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Feel Good

Most of you know that I don’t forward “feel good” things unless I believe they are real. This little video clip really touched me and I thank the person who sent it to me.

Oddly enough it is exactly what I am working on in my life at this time……… to spread more love, good cheer and happiness by small actions.


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The belt of Orion or “the String of Pearls”, pearls are associated with the feminine principle, the Moon, wisdom and perfection, the third eye of Buddha, pure intentions and represent the crystallization of light, enlightenment, the generative power of the waters.
On July 26 Venus will reach zodiacal alignment with these stars and on August 13 – 19. The waning Moon is visible about 3 degrees from Mars and both are visible in the morning sky before Sunrise on August 15. This is the date that the Waitaha prophecy predicts will be a pivotal moment in history.
Drunvalo spoke about the August 15, 2009 prophecy in his book Serpent of Light;
“This event may or may not be known publicly, but it will be the beginning of a new human dream, a dream almost identical to the Mayan belief that the heavens will open and our brothers and sisters of the universe will reveal themselves.” ~Drunvalo Melchizadek

In July and August I will have more about the Waitaha prophecy. Meanwhile this will get you started.

… We are Waitaha. We are the water containers of the Creator therefore we have been imbued with the many forms of waters containing the many gifts of all that is in the Universe” … p. 147 Whispers of Waitaha



“Ask yourself if what you have to say is an improvement upon silence.” Swami Kripalu

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Jupiter Retrograde

Maybe you’ve noticed that everyone is going through massive internal and external changes. Or maybe you’ve been consumed with your own and unable to see others. This summer is particularly good for re-evaluating your role in society and your personal happiness.

The times we are living in require us to pay attention to community happiness and personal happiness. If you are centered in your own little world, try reaching out and asking for help or for friends, or just to make connections and not feel so isolated.

Astrologically, Jupiter is retrograde until October 14, and this gives you ample opportunity to reflect and re-evaluate your goals for what is best for you. Do you need to move? Change partners? Grow a garden? Write a book? Sing a song? Take a walk?

Spend time in finding out what is best for you and then look around and see if you can help someone else.

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Some Astro Tidbits About Today And This Summer

There are some planetary configurations today and through summer that show us how important it is to get really practical about how we live our lives.
A spiritual daily practice isn’t just a novel idea and something that you might do someday. This is the day and it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Taking 10 minutes to feel good, breathe and say a prayer of gratitude for what makes you happy can be a spiritual practice. And it’s a good start.
Discipline is required for change. A belief in that which is greater than you and an acceptance of the way things are can go a long way in creating less tension and more peace in the world.
Adjustment is at hand. Adjusting to a new reality where high moral standards are the norm for us all, countries, individuals, the world. We are in a time of visioning what we want and moving in that direction. If you want a safe, loving, prosperous for all, happy world, you have to create that for yourself.
We are all experimenting with creating our realities and you can see some of these experiments will yield fruit, while others will fall by the wayside. There will be many eccentric energies all around available for us to turn into genius ideas and actions. And it will be by our choices that the world will change for the better.
All you have to do is move in the direction of whatever you want, so you have to define that first. These are the times that create warriors for our human species. Don’t be afraid to be a force for good.

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Nature At Play

A very young squirrel scurrying along the telephone lines and a very tiny bird flying directly at the squirrel trying to dislodge and deter from entering a nest for delicious bird eggs! Such a funny sight and maybe not playful, but it did make me laugh. And then up in the sky a small bird dive bombing a large chicken hawk with such ferocity and the hawk eventually bowed to the greater determination of the small bird and left. Bunnies hopping around my yard ravenously partaking of the clover and my cat watching with an eagle eye. The sounds and sites of early summer fill me with an electric joy that I feel around my heart and solar plexus. This is the best time of year!

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The Seven Rays

More on the 7 levels of energy/power etc. It’s just so good to ponder words like these everyday to keep your focus in a more elevated status and not so stuck in the confusion and frustration and even fun of daily living. So, read on and let me know how this affects you. -Sue
The Seven Rays
by Robert Wilkinson
The First Ray is Power. The Second Ray is Love-Wisdom. The Third Ray is Intelligence-in-action. These are called “Primary Rays,” in that they describe the 3 primary attributes of what we call “God.” The First Ray corresponds to the natural law we call “Economy of Energy.” The Second Ray corresponds to the natural law we call “Magnetic Attraction.” The Third Ray corresponds to what we call “Synthesis.” The First Ray is “God the Father.” The Third Ray is “God the Mother.” The Second Ray is “God as Creative Offspring.”
The Ray of Power moves and interacts with the energies of the Third Ray, a.k.a Maya, or the Divine Mother-Holy Spirit Matrix from which all forms come and to which all forms return. These infinite interactions result in “the 10,000 things” through the magnetic attraction of Love-Wisdom. God Force expresses through the ever-changing medium of the substance of all form so that which is magnetically attracted through inherent harmony comes into expression. Omnipotence interacts with Omnipresence to create Omniscience. An example of this in the scientific world is the process of “Thesis, Antithesis, and Synthesis,” or “Action, Reaction, and Result.” There are many other ways a Primal Triad can manifest in 10,000 ways or more.
The other 4 Rays are said to be “Rays of Attribute,” as they are the attributions of the interactions of the Primal Triad. They are the effects of the First, Second, and Third Rays interacting to bring forth 7 forms in all. In number theory, A, B, and C can interact in 7 ways. A, B, C, AB, AC, BC, and ABC. In this are clues to how things interact in our inner and outer self and the world at large.
The Fourth Ray is Harmony Through Friction. The Fifth Ray is Concrete Knowledge. The Sixth Ray is Devotion. The Seventh Ray is Ordered Activity. The Fourth Ray is said to “govern” Art. The Fifth Ray is said to “govern” Science. The Sixth Ray is said to “govern” religion, as well as all devotional exercises, such as the armed services in all nations. The Seventh Ray is the foundation of all disciplines, all ordering, all rituals and all forms of “karma yoga.”
The ritualist seeks order. The devotee seeks the object of devotion. The scientist seeks knowledge. The artist seeks to bring harmony, or beauty, out of friction, or the intensity of feelings that infuse all genuine art. That’s also why art, science, and devotion can all lead to transcendence, if an ordered discipline is practiced.
As an aside, there is another system of correspondence whereby the Divine First finds expression in the worldly Seventh, the Divine Second finds expression in the worldly Sixth, and the Divine Third finds expression in the worldly Fifth, with the Fourth as the bridge between the Above and below in our existence. This also finds correspondence in the Upper Triad of our Spiritual Body and the Lower Triad of our Earthly vehicle, but these are more advanced discussions for another time.
On a final note, we are told we have a physical Ray, an emotional Ray, and a mental Ray. These are said to be the three subrays of our Personality Ray. Then we have a Soul Ray, a Spirit Ray, a “Monadic” Ray, a group Ray, a racial Ray, a national Ray, and many, many others. These Rays are the shades and tones and subtones of our existence, inner and outer. That’s why we harmonize with some at some times, and not at others. Some of these shift at crucial points of evolutionary change in our life, such as when we’ve learned all we can along one line of response and need to embrace a new “wave form” of expression.
Eventually, we learn to recognize how to use all 7 of these Rays in the right ways and times to assist our evolution toward wholeness, in action, thought, and feeling, to serve fragmented humanity. We learn from both the odd and even Rays through the process of realization, then applying those realizations in a variety of ways, until wisdom born of experience comes out of the interactions. And there are at least 10,000 Ray interactions at any moment in the on-going process of our evolution.
We don’t have to know all of them, but it’s always good to know what energies are at work, what we have to deal with, how we can use certain energies expertly according to our experience, And beyond all this, it really is about becoming accustomed to finding our Loving Wisdom that we can apply in Intelligent Actions expressing a Divine Power beyond our understanding.
© Copyright 2007 Robert Wilkinson

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The Seven Planes

I began the study of the Seven Planes of Consciousness many years ago. Recently I found this article by one of my favorite astrologers and it says it so clearly I thought I’d share it with you. -Sue
The Seven Planes of Consciousness and Matter
by Robert Wilkinson
All we know is vibration. From the grossest to the subtlest, the densest to the most ethereal, everything we think, feel, perceive or imagine is vibration. We are told in “esoteric philosophy” that there are 7 “frequency zones” that describe our entire reality and that which is beyond. Today we begin an exploration of what are called the “7 Planes” of our individual and collective existence.
We begin with the dense Physical Plane. This is the plane of matter in all its forms, where all physical structures exist. The second Plane, more subtle than the Physical, is the Astral, or emotional plane. This is the plane of feeling, less dense than the Physical, but more dense than the next plane, the Mental plane.
The Mental Plane is the plane of thought, and is divided into two areas, the Lower Mental and the Higher Mental. The lower mind shows as logical, rational thinking, concrete thoughts about things, feeling, and ideas. The Higher mind is the arena of abstract or subtle thoughts, ideals, aspirations, and philosophical awarenesses.
The 4th Plane is the even more subtle and rarified Buddhic Plane, or Plane of Soul. These are the higher, subtle, evolved loving feelings that we all have all the time, even when the lower thoughts, feelings, and things momentarily distract us from these higher loving feelings. These feelings are altruistic, compassionate, and powerful. This plane is where we are naturally lovingly wise and wisely loving.
The 5th Plane is the Atmic Plance, or the Plane of Spirit. While virtually unsubstantial in a physical, emotional, or mental sense, it is the Plane where “the spark that ignites” originates, inspiring us and changing our lives forever. Some are never sensitive to this plane while alive, while others are touched by it once or even many times.
The 6th Plane is called the Monadic Plane, our Oneness beyond division, our “Father-Mother God in Heaven which is ONE indivisible.” This is the Plane of our Divine Archetype. When we pray to Deity, it is this plane we seek to experience and see made manifest. It is associated with the “Anupadaka,” from the Sanskrit “parentless”, “self-existing”, a self-created arising of Eternal existence.
The 7th Plane has no name other than the Divine Plane. It is associated with the “Adi,” from the Sanskrit “the first.” Other possible associations are “the original,” “the creator,” “the Source,” and “the beginning of existence.”
Since all vibration is interpenetrating, it is useful to see these not as linear rankings of levels, but as co-existing states of consciousness. We can be thinking, feeling, and acting all at the same time, as well as being loving and inspired. From one point of view, we are all existing on all the levels and Planes simultaneously all the time.
Also, besides all these levels of awareness being active all the time at the same time in all of us, each of these has 7 subplanes within its frequency zone. Thus there is a physical sub-plane, an emotional sub-plane, a mental sub-plane, a Buddhic sub-plane and so forth in each of the 7 Great Planes of Consciousness.
Each sub-plane is a distinct frequency zone in itself. For example, the physical sub-plane of the Physical Plane is matter, the astral subplane of the Physical is water and other liquids, the mental sub-plane of the Physical is air, the Buddhic sub-plane and higher are the sub-planes of Ether in its various stages.
The physical sub-plane of the Astral are dense feelings, often referred to as “emotional thoughtforms.” The astral sub-plane of the Astral plane are feelings about feelings, while the mental sub-plane of the Astral are feelings about thoughts, or feeling-infused thoughts. There are feelings about Soul and “higher” feelings, feelings about inspiration and oneness, and feelings about the unknown.
And so it goes, with each Plane having distinct sub-frequencies with their specialized qualities. Various sub-planes resonate with various other sub-planes, as well as Planes, much as certain notes on a piano resonate with other notes, since many similar notes are shared between various keys which may or may not be in harmony or discord with one another.
Obviously, each of these is associated with all kinds of other “7 fold” divisions and classifications of our reality, such as I outlined in the article on the 7 Rays, but they are beyond the scope of this article. For now, enjoy reflecting on what you’ve read here, and if possible, allow yourself to experience the higher, more subtle planes of existence as well as the lower ones. Sense the differences between your higher thoughts and lower ones, your higher feelings and your lower ones. You can do this in meditation quite easily. They’re all there for you to experience as often as you like.
© Copyright 2007 Robert Wilkinson

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These Are The Times We Live In

These are the times we have chosen to live in. You can call it what you want, The Great Transition, New Age or whatever………….this is a polarized time between Great Ages, a period of relative instability where old ideas and ways of living will have to change due to circumstances humanity itself has set into motion.
As to whether it will prove “good or bad,” I suspect it will be a mix of the two, depending on when and where and who. Good and bad are always in the eye of the beholder, and subject to changes as perspectives change. What is good today for some may be bad today for some, or many. Also vise-versa. We mostly can agree that what is bad today for all will be bad tomorrow for all. However, what we believe is bad for us today may be seen as a true blessing tomorrow, if it gets us into gear.
That’s why we are spurred to deal with what we must, being prodded by events toward rising to our possibilities. We often don’t know how something will turn out in the long run if we persevere. It’s all a question of what we’re focusing on. We always have the power to re-focus, and turn our understanding to what creates a better life.
By ancient sources we are told humanity is on an arc of return, and past the depths of its ignorance, though there are a few throwbacks still flailing against history. I believe these times are the last effort for those clutching at a way of life that is already fading, as the vast majority of us do NOT think torture, starvation, violence, greed, and smashmouth politics and economics are part of a desireable or sustainable reality.
Humanity has its problems, but almost everyone in the world has been moved to a much different perspective than ever before in human history. We are collectively at warp-speed evolution, about 120 years into a 500 year cycle. Think of the way things were framed before the microchip, internal combustion engine, rock and roll, and indoor heated showering. Even if we take a momentary step back, we’re still way farther along than our grandparents and their grandparents.
We’ve collectively stepped over a great divide in fundamental comprehension of electricity, magnetism, matter, light, and how to use these both constructively and destructively. A laser can guide a bomb as well as provide eyesight to the blind. It’s how we use what we’ve discovered that is the greater human necessity.
We are now becoming aware of global issues that transcend nations, and affect everyone on Earth. This is the wave of history, and we have some ability to determine whether the transition into the era dawning after 2020 will be unnecessarily difficult. It will be rough enough, but eventually we will break free of the mindset that is gripping the planet at present. This too will pass.
It’s like humanity is the planetary brain, and one part of it has awakened to some much greater possibilities of how to live in this 3 dimensional place we call Earth, while the other part of the brain has a diseased tumor destroying everything it seeks to possess through its desires with no thought to the destruction it has caused. However, eventually we will learn we must work together as we have always learned since the dawn of humankind. We have grown separate through an illusion that is divisive and exploitive, and this is contrary to evolution. What confronts us is a decision to change focus due to forces beyond our control forcing us to adapt to future needs.
It will all turn out to be ultimately “good,” since we’ll move past the destructive mindsets and emotional toxicity presently plaguing the public health. During this time, many we encounter will still try to frame “success” and “failure” in terms of the old reality systems, whether they are realistic or not. Often we find ourselves moving through experiences pushing and pulling us in confusing direction.
Our practice is to remember that we are Eternals participating in shaping the future by our thoughts, feelings, and deeds in the present, despite the oppositions, polarizations, dualisms, and crashing philosophies and views that are inherently unreal. Maybe they used to be real (or not!) to whatever extent, but they are no longer, as everything is giving way to the evolutionary necessities that are presenting themselves with greater and greater frequency as we all come to realize our connectedness with the Earth we live on.
So relax a little, and to the degree you’re able, enjoy the passing soft parade inside the gold mine. We are the trailblazers of a dawning era that will make this one seem like a grand illusion. We just have to stay focused, balanced, of abundant view and generous in our goodwill in living our lives on this beautiful, fragile Earth.
It will get better after it gets worse for awhile, but that will make the goal all the more wonderful by its contrast to this old dying era. We’re playing for the long haul, which promises so much we’ve never known or experienced that it will stagger the imagination. Our job is to open the door and greet that which shows us our freedom to be greater than we were. –Robert Wilkinson

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Coconut Milk

I’m sharing some info on Coconut milk as I did not know this and maybe you don’t either. I’m off to buy some coconuts today!! Sue PS This came from eBrandaid, a great little site with accurate info on the foods we it.
Best Powerhouse Drink; The Secret’s Out!

Look… up in the tree… it’s a bird… it’s a fruit… it’s SuperFood!

Actually it’s the coconut – a succulent superhero sans the funny red shoes and cape. While the entire coconut is one amazing food, it’s the coconut water that sets your Brand Doctors abuzz!

Not since Gilligan’s Island have we been so excited to see coconuts. Folks, coconut water just might be the best-kept secret weapon in the war on bad health. Take a look at these nutritional facts about coconut water:
• For starters, it contains a variety of nutrients including vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes.

• It’s a good source of the major minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

• It’s off-the-charts rich in potassium, which is considered an essential nutrient. An 8-ounce cup of coconut water has more potassium than a banana!

• It also contains a variety of trace elements such as zinc, selenium, iodine, sulfur, manganese, and boron.
You want more? Coconut water has no cholesterol, is 100% fat free, and is low in calories!

Reality Check

But here’s the best part: Coconut Water is an all-natural sports drink.

Yep, this stuff contains one of the highest sources of electrolytes known to man, and can be used to prevent dehydration.

Bottomline: It’s a much healthier alternative to sugary sports drinks for replacing electrolytes lost through exercise or illness!

Check it out:
• At about 650mg per serving, coconut water naturally packs way more potassium than most sports drinks which average less than 110mg.

• With an average of 35mg per serving, it has less sodium than sports drinks that average 75mg. Some energy drinks sock you with up to 200mg sodium.

• And, at 118mg, it’s high in chloride compared to sports drinks which average about 39mg.

Oh, by the way, It’s also known as an excellent hangover cure – do we have your attention now?


eBrandAid Coconut Water Guidelines

Since not all coconut water brands are created equally, you’ll want to follow these two simple, yet important guidelines:
• Look for 100% natural coconut water to be the ONLY ingredient listed on the label.

• Avoid brands that contain added sugar or preservatives; they’ll also contain twice the calories, fat, and sodium!

The obvious question: How do you get your hands on this miracle water? Easy! Check our list of BestBrands below. We even tell you where to find the good stuff…and it’s not on Gilligan’s Island!


We think the Professor and Maryann would agree: Coconut water should be added to your list of must-have superfoods!

But, finding coconut water BestBrands in your local grocery stores is a hit or miss proposition. It’s more readily available in specialty grocery stores like Whole Foods Market, Wild Oats Marketplace and Target. Or you can let your fingers do the shopping online at!

O.N.E. 100 % Natural Coconut Water

NUTRITION FACTS: per serving 11 fl.ozs., 60 cals, 35mg sodium, 670mg potassium, 0g fiber, 14g sugar, 1g protein

INGREDIENTS: 100% Natural Coconut Water.

Note: This is the Brand Doctor’s favorite for taste and price!

Vita Coco

NUTRITION FACTS: per serving 11 fl.ozs., 60 cals, 35mg sodium, 670mg potassium, 0g fiber, 14g sugar, 1g protein

INGREDIENTS: all-natural, pure 100% coconut water.

ZICO Natural

NUTRITION FACTS: (for all flavors): per serving 11 fl. Ozs., 60 cals, 0g fat, 60mg sodium, 670mg potassium, 0g fiber, 14g sugar, 1g protein

INGREDIENTS: 100% natural coconut water.

Remember, when you’re armed with a little eBrandAid know-how,
you’re in control at the grocery store.

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That is a lovely feeling and explains my state of mind this day.
I had closure on my friend Nancy’s death last night. It was one of those magical all come together times that give life joyful meaning.
Her spirit was there, on it’s last peek in before moving on………….you could feel the loving sweetness of her in the air.
The food was indescribably delicious and care was taken to make it organic, local and gluten free…… presented with an artist’s eye,
………….very similar to the way Nancy would have done it.
Brilliant splashes of colorful flowers filled the room, like the ones she grew in her own garden.
Many friends from different times in her life all came together in a spirit of laughter and love.
The care and attention that Nancy showed others, was reciprocated last night and especially towards her husband Steve.
A magical goodbye that words cannot touch upon.
Satisfaction fills me today.

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About This Year

Expect to be unsettled and unconnected as the energy of this year pushes you to work with manifesting your hearts desires. However, just because it is manifesting in your life, doesn’t mean its right.
Learn to let go and let it happen. Some things will bring their own answers, but most of this is so complex that there are no answers.
Life is a lot more complex, so take it easy.
If you have to have answers and control, it will be a lot more difficult for you. Breathe, accept, surrender and find new ways to work with new energies.

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Full Moon 6/8

A lovely Full Moon that will highlight the fact that we are all at major turning points in our lives.
As our nobler aspects seek an outlet, we will be drawing people into our lives that fill a spiritual relationship. This is a cosmic full moon and very electric in nature. It seeks to show us that we are more than we know and now have an opportunity to step into our power and take our place on the world stage for healing and reform.
This Full Moon shows us where we need more discipline in our lives in order to spiritually evolve into our greater selves.

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Maybe It’s Bad, Maybe It’s Good

Many years ago a wise peasant lived in China. He had a son who was the gleam in his eyes and a white stallion which was his favorite belonging. One day his horse escaped from his grounds and disappeared. The villagers came to him one by one and said: “You are such an unlucky man. It is so bad about the horse.” The peasant responded: “Who knows. Maybe it’s bad, maybe it’s good.”
The next day the stallion returned followed by 12 wild horses. The neighbors visited him again and congratulated him for his luck. He just said: “Who knows. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad.” As it happens, the next day his son was attempting to break in one of the wild horses when he fell down and broke his leg. Once more everyone came with their condolences: “It’s terrible.” Again he replied: “Who knows. Maybe it’s bad, maybe it’s good.”
A few days passed and his poor son was limping around the village with his broken leg, when the emperor’s army entered the village announcing that a war was starting and they conscripted all the young men of the village. However, they left the peasant’s son since he had a broken leg. Once more, everyone was so jealous of the peasant. They talked about his sheer luck. He just muttered: “Who knows. Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad.”

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Irritation as a Path to Grieving

I have been really irritable lately and as I started to fire off a very stinging email to someone in the middle of their own angst, it occurred to me that my grief was oozing out in less than acceptable ways.
That means I have to figure out what to do with this grief. It’s always been that way in this life. When someone died or I lost something I cared about I shoved it aside, maybe giving it a few tears, but never letting it go.
Now I have this interior room filled with loss. I hope I don’t have to spend the whole summer crying, because I don’t think I will. Maybe I’ll write more instead.

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