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Universal Law #7-The Law of Gender: Yin/Yang

The last of the Hermetic Laws is the Law of Gender, which has two parts. The first part states that within everything there is yin and yang, feminine and masculine energies. Both are necessary for full manifestation to occur. We speak here not just of the physical attributes of masculine and feminine, but of the ways those energies express themselves in life. There must be a balance of strong assertive action (masculine) with reflection, contemplation, and gentle flow (feminine) in any creative process.
The second part of the Law of Gender states that everything comes in its own time, that there is a natural gestation period for all things. We have discussed that when you imagine something, it immediately exists on some level of reality. Therefore, if we remain focused on the vision and take the appropriate action steps necessary to bring it into the physical reality, it is only a matter of time until the vision manifests.
With time and many successful manifestations, we reach a place of faith and trust that it will happen in its own time. With faith and trust, we are able to let go of the sense of urgency with a manifestation project. There is no sense of hurry. Hurry, on some deeper level is a manifestation of fear that it won’t happen, so we try to hurry it along to insure that it will. When you live the Law of Mentalism and know that you are in God and God is in you, you trust that all is in Divine order. With the proper balance of masculine and feminine energies, and allowing the necessary gestation period, manifestation will occur.

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Source of Grace

“All genuine teachings are mutually supportive. In the teachings of unity, there is no adversity or jealousy toward any source of grace.” -Robert Waterman

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Your Soul’s Compass

What a great book Joan Borysenko and Gordon Dveirin have written! Interviewing modern day saints and sages from around the world, they have pulled together information that is hopeful, enlightening and practical for all to experience their divine connections.
“The most important thing is humility, we don’t really know what the right way to go is. We don’t know the deeper truth. To allow ourselves to be in that helpless place without losing heart is what opens us up to guidance.” -Hameed Ali

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Those Hard Drives

Hard Drive crashed-back up asap…………….I hope

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It’s the Vernal Equinox! That means SPRING!

Today is the last day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere, the last day of Summer in the Southern. The Sun will enter Aries at 10:49 pm PDT today, which makes the next dozen hours very powerful in terms of thought-form building for the future.

At the Vernal, or Spring Equinox, the days and nights are of equal length and the solar force is waxing stronger through the Autumnal Equinox in September. The Sun is now about to enter Aries.  This is an excellent time for looking at what has ended, what is emerging, and step out of the ocean on to dry land. Just keep dreaming the great dream, since every day is good for imaging a better future.

The square to Pluto will prove important in this coming season, as will the Moon trine Jupiter while opposing Uranus throwing the voids into Cancer and Taurus.

Instead of a chart analysis, today I’ll remind you that the final degree of Pisces is very powerful in bringing forth archetypes of the entire year to come from now through this time next year. Today we revisit an extraordinarily important post with many things to consider if we are to create better futures, both individually and collectively. This is about visualization, thought-form building, and the Divine Siddha of “precipitation of matter” that is dormant within all of us.
-Robert Wilkinson

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The Law of Cause and Effect: “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

The Law of Cause and Effect states that every cause has a resulting effect, and every effect becomes the cause of another effect.  Therefore, as they say, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  Nothing starts a new chain of events.  The universe is a perpetual cycle.

There are many ways of expressing this law:  “What you sow, so shall you reap,” “It must be karma,” “What goes around, comes around,” “As you give, so shall you receive.”

What is important for us on our journey together is to examine the effects in our lives and what the causes are.  We must become consciously aware of all of our choices, because they will all become causes of results down the road.  If our thoughts create our lives, how do we need to change our thoughts (cause) to get a different effect?  And what outside forces do we allow to cause effects in our lives?

Questions to ponder:

How is the Law of Cause and Effect working in my life?

Am I setting up causes in order to get the effects I desire, or am I sabotaging myself by choosing causes that can’t really yield the supposed desired effects?

How am I allowing my life to be the effect of outside causes?

Where do I need to take back my life so that I am proactively involved in cause and effect, creating a chain of cause-effect-cause-effect that serves me?


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The Law of Rhythm: All of Life is a Dance

The Law of Rhythm explains that all of life exists within an order, a flow, or a pattern.  We see the Law of Rhythm in nature with the phases of the moon, the flow of the tides, the rising and setting sun, and the cycle of the seasons.  Our bodies and emotions also have rhythms and flows.  Everything in creation has its own rhythm and pattern.  It is all a part of the order of the universe.

Science expresses this through the principle, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  A pendulum illustrates this law as it moves in a steady rhythm from one pole to the other.  The farther back you are able to pull the string on a bow and arrow, the farther forward the arrow will fly.  The deeper you allow yourself to experience sadness, the more profound will be your experience of joy.

The rhythm and pulse of your soul is like your own personal “jet stream” or wave of energy that, when you remain tuned to it, can propel you through your life.  The more you are able to remain tuned in to your jet stream, the less you are affected by your outer environment.  Regardless of the energies, rhythms, and pulses of others, you are able to maintain your steady, sure sense of self.

This aspect of the Law of Rhythm is important for co-creation and manifestation with Spirit.   When you are riding your personal jet stream, you are riding the wave of Love that flows through you.  You are sitting in your divine essence, giving life to yourself as a human manifestation of an aspect of God.  Then you and Spirit are one.  And that’s when the magic happens!  Synchronicity and miracles.

Questions to ponder:

How do I experience the Law of Rhythm in my life?  What are the recurring cycles, both physically and emotionally?

Do I allow myself full spectrum living by letting the pendulum swing wide and free, or do I keep my emotions and life experience held in check?  Are there shifts I need to make?

What in my life is growing and expanding?  What is dying and withering away?  How are they related?  Are these patterns in harmony with the life I wish to create?


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The Law of Polarity-The Answer is in the Question

It is perhaps easier to grasp the Law of Polarity by first looking at its subsidiary law, the Law of Relativity.  The Law of Relativity states that nothing can exist alone.  It can only exist in relationship to its opposite.  Up and down, wrong and right, simple and difficult only exist in relationhsip to one another.  We cannot recognize joy if we have never known sadness, courage if we have never known fear, light if we have never experienced darkness.

Furthermore there are never only two possibilities.  The Law of Polarity tells us that everything exists on a spectrum, and that there are an infinite number of points between the opposite ends.  Darkness is a degree of less light, fear is a degree of less courage etc.  Nothing is purly black or white.

Therefore, the Law of Polarity shows us that when we have a decision to make in our lives we must not be caught up thinking there are only two possibilities.  There are always more options if we look deeply enough or change our perspective.

Questions to ponder:

Where in my life an I stuck in a situation or a problem?  Where does the solution or resolution lie within the situation?

Where do I get caught in thinking there are a limited number of possibilities in my life?  How can I open my mind to the reality that there are an infinite number of possibilities?

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The Law of Vibration-Everything in Motion

This Law states that everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. One of the highest and most potent forms of energy is thought. Thought is electrical energy vibrating at a very fast frequency. Every thought creates a vibration, which travels out into the universe and begins to take a form.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Therefore, that thought was borne of another energy form, and will exist in some form or another forever. This fact means that we have tremendous responsibility for monitoring and disciplining our thoughts.

A passing thought will receive little energy, but if the thought begins to develop and you give it attention, it begins to carry power. The more attention it is given, the more it begins to affect or shape our world and our relationship to it.

There are two subsidiary laws: The Law of Attraction and the Law of Change. Futurist Eric Hoffer said, “In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” The learners are those who remain engaged in and excited about the ever-evolving journey of life. The learned, on the other hand, studied what they needed to know in school or learned it from parents and mentors, and would be much happier if life would stop evolving! They are much more comfortable with stability than with change. There are fewer challenges that way, but also fewer opportunities.

Questions to ponder:

What kinds of people and experiences am I attracting into my life? Am I attracting what I desire?

How do I feel about change? Am I comfortable with riding the wave of change, or do I prefer for things to stay the same, creating as few waves as possible?

Are there shifts I need to make in my life around the Law of Vibration? Is so, how can I make those shifts?                                       -Seale

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Law of Correspondence-Soul/Ego

(just a note here, these discourses by Alan Seale are meant to stimulate your thinking. I write the blog for myself. As we all are ever evolving on our path, occasionally becoming stuck; the writings, musings, questionings, angst, fill in the blank, help move me into deeper perspectives of who I am and what I am about. I am not “crying in the wilderness”, “religion hopping” or any other scattered form of study you may have a word for. I hope you enjoy these writings. –Sue)

Western traditions teach that ego and soul are separate. Western religions might call ego “the secular self” and soul the “sacred self”, seeing ego only as self-serving and therefore “bad” while soul is “good.” The Law of Correspondence, however, helps us to see that ego and soul are actually one. They are simply different aspects of you, opposite ends of a spectrum. If we look at the bigger picture to see the many layers of reality at once, we see that ego and soul, as well as the Higher Self, all exist with the same large framework.

HIGHER SELF-the aspect of your being that is pure spirit. The Higher self creates soul and ego so that it might experience itself in physical form, and learn the lessons required for its growth and development.

SOUL-the spiritual component of the Higher Self incarnated in a physical body.

EGO- THE PHYSICAL COMPONENT OF THE Higher Self incarnated in a physical body.

Ego awareness holds on tightly-it can only see the options in its immediate outer senses of reality. It lives within a consciousness based on survival and control and only knows life from a moment to moment physical limitations standpoint. However, it is also a strong grounding force, our connection to the physical dimension. It is essential for physical existence, yet limited in its perspective.

Soul awareness is constantly setting itself free. It lives within a thriving free-flight consciousness, embracing what we think of as surrender, giving life over to the flow of Love. But soul doesn’t consider it surrender at all, for soul is already in the flow of Love. Therefore, free flight seems perfectly natural to soul. It is ego that must surrender in order for soul and ego to fulfill their great partnership potential as different aspects of the whole.


Do I live each day from the broad universal perspective and awareness of soul, or from the narrower perspective of ego?

Do I find that I have both the vision and tools with which to manifest my vision, or do I feel that I have one without the other-a great sense of life vision but no tools, or great tools but no vision?

Do I base my decisions only on the moment and what I might want for immediate gratification (ego approach), or do I try to see the larger ramifications and possibilities that will present themselves because of my decisions (soul approach)?

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Studying the Laws

I find that I’m getting distracted pretty easily on the actual implementation of Universal Law #1.  As I sat to reflect on yesterday’s questions I realized that I hadn’t followed through on one of them.  Pretty enlightening.  I was also feeling a little discouraged yesterday as a few issues I am in earnest to resolve are just sitting there without movement.

What I am really noticing about this study is how easily distracted I become by things that are not nearly as important as this little spiritual study.  Very interesting indeed.

So, today, I’m moving into the 2nd Law to see what is happening on this level.

The Law of Correspondence-The Inner and Outer Universes

This Law states, “As above, so below.  As below, so above.”

The description is; anything that exists on one level of reality or consciousness also exists or is reflected on all levels.

I have heard this teaching since a teenager and often wondered of the greater reality of it.  Still not grasping it.  If it is the same why do we worry/scurry so?  If all is a reflection within a glass what is the big deal to get from point A to point B?

I actually believe that reflecting on this one might just set me free.
The Law of Correspondence tells us that everything exists on every level of reality.  Think of your home.  It exists in the physical reality; you have a picture of it in your mind.  It also exists in the emotional reality of good times and sad times in your memories etc.  In other words, your home exists in many layers of reality.

Therefore, the person you wish to become already exists within you.  Personal transformation means moving to a greater understanding of our divine selves-learning to move back and forth between the physical and spiritual realms.

Questions to ponder today:

What are the recurring lessons in my life?

Am I patient with myself as I work through them?

How is my experience changing each time the lesson comes up?

Am I gaining new perspective and insight each time, or am I stuck?

Am I able to step back and see “the bigger picture”?

What is my comfort level with both the seen and unseen worlds?

Can I accept the unseen world as being just as “real” as the seen world?

-Alan Seale

from Soul Vision

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Reflections on Universal Law #1

So, yesterday was pretty interesting.  I have to admit I didn’t remember to do the following for everyone I met, but I remembered a couple of times.  I’ve pasted the “homework”, if you will, below.

“For one week make a conscious practice of seeing the unfolding of an aspect of God in each person you meet, regardless of the encounter.  Let go of your judgments about what is normal and allow each situation to stand on its own.  At the end of the day reflect on your experiences and encounters and see what each has to teach you about the essence of divinity and how divinity moves in your life.”

As I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday I could actually see light rippling under his skin, when I identified that this must be the Light of God showing thru I felt myself become extremely hopeful and positive and much lighter inside.  My sense of self was also greatly expanded and the exchange through words was very direct and open.  A lovely experience.

While teaching a class, I also noticed funny little god-like quirks from students.  A smile here, a laugh there, a comment etc.  And when I sat down at the end of the day to re-think these episodes I could feel all of these as connections, sort of like Hi, God here.  They were flashes but so cool!!

For today then, here a few questions from Alan’s book on Soul Mission:

How does God live in me?

Do I open to the flow of God within me or do I resist it?

What am I here in this life to do?

What is my purpose?

What would I like to give to the world?

Do I believe that I deserve unconditionally the full and complete manifestation of who I am?

Do I believe that I deserve the life that I will have once I have manifested all of who I am?

He suggests that we listen to the voices of our current beliefs and thoughts.  Then ask God/Spirit for guidance about what shifts are necessary in our thought and life in order to move to a mindset of deserving and how to reach our true Self.

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Universal Law #1

The Law of Mentalism:  Living God                                           -Alan Seale

The Law of Mentalism states that the universe is mental-that everything that exists was first a thought before it manifested in the physical dimension.  Out of thought comes creation.

Part of this law states that everything exists within the mind of God, and the mind of God exists within everything.  Indigenous cultures understand this pantheistic concept of God or Spirit being within everything.  Therefore, they see all of creation as sacred.  In our Western religious traditions, however, we have created separation in our consciousness, considering God to be an outside force that rules over us in a judging, omnipotent kind of way.  The Law of Mentalism shows us a different perspective.  As Wayne Dyer writes in Wisdom of the Ages, “God is everywhere.  When you pray to God, you pray to a silent and powerful eternal presence that is a part of yourself.  Commune with this presence without and idea of being separate.”

Quantum physics shows us a oneness among all creatures as it explains that originally we were all borne of the same creative burst of energy, we breathe the same air, exchange the same molecules, drink the same water, and exchange energy in the form of thoughts and interaction.  Everything and everyone is a part of the whole.  It is only recently that we created a belief that everything was created by God, but God remains separate from that creation.

In order to understand the Law of Mentalism in your life try the following activity and see what you experience:

For one week make a conscious practice of seeing the unfolding of an aspect of God in each person you meet, regardless of the encounter.  Let go of your judgments about what is normal and allow each situation to stand on its own.  At the end of the day reflect on your experiences and encounters and see what each has to teach you about the essence of divinity and how divinity moves in your life.

Should be an interesting day!

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ASTRO Tidbits for March and a little more

These times that we live in, like the times throughout history, have been discussed and lamented and praised and so on.
I’d like to add a little flavor to that from some information that I learned about the Mayan Calendar.
I’ve stated before, as have many, this is not the end of time, it is the end of an age, as so aptly defined by the ancient Mayans.
The interesting piece of information I learned was that it isn’t about time, it is about expanded consciousness flowing through time in an accelerated way so that not only does it seem as if time were speeding up, it is indeed, but so because of our awareness at this stage in our evolution.
In a nutshell, you are getting more information and processing it faster than at any time in recorded history.  But like the forest for the trees, you may only have a nagging feel of this.  Wake up and claim your power by doing what you love.  Those words are blaring across books, internet, healing circles, everywhere you go……….do not become immune to that message because it is everywhere.
March’s wonderful New Moon in Pisces on the 7th helps shine the spotlight on addictions………….Pisces-either spiritually enlightened or down in the trenches in addictions………where is that in-between balance?
Let me clarify addictions.  Most of us immediately go to drugs and alcohol in our association with that word.  But what about addictive relationships?  Or food?  Or mind-set?  A routine you are unable to break free from is an addiction.
We have the opportunity to rise above any of these now, to receive new insights about our addictions, even if we have not named them. 
The ever fascinatingly expansive no-boundaries Uranus will join this New Moon which can bring about great change in your emotional nature.  It is always rapid change with Uranus and the Moon is your emotions.  Sudden and surprising……………..let this be a positive explosion of self-awakening and change for the better in your life.
Keep your balance this week and next…………..look into what needs changing in your life.  You have an opportunity to get in touch with your real life now………….not the rigid one you sold out for, but the beautiful creative one you may have given up on.
“Hope springs eternal in the hearts of men”, it is ever so……….it is almost spring.  This is your time of rejuvenation, new growth, hope, joy, celebration.
I’m offering a brief glimpse into this New Moon with a slant on the positive and negative side of where Pisces is in your chart in relationship to spirituality and addictions.
There are many astrological reading available, what would you like to know? 
Relationships?  Job?  Move?  Children?  Future?
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