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August 31

Today is my grandson’s 9th birthday, seems like he was just born yesterday. What a child he is, a whole conumdrum of positive/negative charges that leaves me in awe and wonder. A thought provoking child and way ahead of his time…….or perhaps a product of these times……Happy Birthday Clinton!!
As I was checking my favorite sites this morning I came across an old Van Morrison song whose lyrics seem to fit my grandson, so thought I would share this very beautiful, thought provoking piece:

I’m a dweller on the threshold
And I’m waiting at the door
And I’m standing in the darkness
I don’t want to wait no more
I have seen without perceiving
I have been another man
Let me pierce the realm of glamour
So I know just what I am
I’m a dweller on the threshold
And I’m waiting at the door
And I’m standing in the darkness
I don’t want to wait no more
Feel the Angel of the Presence
In the mighty crystal fire
Lift me up consume my darkness
Let me travel even higher
I’m a dweller on the threshold
As I cross the burning ground
Let me go down to the water
Watch the great illusion drown
I’m a dweller on the threshold
And I’m waiting at the door
And I’m standing in the darkness
I don’t want to wait no more
I’m gonna turn and face the music
The music of the spheres
Lift me up consume my darkness
When the midnight disappears
I will walk out of the darkness
And I’ll walk into the light
And I’ll sing the song of ages
And the dawn will end the night
I’m a dweller on the threshold
And I’m waiting at the door
And I’m standing in the darkness
I don’t want to wait no more
I’m a dweller on the threshold
And I cross some burning ground
And I’ll go down to the water
Let the great illusion drown
I’m a dweller on the threshold
And I’m waiting at the door
And I’m standing in the darkness
I don’t want to wait no more
I’m a dweller on the threshold
Dweller on the threshold
I’m a dweller on the threshold
-Dweller On The Threshold by Van Morrison

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This may be my last post on this beautiful little blog. I have so loved the orange artwork and soft gray font. For 3 years I have written mostly from my heart about the changes I have been going through and sharing information on what I find important in life.
The blog will now become a part of my new astrology site, same address, different look and more pages.
Here we go……………………


Where Do We Go From Here?

We have made so many adjustments and moved through so many changes, where do we go from here?
At this point our view of the past has lost a lot of its grip. The future continues to beckon with uncertainty. I remember in Lord of the Rings, Galadriel telling Frodo, “Stray but a little and all will be lost.” It does feel like that. But staying the course, which means, true to self, right action, right thinking and all that we know, has become a little harder and yet easier at the same time. An odd conundrum of contradictions.
What used to work was right, is it wrong now because it doesn’t work anymore? And what does that say about truth? It does indeed have the feel of standing on the threshold looking into a new world and not knowing if we should walk through that door yet. Timing is so important.
Following the transiting planets can explain a lot and show which forces are strongest in our charts for change and how to flow thru some of that. Pluto (power and transformation) is transiting my 12th House of Mysticism/Karma/Institutions. I am, and will be experiencing the clearing out of old psychic garbage for the complete rebuilding of the self that is coming. I can tell you that some days I feel the power of that in positive ways and others in very fear based negative ways. It will be in this house till January 2021, so plenty of time to release old negative patterns of thought etc.
I’m doing brief Pluto reports for $15 if you would like to know how you will be changing at your deepest levels over the next 20+ years.
Sue Moon

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The Heart

There is a scientific institute studying the heart and heart based living. It is an amazing site and full of new information (to me) about the energy of our hearts. Check it out:

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The Atman

From the book How to Know God by Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood

Knowledge or perception is a thought-wave (vritti) in the mind. All knowledge is therefore objective. Even what Western psychologists call introspection or self knowledge is objective knowledge according to Patanjali, since the mind is not the seer, but only an instrument of knowledge, an object of perception like the outside world. The Atman, the real seer, remains unknown.
Every perception arouses the ego-sense, which says: “I know this.” But this is the ego speaking, not the Atman, the real Self. The ego-sense is caused by the identification of the Atman with the mind, senses, etc. It is as if a little electric light bulb would declare: “I am the electric current” and then proceed to describe electricity as a pear shaped glass object containing filaments of wire. Such identification is absurd – as absurd as the ego’s claim to be the real Self. Nevertheless, the electric current is present in the light bulb, and the Atman is in all things, everywhere.

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The energies are really thickening now. It’s like they are bubbling up from some deep vast reservoir of internal log jams longing to break free. What I need to let go of has me in its death grip. Awakening again, this time at 3:58, with anxiety worms crawling around in my stomach……egads, I am getting a little tired of this. Looked at those old familiar faces that like to haunt me in the night and decided to do a little EFT, which certainly helps, but then I’m awake and wondering what this time is now good for. Turned out I had a nice little therapy session with myself and feel pretty good this morning. At least laughing at the need to worry about things that are out of my control. Breath in, breath out, enjoying the beauty of a cool woods in early morning and feeling Autumn in the air already……….so soon.


Wondering What’s Next

You can feel it coming it wakes me in the middle of the night. Sometimes it comes with joy and excitement, but mostly fears and worries gnawing at my psyche. The changes are becoming much more tangible and rapid. I’m watching many people blossom into their next faze and so many melting down, with the general being a little of both.
Dreams have become more vivid and more detailed than I remember and some mornings I awake exhausted from the work I’ve been doing all night asleep. Plateaus sometimes appear and I look out at my journey and all those relationships and I want to move far away and start all over again.
Not really, but the issues that I work to heal have become more than burdensome and I want to let them all go. I long for an apathetic state where I might segue into real non attachment.
I’m wishing it were easier somehow, or more clear as to the direction to move.
My spiritual practice isn’t sustaining me at this time and so I neglect it.
As I write these words I am reminded of this feeling before every major change in my life. So I’m really wondering what is coming next.
I have to remember that I am part of a collective consciousness and what is happening to me, is happening to all, otherwise the ego would wallow in isolation.

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Another in-between time…… I don’t care much for them. I so identify with doing as being that it grinds me to a halt and forces me to examine who I am and what I am doing.
There have been some very dramatic shifts lately. My own personal shifts have me wondering what I’m supposed to be doing now. As I look out at my little irons in the fire I feel like discarding them all.
The recent eclipses have certainly stirred things up, in a pot that was already boiling.
I’m re-thinking the lack of security I live with and if all of this is truly an illusion, I suppose security is too…….many meandering thoughts taking me into dead ends.
I think I’ll go swimming with my grandson later.

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More Eclipse Info For All……..

Well, the third eclipse this time in Aquarius is packing quite a whollop. I was reading several long but very informative articles by noted astrologer Robert Wilkinson and thought I’d pull some of the basic info out and share it with all of you.

1) First of all, eclipses shut down what needs to be shut down so that newer life can come in. For many there will be an end to some part of their heritage you no longer need as well as things from their past that were once parts of their daily lives.
2) It will be hard on those who have boundary issues or addictions.
3) For all their will be quicker realizations about who and what you are guided by Soul
4) Some will choose to grow through suffering.
5) For others, it will be like stepping into their power and their form of world service.
6) Overall, the next 3 months should be pretty good.
7) We are all changing in dynamic and dramatic ways and our deep inner wisdom is bubbling up and out to bring success.
8) Those with Fire and Air signs will profit greatly (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius and Gemini/Libra/Aquarius)
9) We are being purified so that we can better express our Soul without the contamination of our past, this will include our families.
So much information, and each individuals chart is acutely personal and holds a ton of information about how this is affecting you and your future and all of your relationship.
I highly recommend a full Astrology report, in person and taped. I have a 7 day waiting list as of now, so call and make an appointment.
Also, I have a new Astrology web site that is in the final stages of preparation and I’m very excited about that, look for it soon.
Love, Sue

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August for All Signs

To read the August astrology column/page that I write monthly for Metro Magazine, go to: page 62
Some very interesting information for every sign.
We have a 3rd eclipse in 34 days and we won’t see anything like this again in many, many moons.

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It is Time

It’s time. If you are to walk the path of the heart, then it is time.
- Nippawanock, Arapaho

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August Astro Tidbits

At the top of one of my favorite astrology sites is this quote:
“Using Astrology, Spirit, and Archetypes to move and groove through the intersections of fate and free will.”
I think that really sums it up for my feelings about astrology and the consultations that I do. Moving and grooving through the intersections of fate and free will! I feel almost giddy that this is a path I get to walk. My enthusiasm for astrology knows no bounds and because of that many people are calling for information on what is going on in their lives.
I feel lifted up and moved and rushed brilliantly forward in a mass of destiny energy.
Here are a few tidbits about the coming days:
In August you will be challenged to get clear about any roles you are playing i.e., Mother/Father, Computer Analyst, Musician, Thief etc. You will be challenged to really think about your life and the direction it is taking you. It is very high energy and you may best be able to tap into that by a meditative practice of opening yourself up to the Divine flow of light/information that is coming in now. Your imagination can take off but do be careful of wild speculations that may not pan out. Much of what we are all learning and dreaming about will manifest in December.
As July is now done, we look into August and are challenged to purify all of our relations and what we value. Any desires, old pains, frustrations, sorrows that we have buried in our psyches will come up this month for review and healing.
Find a good therapist!
Tally Ho!

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