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The Grand Irrationality-Look to the Summer

It can be very easy for us to be consumed with the changes going on in our own lives. But stop for a moment and look around you…………everyone is being affected by some pretty massive changes either personally or family/friends, job, neighborhood etc.
I’ve pasted my new favorite astrologers info below, check it out and see how this is affecting you and why and what maybe you could do a little differently.

Astrology in April-May 2008 – The Grand Irrationality Is Triggered By Mars in late Cancer (Welcome to what Summer will bring)

Right now Mars just finished quincunxing Neptune and is entering the exact zone of the triseptile with Pluto. With the Moon is in Aquarius conjuncting Neptune in the Grand Irrationalty, welcome to the hard edge of choosing the future. It would seem as though many are choosing their future “destiny,” though of course anyone can always change course if they’re not caught up in irrationality, compulsions, or prior unconscious factors. And just because we see it in another does not mean we have the power to make them differently.

As you know from previous Spiritual Astrology articles (with several to follow in the near future!), we are living within what I have termed “The Grand Irrationality,” shown by the Neptune-Pluto septile energy going on the last decade which will last another. At critical points in the year cycle various transits open up these doorways to other weird choices and changes. These points are where “destiny is at work,” which of course affects Saints and sinners alike, just in different ways according to our merits and demerits in consciousness and karmas, the errors and actualities that we manifest for good or ill.

During the next few days, Mars will traverse the degree span that makes a triseptile to both Neptune and Pluto, forming an off-set “Yod” to the Cancer Mars. Expect dramatic choices and changes that will affect many lives for many years into the future. This will consolidate some initiatives for the long term, and mark a critical turning point in many socio-cultural efforts. It obviously affects each of us in whatever areas Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius fall, since these are signs that are activated or ruled by the planets in question.

In a nutshell, expect up close and personal experiences to be taken in very personal ways that affect the future of whoever is making those choices, which is all of us. If ever there was a point where the future is entirely up for grabs, this is the “Cosmic moment,” the next few days. The next big point will be in early May, when Mercury occupies the Gemini point of the Grand Irrationality. This will activate many changes, especially when Moon is in Aries, filling in the 4th point of the 7 pointed Star pattern.

So if you have any planet around late Sagittarius, early Capricorn, early third decan Aquarius, early second decan Aries, early Gemini, late Cancer, mid-Virgo, or early Scorpio. hang on to your hats, since the wild ride is taking a strange and hard turn at the intersection of Fate Street and Free Will Street where they meet Eternity Boulevard.

Overall, this is NOT a time where things are settled or we will feel stable. Yes, there are possibiities to be embraced, and rewards are coming as indicated by Jupiter. But with a little reflection, it is obvious that these are not very settling times at all. In fact, we need to all find an approach to circumstances and people that works for us. And adaptability is a virtue in an Age in Transition. Be sensitive, accept the power, conform to collective standards, and get ready to rise to some occasion. It’s definitely on the way for each according to their need or duty.

© Copyright 2008 Robert Wilkinson

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Spring Astrology Specials

There is change in the very air that we are breathing this Spring.

The change of eliminating everything in our lives that stops us from being happy and whole.

It truly is about metamorphosis…………, all of you caterpillars metamorphing in your cocoons, look around,

Where can you just stop the old madness and breathe in the peace of now.

Spring Astrology reports can give you an added awareness of where to place your hopes now and where to cut your losses.

Brief email reports: $15

3 month detailed reports through July: $50

Transits and what is in store for you through December: $65 ( This is a REAL deal!)

Many, many combinations, what do you need? What do you seek?

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We are all together in this boat …………let’s help one another with our own unique gifts

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Every moment of our lives, every activity of our day, every interaction with another, every feeling or emotion, reaction or response to the world around us, is a part of our spiritual journey. Everyone is on this journey. Some are more aware of it than others, but everyone is proceeding through their own set of opportunities for self-discovery and co-creation, all leading to that ultimate goal of enlightenment. -Seale

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On Being a Teacher

One upon a time there was a man who used to go to the ocean to see the sunrise. One day he was walking along the shore, and he saw a young man picking up something and very gently throwing it into the ocean. As he got closer, he called out, “Good morning! “What are you doing?”

The young man paused, looked up, and replied, “Throwing starfish into the ocean.”

“I guess I should have asked, “Why are you throwing starfish in the ocean?”

The young man replied, “The sun is up and the tide is going out and if I don’t throw them in they will die.”

“But, young man, don’t you realize that there are miles and miles of beach and hundred of starfish all along it? You cannot possibly make a difference!”

The young man listened politely. Then bent down, picked another star fish and threw it into the sea, passed the breaking waves and said, “It made a difference for that one.”

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Making Changes

I long for the days when I think I remember that change was a lot easier and definitely smoother. Maybe I’m kidding myself, I might be glorifying the past with what I would like to believe it was.
In my past I was always happy, hmph! It’s true, that’s what I remember, I wonder if it is a defense mechanism……certainly there were not so happy times, why can’t I remember them as well as the joyous ones?
These aren’t very happy times, and yet I am happy most of the day. It is a little confusing. Certainly I am stuck in several old patterns right now that need a little nudging, or perhaps a stick of dynamite.
I am hearing similar thoughts to the above from quite a few people including family and friends.
Maybe today I’ll figure it all out. I’ll let you know.
One of my favorite astrologers, Robert Wilkinson has this to say about April:
Slow down and take it easy today and tomorrow! It’s definitely a major turning point in several areas of our lives and affairs as indicated by the waning Mercury square Mars and the waxing Sun square Jupiter, this affecting areas involving Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces. We’re all bringing some areas to fruition, while other things are emerging with important implications for Summer and beyond.

When Mercury squares Mars, try to slow everything down in areas and behaviors ruled by these planets. Beware of hasty decisions, jumping to conclusions, being too abrupt or brusque, or leaping before you look twice. Be realistic in your assessments and find the right way to coordinate the endings of what has been with the new information coming in. Mercury is impartial, while Mars is hard edged. The square either brakes or releases, but given these two planets, it’s often jarring.

If challenged at present, stay balanced, get the right perspective, get a plan, and use the wisdom from your experience. Open to subtle interpretations and the downward flow of natural energies showing you how to integrate the various parts of your personality and life, doing whatever repair work that needs to be done joyously.

Sort things out, prioritize, and see this as the end of a preparation time and the emergence of something that will dominate the long view. This is a time to embrace various forms of exercising your body, feelings, and mind, seeing it all as a test of organizing your energies to make them all work rhythmically and efficiently.
This is a time to search for a greater vision or way of learning and serving self, others, and a greater good. Try not to overlook perfectly good opportunities for expansion in some life areas, keep things moving along without procrastination or wasting time, energy, or money, and find a greater sense of humor, truth, or your future possibilities. This is the light of a greater vision if we open to it.

This square occurs from 22 Aries to 22 Capricorn, so it most affects those born around April 9-11, July 11-14, October 13-15, and January 10-12. This marks a time of expansion and major future promise for anyone born around those dates, since it’s 1 degree away from where Jupiter goes stationary retrograde on May 9, 2008. Thus people with these birthdays will have Jupiter in a close dynamic configuration with their Sun for quite a few weeks to come. The real adventure begins in November-December 2008, when Jupiter makes its final pass over this degree span just before it enters Aquarius, which promises an entirely different way of viewing things from now on.

So it seems that right now is an important time of some things beginning to end while a new promise or vision is introduced on the stage of our lives. Dare to dream, dream to dare, open to a wider view of what you could become with a plan and persistence, don’t get aggravated by short terms stuff, or the stuff of relatively recent invention. Turn on a dime, and redirect your efforts to more profitable ends. This is the time to find the new plan and begin to execute it, turning away from old methods.

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Taking a little break

Just needing a breather while making some decisions about directions to take……it’s life, it’s change neverending…………back on soon.

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“Just as our culture does not encourage a healthy expression of anger, we are not encouraged to acknowledge and own our fears. Acknowledging fear is often viewed as a weakness, something to be ashamed of. But, I am reminded of Jorge Alfano’s words again: ‘There is nothing wrong with fear. It’s just a sign that you are crossing over into the unknown.’ Yes, crossing over in to the unknown, the unsure, the untried, the unproven, the untested waters. Fear is often a natural response. Honoring it within ourselves and then walking into that fear in order to take the next step is an essential part of our spiritual and human journey.” -Alan Seale
Spirit response: Fear is an ego response. Soul does not understand or know fear; it is a completely foreign concept to the soul. Fear comes when you are not able, for whatever reason, to stay with soul guidance; not able to stay in each moment as it comes. It enters at any point that the flow of Love stops.
Ego lives either in the past or the future, not in the present moment. To be in the moment means surrendering to Spirit or Higher Self. Ego, in its healthily balanced state with soul, is very necessary to allow you to see past and future. It allows you to see where you have been and learn, grow and benefit from those experiences. Ego allows you to look into the future to chart your course for fulfilling your physical-plane mission. However, when ego is out of balance and begins to control soul, it will immediately gather power and keep the individual locked in past or future in order to maintain its control. When you can focus your attention in the moment, soul can come back into its leadership role.

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