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I’ve been thinking a lot about Karma these days as I sit with a friend in end stage melanoma. It can be oh so easy to chalk up our life experiences by thinking that the karma is balancing etc, which so diminishes the love and the reality of pain and suffering. As I reflected early this morning on my friends experience and my Mother fazing slowly into her next life, I found this piece by one of my favorite teachers and thought I’d share with you.
“Since our evolution is endless, and our lives are like ropes woven of Divine Threads, we’ll never stop moving through experiences and gleaning wisdom from them. Sometimes these experiences are happy, seemingly forms of “good luck” or “good karma.” Other times, they are difficult, seeming to be more “bad luck” or “bad karma.” How can this be, if the universe desires only good for all of us?
Often “luck” is a product of our attentiveness, preparedness, and willingness. We can turn difficulty into triumph, uncertainty into character strengths, and ignorance into wisdom. Who is to say that something that seems to be “bad luck” isn’t the perfect opportunity to change our lives to the good forever?
As for bad karma, we all know there is such a thing, but often have a hard time dealing with it, whether our own or another’s. Finding a new point of view regarding these things that seem to exist, we find that we have far more power to overcome and transmute bad luck and bad karma than we usually think.
Over the decades, I’ve observed there are two kinds of karma. These are what I call “big K” Karma and “little k” karma. While somewhat interrelated, they are distinctly different types of karma.
“Big K” Karma is built into our hologram at birth. These are primary causal energies that we must understand as part of our journey of Self realization. They include Sacred Wounds by which we will come to powerful forms of compassionate service for others who suffer the same challenges, as well as those major lessons we must learn in order to move beyond our lesser self.
Every being has at least one of the Sacred Wounds. Some have more than one. Each one cuts us to the core, and by moving into the “underworld” associated with those sorts of Divine wounds and coming back to life in the appointed season, we contribute to the greater good in our world.
These help us serve with authenticity, since no external thing can take away the primal power of the direct experience. Through healing these wounds and learning to live well despite them, we teach a higher Way by example.
Then we have “Little k” karmas. We create these lesser karmas as we move through life experiences, which yield “good” or “bad” results according to what we do or do not do. They are only important in the sense of being markers of greater lessons, or ways to modify our behavior, feelings, and thoughts.
Unfortunately, there is a widespread tendency to attribute guilt or blame when “bad things happen,” even if that blame is misguided. These judgments naturally program us to take these on ourselves when “bad things happen,” even though taking on guilt, blame, or shame cannot help us transmute much of anything.
Many take the attitude that because it’s karma, we have little or no control over what manifests or not. This of course is an illusion. While we cannot do much about causes set into motion in the past, whether by ours or another’s actions or inactions, or merely by circumstances, we can always transmute the energies in the NOW.
When we can learn to examine “bad luck” or “bad karma” as indicators of important lessons, and modify our response to better what we can, we learn how to transmute unfortunate illusions, attachments, and aversions into more positive and enjoyable lives. That’s why no matter what life dishes out, we can always find a way to use those energies to our good, whether by diminishing the negatives or boosting the positives.
It’s the same with “luck.” Often “good luck” is merely the circumstance we have prepared for, knowingly or unknowingly. As with karma, we do have major control over what forms of “luck” do and do not manifest. It all depends on our willingness to rise to the needs of the Eternal NOW, and grow into a greater response-ability.” –Robert Wilkinson 3/09

At your feet Robert, Namaste to a great teacher.



I’m having my boundaries tweaked. Because I have a strong will and am gifted with enormous energy; there isn’t much I can’t do if I want to. But how much is a person to do out there in the world and how much can personal time be ignored?
Boundaries…they disturbed me deeply last night and I found myself afraid I wouldn’t be able to comply with all that is being laid before me. I spent a troubled sleep with one of my eternal questions; “what is mine to do?”.
I’ve been here before, different faces on this one, but pretty similar otherwise. I feel stretched and pulled out like a starfish clinging to the rocks at low tide.
As I sit and breathe and seek a solution for my troubled thoughts I come back to the basic fact that I have to care for myself first. Sigh, now, figuring out the priorities: me, family, work, friends, and working that schedule out.

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Today’s New Moon in Aries

Aries is just loaded with Energy! It’s a good time now to look at what you are trying to change, even revolutionize, in your life. Your life is going to change immensely in the years to come. How do you want that change to look? It is time to get very practical and realistic about who you are and what direction you really want to move toward.
Sometimes there will be a challenging “crises” in your life to show you that you need to pay more attention to what you are thinking and the actions you are taking. You have the opportunity right now to step into your power and be noticed! Be clear, be honest and forthright. Any subterfuge now will backfire and secrets will be revealed. Pay attention to those around you so that you don’t get caught in their fallout.
It is always good to be able to laugh at ourselves and our situations. It helps to take some of the pressure off for deep, transpersonal change that is demanded of each individual/culture/world now. Just remind yourself we are making a new world, one of equality for all, not just some. That is a very big energy designed to transform and build an Age. You have got to become a bigger, more global personality and try to stop thinking so small. Get the bigger picture, what is life really all about…….what can you do to help this transition……….what is your role?
Your own personal gifts, some you haven’t even discovered, are waiting to be a part of this transaction. Volunteer your talents, create a new career, color your hair, move, plant a garden, go to a nursing home and visit with older people…..go to the pound and help the animals.
Watch for all of this new life to rise up like the Phoenix out of the ashes of the old order. Stay away from negative people with rigid view points and if you are one of them, start expanding what you believe to be true and see if it holds water. Be open for love and joy to come to you in ways that can’t come through rigid thoughts. Breathe in the fresh air of new creative ideas, actions and as Gandhi said, “Be the change you seek.”


Aries Astrology-New Moon/Sun/Spring

Astrology reports can be quite helpful during these times, and for the duration of the Sun in Aries (April 20), I am offering the 3 month in-depth Transit report for $50, normally $65.
Email me your birth date, time and place
On the 26th we have a New Moon in Aries. The Sun is also in Aries. This is the time for action. Aries is strong and the sign of Spring and new beginnings. The fiery nature of this sign demands change, adaptability, courage in the face of the odds and aggression.
If your life isn’t working the way you would like it too, you may need to change your tactics. Probably the old “attack” methods have outgrown their usefulness and you need a creative overhaul in how you pursue your dreams/goals. This really is not the time to sit on the sidelines, it is the time to set goals and make plans, pick up the phone and get the ball rolling!
Whether you buy into that evolution has sped up and we are all running just to keep even; you have to notice that life is at a much faster pace; world changes are happening quickly…….BREATHE, take time to chew your food and enjoy meaningful conversations in between this faster pace.
I am reminded throughout each day of the importance of being in the moment. Only then can I relax and notice that life is good and I am happy. When out of the moment there is worry and fear and irritation.
Happy Spring/Change/Growth!!!


Letting Go

Letting go takes on new meaning when it is your own life that is letting go of you. I am watching a dear friend in that process right now. She is such a trooper and so strong, but this is taking her strength. At a time like this you would hope to have strong people around to help you through, to anticipate your needs etc. Or, at least I think it should be that way. But as I watch, her closest people are in disbelief and incapable of the strength she needs right now because of their grief. So she directs and almost carries them. It is hard for me to watch. I am outspoken I suppose, but not in this case. Here, what I can do is bring lightness, food, comfort, a little Reiki for brief in between times and gently nudge people to do things for her. It is surreal to me. I haven’t sorted out all the dynamics at play in these characters. The eternal question for me is always, “What is mine to do?”
Right now it seems to be food and smiles and honest communication in brief little vignettes. I hope it is enough.

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Vernal Equinox

I miss rituals in my culture. I know they are around but not so much in my life. I love community. Yesterday I took my Mom to a Fish Fry at St. Gerald’s with some of her friends and a couple of kids………….the whole room was alive with the spirit of community. I felt like I had come home, even though I didn’t know any of those people anymore, I grew up in that parish and there was something just so comforting about being there. I can’t buy into religion anymore, but I have a deeply spiritual nature that longs to be part of something greater. And I miss doing that with lots of other people.
Today a friend and I will do a Vernal Equinox ritual with meditations and many crystal bowls. I am so looking forward to the people who will come and share this with us. Honoring an ancient rite, the rebirth of life each spring. The rebirth of life for all of us, disproving again and again the illusion that anything dies.

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Don’t Go Back To Sleep
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you;
Don’t go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want;
Don’t go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
Where the two worlds touch.
The door is round and open.
Don’t go back to sleep.
That’s what life feels like right now. We are being called to take leaps of faith in all of our relations to the world. A calling to conscious living speaks to us at a cellular level and more. Listen, and don’t go back to sleep.

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The Next Few Months

Look around your daily life with all of your relationships to relatives, friends, job, neighbors, community and start appreciating what they give you. Let love be your guiding light and look for ways to help others through their “dark night of the soul”.

Stay as grounded as you can by taking walks in nature, spending time with your pets and plants. Now is not the time to escape in vague dreams of unreality and wishing things were different. Now is the time of loving action. What is yours to do? Ask, look, seek, where can you be of service?

Venus will soon be squaring (friction) Pluto (power & transformation), in and out thru the first of May. This can bring some pretty jarring people and events into our lives to make us look at what we are holding onto and why. This may be a fork in the road of choices for many and the finality that comes with seeing our codependent patterns for what they are. Pluto does not listen to our pleas but will work with us if we desire deep change. Venus will add her grace and beauty to the mix. But if you are not seeing what is keeping you stuck in negative, unfulfilling patterns, there will be confrontations and discord to make you so uncomfortable you will eventually seek change. So much easier to just go see your therapist or get an astrology reading.

What is important? Not just your own life, but in our global connections. This is the time to get very practical. You don’t buy ice cream when there are no vegetables to eat. You don’t buy a new car when your credit cards are maxed out. Simpler pleasures that fill your soul with peace and love. Talk to each other, care for each other.

Many people will be leaving at this time. Just look around and if there is anyone in your family who is older, spend time with them, get to know them better before they pass. Some will pass unexpectedly. I have a friend, much younger than I who is transitioning right now.

In the coming months you can feel either fulfilled or empty. If you feel empty, find some worthy action to fill the void. Our world needs service now but it has to start with each individual first.

These are dramatic times and in a few years you will look back and be amazed at the growth and change that have occurred. You will be amazed by who is still here and who isn’t. Nothing is certain except spiritual growth which is pruning your life of the deadfall.

We are in training for the years to come……….hit the floor running and do the best you can………do it with a loving heart and great compassion………it’s all we can do…….and it will be enough!

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A Great First Lady

Must see great photos – Our First Lady’s 50 Days!

Happy St. Paddy’s to you all!

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Love and Folly

This morning I would like to address love. What I know of love is that it never judges, loves unconditionally and is free for all. So, you don’t have to be white, red, green, a man, child, woman, Irish, African, Mexican, Russian, monkey, horse, dog, flea, grasshopper, begonia, sunflower, wind, rain, moon, Saturn, galaxy, nebula, black hole or anything at all to benefit from the ever flowing living waters of love.
When we try to control love we have codependency. A very good book to read about what codependency does to all is “Awakening In Time” by Jacqueline Small.
How do you control the wind? How do you control a river? You can see what I mean by observing what a dam does to a flowing river, or what happens to people when they continually build homes in a tornado alley. Folly.
When you see or feel love, you know it, because it makes you smile and its good inside. Your whole attitude/feelings shift and for awhile, all is right with the world.
I do not have many prejudices, but I know that the many in our world do. I recommend that you watch the video in this information below and do what you can to help our world. Calling a halt to love in any way is not our need right now. Stopping what is not love, like war, poverty, abuse etc, that is our need. Be a part of loving change our world calls out for, don’t waste your energy on stopping love. Watch the video:

The Courage Campaign has created a video called “Fidelity,” with the permission of musician Regina Spektor, that puts a face to those 18,000 couples and all loving, committed couples seeking full equality under the law.

Over 1 million people have watched this heartbreaking video. Will you watch it now? If you have the same reaction that I did, please help me spread the word by sharing it with your friends and family ASAP:

The more people who see this video, the more people will understand the pain caused by Prop 8 and Ken Starr’s shameful legal proceeding.

After you watch the video, please join me and over 350,000 people who have signed a letter to the state Supreme Court, asking them to invalidate Prop 8 and reject Starr’s case.

There is only 90 days from March 5th till this is decided.

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Venus Retrograde 3/6-4/16

Venus went into what is called her retrograde cycle March 6 and will stay there till April 16. All retrogrades give us a chance to do a review, taking a look back at recent developments ruled by the retrograde planets. Mercury Retro gives a review of ideas and perceptions, while Venus Retro gives us a chance to appreciate what we’ve experienced regarding things and people.
Often Venus retrograde can bring memories of old hurts and past relationships that went in directions we didn’t expect. Venus retrograde can help us re-experience old wounds so we can free ourselves of subconscious patterns that seduce us into suffering. We have an opportunity to step out of old ignorance about what and who we love. We live in a world where people hurt each other sometimes but we do not have to “own” that hurt. Suffering is optional. What we need is love, compassion, self-respect and Venus helps us here, so it’s a really good time to see your therapist.
We are being shown how to transcend our wounds, not deny them. By focusing on the love and beauty that is in your life, you can rise above the hurts and injustices all around and keep your life in light and beauty. A very wise man once said that life is painful, but we do not have to suffer.
This of course takes courage, strength and a desire to get out of the habit of suffering. When you step into your higher consciousness you will find the compassion and power it takes to enter into suffering and rise above it.
Another form this cycle can take is to bring great joy and opportunity for creatively re-designing your world. Options may literally fall in your lap as you see opportunity everywhere.
As you move thru this month remember what is going on around you and bring out your light, bring out your love and raise up the vibrations of the moment.

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Full Moon in Virgo for All Signs

Today’s full moon has been called one of the most important, if not the most important in all of 2009. It’s about healing, it’s Virgo, the great Earth Mother, and she wants this planet and all of its peoples to be free, happy, whole and prosperous. Think about the changes that will have to occur for this to happen and you will get a glimpse of the deep power that is moving over the face of the earth and our individual lives. The time to fear is past, the time to act is now……fearlessly move into what you know in your deepest heart to be right.

This full moon will have many implications in each individual life and here is a general look at each sign (read your sun sign and rising sign-if you don’t know your rising sign, ask me and I’ll tell you):

ARIES-Karma is being released and all you have to do is focus on healing the past. Work may offer some stern lessons but they will be good ones. Perhaps it is time your work fulfilled you. Your friends are changing and your ability to bring dreams into reality has a better chance now than ever.

TAURUS-Struggling to have fun these days? Probably, as Saturn (stern, responsibility) sits with this Full Moon in your fun house, start re-thinking your creative pleasures. The Sun and Uranus shine a bright light at you and say “If you are not stepping into your creative genius you will be very irritable and possibly become ill.”

GEMINI-The external world and your internal world are colliding because they need to change. It doesn’t have to be a battle, you can dance with these energies instead, your choice. There is great potential for achievement now in your career, but keep it creative and add some spirituality to it. Home has got to be your safe haven from now on.

CANCER-Your mind, the lower, ego one, and the higher, universal one are calling you to re-think your position on this planet and what do you believe and how do you communicate that?! You are in a period of intense transformation; your relationships are under the knife; break free with quiet contemplative time and see where you need to go next. Always keep it loving.

LEO-Money money money money- kching, kching…..It means more than just the dollar. Now it is your talents that will bring you the transformation you desire. Pay attention and get a budget. Think about it not just being a day, but the rest of your life here, what do you want instead? Your relationships are all becoming so erratically new why don’t you create a new way to relate? You are the star, you are the Sun!

VIRGO-Who are you? Wanting change in your interior relationship to yourself and your external one to those around you-lovers and partners. This Full Moon highlights that the personal relationship you have with yourself is reflected back to you by your partners. It really is all about you. Work is in flux and needs to be different and creative and new-put on your thinking cap, I know you can do this!

LIBRA-Karma honey, and ain’t it grand to balance those scales?! Your work and your health need to be as intuitively acted on as you can dream of. What can you do that is different, what can you bring in to change the karma of the past? To heal the karma, at last! Saturn says keep those emotions in check by realizing the power and force they give you to direct into changing the NOW.

SCORPIO-Your pleasure center is about to undergo extreme makeovers. The people who have brought you pleasure in the past may need to be looked at again. A higher calling beckons you as your interior castle is being remade, so is your mind. Ever the powerfully profound wizard now is your time to look at what your dreams are made of. Throw out the past and welcome in a newer, more spiritually creative future.

SAGITTARIUS-You just have to love all of you Sagittarians and at this time in your life you will be re-thinking what you thought you wanted into a higher realm of wanting and achieving much more. The creative genius that is flowing through your mind needs your attention to make it manifest. Create a home now that fulfills your deepest needs. That could be a special someone that you are letting in, or making a nest for yourself.

CAPRICORN-The mind is a wonderful tool to connect to the greater consciousness now. Subconsciously you are changing into a deeper spiritual being. Your personality and body need your deepest attention in the coming years. Your ability to be creative has never been stronger!! The love you have sent out will now finally arrive at your doorstep. Gratitude is a confirming energy and you will reap great rewards from it.

AQUARIUS-Hidden talents, new, creative ideas and so much more. A little unstable on the money front, but keep working that, it’s bound to win a lottery ticket! Can you even re-invent yourself now? Why, yes, you can because you have all the creative genius working for you to do just that. Some karma balancing out, so please be careful that you are scrupulously honest. Someone near may be transitioning and you may receive an inheritance-just a possibility.

PISCES-Certain aspects of what are going on for all are hitting you in your relationship sector. Pay attention because this is the time when you will be able to soar into a deeper realization of what relationships really mean to you. Take care of your body, especially your feet, dear Pisces and know that you are being creatively transformed in a way that will mean much more to you in the years to come. Be a leader for change. Make it humanitarian and you will succeed. Let go of old friends and dreams that no longer serve you.

God bless us all, everyone…………….thanks Tiny Tim.

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“Each incarnation continues the experiment, deepens our experience, and relates the expression more closely to the latent unfolding Divinity.” -Tibetan Master, D.K.

This week I am remembering that this life is an experience of awareness awakening unto itself.

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And the times, they are a changin’

I received an email from someone I admire deeply for her strength and beauty. She was aghast that I would think America won’t make it thru. And so, I am placing my reply below. It isn’t about America, it is about humanity, and I do believe we will “make it”. I also know that every great culture from the beginning of time is no longer or in it’s demise. What will rise up? I choose to believe, like the phoenix, we will arise from the ashes. The ashes haven’t happened yet because the fire is still burning. Here is my reply:
“True, I have been doing a lot of forecasting thru the coming astrological transits and listening to some others. Although my nature is ever optimistic and I know we will all survive or whatever and I did say that the aftermath of much chaos will be breathtakingly beautiful………I got a little caught up in some other people’s views.
Of course humanity, and I don’t just mean Americans, but the world, will survive, we always do and we commit great acts of valor and courage and beauty in doing that.
The times ahead will be hard by anybody’s standard. I’m ok with that, I’m making my garden 2 x’s bigger this year and I have provided for my Mom, just in case.
I’m not going down, I’m going up……………….but still……..the checks and balances called karma are blowin’ their horns and the piper will be paid…and the time’s they are a changin’.”



Thinking of spring and how it is like coming out of a dark tunnel for me. The air is delicious and euphoric on my skin and in my lungs. I spent part of the day at the park feeling at peace and enjoying the sounds of all the happy and not so happy children.

As the winds of change howl around us and we know not where the economy will go and if we will have a future in this country, I take refuge in spring. I am planning the garden and found someone to help me do the heavy labor my body says I can’t do anymore.

It isn’t easy to focus on happiness in uncertain times. But that is just what we are called to do. Be happy, be helpful and be responsible. Take more of an interest in starting a community garden. Get your old bike out and run a few errands on your bike instead of in your car. Carpool whenever possible. Have a pantry with at least a weeks worth of food in it. Get to know your neighbors better. Instead of saving money buy things that are of great and lasting value for you and yours……like land, roto tillers, solar collectors, water purification systems, gold and silver, sturdy boots and winter clothing. Re-use everything you can and quit using plastic bags.

Common sense in uncommon times will help us all see through the storms ahead. And, of course, some of these storms will leave the following days breathtakingly beautiful. Change, it’s global change and it is time.

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3/10 Full Moon in Virgo

The March Full Moon in Virgo (Earth Healer) on March 10th will be a strong one. So, get in a good place to experience great pleasure, otherwise it might be a bit too much. There will be the added energy of wild card Uranus and the Sun (power) colliding with emotional responsibilities. With powerful energies we always have the choice to react in a positive, helpful way or crash and burn. Pay attention around this time, 4 days before and after the 10th. And if you do crash and burn you will recover quickly, grace is definitely flowing in the days after. What can you save? What can you let go of? How do you know what to do?? Follow your heartfelt longings, where are your dreams not being fulfilled?

It really is about dissolving your old rigid patterns of living so that fresh air (chi) can flow into your life. You deserve the best there is out there, let go and let in.

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It’s a Pisces Month

It’s a Pisces month and time to look at your relationships. Always good to have an honest one with yourself and others. But, that’s not always possible with elusive, watery, dreamy, creative, spiritual Pisces energies! As I was thinking about my many relationships to people, places and things, I noticed I was in a dreamy feel-good state, and they all seemed to be good! Breathe in the goodness of Pisces but don’t fool yourself…..keep your head and just enjoy this time.

One of the big oppositions this year creates tension and relationships are changing in big ways. Many are dying or ending. This gives us the opportunity to see what it is we truly want. Relationships can be like a ball of tangled yarn if we just go blithely along. Time to take your half of the responsibility and get real, is this what you want in your life?

We do way too many things in an unconscious state and are faced with results we did not really intend. Get clear on what you want from others as you get clear on what you have to have from yourself.

If you find yourself starting to blame someone for how you feel, you will know that you are not in reality, but in the illusion of separateness.

Pisces can be a little hard to grasp so take it out of your filter that things have to be thus and so……….and open yourself up to the miraculously spiritual energy of Pisces. Good time to take a vacation in a holy place, or create a holy place where you live.

Jai Bhagwan

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Articles in Metro Mag

click on the link to go to my new March article called Vibrations in Metro Magazine-astrology for all signs. -Sue

And this is Dixie’s great part two article on “What Is Your Life Reflecting” great read!!

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March Astrologically

Venus turns retrograde March 6 until April 16. These days are for beautifully and creatively designing what you want in your life instead of what you have. Where this occurs in your chart gives the flavor for these changes that will affect the rest of your life. Many new relationships will come into your life and many will leave. By looking at the planets in your chart you can discern what to make better and what to let go of. This Venus transit highlights what is best for you and the changes you need to make so that can happen. This is a relationship month and it is also spring cleaning and spring fever! If you find yourself easily upset or angry, this may just be what you need to move out of dysfunctional areas of your life… if that happens, see what you need to change.

Mini-Venus reports 3/6 till 6/6 $20 A look into relationships/career/family/health

Consider getting a 3 or 6 month peek into your future. When you can work with the flavor of the energies in your life, it flows so much better. Find out what is in store for you. 3 month 4 typed pages sent in email $40 6 month 8 pages of vital information $65

And of course the yearly report, in person, taped etc. $110 This is a very comprehensive report, inquire for more information.

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