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Timeless Presence

Early morning musings brought me to myself………….why was I complaining of the cool weather? Breathing deeper, opening up to find that answer, I felt a timeless presence all around me and I became a part of it.
Moondog walking down the garden path alerts the cardinal sentinel fiercely guarding the lilac bush full of baby treasures……….miniature wrens dive bombing anything that comes close to their chirping nest………….poor kitty, the garden is hostile to his meanderings this morning.
And I sit and find peace in this timeless presence, saved from thoughts of the past and future for now.

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A delightful summer full of serendipitous activities. Rushing along in the flow of many ideas coming into reality. Sometimes I have to stop to breathe. It’s almost a bit much, but breathing helps.
Casa Papaya trip to Costa Rica is happening! Now filling in all the details.
Seems everyone wants an astrology chart these days.


Eclipse Info for All Signs

Aries – Your foundations will be reorganized to make them more nurturing, and you’ll be moving through many endings and closures. Members of your family, literal or metaphoric, will leave. You can get more in touch with your ancestry in the future and interpret early life experiences differently. Keep growing professionally and use friendly competition at work to reap power at the end of a life era.

Taurus – You’re going to develop a new sensitivity in how you interpret your perceptions. Someone as close as a brother or sister will leave your life. Adaptability, curiosity, and stable self expression will be high the next 3+ years. Professional growth and group work may yield a new home or you could find something of timeless worth the public needs that gives them a more secure basis of being.

Gemini – You’re going to realize you want, need, and care about much different things than you used to. Many old values and attitudes from childhood will end. While hard choices confront you about relationships, you can find timeless wisdom by letting go of the need to dominate that led to hard angles between you and others in the past. Re-think scattered elements of your philosophy and find art.

Cancer – You will no longer feel the way you do about your self-image physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Find elements from your past that can nurture what you truly care about, let go of being too dramatic, and get a larger vision of what is desirable. Reorient your view to get a new attitude toward your friends, goals, and ambitions. Detachment and idealism brings new relationships.

Leo – Old sorrows and views of your life story, family, or cultural history will end, as will a relationship with someone like a sibling. Your meditations will become a lot more sensitive, deep, and nurturing. Old motives will end while you open to newer, larger visions of more ideal ways to work or be of service. This closes a major public life chapter where you take the best of the past into the future.

Virgo – This will bring an end to old friendships and ambitions, bringing new ways of relating to different people than you’ve ever known before. You’ll be taking life more seriously while valuing new forms of self expression and creativity. Become more sensitive to larger goals and find friends who care for and nurture you according to your current needs. Break free of limiting rules.

Libra – This will bring an end to an old public reputation or professional standing. You’ll be under pressure the next 3+ years to take responsibility to end needless worry or health problems and accept a more mature role or learning discipline. Open to a broader creativity with friends in a group work while curbing old desires that are a grind. Necessary truths coming about home, family, and self-expression.

Scorpio – Old truths and futures end as new ones that nurture you open up. Travel and education will be important factors as you master new forms of going with the flow. Be noble and gentle as you take the lead professionally, interpersonally, anchoring a new freedom and healing in your home environment. Cultivating faith in doing what is simple and natural as you follow through is the best effort.

Sagittarius – You will leave behind old needs and desires rooted in early life or a past life. You’ll remember what you’ve shared with others that made you feel connected and close to them. Many will renovate their home. Reorientations and moves likely, as are changes in professional status. Loss will create gain. Be clear about needs to know what to eliminate, creating space to attract what fulfills.

Capricorn – You’re growing into seeing a much bigger picture of how to use what you have or value. Old partnerships and other equal relationships will end so that new ones can come where you’re admiring or emulating each other rather than pushing and pulling. Open to greater truths, higher education, or travel. This prepares you for higher responsibilities or visibility over the next 3 years.

Aquarius – As you embark on your renewed 12 year adventure and learn to manage some intense energies, remember to take care of your health. Old types of work will end, as will old truths and distant associations. Necessary truths about family, home, and past living situations will come from challenges to end ghosts from the past. This will eliminate all that keeps you from regenerative adjustments.

Pisces – As you continue to move through fogs of wondering what unexpected thing will happen next, examine emergent powers to weave a larger understanding. Pleasures, children, or creative forms will end to open you to what you’ve really cared about but may not have expressed before now. You’re in a major healing phase. Let go of lesser things, cooperate with partners, and deliver spiritual power.
-Robert Wilkinson


New Moon/Solar eclipse in Cancer

We have a pretty strong New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 21st and it is especially important as it is the 2nd New Moon in Cancer in a month.

Simone Butler states: “”A Daughter of the American Revolution” is an appropriate image for a New Moon eclipse in Cancer, sign of tradition and old familial structures. The final degree of a sign is a “last gasp” of that energy, a death knell for the old ways. Eclipses represent a profound shift in direction; a total eclipse of the Sun (masculine) by the Moon (feminine) symbolically indicates that outdated, patriarchal structures are falling away, to be replaced by more intuitive ways of being. The life-giving flow of motherly love is nourishing the hearts of both women and men, if we only open ourselves to it.”

Wherever this eclipse falls in your chart tells you something about what is ending in your life. Something is about to end in a very significant way. For instance, if this eclipse is close to your Venus, you will know that something you value and enjoy, or an old relationships is about to end. You can also see that happening in the houses ruled by Libra or Taurus in your chart, it will be different for everyone.

For instance, the Moon is just leaving my house of Work, health, other people’s health and service and during the eclipse has moved into my relationship house. Many new paths have been opening before me in this area, many miracles occurring for me right now. I expect this eclipse to further all that was set in motion by June’s New Moon in Cancer.

Wilkinson says, If this eclipse is close to your Moon, an old habit may now fall away. If Mars, a quarrel will end, or start. If Saturn is conjuncted by the eclipse, it can mean the passing of an older person or one with power in your life.

Lots of themes for us all. We will be affected by this eclipse for years to come.

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Being a Good Midwife

Recently I wrote an article on some of the effects Pluto is stirring up in our lives and the world. In it I called for us all to:
“Be a good midwife to your own rebirth and that of the world.”
I was blessed to have two babies at home and my best friend was my midwife. A midwife makes sure you are comfortable, ever watching for the smallest signs of the changes taking place. Keeping all peaceful, encouraged, focused and in tune. A good midwife delivers the goods.
To be a good midwife to yourself, you have to “be there”, awake, alert and notice your signals. Are you tired, is your body craving some nutrition or movement? Are you happy, at peace, in loving relationships? Are you supported by your environment at home and work?
Are you helping your community, neighbors, family and friends? Are you alert to the signs of the times?
It is time to let go of disorganized lives, thoughts, emotions and the indulgences of negativity. You are the midwife of these new changes, don’t lose the baby or the Mother.

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Yoga Retreat at Casa Papaya, Costa Rica

Morning Star Yoga presents a getaway to paradise January 30, 2010 – February 6, 2010:

Approximate total cost for roundtrip airfare, lodging and 3 vegetarian, organic (when possible) meals a day – $1500 total.

$100 deposit due by August 1st to hold your reservation

Total due by October 1st

Refund policy: I’m working on this, but will be something like: 100% refund if cancel by November 1st, 50% December 1st

Any extra costs such as renting a bicycle – $30/wk, shopping etc. is on your own.

CASA PAPAYA nestles in the hills only 10 minutes walk from the Pacific ocean in Playa Negra, Guanacaste , Northern Costa Rica. A perfect place to reconnect with your inner self , to refresh, re-energise and be at one with nature.

The retreat is based at Casa Papaya, a modern hacienda and Casa del Bosque , a traditional wooden Tico house set in the forest. They are surrounded by 5 acres of Costa Rica jungle and forest .Watch howler monkeys swing by and the iguanas bask in the sun by as you relax in your hammock on the balcony .

The Pacific beaches are only a stroll away through the forest and are a perfect place for quiet meditation as you contemplate the specatacular sunsets .

Pick papaya, mango and bananas from the nearby trees.

The accommodation is in 2 houses and if we have additional sign ups, there are beautiful little houses in the woods available if we overflow.

CASA PAPAYA , a modern hacienda with all rooms ensuite with hot showers. There are single , twin , double and triple rooms.

The yoga studio is open to the garden and nature on 2 sides , which allows the natural breezes and sounds of nature to join in with your yoga practice. It can accommodate 30 + students and is fully-equipped with mats, blocks, belts, cushions and blankets and also has overhead fans .

I have a file folder filled with information on this and will keep you all updated.


Sue Moon, owner of Morning Star Yoga

John Macy, owner Workout, Inc.

Alison Stevens, PT, co-owner Workout, Inc

Melanie McLeod, owner of Bhadra Yoga

And if we are lucky, Lisa Hofmann, Kripalu trained yoga instructor

Itinerary is being developed and will include many forms of yoga/meditation, Alexander Technique, etc, with lots of free time to explore this beautiful part of the world.

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“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness…the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves, too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred… Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” -Goethe
This is how I want to live the rest of my life – Sue

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Pluto has a very intense effect in our lives. Wherever it is transiting through your chart is where some heavy lessons and brilliant learnings occur.
Being in the sign of Capricorn will begin the restructuring of the ills of the world. Mostly this is going to take many old institutions away. Perhaps that will be the education system, the healthcare system, the insurance system, corrupt government and so on. Pluto brings to light, over time, what is rotten and decayed so that we can change and bring in better institutions for the good of all.
We will learn how to be much more efficient in all our dealings through the full spectrum of life.
For me, this is how I do everything. Am I re-cycling enough? Which humanitarian organization should my donations go to. Buying furniture and clothing that are not new because there are so many really good things that can be re-used or swapped with friends or found at thrift stores.
We are learning and learning about Higher Divine Law and this will go through 2023. This summer into fall you will be able to see how you are doing with the lessons you’ve learned the past couple of years. Look and see what needs transforming in your life and take action. Pluto will help with great power.
Starting in 2009, Pluto stirred up some deep longings in us all for a richer life and we found other ways that might happen. In the spring we started applying what we had been longing for. And now we get to go deep within and see how we are doing. Is this the life you want? Take a deeper look, how can you make your life more efficient? Watch your ego’s demands for gratification…………look out at the world and see what is your part in the great changes the entire planet is going through.
Be a good midwife to your own rebirth and that of the world.

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Self Discipline

When I think of self discipline I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I think I am quite self disciplined, but looking a little closer, I see I fool myself about that. Just because I have a busy center and work 6-7 days a week doesn’t mean I am self disciplined. Quite the opposite. I’m just busy.
There are many, many books written about this. Many tips on how to make your life happier, more prosperous, more peaceful etc, but without self discipline nothing works.
You don’t have to be the brightest crayon in the box to have a great life, in fact, the shelters are filled with some very bright people. You don’t have to be the most talented at your craft for it to enrich your life. I have several family members who are rather mediocre thinkers, but they are very happy and very prosperous. I have other family members who are probably geniuses and have very miserable lives.
One of the keys to anyone’s success is self discipline. I love this quote:
“Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” -Thomas Huxley

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More July Astro Info

What a time this is! If you sailed through the eclipse on the 8th without some pretty intense feelings, congratulations! It’s been pretty emotional for a lot of people. The next couple of weeks will help incorporate what has been set into motion by this eclipse and many will have deeper understanding of how to make their lives work in more productive ways. We are standing on the threshold of the future.
Taurus and Libra areas of each individuals chart will be the highlight and point the direction to go in. If you want to know where Taurus and Libra are in your charts just email me for a very brief description.
Look to the week of July 20th to make overdue changes in all areas of your life. Look to see what you are made of and act accordingly. Who you are at your very foundations will give you the support to handle what is coming down the road. So, shore up those trusses and replace any rotten structures with the truth of who you really are.
It is time for us all to take our place in the world in the highest capacity we have to serve. Old and decaying societal structures are leaving the collective unconscious and new, brighter and definitely more spiritual ones are being anchored in for the future. Don’t miss being a part of this enormous change on our planet.
Watch for wonderful opportunities to pop up in front of you, have the wit to take a leap of faith! At times it will seem a little daunting, but with just a little effort you can reach a happier state.
Tally Ho – Sue

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the illusion we can get into over wanting to have control of people, situations etc. I haven’t met many people, if any, who don’t struggle with this.
If I am aware enough to notice I am in that mode, I can hardly change it. I find a person in me that is not the me of today. As I observe her behavior I can see the young girl who rebelled against the authority of her Father. It’s a really tangled energy that is difficult to follow to the beginning.
It seems that I want control of certain situations or people when I am not feeling loved and appreciated. This was an ongoing struggle with my Dad throughout my youth. Lack of communication leading to hurt feelings etc.
I was in the thick of this over the 4th. I am the caretaker of my family, I think most Moms are, but I want to be done with that now. And there are those sticky energies of control that have to make sure everybody is happy and doing “right” in their lives (whatever that means). I so look forward to the day when I can just take the people in my life as they are. Not wanting to change them or make them feel better…….just accepting and loving everything about them. This is what I expect and seldom get.
This will be my spiritual practice this week. I think it’s called unconditional love.

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July 7 & 22 Eclipses

A fantastic July looms before us as two eclipses highlight our lives. Eclipses shut down old ways of life forever which leaves us free to move into a fresher life, one full of creativity and possibly even unknown talents. Take advantage of this and move in the direction of your dreams!
This is the time to incorporate what nurtures us and also, where do we need to discipline some areas in order to have a sturdy platform to fly from.
Look for old family patterns to dissolve and move away – do please let them go, otherwise you have that pain part of hanging on past a things life. The past is truly dead and it is now time to move away from what is dead and dying to see what seedlings need your tender care.
Say good bye to your past and look lovingly into what you have now that is calling for your attention.
The next few months will be the transition time you need to move from old patterns into newly forming ones. Form well, form consciously……what do you really want in your life?

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Good Twin/Bad Twin

Celestial Timings posted this as part of the 1st of July happenings. It is about Mars and Venus joining in the twin sign of Gemini. Enjoyed remembering my favorite hero of all time, Captain Kirk.
The Good Twin/Bad Twin duality is worthy of contemplation. There is an original Star Trek episode that first aired in October of 1966 called the “Enemy Within”. A transporter malfunction splits Captain Kirk into two captains, the Good Captain and the Bad or evil Captain. It is a brilliant example of why we must integrate our shadow side. Spock notices the Good Captain is losing his power to make decisions and concludes it is an opportunity to examine the roles of good and evil. The evil side of Captain Kirk displays very decisive thoughtless hostility, lust, brutality and violence. His positive side expresses compassion, love and tenderness but lacks the decisive power necessary for in-the-moment decisions. Spock observes that Captain Kirk needs his dark side to make the decisions an exceptional leader is able to make. It is Kirk’s so-called evil side when properly disciplined and integrated that is vital to his strength and ability to be a star ship captain.
Eventually the Good Captain Kirk realizes he does need to be reunited with his “evil” side and yet is greatly repulsed by the idea. At this point, Dr. McCoy assures him, “We all have our darker side – we need it – it’s half of what we are. It’s not really ugly – it’s human.” He goes onto say that Kirk’s dark side is what makes Captain Kirk who he is because his strength and ability to command exists in his dark side. Without his dark side Kirk is confused, forgetful and unable to make decisions. Kirk’s good side was able to recognize that he needed to reintegrate with his dark side. However, his dark side remained stubbornly convinced that he did not need the good side and tried to kill it off.

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July Astrologically for all signs

Metro Magazine is where I publish a monthly page on the theme of the month and how that will affect each sign. Check it out:

Dixie is writing a great series on the Soul’s Journey in there also: