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Today is about choices. We all have them and it is important that we give them consideration instead of just weakly flowing into the easiest way. Taking the easy way out will often be the most difficult in the long run. So spending a little time in reflection, which choice feels best in your heart or maybe you guts. Being able to listen to how each choice affects the way your body feels. The emotional reaction you have to each choice is also a good indicator. And sometimes fear is a great ally that tells us this choice is big and you need to get bigger to do it. Being small in choices can result in loss of power, lack of excitement/life energy and sometimes disaster.

Right now, we are faced with many life altering choices. It is the times that we live in and important for us to align with what energies are here. Look around and see where your choices lie. I have a quite a few for now, some are small, like rearranging the bedroom and moving furniture in living room. And some are very big about business and family. I’m listening to my heart and staying open and courageous today to face the choices I need to make.

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Is it Weird Enough For You Yet?

I’ve been a little too distracted to write much these days. It’s hard not to get caught up in the global fear that is enveloping our planet. Thankfully, I can still tap into the great positive power at work for change and that gives me hope and a belief all will be better than we have prayed for.
These are times of hard choices and confronting the sometimes compulsive or strange behaviors of friends and events all around. This is a good time to practice the virtue of patience, organization, maturity, clarity and setting those boundaries firmly in place. If you can do that now you will reap great rewards in the months to come.
These are times of great lessons for all of us. By mid-May to late August we should be wising up a little and hopefully see our path ahead a little more clearly.
But, for now, it is the time of breaking away to start new adventures and to do all of this together. Just like in kindergarten, we need to be better playmates and share. No more fighting and learn your ABC’s.
Review your life, re-work what deserves to stay (because it feeds your soul) and clear out the areas of stuck energies. Stuck energies can simply be that stack of books next to your reading chair that you’ve been going to read for years. Look at those areas and just consider them done. Put them away, give them away and move on. You can pick them up again later but get out of the lifeless place of inactivity.
You are preparing for October, when Saturn moves into Libra and squares Pluto. A whole new ballgame of opportunity if you take care of business now! It’s a wild ride…………..EEEEHawwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!

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I Met The Walrus

In 1969, 14-year-old Beatles fan Jerry Levitan tracked his idol, John Lennon, from a Toronto airport to his room at the King Edward Hotel. Inside, he convinced Lennon to do an impromptu interview. Thirty-eight years later, Levitan teamed with director Josh Raskin to create and edit a five-minute short film entitled I Met the Walrus based on the interview. Amazing, right?
Using the interview as the actual dialogue for the film, the pair hired illustrators James Braithwaite and Alex Kurina to do a pen art work that plays off the interview as the background for the film. Raskin later told the, “I just wanted to literally animate the words, unfurling in the way I imagined they would appear inside the head of a baffled 14-year-old boy interviewing his idol.”
The film went on to premiere at a nightclub in Toronto and has since played at several festivals, ending with a 2008 Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short. Over the summer, the film popped up on YouTube, and you can watch it in full below:

click on the link to watch this amazing brief video

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What a lovely surprise this morning to click on a link to hear Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) speak! Take the time to view this message and be inspired for your creative life. If you don’t think you are creative, think again. If you are stuck in some creative block, see how easy it is to become un-stuck. I’ve found a new book to read, she is amazing.

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Lighten Up

Let me repeat a few words about some of the energies this year. Granted, there is great hope and miracle change out there, however, the vibrations are so high that some people will erupt in conflict even violence. One way to handle this time is to seek peace; love and offer help to others. Change your corner of the world to be peaceful, restful and full of love and laughter. Anything outside of that may explode in violent ways.
People are taking their lives too seriously…………….lighten up…………all this will pass soon………..this is a very brief life………see how well you can make it.
Remember too, that Pluto in Capricorn removes people, places, things, that aren’t serving your highest good………… is helpful to release them gently with love instead of having it all ripped away.
We are called to our highest state of being now and in the coming times. High states take some discipline in your life, a commitment to a brighter future not only for you but for all on this planet.
Make a plan and follow through but allow great flexibility within your plan.
Om Shanti

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Astrology Vibrations

“The purpose of astrology really should be to give you an understanding of your place in the universe and the kinds of energies that are flowing through you and through the physical universe. Astrology should not try to make up your mind but instead provide information upon which you can make an intelligent decision. “ -Robert Hand
That’s a pretty good explanation and I just want to add that no one is pre-destined for anything; no one is a helpless observer. And that is where free will comes in-the power of our choices and how we live by our will. A will that is not aligned with Divine Will can be a very disruptive force in the life. I find that by aligning myself with the cycles of the planets moving thru our space, my life flows smoother. I don’t always follow that because my will gets off-center and then I struggle. Ah, struggle, what a great teacher. Flowing with the rhythms of our lives, and planetary influences are just that, we can be guided into our greater selves or slip down into our lesser ones.
“Astrology is the study of cycles. By observing the cyclical movements of the planets, we are able to gain a greater understanding of the cycles and patterns in our own lives. Astrology can be a powerful tool for healing and transformation, and it can be a key that can unlock a greater spiritual connection to the universe.” -Kevin Burk
We have some awesome planetary influences around right now that are affecting people in ways of changing our society. Laws and structures are being re-evaluated to see if they meet the needs of the people. Personal freedom is being zinged also-you have to have it. So, what happens if you don’t? Restrictive people, places and things will start to move out of your life. Self-worth is the most important part for all of us now, we are being shown that we are part of a loving and grand spiritual universe and we are being asked to see not only the Light in others, but the Light in ourselves.
Right now we have the Sun (our source of light), Mercury (communication), Mars (power), Jupiter (abundance), Chiron (wounded healer), North Node (what we came here to do) all in Aquarius in the collective house of Hopes/Dreams/Wishes/Manifestation/Friends.
If you are feeling a little erratic or overwhelmed or even inflexible these energies are coming through your negative filter. All energies are neutral, but your body is the transformer that they flow through, so if you are in a positive, healthy, spiritual place you will benefit the most from any of these energies. And that will be the ability to transform your dreams into reality and help humanity in the process.
Think about getting some astrological counseling for whatever you are going through these days. We are all in the same boat-the boat of CHANGE and EVOLUTION. Welcome to the Aquarian Age.

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Be content with inner peacefulness, and contentment will be thine. Pure joy and bliss can only come in the stillness of equilibrium and the perfect receptivity of a spiritually sensitive mind. It is impossible that the lesser ideal would be the final goal; the joy of a child is certainly not the joy of a Master. Your Soul’s growth is infinite, and what was once satisfying will recede in the light of Eternity, giving way to greater understandings than you have ever imagined.

See how you have received your Heart’s desire, though it may have come in ways mysterious to your senses. You have been given what your innermost being desired, according to the precision of your aspiration and the strength of your wish. So it is well and good to cultivate perception, acknowledgment, and appreciation for the gifts we have been and are being given, so as better to further the flow of the gifts that will surely come. Desire is always of the future, and as such can never be had, whereas appreciation is ever of the present, and acknowledges that though transitory, all things received are the Lord’s blessing upon thee, and can bring thee peace and joy, if you but accept it.

Truly all you have and all you are and all you will be is the blessing of the Lord’s willingness to dance with you, in your imperfect perfection of being, showing you which steps to take, and when, gifting you with every step you make in your progress, and never stepping on your toes, though of course you may stumble over your own. You have a mind and heart which are the tools for you to use in understanding your unique truth to learn and teach, and your eternal Soul guarantees that your true heart’s desire shall be met at the right time and in the right way, as it is the crystal which precipitates that which you would love by the law of magnetic attraction.

As you walk on through the fogs and mists, sail the troubled seas of being a part of the mass consciousness, find peace and gratitude in knowing you are not forgotten, no, not separate for even a moment from the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Lord of Love, who wisely guides you by the unspoken law of your being, your unique part to play in eternity. Always let go of psychic disturbances and discontent, and above all fear and uncertainty if you would know the light in the darkness that you may unerringly follow. This inner light of being will guide you from fear into courage, from uncertainty into clarity, from misery into nobility, from skepticism and doubt into knowledge, and from isolation and separateness into community.

Truly we are all facets of the one jewel of Truth, and none is denied what they need when eagerly seeking to know and grow into the truth of their being. You cannot be denied the blessings you need — ask our Father-Mother God, and keep focusing on your openness to receive the blessing, and it will come! Perhaps not in the time or the form you want, but most assuredly you will be given the blessing you need and desire with your heart and Soul. Doubt not! You cannot be denied.

Do not look to other’s situations — they are not you. Others have their own time and place of fulfillment, and this should not breed doubt and confusion and envy in you. You have your own appointed time and place of rewards and fulfillment. Rest content in the certainty that as you open to a larger vision, whether of truth or abundance or effectiveness, so it will come, if you hold that vision steady in the light.

Welcome the revelation that will show you the next step to take, and await the vision and the call, and then do not hesitate to gratefully and willingly heed this hint from God showing you the next step in your self-unfoldment. This is leading you to a truth and a reality greater than you have ever known. You are Masters in the becoming — show mastery in small things, and in time you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate mastery in large ways. Show mastery over yourself, your appetites and desires, your emotional nature, your mind in its eternal discontent and restlessness, and you will be given mastery over nature and her secrets.

Whatever is your Heart’s desire, work toward that, and in time it will be yours, if it is your Heart’s desire. God will not be denied, and as your Soul is part of the One Soul that is God, you cannot be denied either. As you have learned, so you will teach others who come to you for guidance, though of course respect for their need for individuality and individualized circumstances must be observed. Never seek to violate another’s free will, and never let your own be violated by another. Never exploit another, or let yourself be exploited selfishly by another. Still, be giving and forgiving. Learn respect for individual limits, both your own and others, and in time you will have perfect knowledge of what to do and when. Know your Heart, follow your Heart, trust your Heart, and love the truth. Your courage will show you the way beyond fear.

You are the light of the world, and keep the link unbroken between Hierarchy and humanity, through time and space, each in your own way. Let not worldly superstitions, assumptions, doubts and confusions affect your knowledge of your truth of self and Hierarchy. The day rapidly approaches when all these and more will be revealed to the world, demonstrating the fact of unanimity of consciousness itself and forever shattering the great heresy of separateness born of glamour, illusion, and Maya.

Love God, love each other, tell the truth, love your past, love your present, love your future, love your friends, love your enemies, love the plants, love the animals, love the angels, love the children, and above all else, love yourself for the spark of Divine Love that you are, always have been, and always will be. You are Love without measure or limit. You are the mystery, the truth, and the light. You are God’s love made manifest.

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The Hundredth Monkey

“The Hundredth Monkey” is a story that inspired antinuclear activists to keep on keeping on, when the commonsense view was that the nuclear arms race could not be stopped. Ken Keyes, Jr. writes:
“Off the shore of Japan, scientists had been studying monkey colonies on many separate islands for over thirty years. In order to keep track of the monkeys, they would lure them out of the trees by dropping sweet potatoes on the beach. The monkeys came to enjoy this free lunch, and were in plain sight where they could be observed. One day, an eighteen month old female monkey named Imo started to wash her sweet potatoes in the sea before eating it. I imagine that it tasted better without the grit and sand or pesticides, or maybe it even was slightly salty and that was good. Imo showed her playmates and her mother how to do this, her friends showed their mothers, and gradually more and more monkeys began to wash their sweet potatoes instead of eating them grit and all. At first, only the female adults who imitated their children learned, but gradually others did also.
One day, the scientists observed that all the monkeys on that particular island washed their sweet potatoes before eating them. Although this was significant, what was even more fascinating was that this change in monkey behavior did not take place only on this one island. Suddenly, the monkeys on all the other islands were now washing their sweet potatoes as well – despite the fact that monkey colonies on the different islands had no direct contact with each other.”
Never underestimate your ability to effect change locally and globally, do your part and it spreads out and soon the world will have peace.

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Old Fear

I have a friend in the grip of old fears and it elicited a response in me that was a little less than kind. It made me angry, so I had to back up a little and re-think a better response to his realized fears.

A way of coming up out of fear is to be in tune with fear. It’s like no matter what happens you will survive and carry on and you will be stronger and better for all the stuff you survive. You are a warrior, step into your power, slay the dragons. I believe in you. Christopher Reeve is a great example of slaying dragons with integrity and honor, his wife also. And when their jobs were done, they left. They were a bright and shining example to their child of how to live, no matter what is put on your plate.

Now, that was a much better response and I do believe in him and he will survive, we all do, whether in a physical life or a non-physical life. No death ever.

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This morning someone sent me a video clip which I don’t usually click on because they bore me most of the time, but this one inspired me and it was a lovely little respite in the face of a very busy day………….so, for your enjoyment, click on and breathe and be in the moment for just a little while:


Lunar Eclipse/New Moon in Leo Feb. 9

And the surge in humanitarian efforts to heal the planet continues on with this eclipse. Because Chiron (wounds) will be conjunct the Sun during this eclipse you may want to work on healing any wounds you have in the area of “being different” or unloved for who you really are.
We now live in the times of revolution against the old stagnant order of things. That can be your rigid belief systems or an outdated government and everything in between. As this Eclipse faces off against a great number of planets in revolutionary Aquarius it is time to change and the good news is we get a lot of help from the stars.
Check out my monthly page on Astro Vibrations for each sign at:
This eclipse can show you what you should be doing with your talents and gifts. The House it falls in your chart tells you which direction to take in the coming months and even years.
I will be doing another special Eclipse mini-reading for $20. I will need your birth date, time and place. If you don’t know the time I can still do a very good chart for you.
Email me with your info etc. and I’ll get back to you asap.