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Happy New Year To Us All

It’s a New Year for the world and I am ready for my part in all of that. I’m going greener, I’m making things go further, stretching and not wasting. It’s fun and we all get to do it and we can help one another.

To start things off right I’m going to sunbathe on a beautiful beach in Mexico and come home refreshed and ready to rock!

I’ll be back on line on the 5th – Happy New Year for us all!

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All signs for 2009


I haven’t gotten around to the my own interpretation and probably won’t till I get back from my trip, so here’s Robert Wilkinson’s, it’s great!

Aries – A year of building friendships and group work. Take care of your health, open to more efficient ways to work, and see the bigger picture of what your skills can contribute to a greater form of service to your world. Adjust to a bigger picture.

Taurus – A year of professional recognition, high visibility, and/or advancement. Take care of your children or creative disciplines, and see the bigger picture of how to implement the specifics of your truth to bring your future into greater clarity.

Gemini – A year of travel, education, and opening to alternative futures. Get an integrated vision of what’s possible, be willing to create new foundations by eliminating old negative memories, and stop worrying about the details. Get organized.

Cancer – A year of getting rid of the old while opening to a larger vision of truth and work. You could get very lucky in the area of shared or collective values if you train your mind and speech and value those close to you. Bring things to completion.

Leo – Major new opportunities are coming to the fore, as well as more adventurous relationships. Manage your money, be discriminating about what you value, why you value it, and how you use what you have. Expect major partnership renewals.

Virgo – You’re in a long term rigor that will yield new forms of self expression. Take responsibility, open to new forms of being trained to actualize a larger ideal, and your relationships could become more ideal than you’ve thought.

Libra – Play, create, see a bigger picture, and do whatever closures you need to in order to embrace a larger life. Clean out old karmas by showing discrimination about what’s lesser and greater, past and future. Your children begin a grand adventure.

Scorpio – You should experience more freedom in your home and family while getting clear about who your friends really are. Reconsider your goals and ambitions while seeing a bigger picture of your family and possible futures already opening.

Sagittarius – A very high profile year, be willing to take responsibility and do whatever you must to consolidate your authority. Use your experience to teach others while offering a larger integrated view of what’s possible.

Capricorn – Work, see the bigger picture of how you can expand your influence using what you have, and eliminate what is outmoded while persistently pulling in what you need to fulfill a promise. A whole new cycle begins in January, so get it in gear!

Aquarius – It’s an expanding universe the entire year, but you must open the door and greet the guest. Be responsible regarding details and obligations in relationships, and focus on how free you are to pursue your dreams and visions. Opportunities are endless.

Pisces – As usual, you’re caught between what’s ending and what’s appearing. Close out old ambitions, do not seek to control or allow yourself to be controlled by circumstances, and reap the rewards of long term efforts toward larger goals.

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Great Love

Where there is great love there are always miracles. ~ Willa Cather

I wish all of you great Love in your life and may 2009 show you something new and beautiful about yourself.

Christmas Cheer

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Winter Solstice 2008

As I sit here this morning I’m pondering on events that give meaning to our lives. Today is one of those that has been lost in our country to most, The Winter Solstice. Solstices mark transitions. Now we transit from the long dark into the renewal of spring……ck out this site for great info on the history of the winter solstice:

Now is the time to look back over 2008 and see where you have come. What has left your life to make room for the new? Prepare to welcome in the new and potentially brighter year with fresh opportunity for anything you want in your life. It is a very powerful time to perform a meaningful ritual. I have had some of the most powerful spiritual experiences practicing ritual at the solstices.

I’ve just completed a great one. I wrote down on two separate pieces of paper what I want to let go of in 2009 and what I want to come in. I went out into the pristine snow of early morning winter sunrise, breathed in that crisp air, burned the pages, breathed in relief and hope and fresh air and felt completely renewed! I kept a copy and put it in my astro ephemeris for 12/09. It’s good to look back and see what you have accomplished. And amazing how accurate these little letting goes and inviting ins are!

May your 2009 be more than you hoped for and may the energies flow through you peacefully with grace and ease.

Namaste to all Jai Bhagwan Shalom Peace Que todas as bênçãos da terra te iluminem Om Shanti

Winter Blessings of Peaceful Stillness
“Each nation has a soul of its own that is as real as the soul within every human being.” -Myss

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Good and Busy

It’s a good and busy time and all of my writing energy went into a monthly astrology column that will premiere January 1st 2009, in Metro Magazine. I am so excited. This is what I have been wanting and now it is here and I am filled with fresh air, buoyancy, joy and glad tidings for and from life. I have been moving in new directions, some of which I embraced and others that I resisted. As we all know, thanks to the Borg, resistance is futile. Not only futile it cuts off all new life in all directions. My big lesson is acknowledging that I am resisting something by checking in more often with my thoughts and feelings to make sure my life is congruent on all my levels. Today I am congruent with my life changes.

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Sagittarius Energies

What I love most about astrology is the “flavor” of the energies during different times of the year. Toward the end of November through most of December we have the awesome energies of Sagittarius. These energies suit me well. They are courageously inspiring of a fiery nature. Magnanimous/generous and sometimes in denial. Robert Wilkinson describes these energies below… may find some inspiration in how to live more in tune till just before Christmas by reading his words:

“Sagittarius is fiery, mutable, changeable, adaptable, and refuses to be boxed in by ordinary thinking. The Sun in Sagittarius shines the light of wisdom on how we must be open to our freedom to explore universal perspectives, and can lead us to a greater spiritual and philosophical aspiration that demonstrates the higher benevolent law of our cosmos.

In this phase of the twelve-step evolutionary process that which began in Aries, stabilized in Taurus, expanded in Gemini, consolidated in Cancer, creatively projected in Leo, refined in Virgo, shaped into a new ideal in Libra and given magnetic power in Scorpio is shown the truth of itself opening future possibilities.

This sign’s keywords are “I aspire.” Sagittarius is the open-minded, tolerant, and generous philanthropist. This sign explores the archetypes of abstraction and transference through its experiments in truth, seeing a bigger picture and teaching the world how to open to a larger point of view.

Jupiter is said to “rule” Sagittarius. While the Sun is in Sagittarius, Jupiter exerts a greater influence than usual on all things Solar. This past year it’s been in Capricorn, consolidating and stabilizing the visions brought to us in 2007 when it was in Sagittarius, the sign it rules.”

So be magnanimous and generous with your love this month and now that the “crabby” Full Moon is past everything will lighten up, can’t you just feel it!

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Another Glimpse into Today’s Full Moon/Grand Cross

I was looking at the astro wheel this morning to see how best to utilize the energies of such a Full Moon/Grand Cross and what really pops out at me is the power of this day. It’s about changing our ideas about what we think we know. As I stare at this sheet of paper with squiggly symbols all over it I also feel the loving push to change. Love can be a very powerful force…..gently nudging at first and then in our face with truth. That’s what this day, and the days to come, are about……..facing our truth.

My ego, and maybe yours too, sometimes hides the truth from me, or tells me that it doesn’t “get it” etc. But I know the truth of my life when I sit in stillness and feel God’s presence. It isn’t about changing/correcting/eliminating; it’s about knowing. When we lay down the confusion of a small ego, we know.

The world is changing in deep ways coming more into humanitarian philosophies for all. It isn’t about “some” of the people anymore, it is about “all” of us.

So, what will I do today? How best to glide into all of this without the jarring clash of feelings from all around…….awake sounds like a good plan.

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Full Moon/Grand Cross 12/12

22 Sag/Gemini brings the light of a higher Truth to focus on communications and dualities.. This Full Moon light will be shining on our old behavior patterns that are ready to be let go of. Hopefully you will be recharged in a healthy way. While Mutable Crosses do indicate friction and fragmentation, sometimes these can be useful in breaking up old material we no longer need to be dealing with in our lives.

Mars brings in a strong energy to help us prepare for a new life and a more inspiring one too!

So though there is a Grand Mutable Cross, we can be enriched in practical ways that allow us to accept our power and take our leadership roles more comfortably in whatever area they are in.

More than a few will find themselves in a position to claim a form of “world service,” or at the least feel like they’ve “returned home” after a significant experience. Stay in your Heart, show love to all, and use your own special creativity to harness the energy of this Cross. Be sensitive, caring and watch your boundaries-always have good boundaries

You will notice a major pressure to purify, organize, initiate, and claim your space/authority.

Emotions will no doubt be very strong, and expressed in a mature or immature way.

You will be called now to let go of anything you don’t need to be doing-all the repetitive chores etc-let them go-what is important to you? Step up to the plate and hit a homer…….don’t bunt…….take the risk of your own big power.

Do not get discouraged by the pressures you encounter, God’s Light is in the air! Practice perseverance, appreciation and cooperation, and notice with compassion those making excuses for why they can’t be the best they are……….tolerance is advised.

Go for the values that can be recognized and rewarded within your social setup, develop your social intuition, and be wholehearted in pursuing the goals that truly matter to you. Stay sensitive to consequences connected to details, awaken others to what’s important that they’re not seeing, and disregard the lesser considerations when greater things are at stake.

Take nothing for granted, skillfully display your enthusiasm, and don’t get bogged down or diverted by disputes that only deflect you from your major obligations. You will be tested to see if you can tell what is really important and what is not.

It may be time to push forth or pull back, depending. However, one thing is certain: tension is in the air, and some sticking points will be aired, with someone or something having to give.

Watch for people feeling pressured into lying and making excuses for not cleaning up their messes. Pay attention to details, prioritize and see what deserves to stay in your life.

The Full Moon effect will last through December 27. Since it is a time of major friction, try not to take anything too personally or in a negative manner, and face the future reassured that whatever is breaking up has already outlived its time. —- Info paraphrased from Wilkinson

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A River Moving In You

When you do things from you soul,
you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
When actions come from another section,
the feeling disappears. -Rumi

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It’s a Capricorn Month!

It is soooo a Capricorn month!! Even though the Sun is in Sagittarius till the 22nd. At one point there will be 7 heavenly bodies in the sign of Capricorn. What does this mean for you? Get busy, get practical, get on with your life. If you find yourself “wallowing” in the past and owning that victim mode, just get over it…….lay it down, you can wallow later. This is the time to make life anew! This can be a time of great reward with opportunities all around you, maybe even a dream or two coming true. Think outside of the box and think big and think practical-what is practical for you to do? Do it!

Might be a little tense at times, especially around that Full Moon on the 12th, so what can you do with tension? Take a walk, change a plan, make a plan, call a friend, look for a better job, look for a better life, look for a better world and start working towards it.

The energy is there but you have to make the effort to work with it.

I am totally pumped about December!!

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Great Love

Where there is great love there are always miracles. ~ Willa Cather

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