice, even a little”, I love that and I’m remembering it more, especially as we come into 2008, which I feel will be a stellar year for many people!

Jai Bhagwan

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Aftermath of Giving

A little sluggish, body aches, mind fog, out of sync…………and more.  What heralds a Christmas “giving frenzy” is so compelling:  eagerness, hope, inspiration, laughter, jolliness, excitement etc.  And then the aftermath of giving……….peace for sure, contentment that it all went so well, feelings of being loved and loving……….and now the winter sets in.  For me, in the past, a time of lull, of anticipation of spring, hoping to make it through without the depression this year.  I did last year, and that was a first for as long as I can remember.

I feel the cycles of living as waves of these celebrations, they count humanities cycles which gives meaning to our lives.

It’s a little different for me this year because I am eager for 2008.  I feel a stronger sense of  purpose and more clarity of intention and just what I want to do next.

I feel the power of the coming year it pulls me in and promises an interesting and unusual year filled with some dreams coming true.  I’ll take it!

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Merry Christmas to All!!

Merry Christmas to All!!

I have so many friends and people that I love.  During this time of year when giving is the primary focus for me, I have been frustrated that I couldn’t give everyone a gift.  I have solved my dilemma this year.  Instead of giving individual gifts I have bought a flock of geese from Heifer International and also loaned money to help a woman named Lanuola in American Samoa, farm and fish to support her family and fix their home up.  If you are interested in doing something like this also, please check out their websites:

Lanuola is not new to the SPBD programme and her business is a plantation and she fishes in addition to that. She would like to buy some new tools for her business and that is what she would use the funds for. She said she is happy with SPBD’s  ( help and will welcome the opportunity for another loan in future.

Geese Get Results:  Geese make a great gift, and here’s why: Since some geese can lay up to 75 eggs a year even “six geese a-laying” can add up quickly for families in desperate need of protein and a means of income. Geese are easy to care for because they don’t require much shelter and can adapt to hot, wet or cold weather. Geese can also find a good portion of their food by themselves, and they efficiently dispose of weed seeds and gobble up insects, slugs and snails.

Best of all, geese are highly efficient producers of animal protein. And they’re vigilant “watchdogs,” loudly warning when uninvited guests arrive at the homestead.

As we move deeper into this season, remember not only your loved ones but other people around the world who are not so very different from you and yours.

Love and Joy to All,



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I don’t get enough of it.  I’ve become such a work horse and it’s not a new place.  But I am re-thinking it.

I don’t even remember when I opted for more work instead of fun.  Driven along by some force that impels me to move, make things happen and work harder.

I know my ego began to identify with the accomplishments and I let that unconscious program run most of the time.

I remember saying similar things on the blog and to friends etc. but here it is again.  I must not be paying enough attention to the part of me that is tired and wants to relax and play.

Today I’m going to play more and do something different.  It will be easy as I am picking up a grandson from school to make Christmas cookies and have an overnight!  I’m going to surprise him and me by going to the zoo for the Christmas festivities and I’m not going to make him eat cauliflower and salmon and he can eat as many cookies as he wants and I will too.  I think a tickling contest will be in order and maybe a few Christmas stories from the pool of family memories.

My New Year is going to include a lot more play and I’m setting that intention now for 2008, a better balance of work and relaxation.

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“The depth of your past is the indication of the height of your future.

When a large skyscraper is built, the taller the height, the deeper they must dig the foundation.” -unknown

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The Golden Compass

I don’t go to many movies, but when I do I want to be entertained, have my sense of adventure stimulated, not much violence and gore, and pushed to think. I just saw The Golden Compass…….WOW! What an amazing movie.

It is a familiar story line of good versus evil and one filled with daring adventure, moral courage and determination. Nothing less than the race for complete domination and control versus freedom and individuality. Sound familiar? It is the story of our human race, our unhealthy ego versus our soul. So many wonderful movies have been made from great books with this theme, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Chronicles of Narnia, The Dark Crystal; I could go on and on.

There was a great deal of controversy around this movie when the far Right said it should not be seen by children and that it supported evil etc. Not so. I don’t know who was feeling so threatened to make statements like that about this movie, but it is none of that. It is a jolly good tale that moves you and takes you to places that are thrilling. Might be a little scary for small children though.

It makes me ponder about where we are going in this world. When Left hates Right and Blacks hate Whites and vice versa and no one trusts the foreigners and would rather people be left starving and enslaved by their power driven governments than allow them some freedom and peace in another country. We have gotten very polarized in this world and have mainly forgotten what most of us were taught growing up. Things like brotherly love, compassion, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, sharing and on and on.

It is one thing to believe you are a good person, it is quite another to be one. The next time someone pushes one of your buttons concerning politics or religion, stop and take a little stock, you might need an internal adjustment of some kind. I know I do. When my ego starts feeling militant and righteous, I know I’m off center and need to reconnect with the loving part of me that doesn’t judge. I need to remember who I am and where I come from. Someone said that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We aren’t here very long, let’s do the best we can. Putting aside small ego gratifications, having to have the best electronics, travel the globe, bigger houses, and newer cars ad infinitum. Come back to what is real in your life. Your peace, the love, contentment, feelings of goodness flowing out from you to embrace all, not just some.

We are in a time that challenges us to be the best we can. To have a moral conscience towards each other, to the planet, to all that is. To read labels so that the foods and products we use are not poisoning our land and our children. To not support violence and shallow thinking and greed, avarice etc. Remember Mahatma Gandhi, he said no. He didn’t fight, he didn’t malign, he simply refused to be part of the enslavement from the British government and he freed his people and was not afraid to die for it. Mother Theresa pulled bodies out of garbage cans and showed the world that even the most humble of us is worthy of love and respect. Where are our priorities? Take a good long hard look at yourself and how you think and begin holding yourself more accountable to the world. And I will too.

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Something in me is stirring;  I think it’s the part of me that waits in lonely exile and yearns for a homeland.

It’s the hidden part of me that wanders aimlessly, stumbling in the dark, crying to be found.

O God of exiles and strangers, find the homeless parts of me;  guide them toward yourself, for you are my promised land.

Take the stranger inside of me and find familiar soil for it.  Keep me mindful of the Emmanuel, whose sojourn brought a glimpse of home.

-Joyce Rupp

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Communicating is what I have been focusing on lately.  Whenever I focus on something I watch it in myself first and then observe the actions of others around me.

It is no wonder we have communication breakdowns from countries to people.  We believe we are being honest in what we say, and sometimes we are.  But those hidden shadows lurking behind our words can trip us and insert themselves without our even knowing.  I hold myself accountable and peer deeply into those shadows to see what the truth really is.

And then, of course, another might say, well, that is your truth, but it isn’t mine.

It’s a wonder we get anyone to agree with us on anything.

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On Not Admitting Pain

“Nothing can hurt you unless you give it the power to do so.”

Looking back over my life as I watch a family member in pain, remembering how I dealt with issues of being hurt.  How different that is now than then.  Hindsight becomes so much more potent with the adding of years to ones life.  More to look back through and sort out and see a little more clearly.

A lot of the hurts were nurtured when they could have been released quickly.

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December is a Fabulous Month Astrologically!!!

December 1st, here it comes! What an amazing month astrologically!!

New Moon on the 9th – dream bigger dreams

Pluto conjunct Jupiter on the 11th! Hasn’t happened since 1994. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have this in their birth chart that should give you some idea of the incredible possibilities for greater wealth for all of us! You don’t have much time though, better get crackin’.

Then there is the Full Moon in Libra on the 23rd plus The Sun and Jupiter are together in Capricorn for the 1st time in 12 year on that day also, WOW…………if you don’t have an amazingly happy, prosperous month you will have to work very hard at it!

Pluto will move into Capricorn on the 29th, briefly to herald a taste of what the next 12+ years will be like on the planet-especially the 2008 elections!

Let me check out your chart in relationship to these very beneficial aspects of the planets to see how best to enjoy this month and reap its many benefits!

Just a brief teaser for how this month will affect each sign:

ARIES – This could be your most prosperous year – think back to 1994-95 and double the goodness for this year!

TAURUS – Amazing abilities to make your dreams come true and lucky influences-buy a lottery ticket!!

GEMINI – Romantic relationships rule the day, not in one, well, don’t stay home-get out and meet & greet, you won’t be disappointed!!

CANCER – Busy bee at work-better health and all around happier!

LEO – What a fun month and your charm turns all positive. A little quiet around the 23rd but the 25th will soar!

VIRGO – Want to move? Fix up your home? This is the time to heal family woes in the best and happiest ways!

LIBRA – Career shines and parties abound, let your joy overflow to all around you!

SCORPIO – Money will flow down from the heavens like rain, act before the 9th for big Spring Gains!

SAGITTARIUS – The realization of your biggest dreams-if you didn’t dream-do it now!!!!

CAPRICORN – Someone is in your corner wanting to finance whatever you desire!

AQUARIUS – Manifestation is your biggest gain this month-dreams, hopes & wishes can be fulfilled –just do the work!

PISCES – Professional success-career is your highlight-all is well!

Astrology charts in their many forms make wonderful Christmas gifts! The most popular is the basic natal chart with the transits combination. Approximately 25 typed pages, one hour intuitive reading of the birth chart and how the planets are affection you for several years and I tape that for you to listen and remember the important dates. This very comprehensive report is only $95.

Many smaller reports also: Relationship comparisons-brief, or more in depth-$20 to $50 thru mail or email.

The Child’s Chart: short to long:
Transits of the Year
Many other combinations also. Let me know what you might be interested in.

I would like to thank all of you who receive the monthly reports and more. And thank you for all of the referrals, I appreciate your confidence in me and look forward to helping you with your Astrology information more in the coming years.

Blessings to all during this month and Merry Christmas!!

Love, Sue

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