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Time Musings

Time seems to be a big theme for me right now. My focus is on the wiser use of time and the realistic view of just how much I can and cannot do.
And so the Universe has lined up many tests to see if I meant that I wanted more time for myself by all my friends, family, clients etc needing more of my time.
I’ve got to stop stating or demanding things of the Universe. Too many tests.
And as the time passes in front of my eyes I see myself walking through all of these roles and wonder what my role is to myself.
An ever recurring theme.

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Time and Diet

I’ve been off my diet lately, not sure what that is about, oh, time. The wise use of time has been slipping through my fingers of late due to some fairly intense responsibilities with home and family. Nothing serious, just me being the “only one” to do things for an aging generation and a new one. That requires a lot of planning on my part and I really just want to be on vacation.

I find that I buy sandwich material now instead of making all my own from scratch. Which isn’t a problem on my side but there is on the side of manufacturers of lunch meat. How do you know which ones are good for you? Nitrates used as a preservative have been a known carcinogen over 30+ years, and physician’s warm pregnant women not to eat anything with nitrates in it due to the high rise of brain tumors.

So, sometimes I just sacrifice eating the best due to time pressure. It doesn’t happen very often, but here it is. I was happy to get this information about lunch meats from one of the best food sites I’ve found, see link below. And was I ever surprised that Hormel has come up with a natural, healthy, nitrate free solution.

Check this out, knowledge is power and we all need more of our own power.

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September ’08

Took a little time off, what a glorious August!!!!!!!

My favorite Astrologer Wilkinson has this to say about September:

September is almost here, and it’s time to put things into place that will stabilize and solidify whatever security we need. We are assisted in this by the Sun conjunct Saturn trine Jupiter in early September, harmonizing any sectors and planets we have in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces, so get a plan and get ready to do forms of self transcendence showing how you’ve become more responsible, mature, or organized since February.

The big new of course is Jupiter going stationary direct exactly trine Saturn. The Sun conjuncts Saturn just before it trines Jupiter during the first 5 days of September indicating a very good time for planning and/or resuming activity on hold since May. The Jupiter trine Saturn is exact on September 8, the same day Pluto goes stationary direct at 29 Sag.

With both Jupiter AND Pluto going direct within days of each other, it would seem that evolution is again on the march for the entire world! A LOT of change is coming like an express train!! This is what we’ve all been waiting for since Spring, so take stock of lessons, rewards, how you’ve gotten fit to do something, and get ready to practice the self-transcendence that Jupiter challenges us to become.

Besides the very powerful Earth Trine involving Virgo and Capricorn, we also have Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Libra, each quintile then sextile Pluto. Even Mercury, which goes retrograde at 23 Libra 00:17 am PDT September 24, is still favorable to Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto, promising another fairly good Mercury retrograde period. I’ll write more about the coming Mercury Retrograde period in a short time.

Of note is that the trine between Jupiter and Saturn will last quite a while, so keep pushing forward in practical ways that help to stabilize the Earth and Water areas and planets in your chart. This will be given boosts each time the Moon makes a conjunction, sextile, trine, or opposition to Jupiter or Saturn, giving us quite a few days to cultivate understanding, productivity, harmony, and momentum in our Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces sectors.

The Earth Trine is especially strong September 18-19, October 16, and November11-12 (Full Moon!) when the Moon is in Taurus creating a Grand Earth Trine. Even when the Moon makes oppositions from Cancer or Pisces, it will create strong configurations that will help us turn opposing forces to our advantage, and we should be able to preserve momentum despite conditions.

The transits through Libra will release the Jupiter energies in balanced or refined ways that will help new projects as well as assisting our clarity about needs and what we care about. The multiple Libra conjunctions square Jupiter all occur in the first 10 days of the month, indicating a very dynamic period. Since Venus is in her home sign and is the final dispositor of all the other planets, pay particular attention to its transit through your chart. A new sense of perspective, proportion, or justice is going to show itself in your life wherever it transits, and to a lesser degree, in all areas (since it rules, directly or indirectly, all the other planets.)

The multiple quincunxes to Uranus from Libra show adjustments and sacrifices, but these will help us simplify and stabilize, as well as strengthen and get centered in our heart’s intention and truth. That the Libra planets also trine Neptune at the same time is very good for seeing a bigger view, a larger ideal, and more beautiful relationships. All in all, this should be a very productive month of good interactions that help us know we are moving toward a better life than we knew before the liberations in play since May.

I’ll be composing more about the Spiritual factors at play in September and October in the next few days, so stay tuned.

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Eclipse of the Moon for the Signs

Here is an opinion of Robert Wilkinson, astrologer extraordinaire:

For your consideration, a brief look at each sign. This is by no means comprehensive, as that would require a reading specialized for your birth chart. Still, you may pick up on clues, so enjoy!

Aries – A new form of self expression will come forth and will be a platform for future success. Focus on enjoying yourself in new ways as you stabilize your work situation.

Taurus – A new attitude toward home and family and a more loving view is on the way. The rest of 2008 stabilizes your life in practical enjoyable ways.

Gemini – A new point of view is coming that will provide you relief. Eliminate negative memories of the past as you regenerate. Other people will benefit you if you’re willing to work.

Cancer – New values, new resources, new ways of using what you have will help you reshape your mind, speech, and interpretations. Open to more mature relationships with an eye to others’ motives.

Leo – A new self image will help your relationships grow in really good ways that release you from old sorrows. You’ll become more dispassionate as you see you are a steward of wealth.

Virgo – Close out an old way of seeing the bigger picture of your life and ambitions. Get a more practical self discipline without rigidity, and structure some play or creativity into your life.

Libra – New goals, new ambitions, new friendships are on the near horizon. Be more detached regarding your creative process. Be practical in seeing what frustrates you and adjust accordingly.

Scorpio – A new public life is on the way that will relieve a lot of pressure. See your home and family as friendly things that can nurture you. Mature or wise friends will offer important ideas.

Sagittarius – A new future beckons that will liberate and transfigure you. Go back to school, study higher things, see the integrated bigger picture. Be organized in your finances.

Capricorn – Losses will create the space that frees you for bigger things. Get a larger view of how to use what you value wisely, and plan for the long haul. A fortunate encounter this year moves forward.

Aquarius – New work, new relationships, new insights into who you are will awaken the angel that sleeps within. Help relieve others’ pressures. You’ll reap rewards for work done in the past.

Pisces – By adjusting your heart response to challenges, you’ll grow stronger and more confident. It’s time for a broader motive. Times of seclusion opens inspiration.

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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse

This Saturday we have our second eclipse of the month, this time a Full Moon in Aquarius and Lunar Eclipse.

All eclipses bring things to a head. Perhaps it’s time for you to move on in your career but you haven’t had the courage to take that plunge. Or, maybe there is a person in your life who’s time is up and you and they need to move on.

This eclipse will be emotional and full of the duality of idealism versus disillusionment. Where will you stand in that?

Listen to your heart and commit to walking a higher path, possibly your highest destiny in this life. What is that for you?

Now the focus will be the culmination of many things you have been working on.

Any eclipse will empty your cup so that it can be refilled afresh!

Mini-Astro reports about what area this will affect your life-career, love, children, relationships etc.


Sue Moon

5121 S. 79 Ave.

Ralston, NE 68127

I will email your report when I receive your request or check.

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Robins and Elderberries

Every August I am privileged to witness a unique dance in nature right here in my own backyard.
I have a large stand of Elderberry bushes and as the berries begin to turn purple the Robins stalk the bush in excitement. I have seen them hovering over the berries with hardly anyplace to grip, eating voraciously of the deeply sugared berries. Then, after awhile, it appears they get drunk on the sugar and flop around making darts here and there. It is joyously funny and you can almost hear them laughing.
I look forward to these few weeks every year when I get to share space with the Robins and see a side of them not known to many people.

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I love writing and speaking. I love words, they can weave beautiful imagery, make someone feel good and more. I found some great quotes on words this morning:

Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones. –Proverbs 16:24

A fool’s mouth is his destruction and his lips are the snare of his soul. –Proverbs 18:7

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. –Proverbs 18:21

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. –Eph. 4:29

Out of the mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be, -James 3:10

Feelings precipitate thoughts. Thoughts precipitate words.

If we understood……..if we were fully and genuinely aware of the far reaching consequences the words we use have on and in our lives, as well as the lives of those we come in contact with, we would assuredly, beyond question, want to be influential in affecting a reversal of this condition in our society today. K. Truman in Feelings Buried Alive Never Die

If we could make the lives of our loved ones, neighbors, co-workers and all we encounter a little happier by the words we choose to speak, how much better would our own lives be. Sue

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Having figured out that if I pray with emotion/spirit, the energy is better and not only do I get more out of it, but it seems to be heard a little more clearly perhaps. Just saying the words doesn’t do it for me, I have to be present and mean it.

So, of course, I received this piece below from Carolyn Myss’ Salon and wanted to share it with you.

All prayers work, for heaven’s sake. But let me just add a comment about the difference between saying a prayer and praying, akin to the difference between stretching and yoga. I am distinguishing the two to make this point: saying a prayer is often a quick-fix formula prayer in which a person repeats a familiar formulation, like the Hail Mary or the Buddhist prayer of loving kindness. That’s fine, mind you, but unless you use such prayers consciously as a form of meditation or mantra, such a practice does not alter one’s senses or provide a means through which you enter a deeper state of reflection. Entering into prayer, on the other hand, is the more embodied, conscious practice in which you withdraw your attention from distraction and merge fully into the grace of a higher truth. Let me give you an example of this, as I’m sure if I was in a classroom teaching this right now, hands would fly up asking me to explain further.

So, here’s an ordinary prayer, God, please protect me and family and tell me what to do with my life. Here’s entering into prayer: I remove myself from the distractions around me and withdraw into my interior castle, the dwelling place of my soul. Here, I am alone with God. All things are possible with God, there are no obstructions. I release all my doubts and let the grace of that truth consume me. Let nothing disturb the silence of my time with you. I feel the grace of God enter into me, healing all that disturbs my body, my soul, and my heart. I send this loving grace to those in need and I give thanks for their healing as well. May this grace surround and comfort them as it does me. I am always guided, I am always present to your voice in me, I am fearless.

To hold someone in prayer, to send them grace, is a profound commitment, an act of a true soul companion. To have someone pray for you is a gift of grace. If you say, I will pray for you, and you take this commitment casually, then it says this:

You don’t realize how powerful prayer is and, so, you should never make such a commitment to another person unless you mean it.
You don’t realize how powerful you are. You are a channel for grace. You are someone who has more to give another person than you can imagine, and praying for someone does more than can be measured. Just because you cannot see the effects of your efforts should never discount that your prayers may be the fuel that gets a person through the dark night of the soul.
Here is something to reflect on: Your ego prays for yourself and your own needs. Your soul is a vessel sculpted to pray for others. The soul already knows that in praying for others, one’s own needs are taken care of. Examine your own prayers: How many come from fear? How many are stuff-driven? Do you pray only in crisis? Is praying for others a part of your life or an exception?
I extend an invitation to all of you to consider making a commitment to joining this effort to spend just five minutes a day in prayer for those requesting help from us and for our nation and the rest of the world. Prayers and grace are so very powerful and if you have that to give, truly have that to give (think of the beams of light from heaven getting delivered to all these people in need of help), then please, please join us.
I thank you from my heart and soul, Carolyn.

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A New Life

Today’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse energies can signal a new life for you. You always have the choice to say no.

A few good questions to ask yourself on this auspicious day:

Am I ready to let go of dysfunctional relationships?
Do I believe that I deserve the best that there is?
Can a cherished dream manifest now?
How can I believe in myself more?
Spend some time today seeking inside for a precious dream you have given up on and see if it can come out to play.

We are all one.

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