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Abusive Behavior

Abusive behavior can be as small as a dark look or as big as physical torture.
I have been thinking about one of the yoga principles a lot lately, and that is Ahimsa, non-violence. What is violence? I was talking with a family member the other day and they were lashing out about their predicament and I felt covered in sharp, stinging, silver needles. Was this person deliberately abusing me? No, just venting. Just venting, think about that. I excused myself as quickly as I could, took some deep breaths and refocused. Phew! I think most of us are so asleep we don’t hold ourselves accountable for what we put out to others. If a kind act like a smile can change a person’s day, think what a dark look or negative words can do to a day.
So, of course, when I went to my favorite astrology site this morning, the below excerpt jumped out at me.
Forgiving the Sources of Abuse
When people in a family abuse each other by whatever means, or when we are abused by one who we thought was our friend, it arises from the choice of the abuser to externalize that behavior. While I agree that we must come to true peace and forgiveness toward those who have abused us, it does not make it right that it happened to begin with, nor does it mean we should believe it taught us much of anything. We do not have to go to jail to know we don’t need to be there.
We are here to learn what is venerable, what is worthy, what evokes our highest ideas and feelings and actions. Abuse does not further these. While I agree we’re all learning to come to a measure of peace and forgiveness in our lives, we can learn these best through beneficial interactions. And we can come to peace and forgiveness easier in the face of inadvertent well-meant misguided behavior than those things which were not necessary to begin with.
We are here to learn how to forgive consciously those things we suffer as a result of karma. But karma is not linear in the sense that an abused being abused others in previous times. Karma is created, perpetuated, or destroyed by a being’s choices. An abuser is under no law to perpetuate abuse in any given moment.
That’s why regarding abuse, I believe true forgiveness can only arise once the abusive behavior stops. As long as the abuse continues, then what is there to forgive? At that point the lesson is not to allow kindness and compassion to be taken for weakness. -Wilkinson

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The only condition for experiencing Resurrection is to die first; what does Resurrection –ba’th-mean after all?
It means: “making the dead come back to life.”
The entire world has taken the wrong direction, everyone’s in flight from nonexistence. When it’s the only lasting asylum.
How can we win authentic awareness? By renouncing knowledge. How can we seek salvation? By renouncing personal salvation. How can we look for existence? By renouncing our existence. How can we seek true spiritual fruit?
By not stretching out our hands for the fruit of this Illusion. -Rumi

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New Moon in Taurus

This lovely spring New Moon in the earthly delight sign of Taurus is very fittingly the time to plant seeds for not only what you want but also in your garden!

ARIES: Times are looking good for you and money should be part of this. Go for the gold now because soon in early May we start Mercury retrograde and that will be a time for rehashing anything you’ve been putting off for a while.

TAURUS: Lucky you, a New Moon in your sign only happens once a year and this is a very good time for you. Very favorable time for all you desire! Especially in the area of money and talents being recognized!

GEMINI: Think and re-think, what do you want? This is the time to look ahead and see what plans you can put into place for harvesting in the months to come. Also a good time to revamp your personal life, how have you been treating yourself? Could your life be more fulfilling? Especially physically!

CANCER: New friends, old friends and so many fun opportunities to socialize! Network and enjoy the waves of communicating with friends to make everybody’s life a little happier!

LEO: Career advancement or new job altogether is looking good now, but you do have to make the moves, it probably won’t fall in your lap. Happy and unexpected activities/news etc. are possible now.

VIRGO: Plan well now for your future. Especially if you are thinking of advancing a degree in the Fall. This is a busy time for furthering your knowledge and plans in the world. But just like Leo, you have to do the work, it won’t fall in your lap!

LIBRA: Opportunity is what this New Moon brings you, and that can certainly mean other people’s money. You will feel pretty good now as Venus, your ruling planet, is in a happier forward movement with her lover Aries…..any thing is possible in love all around.

SCORPIO: Now is the time to sign contracts and that includes marriage! Important papers all around, are you paying attention? This is about relationships in your life, all of them!

SAGITTARIUS: Your career is about to give you more recognition. It’s a great time for you to take better care of your body too. All in all a really nice New Moon for you.

CAPRICORN: Happier days ahead with friends and social activities and if you are looking, a new special friend could be looking for you too! Children? They will delight you now.

AQUARIUS: It’s time for you to dig in the dirt, or at least a pot on the balcony. This will bring you so much joy, and it is also in the area of home, so maybe taking your Mother a lovely pot of pansies will go a long way in harmonizing your relationship now.

PISCES: Speaking or communicating can be very profitable for you now and many in charge will notice your skills. It’s been a busy month that way but you are about to slow down in May. One last surge forward and then relax into spring.

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Living and Dying

Living and dying……not so very different really. I am watching my friend Nancy learning how to die. I watch my daughter, Willa, learning how to live. Doing both is what I am about these days. Dying to old passages, people, thoughts, ways of being…….opening up to living something new, whatever that will be.
Sometimes the days are filled with such deep introspection there are no words. And some days, I just want to go out to lunch, or get in the car and start driving, to anywhere.
Casual conversation is quite irritating, like fingernails on a chalk board. Deep feelings, quiet spaces full of richness and learning deeper patience fill my spirit.
Living and dying……..each side of the coin………..explains the whole.

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Pesticides in Your Food

Why Should You Care About Pesticides?
The growing consensus among scientists is that small doses of pesticides and other chemicals can cause lasting damage to human health, especially during fetal development and early childhood.Scientists now know enough about the long-term consequences of ingesting these powerful chemicals to advise that we minimize our consumption of pesticides.
What’s the Difference?
EWG research has found that people who eat the 12 most contami¬nated fruits and vegetables consume an average of 10 pesticides a day. Those who eat the 15 least contaminated conventionally-grown fruits and vegetables ingest fewer than 2 pesticides daily. The Guide helps consumers make informed choices to lower their dietary pesticide load.
Will Washing and Peeling Help?
Nearly all the studies used to create these lists assume that people rinse or peel fresh produce. Rinsing reduces but does not eliminate pesticides. Peeling helps, but valuable nutrients often go down the drain with the skin. The best approach: eat a varied diet, rinse all produce and buy organic when possible.
How Was This Guide Developed?
EWG analysts have developed the Guide based on data from nearly 87,000 tests for pesticide residues in produce conducted between 2000 and 2007 and collected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. You can find a detailed description of the criteria EWG used to develop these rankings and the complete list of fruits and vegetables tested at our dedicated website,

Buy These Organic
Bell Pepper
Grapes (Imported)
BEST lowest in pesticides
Sweet Corn
Sweet Peas
Sweet Potato

Learn More at
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommer¬cial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Fran¬cisco, California, 94105, USA.
Headquarters 1436 U St. N.W., Suite 100 Washington, DC 20009 (202) 667-6982

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Wild Turkey

In Ted Andrews book, Animal Speak, the Wild Turkey is associated with shared blessings and finding strength in numbers.
This morning as I was sipping on a cup of Sierra coffee, freshly ground, hmmmm…..I heard a funny noise in the backyard and my cat was making funny noises on the patio. I looked out and was surprised to see a very beautiful, young turkey. My cat, Moondog, and this bird, danced and talked to each other all over the back yard. I wish I had a video camera, as I would have submitted to Funniest Home Videos. They played a little zigzag game, neither one afraid of the other. And that in itself is unusual, as Moondog is somewhat of a cautious cat. I watched them till the neighbor opened his garage door and both cat and bird went in different directions.
I love how wild nature can come creeping up to my door from the woods, reminding me of another world that doesn’t exist in duties and appointments.
I am refreshed this morning from this visit and remembering how important it is to share ourselves and what we have with each other.
Thanks little turkey!

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Happy Spring Morning!

Happy Spring Morning and a big thank you to the person who made my day, made me dancing and laughing in my chair this morning!!

Go to:

and prepare to have a very happy day indeed!!! Sue

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If it’s true that we’re all from the center of a star, and every atom on each of us is from the center of a star, then we’re all the same thing. Even a Coke machine or a cigarette butt in the street in Buffalo is made out of atoms that came from a star. They’ve all been recycled thousands of times, as have you and I. And therefore, it’s only me out there. So what is there to be afraid of? What is there that needs solace seeking? Nothing. There’s nothing to be afraid of because it’s all us.
The trouble is we have been separated by being born and given a name and an identity and being individuated. We’ve been separated from the oneness, and that’s what religion exploits. That people have this yearning to be part of the overall one again. So they exploit that. They call it god, they say he has rules, and I think it’s cruel. I think you can do it absent from religion.” – George Carlin, 1937-2008

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

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More on Bill HR 875

There is a lot of flurry over the regulation of food, growing it and processing it. And there should be. Many poor policies and probably graft in the system have weakened it so badly that we can’t even trust our peanut butter. (By the way, I make my peanut butter fresh at Wholefoods and the only thing in it are peanuts. It is delicious and doesn’t separate.) is an accurate detective site that ferrets out the truth in all of the rumors. So, click on the link and read more facts about the bill HR 875:

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Monsanto verses Organic Farming

I just finished watching the video clips on about the organic farming bill that is trying to get passed into law very soon. This is such a blatant, vile and outrageous attempt on the part of big corporations (Monsanto) that I am afraid they will get it passed. What does that mean for all of us? Watch the video clips and if you are as outraged as I am, sign the petition and then send this email out to everyone that cares about the food they eat. If we are to sustain an equitable society, global not local, we cannot allow corporations to have this kind of power anymore. The power of a society belongs to the people who make up that society. Speak and be part of the solution, or be quiet and become part of the controlled masses without representation or choice.

US House and Senate are about (in one week!) to vote on bill that will OUTLAW ORGANIC FARMING (bill HR 875). There is an enormous rush to get this into law within the next 2 weeks before people realize what is happening.

Main backer and lobbyist is (guess who) Monsanto – chemical and genetic engineering giant corporation. This bill will require organic farms to use specific fertilizers and poisonous insect sprays dictated by the newly formed agency to “make sure there is no danger to the
public food supply”. This will include backyard gardens that grow food only for a family and not for sales.

If this passes then NO more heirloom clean seeds but only Monsanto genetically altered seeds that are now showing up with unexpected diseases in humans.

There is a video on the subject.


And another one:

Sign this petition and
The best thing to do is go to all you have to do is put in your zip and it will give you your congressperson and how to get in touch with them. When you call their office someone
will answer the phone, just tell them (politely) that you are calling to express your views on HR 875. Tell them your views, they’ll take your name and address and pass your comments along to the congressperson. The following
is a list of the U.S. senators and their contact info.

Here is the website with the actual bill:

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Full Moon in Libra

This is a grand Full Moon in Libra. I love full moons, they bring out a spirited energy for me and things just seem bigger and more doable! This one should be like walking through a door and finding a whole new world you had overlooked!
This full moon asks you to network with like minded people around you. It also asks you to cooperate in justice for all and that would include ecological justice for the community/planet.
It’s a great relationship Full Moon and due to other planetary aspects you may find your heart wide open to receive more love and also to give it. It may even open your eyes to seeing what is “not love” all around you. A fine time to start letting go of those things/people etc. If you are not spiritually connected to someone, they need to go.
If you find some obstacles at this time, and maybe become a little dispirited about your situation, you probably need a closer look at what needs to be pruned from your life. Letting go can be hard, but it is essential now. Libra helps you gracefully and smoothly transition, take advantage of that energy. Even Pluto is behaving and nothing will be “ripped” away from you, but you only have a brief respite, so get to work now.
If you do find yourself in a bit of a funk around this Full Moon (4 days before and after today) use this funk to break up old negativities in your life, if it doesn’t make you happy/satisfied/hopeful etc. dump it! Just stay centered, keep your cool it all changes so fast anyway and if you lose your center you will be tossed about like a leaf on the wind.
This is a time to trust your intuitions and then act on them. This is not a time to doubt yourself. See what you want, get a clear idea of it, begin taking action no matter how small and move in the direction of your dreams or goals.
As with many of the astro vibrations right now, this is about revolutionizing your life which will help all to revolutionize their lives and so the ripple flows out to the world and voila! The paradise we dream about, peace, community, the end to poverty and disease………….a small attempt on your part and the world becomes a better place. Never discount your actions, your dreams and the effect they have on it all.


Chemicals in Your Water and Baby Formulas

When I opened my email bag this morning this jumped out at me. I’m always concerned with the improper use of chemicals in every area of our lives. It wouldn’t perhaps be so bad if it were just this or that, but it’s every where……the air is laden with toxic metals and more, water, so polluted they have to treat it with chlorine, a known toxin to all life……our food grown in soil lacking vital minerals to sustain life and don’t get me started on milk.

So, if you are concerned about your drinking water, and you should be, or if you have a baby drinking formula or know someone who has a baby, read this.

The time for being overwhelmed by it all is long past, the time for action and accountability is now……..Information is knowledge and knowledge is power………Sue

New Studies Reveal Toxic Rocket Fuel Chemical
in Baby Formula and Drinking Water

Perchlorate, a chemical used in rocket fuel, explosives, and fireworks, has been found in public drinking water supplies and some foods, including baby formula.

Detectable levels of perchlorate were found in every infant formula tested.

Exposure to the chemical is known to disrupt thyroid function, a gland that plays an important role in metabolism and produces hormones that help regulate heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and the rate at which food is converted into energy.

In fetuses and infants, thyroid hormones are essential for normal growth and development of the central nervous system. Even a small drop in thyroid function in infants can lead to loss of IQ or increases in behavioral and perception problems.

Further, perchlorate can interfere with your body’s ability to absorb iodine into the thyroid, which is critical for normal production of thyroid hormone.

In a new study by researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), traces of perchlorate were found in samples of powdered baby formula. The amounts detected could exceed what’s considered a safe dose for adults if mixed with perchlorate-contaminated tap water.

The chemical was found in every sample tested, with formulas derived from cow’s milk containing the highest levels.

“Infants fed cow’s milk-based powdered formula could be exposed to perchlorate from two sources — tap water and formula,” Anila Jacob, a senior scientist with the Environmental Working Group, told the New York Times. “That suggests that millions of American babies are potentially at risk.”

To date, perchlorate has been found in the drinking water of at least 35 states and the District of Columbia.

There are Currently No Limits on Perchlorate in Tap Water

A document from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated that up to 16.6 million Americans are exposed to unsafe levels of perchloate, while data from independent researchers suggests 20 million to 40 million may be at risk, the Washington Post reported.

Despite its known presence in tap water supplies, and its potential danger to humans, particularly pregnant women, fetuses and newborns, in 2008 the EPA decided NOT to regulate perchlorate in water, saying it would offer no “meaningful opportunity for health risk reduction.”

While some perchlorate occurs naturally, most contamination in U.S. drinking water can be traced back to improper disposal by rocket test sites, military bases and chemical plants, and nationwide cleanup would likely amount to hundreds of millions, or even billions, of dollars.

According to a report by the Washington Post, the EPA’s proposal to regulate the chemical listed a maximum allowable level that was 15 times higher than EPA scientists had suggested in 2002, and was “heavily edited by officials of the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB).” Not only were key passages eliminated, but OMB asked the EPA to use a new approach to calculate perchlorate’s risks.

Filtering your water using reverse osmosis technology, combined with the Wellness Kitchen Water Filter system , can help remove perchlorate and other dangerous contaminants from your tap water.

“They have distorted the science to such an extent that they can justify not regulating” the chemical, said Robert Zoeller, a University of Massachusetts professor who specializes in thyroid hormone and brain development, in the Washington Post. “Infants and children will continue to be damaged, and that damage is significant.”

In the EPA’s proposed rule, exposure to perchlorate contamination of 15 ppb is deemed safe, however regulatory documents say “between 16,000 and 28,000 pregnant women” and 900,000 to 2 million Americans could be exposed to higher levels.

Further, the EPA document shows that bottle-fed infants would be exposed to perchlorate at levels more than five times those the National Academy of Sciences said were safe if they drank formula mixed with water containing perchlorate levels of 15 ppb.

Fortunately, in January 2009 the EPA decided to delay their final decision on perchlorate regulation, or lack thereof, until the National Academy of Sciences looks into the matter.

What Can You do to Reduce Your Exposure in the Meantime?

If you have a baby, breastfeeding rather than using formula is the healthiest choice. However, if you’re unable to breastfeed, make sure your tap water does not contain additional perchlorate. There are a couple of ways to do this:

· Call your drinking water utility or state drinking water program to find out the results of past perchlorate monitoring or to find out if monitoring is required in your state.

· If there is no requirement for monitoring in your state, you can have your water analyzed by a laboratory that is certified for the analysis of perchlorate or similar compounds.

If you find that your water is contaminated with perchlorate, or if you simply want to be on the safe side (while removing the many other potentially dangerous chemicals in tap water), you should filter your water. This is important not only for the water given to infants and children, but for all the water used in your home.

Reverse osmosis technology has been certified by NSF International (the National Sanitation Foundation) to remove perchlorate from levels as high as 130 µg/L to 4 µg/L or less in drinking water, according to the EPA. However, the Agency still recommends that you contact the manufacturer to determine if the unit can indeed remove perchlorate from your water supply before opting to install a reverse osmosis system in your home.

Reverse Osmosis May Not be Enough to Get High-Quality Water for Your Family

A reverse osmosis (RO) filter is necessary if you live in an area with perchlorate contamination, and also if you need to remove extreme levels of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), sediments, salts or sulfates due to local water issues.

However, you should note that RO systems have many downsides that make them less than ideal as a universal solution to water treatment. Most notably, they remove everything from your water, including healthy and stabilizing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, silica and others.

Further, RO systems have high waste (75% of water is wasted on average) and low output (typically only 10-15 gallons per DAY). These, coupled with extensive maintenance requirements, make them less than desirable for many families.

For these reasons, we suggest RO systems be used only as necessary due to local water issues, such as perchlorate or the other unique situations mentioned above.

In these cases, it is ideal to connect a highly recommended Wellness Kitchen Water Filter system after the RO system. It will not completely re-mineralize your water, but it will add some minerals back in and provide better chemical reduction than RO systems can provide alone.

Filtering your water to remove perchlorate and other chemicals is so simple, yet it can have a far-reaching impact on your family’s health and well-being. So whether you use RO technology, a Wellness Kitchen system or a combination of the two, make sure you are taking this important step to ensure the safety and quality of your drinking water.

Recommended Reading

Four Common but Toxic Chemicals to Avoid During Pregnancy, Pre-Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

What’s Really in Bottled Water? New Study Reveals the Disturbing Truth

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Astro Vibrations Article for April

Click on this link to read my monthly Astro-Vibrations article for each sign in Metro Magazine:

Then check out Dixie’s great article:

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Remember that the focus of this time is to challenge how we deal with our lives. Especially in the area of responsibility and the need for change. Patterns are in place now that will revolutionize our lives for the years to come. Be patient, focus on what is in front of you to do, adjust and be realistic. There is a new life coming, the energies for change are very powerful, don’t shut down, breathe, relax and it helps to have a good laugh.
You may notice that many people are going through personal crisis at this time, and you may also notice that it is deepening them and opening them up for greater humanity. It is probably happening to you also. This is about stepping into your higher power, aligned with God. I find it helpful to read great works of a spiritual nature at this time.
Some books that have helped me are: Awakening in Time by Jacqueline Small; anything by Rumi; Dalai Lama; Swami Kripalu; The Classics; The Emerald Tablets of Thoth; Footprints in Eternity by Waterman; The New Testament; The Bhagavad Gita; Poetry; Carolyn Myss and there are more, but these have helped me greatly.
This is about endings and beginnings. Look at your life, what is asking to leave, to prepare for the new to come in?
Now is not the time to be thrown off center and confused, now is the time to move towards what you know to be true for you. Stay balanced and get a bigger picture going. Stay away from people in denial and argue that all the old ways are valid. They aren’t, this is a new life…….it calls for new strategies.

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Star Stuff

Our lives, our past and our future are tied to the Sun, the Moon and the Stars…We humans have seen the atoms which constitute all of nature and the forces that sculpted this work. And we, who embody the local eyes and ears and thoughts and feelings of the cosmos, have begun at least to wonder about our origins — star stuff contemplating the stars, organized collections of ten billion billion, billion atoms, contemplating the evolution of nature, tracing that long path by which it arrived at consciousness here on the planet earth…Our loyalties are to the species and to the planet. We speak for earth. Our obligation to survive and flourish is owed not just to ourselves but also to that cosmos ancient and vast from which we spring! We are one species. We are star stuff harvesting star light. -Carl Sagan, 1934 -1996

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What Is Mine To Do?

Another thought provoking day as I look at what is mine to do. Am I bound to do it all? I’m wondering as a pinched nerve in my lower back calls for me to change all of my plans/duties for the day, and I don’t want to on the one hand, but on the other I’m relieved to have space for myself. I just wish I didn’t have to get sick or hurt my back in order to take time off. I still haven’t learned about pacing myself. All these years of lessons etc., and I still need to be stopped in my tracks to get my own attention.
One thing that is different is that this time, I’m smiling about it all. Feels like I’m having some compassion for myself, and it’s pretty amusing to part of me. So, today, what is mine to do? Think I’ll go see John and get my back fixed take walk in the park later and then go see my favorite little boy play soccer!
So much for the “have to’s”.


A Little Venus Retrograde For You

Look around at your life…….really look at every detail of your life. Does it fulfill you? Does it wear you out? Are those relationships worth the amount of energy you put into them instead of yourself? What would you rather have instead? Daydream and plan, bring it in, whatever you really desire. Venus wants you to be happy and now you get to think about that and to put some energy into the planning of it so you can manifest that better this Spring.
Pretty soon it will start moving faster and it won’t necessarily all be pleasant. But that’s just so that you can get rid of those things you don’t find very pleasant. That old relationship that just won’t budge…….give it a nudge and push it out of the nest.
It’s a time of planning mixed with action and no one can do it but you. Get out of the global doom and gloom and more into the hope and inspiration it is going to take for change. It’s all there, so watch what you are focusing on because that is what you will be pulling in.
You may experience great loss, but only to bring in a higher and happier state, so don’t indulge in mourning/depression too long. Expcet the unexpected and you will glide through with ease…..wisely knowing that dark old energies/beliefs/emotions/etc are being called out of your life so that you can heal.
There is a window of miracle opportunity by the end of the month……… now at letting go, so you can let that in!!!
Love is all around, where is your focus? “Love is all there is………….love is all there is……… is all there is “-John Lennon

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New Orleans

New Orleans, what is still going on there?

Trouble the Waters is a great website: We a great response

Below are some comments that are still streaming in today, read them and see what you can do to help.when we asked to hear your personal stories and reflections on the film. Below is just a sample of what has been submitted. We’d love to hear from you and learn more about your experience. Take a look

MY 90 YEAR old mother evacuated just before Katrina with my brother and his family. My sister and her family also evacuated. They left behind everything they had including houses. Today all three are dead because of the pain of the moves. I am still trying to restore my mothers home and I know the families of my sister and brother are working on their respective homes also. This has been a difficult time for all of us. We have received no help. This has caused me to wonder what government does for its people. As I view the foreclosure issues and economic downturn, I know we have been abandoned again. – Glynne Gervais

…WE EXPECTED FEMA to be there with tarps, MREs, water and ice – as they had been after every other hurricane. No one came…There was no music on the radio, just people calling in begging to know where they could get ice, water and food. We felt abandoned. We felt like our government and our country forgot us. If it weren’t for the churches and food banks, many more people would have suffered and died, waiting for FEMA….American citizens should never have to fear for their lives because their government can’t be bothered to help them – regardless of their race or socioeconomic status.” – Danielle Norwo

THE REBUILDING of the gulf states matters to me because I am an American, and my brothers and sisters there are still suffering. I hurt inside every time I think about what Bush didn’t do to help my fellow Americans in the Gulf States. It doesn’t matter that I don’t live there. We are all in this together, and, when my brothers and sisters are suffering, my life doesn’t feel very good. – J Thomas

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