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The Art of Listening

We don’t listen very well. We may pretend to, feigning interest and being polite, but usually it’s just that till we can put our two cents in. Ego wants to be heard, but it doesn’t like to listen. So it has learned the game and hopefully you feel like someone is listening to your life story, but are you?
As we verbalize our inner reality to our outer world perhaps we should listen to ourselves. What does what you just said mean to you? Why are you disappointed when someone else doesn’t understand what you are saying? Why don’t you understand what you are saying?
The art of listening begins with you, listen to yourself with a kind and non-judgmental ear and see what you are really telling yourself about your life and the way you feel.
Sounds like a potentially fruitful dialogue with your therapist.

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Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron Conjunction in Aquarius

This is a rare and grand opportunity for greater awareness and even enlightenment for us all.
You can expect to feel more humanitarian and wanting to be involved with others in a deeper more fulfilling way that not only helps individuals but the planet. Anything you do now that is for the good of all will have lasting and loving effects that reap great rewards.
This entire year we feel this conjunction and it brings new life, new hope, deeper spirituality and the healing of our deepest wounds.
We are going to experience great humanitarian awakenings around the world with this, don’t be left out. Jump in and do your part. Start a neighborhood garden, pick up trash on the street, join Teammates and help a child grow and feel part of a contributory society for good……look to your family, who needs more love and less judgment? Your neighbors? Have you seen them lately? Do they need help with anything?
We will be experiencing a great wave of compassion and light flowing around the world for loving change from this year long conjunction. Remember to be a part of the change and not a part of the problem.
These problems can include inflated hopes without real work to support them and the illusion that all will right itself naturally without the real work that is needed by us all. Chiron teaches us about how to heal our wounds, and sometimes we can be consumed by our wounds and miss that everyone around us is working on the very same thing.
A miraculous time, for sure, but you have to move in the direction of it. Will miracles fall in your lap? For some, yes, for others it’s just back to work as usual, one foot in front of the other, just make sure you are moving in the direction for humanitarian/global peace and harmony for each individual and all.

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Serpent of Light

Drunvalo’s new book, “Serpent of Light – Beyond 2012”, is full of very interesting information and I love this quote below about the outer reflecting the inner etc.
“Ceremony is the result of the ancient understanding and wisdom that the outer world of the stars, planets, and everything on the planets was created by the inner human world of images within the heart and the interaction with Great Spirit. Almost all indigenous people know this as fact of life…

…Like a seed, your future is only beginning to emerge out of the darkness, but someday you will look back and realize that all the fear and distress was only a dream created from the confusion of the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. Death and life are part of the same circle…”
~Drunvalo Melchizedek Serpent of Light Beyond 2012 The Movement of the Earth’s Kundalini and the Rise of the Female Light, 1949 to 2013


The Cure Grows Close To The Poison

This is something any Herbalist or even Botanist can tell you, the cure for things like stinging nettles, poison oak, poison ivy etc., grows right there with the offending plant. And it is also true of our life’s lessons. Look around today at whatever “problem” seems to be plaguing you and see if the solution is right there in front of you. Don’t dig too deep or look for complicated answers…….it’s a lot easier than that. Look for the obvious, it’s right in front of you.

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How to Stop Bad Feelings, Habits and Behaviors

It’s a little long, but when the student is ready, the teacher appears……………this article nailed what I am working on right now and so I am sharing that with you……….more on Right Attitude:

How To Stop Bad Feelings, Habits and Behaviors
by Robert Wilkinson

Though I’ve given talks on this subject for years, I haven’t shared with readers of this site one process that fairly easily stops negative parts of us from externalizing. While some may think this is easier said than done, I can assure you the process works if we apply ourselves and don’t give up through impatience, ego judgments, and other obstructions getting in the way of the discipline. I state this with authority since it’s worked for me and countless others over many years. If you want to explore one technique to give up unhelpful patterns, stay tuned.

First, it is helpful to remember that we ARE Unconditional and Eternal Loving Consciousnesses, and it’s only the personality that confuses who we ARE with all the other strange learned emotions, speech patterns, and behaviors that are not helpful to anything or any one. We pursue pleasure and happiness, and along the way often find pain and unhappiness for all kinds of reasons that often have little or nothing to do with us personally. Our 5 senses and minds tend to obscure much in pursuing life in this 4 dimensional existence, and the processes of sequence, selection, desire, fear, vanity, and attachment often don’t help us see things clearly.

In the process of remembering we’re Unconditional Love we often get frustrated when the conditions of worldly love are taken away or we are denied that which we believe is pleasurable and worthy of our desire. We have an unfortunate tendency to believe all things are possible, and often compare ourselves to others who seem to have it easier than we do or possess what we want to possess.

This of course is an illusion, since each has their own unique destiny to pursue, and that precludes many things that could lead us astray from our Higher Purpose, or Dharma. In this impermanent world things are taken away or denied and we move on whether we want to or not. It is how we deal with our reactions that determines whether we’re having a good time or a hard time in this worldly process.

Though there are many schools of thought about how to deal with negative feelings, I don’t believe it’s useful to indulge or externalize those types of feelings, since a pattern is a pattern and getting into a habit of expressing unhelpful feelings usually only breeds more. The Buddhist training I’ve had over the years leads me to the view that when confronted with our own imperfect and/or negative response to a thing, person, or circumstance, we should observe with infinite dispassion and detachment the tendency of negativity as it arises and then release it however we are able.

There are 4 stages of realization in this process. The first stage is when we notice how we were negative in our responses and feelings after the fact, and resolve to change the behavior “the next time.” This generates positive intention and mindfulness which are necessary to transmute negativity. That’s why we can’t get too down on ourselves even after we’ve indulged the passions, since self-loathing is not helpful to generate positive feelings and intention.

The second stage is when we notice the negativity while we’re in the middle of the passions, and stop the behavior during the experience and move our mind and speech into different directions. We can train our mind to “flag” certain feelings, attitudes, reactions, and other learned behaviors and redirect the energies to more productive ends, which may or may not have anything to do with the thing that triggered our negativity to begin with.

The third stage of realization is when we feel the arising of the negative response and at the moment we could externalize it, we don’t go there. We stop the behavior before it starts, whether not saying something we feel like saying, or not reacting in a negative manner to whatever confronts us. This is the true beginning of self control, since we are changing the pattern as it arises and move our energy in a different direction of our own choosing.

The fourth stage of realization is when we sense the beginning of the tendency that could externalize as negativity, and with infinite detachment and dispassion for ourselves see it as something unreal so that it never becomes any form of potential action, feeling, or thought at all. This breaks the pattern of negativity externalizing in any way even for a short time. Eventually the passions do not control us, nor even reside in us as something to be externalized, but only a prior tendency that isn’t as strong as before.

Whether you’re at stage 1, 2, or 3 of this process in any given stressful situation, do not judge yourself for doing it “good enough” or not. Simply apply this formula even to your own self judgments, and resolve to be mindful of your own thoughts, feelings, speech and actions so you can observe what moves you. Then you can choose your responses, and eventually eliminate the patterns of externalizing negativity in every way by transmuting them into positivity and altruistic intention. The rewards of pursuing this self-discipline are infinite.

© Copyright 2008 Robert Wilkinson

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Following Through

1. Right Attitude (Freedom from prejudice, illusion, superstition, doubts, fears, and animosities.)
Following through is a very pivotal key for me. As with so many there are daily grinds and repetitive patterns that consume my days. This morning I’m looking at my morning rituals. Automatic and mindless, have to brush my teeth, eat and the variety of other tasks that fill the time before work. How to be mindful in that?
Doubts and fears come in that I am not capable of changing even the smallest of habits. It’s uncomfortable. I didn’t drink coffee the other morning to see how that change would affect me. I did it, but it wasn’t fun and it didn’t make me happy, it made me grumpy. Giving up 1 ½ cups of coffee every morning- grind the beans, do the ritual- was not compelling enough for me to let that routine go. Hmmmm.
Seeing ahead into my day, I have a relationship issue this forenoon I will come face to face with. I want it to be different, but am I willing to step out of my comfort zone and let it be fresh? Hmmmm
I’m setting a course of action to keep on with this Right Attitude for a while longer. We’ll see how I follow through on that.

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Right Attitude

Yesterday I bit off a bit more than I could chew. So, today, I am chunking it down to the 1st on the 8 fold path to enlightenment:
1. Right Attitude (Freedom from prejudice, illusion, superstition, doubts, fears, and animosities.)
I did ok on this with a great deal yesterday, but was dismayed at how my personal relationships were not very free from fears, animosities, doubts and so on. What it did was bring these close relationships to the forefront as needing quite a bit of work. Or rather, quite a bit of letting go of how I work them.
It seems, in my endeavors to be a better person, I have left a huge pile of doo doo called unresolved anger to fester.
Now, what to do with that anger? Simply looking at it starts to reveal the answer, forgiveness.
I have a beautiful Buddhist forgiveness exercise I will be practicing in the days to come. Starting now:
In the many ways you have hurt me, abandoned and betrayed me, knowingly and unknowingly, out of your confusion , out of your anger and pain, out of your fear and ignorance, I see these now and feel what I have carried. To the extent that I am ready, I offer you my forgiveness. I release you, I release my anger and hurt………I will not put you out of my heart.
Om Shanti

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Living the Life

Living the life…… how to do it best. It started, for me, with family and parents making sure I knew the house rules and keeping those boundaries fairly clear. And then there were the teachings of the Catholic Church in the early ‘50’s. It was good and it was simple. The 10 Commandments and a list of sins and so on. That got old in my teen years and I branched out looking to esoteric teachings and then Buddhism and Hinduism which have stayed with me in some form till this day.
I’ve been negligent of late and needing a little more discipline in my life as I am weary with toil and sadness. And as is the case, the Buddha’s teachings came across my desk this morning. The first are the Four Noble Truths:
The Four Noble Truths
1. Suffering is the nature of human existence.
2. Suffering is caused by ignorance. (Some versions say attachment.)
3. Any being may end the suffering arising from ignorance without needing priests or scriptures.
4. The Way to end suffering is the 8-fold path.
Just meditating on these 4 can be a very enlightening session with yourself. And then the answer-the keys to end human suffering:
The Eight Fold Path
1. Right Attitude (Freedom from prejudice, illusion, superstition, doubts, fears, and animosities.)
2. Right Conduct (Living one’s highest standard of conduct and the highest truth we know.)
3. Right Speech (It must be kept true, simple, gentle, and honest.)
4. Right Relationships (They must be honest, just, and enlightened.)
5. Harmlessness (To live without hurting by killing or injuring or causing sorrow.)
6. Right Action (The overcoming of illusion.)
7. Right Thought (Control of the mind keeping it focused on understanding wisdom.)
8. Right Meditation (Practicing to attain inner and outer equipoise.)
I’m monitoring my day by these 8 and see if I really want to add more spiritual discipline to my life, or just think about it.

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2012 and The Time To Come…..

This is a very insightful article on what’s coming in the years ahead. Not full of doom and gloom, but hope and accountability! Thanks Robert!

The Mayan Calendar, 2012, and the 6th Day of the Galactic Underworld
by Robert Wilkinson

As you know, I have posted quite a bit on the Mayan Calendar and my firm belief that 2012 is NOT the end of the world, despite glamorous TV shows predicting global chaos. While I have access to Mayan authorities, I also monitor what Carl Johan Calleman writes, since he is someone many others refer to as a source. It seems there’s a global celebration going on right now. Read on to find out more.

I received an article written by Mr. Calleman where it seems he is in agreement with much of what I’ve asserted about this “end of the Age” and our imminent transition to a new way of living, being, and relating to All-That-Is. From his article The Rebirth Celebration – The midpoint of the Sixth DAY of the Galactic Underworld May 9-11, 2009:

This epoch period, the Mid-Point of the Sixth Day of the Galactic Underworld, gives humanity an unprecedented opportunity to cooperate with the forces of evolution to fulfill individual and collective purposes, and to create a sustainable world of harmony, abundance and balance with Nature. As with any birth, there is also death…death of that which is no longer supported by these new evolutionary energies.

For those of you with a short attention span, or just want to cut to the chase, here’s more from the article that includes such topics as “The Galactic Underworld is a wave movement of shifting energies of time” featuring a timeline of these “Mayan Days and Nights” approaching 2012 and its implications for the global economy:

… Another level of understanding is that of the cosmic plan where we are now in the Galactic Underworld, which does not have economic and technological development as its primary purpose. On the contrary, the Galactic Underworld is about broadening the human horizon to a holistic viewpoint where we show concern for all of creation and the whole planet, which the world’s economic system has increasingly come in conflict with…

Thus, while I feel that we are under the influence of the energies of the Mayan calendar… our choices and the choices of different rulers influence how they manifest. Thus, certain policies of the Bush era might for instance have aggravated the situation. Regardless, I feel there is every reason to predict considerable hardships for many individuals who may lose their jobs, private economies and homes at the current time and the many, who in the time to come are likely to be faced with similar circumstances. An observer from a different planet may however look upon this also from a somewhat different perspective… (looking) upon the end to the incessant growth economy as a sign that there is some hope that the planetary cancer is starting to recede and that there is some hope that humanity will actually survive and fulfill its purpose….

… We may for instance take note of the fact that no world leader or economist is currently advocating a shift to an economy that is sustainable. So far, few have even started to consider that there will be no upturn in the economy, and when this starts to dawn on people we may in fact come to witness all kinds of actions of desperation and social unrest taking somewhat different forms in different cultures. Many hierarchical structures are likely to collapse.

Will a sustainable economy then emerge? Well, there is no answer to this in the Mayan calendar, simply because it depends on the choices people will make in the time ahead and what they focus on creating. In the perspective of such a collective choice determining the future of humanity, it however seems plain silly when you hear people claim that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world from pole shifts, asteroids, natural disasters, sunspots or other physical events outside of ourselves. The reality is that the Mayan calendar describes the evolution of consciousness and for the future does not predict anything except for what emanates, directly or indirectly, from the human beings themselves. Another way of saying the same thing is that there are no “consciousness shifts” happening on this planet outside of ourselves.

The article is far more detailed in many respects than the brief excerpts posted here. While I don’t agree with all of Mr. Calleman’s historical assertions (such as the US being born on July 4, 1776) he is certainly a recognized authority on the Mayan Calendar and offers us much food for thought.

There’s another article at the same location on the current global meditation happening this weekend. It’s called “The Inner Dimensions of Cosmic Rebirth – The ecology of choice and transformation in a rapidly changing world.”

The author, while clearly a worker for global good, invokes some fairly glamorous assertions, and is obviously a student of the “I AM” techniques. However, he also claims to have “co-created” the Harmonic Concordance of 2004, which contrary to assertions at the time, had nothing in common astrologically with the Harmonic Convergence of 1997. Just my 2 cents….

Calleman’s article is necessary reading for anyone who wants to know more what this source is stating at the present junction of “fate and free will.” And the idea of a global meditation is always a good thing, as we are in fact all in this together, and learning a new way of relating to All-That-Is. Check it out if you’re so inclined.

From my archives:

The Mayan Calendar, 2012, What’s To Come and Hope For The Future including links to articles on the major squares and oppositions happening between 2009-2013.

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The Newest On 2012 Mayan Calendar and Prophesies – the End of the Age from Mayan Authorities including posts in the comment stream from current Mayan authorities in Guatemala on what’s happening and what’s not.

© Copyright 2009 Robert Wilkinson

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Scorpio Full Moon, May 8th

It’s a Scorpio Full Moon tomorrow! I love the intensity of Scorpio when emotions can be so rich and deep. This Full Moon is adding to an ongoing planetary push to let go of what drags you down. If you are having trouble identifying what drags you down just look honestly at how you feel about these people, work situations, old furniture etc. It is time to re-do your life and the way you work and live.
When we resist the forces for change it can feel as if someone has beaten us up. Our bodies can hurt, we can be sad on sunny spring days, feel hopeless and more. When we enter into the flow or the theme of these changes, it is similar to a snake shedding its skin…..all brand new and beautiful and ready for a fresh start.
Now is the time to embrace what makes you feel good. Now is the time to profess your rededication to a new life in a new world with hope, love, prosperity and justice for all.

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The Ancient Mystery Schools

Years ago my dear friend Dixie literally dragged me off to Santa Fe for a 6 month stint at attending Mystery School. I had never heard of it before. This was a pivotal time in my life and for whatever reason she came in and diverted the sorrow/depression/despair that we all sometimes go through when our lives are not working out the way we thought that they should……..she picked me up and said we are going to Santa Fe and we are going to Mystery School. Ad Finitus
Energetically I was re-wired. These things re-wire over years and the type of change it brought about in me continue to this day.
When I opened my email bag this morning, there was this letter from Alan Seale (one of my very favorite authors) and instantly I was drawn back through time to all of the ancient mystery schools I have attended down through my souls journey. I’m sharing what he said today:
“Among the many teachings of the ancient mystery schools are a set of principles known today as the Hermetic Laws, named after the legendary Egyptian philosopher and teacher Hermes Trismegistus. One of those principles, The Law of Polarity, tells us that everything exists on a spectrum, that an infinite number of points exist between the opposite ends of that spectrum, and that nothing can exist without its opposite. Darkness is a degree of less light, fear is a degree of less courage, sadness is a degree of less joy. Nothing is purely black and white.
The Law of Polarity shows us that when we have a decision to make, although there may appear to be only two choices, there are actually many possibilities. There are always more options if we look deeply enough or look at our situation from multiple perspectives. Since everything exists on a spectrum, you could say that opposites exist within each other. This means that within every problem lies its solution, within every challenge lies its resolution. The Law of Polarity helps us transcend limiting labels of success or failure, good or bad, right or wrong, and step into a higher level of discernment about what serves and what does not.
In practical terms, the Law of Polarity tells us that all of the possibilities and wisdom we need at any moment are to be found somewhere within us or around us. Challenges cannot exist without the opportunities for resolution also being somewhere present. There is a saying: “Never waste a good crisis.” The Law of Polarity invites us to explore life situations on all levels and from every possible perspective. It invites us to realize that great riches lie within every life experience. It is up to us to recognize the riches and make the most of them. “
Jai Bhagwan

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Mercury Retrograde 5/6-5/31

What does this mean for you? One astrologer notes that this particular Merc Retro is like a Santa Claus, leaving gifts surreptitiously while you are asleep. Not necessarily the gifts you wanted, but what you need. Rudhyar also says this degree is about “a rewarded faith in spiritual blessings.” It is a degree of the blessings that come to those who have purity of heart, receptivity, and understanding. It is a degree where our innocence and faith can experience the visitation of a “celestial Power” that will bestow blessings from the spiritual realm.
What do you need? That can be difficult to separate from what you desire. Having a spiritual practice and keeping your heart pure can help.
During this month of May you can expect more major changes and forks in the road for us all. You may also find some hidden treasures this month. Perhaps an acquaintance becomes a real friend, or an offer not accepted comes back for approval and is more what you wanted.
The period feels very special to me and like all those seeds planted of what we need in our lives finally appearing before us as beautiful May flowers.
Of course, this is always a good time to clean out closets and rigid patterns of thinking. Re-write your great American novel now and watch it become a best seller! Re-do, re-work, re-think, re-visit! Happy Mercury Retrograde through May 31st!

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Right or Easy?

“The time will come when people have to choose between what is right and what is easy.” -Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter

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May Astrologically for All Signs

Here’s the May Astro Column through Metro Magazine:
This month of May will long be remembered for more than her flowers. This is the month that will challenge the norm so that you can be free and move into your unknown potential. With Neptune (spiritual or deceiver)/Jupiter (expansion or denial)/Chiron (healing beyond your wounds or going down with them) in eclectic, erratic Aquarius it could be heralding one of the most dramatic shifts in our reality ever known. Aquarius is not predictable; it can be the great humanitarian or the great enslaver. Always a good idea to believe in a Divine plan and just go with the flow! So, if something in your life is leaving/changing/dying/going away, cry a few tears, kiss it goodbye and turn and face a new day of unimaginable creativity and dreams coming true. If you can’t let go, where will all those beautiful dreams/realities go?
We also get to deal with a Mercury Retrograde this month starting in Gemini and moving back into Taurus. During Mercury’s retro cycle we have an opportunity to clean out the debris in our lives, whether that is a closet or a person. We also have the opportunity to finish old projects. If any of you have any old writings just begging to be completed, May 7-31 will be a good time for that.
ARIES- What are you going to do with this great energy for love? Your ruler, Mars, is courting lovely Venus all month long and it looks really grand for you! The Full Moon on the 9th is in Scorpio in your house of sex/transformation/money. Time to take up a tantric yoga class and see the transformative powers that can bring. Mercury will make a hard edge on the 20-21 to see if you are paying attention-are your gifts manifesting what you truly desire? Better check that out and get moving in the direction of manifesting that.
TAURUS-Secret love affairs can bring karma with them, it’s enticing, but is it worth it? This Mercury retro asks if you have taken care of yourself lately? Emotions run deep around the Full Moon on the 9th in your relationship/partnerships. This could be really good or not, it’s Scorpio and Scorpio demands transformation. And the New Moon in Gemini on the 24th sees that you have plenty of seeds to still plant that will bring you great opportunities later in the year.
GEMINI-You might want to re-think your personality this month. Are you who you really are? Mercury is asking you to think again and be real about it. Your mind is being stretched like a rubber band, what do you believe, how can you make your beliefs a little more expansive and higher? This Full Moon could warrant a check up on your health, or maybe you need to pay more attention to what is going on at the workplace. Is there someone out for your job, or vice versa?
CANCER-You look lovely all month, and everyone will want to be with you. Venus and Mars together in your career house will smooth over the past few months of possible discord. It might get a little crazy in areas of transformation, do remember to breathe and maybe sign up for a yoga class. The Scorpio Full Moon will beckon you out for some fun times; just make sure you are discreet. Mercury retro hits you in between a desire for a secret alliance/romance and friends. What would you like to do with this? Just make sure nobody gets hurt.
LEO-Your home, not only your exterior home, but your interior subconscious home are highlighted at the Full Moon on the 9th. You need a deeper and more fulfilling connection with it all now. And your relationships will have to become a great deal more fulfilling for them to be worth it. Just take the high road in all you do. Mercury asks you to rethink some of your dreams and also some of your career choices. Doesn’t mean you have to change jobs, just see if you could be getting more out of the one you are in.
VIRGO- Work, WOW, and maybe even your health are calling for such massive transformation I wonder how you are doing? Can you bring in a new approach for health and work? There is the possibility for a miraculous change in your work situation. Keep your eyes open, keep steady and think and re-think. Your mind is plumbing very deep depths part of this month and your communications will be very penetrating.
LIBRA-You have always been creative and probably artistic. The Full Moon this month asks you to dig deeper into that. You have many resources you may have forgotten about, and you are so talented. On another front could love get any better? Or did you forget and start a fight, oh do be careful, so much great potential for that relationship to finally work out for you… gracious, you know you can be. Play still is hard to find at times because your old ways are begging for new input. If you have children they are probably a little eccentric at this time……………smile, you were young once too.
SCORPIO-This Mercury retro starts in your hidden house of transformation and moves back into your relationship house. Pay attention. In the past you may have misjudged a loved one and you have a chance to rethink that now. Venus and Mars add a beautiful quality to your every endeavor in the world, while your home is under some unusual energies for change. Perhaps you could redecorate instead of having to move altogether. Just make it completely different this time. If you liked antiques before-go modern.
SAGITTARIUS-Rethink those relationships and partnerships. That’s where this Mercury retro will have you going. But Venus and Mars just want to play, so you will be in a quandary at times about what your role is in this relationship. Not in a relationship? Go find one now, they are waiting! And don’t be too dismayed by your crazy inner thoughts, it’s time for you to change yourself at your most basic level-your subconscious. Might want to read Carl Jung’s, Man and His Symbols. You’ll get it this time.
CAPRICORN-How’s that Pluto in Capricorn sitting with you, lucky you? Your talents and income are about to undergo dramatic change due to Aquarius this month and much of the year. Try to do it a little differently and see what happens. Mercury is in your work sector, so it might be a little slow, make plans, finish up old work and prepare to launch in June. Full Moon on the 9th hits you in the house of Dreams/Friends, good opportunity to deepen all of that.
AQUARIUS-Eat better, work out and try a lot of new things. Don’t let this energy stagnate or your body will suffer, as will your personality. Your mind is lovely this month and your communications will show that, think new thoughts. You also might want to re-think how you relate to children and having fun. The Full Moon highlights your achievements in the world and asks you to open a deeper chapter in your life. You have the ability to help save the world. This is your age coming into being.
PISCES- Alright Pisces, even you have to get grounded sometime. With Uranus filling your personality and body have you figured it out yet? Try on a new personality, get some new clothes, and change your style. This month you will have the opportunity to sell your talents and people will love what you have to show. Mercury retro is in you home area, so rethink what that means to you. Don’t redecorate yet, but plan for next month. You will be thinking deep thought on the 9th about what it is you believe. You continue to re-evaluate your friends and what you thought you always wanted. For you, dear Pisces, the karmic scales want to balance out in a new way.

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Nancy Fischer 3/14/51-4/30/09

Today I would like to honor my friend, Nancy Fischer. She left this reality after a strong and beautiful journey through end stage melanoma.

An amazing woman of many talents and accomplishments. Perhaps best known as the owner of Workout, Inc and the first person in Omaha to become certified in Stott Pilates and then the first to bring Pilates to Omaha. Nancy was a quiet, but giant force here.

Hundreds of people benefited from her caring nature. She was a great teacher, coach and mentor.

She was also an amazing yoga teacher trained at Omaha Yoga & Bodyworks under Susi Amendola, and registered with national Yoga Alliance. But, that says so little about her quietly strong personality and her many gifts. I don’t know many people that are as accomplished as her in the kitchen, and many of you know that cooking is my main passion. She always impressed me with her originality in recipes and presentation.

I’m a gardener. Nancy was an extraordinary gardener and her flower gardens responded to her love by being more beautiful than other gardens.

Many of you know that I have walked the journey of transition back to our “real” home with her for several months. I wasn’t the only one. Her husband, Steve was there 24/7, and as his solid, ”can handle anything Iowa farm genes provide”, he handled it with love, strength, sorrow and practicality……..he handled it beautifully. There were others, of course, friends and family literally flowed through the phone and the front door. The refrigerator was overflowing with food from friends.

But I can only speak for my part. How do you deal with the days/months leading up to death? By taking care of what needs to be taken care of in the moment. I could only give her morning hours, but they were rich in diversity. We laughed, we cried, we listened to music; I massaged her back and feet and hands for hours. I read her Rumi and a precious book on transition called 100 Cranes. I cherish the time that two friends and I spent laughing with her, and creating ritual for her passage. I was fortunate enough to be able to say goodbye in many ways at varied times.
God Speed Nancy, may your spirit fly in joy and radiance!

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