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Still working out the glitches in re-creating this to an astrology site. So, in the mean time, will post astro tidbits and my own musings.
There is an odd, slightly hard edge feel in the air at this time, despite the recent holiday. Uranus has been adding it’s peculiar nervous high energy that created rapid communications during the T-Dinner and lovely Neptune/Venus kept the whole thing at a loving/idealistic familial bonding. Nice Thanksgiving.
But the aftermath is usually a “food-hangover” period of adjustment with lots of sleeping and laying around. Though today seems like another party mood, tomorrow we will probably all want to sleep in and just relax.
Thoughout the pleasantries, food and merriment there was a current of world events moving at breakneck speed and who knows where that will manifest next.
Last night I watched a piece on C-Span about the history of the White House. Amazing! As I watched the very beginning of that symbol of our countries independence, I was struck by the evolution of our species through time in so many different flavors.  And I still find it hard not to believe in the patriotism and the goodness of it all.  So, maybe what I connected with last night was the inherent beauty and strength of our human spirit as it evolves towards freedom for all.  That’s what it felt like and now wish I could speed up time to the days that will bring the future community-one for all and all for one with no one left behind/hungry etc.

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Day of the Thanksgiving

The mist hangs suspended, too frail to fall.  Eerie light shifts above the aluminum sky.

Our cheeks break through the filmy barrier on our brisk walk down the lane.

Granddaughters tumble around us until a stand of sumac up the hill calls Hannah’s name.
She leads the brigade.
Scattering up the hill like discharged buckshot, the girls wade through a yellow river of foxtails that swallows yellow headed Nora, but then the white fleece of her jacket rises like a silver moon out of the amber flow.
Sun stalks for an opening in this jealous sky looking for a spot to anoint the five bobbing heads. Faces shimmer with the beads of mist. Heads shine with a golden orange aura.
And I remember a time when I—newly here, not yet weaned from heaven—played in the lap of the earth.
The russet thicket of sumac becomes their fort. Two are Indians, three are Pilgrims. There are seeds and weeds to collect for a Thanksgiving dinner. They scurry, rising and falling on the terraced field.
“Let’s say this is the kitchen.”
“Let’s say this is our food.”
-from “Right Here on the Ground” by Jean Miller

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Morning Picture

Sunlight sneaks in

under the crooked blinds

spilling its morning juice

over the green bowl.

The bowl stands

wide mouth agape

with astonishment at

its depth of hue

that was blanketed

in the darkness of night.
-Right Here On The Ground by Jean Miller


New Moon in Scorpio

Bring out your wish list and look at it with deeper eyes. The planting of seeds that later blossom into our hearts desires is what a New Moon is about! This particular one is quite profound as Scorpio likes it that way. Dig deep, find your treasures and bring them up for all to see.

“This New Moon at 25 Scorpio will help us find ways to see through the superficialities of life and discover a power to know the structural strengths and weaknesses of actions, arguments, ways of living and more. Over the past 2 New Moons we’ve found wisdom amidst the passages by understanding Nature’s cycles and continued our journey away from “a narrow destiny” and “routine duties.” This one shows we have understandings available of how to purify our personality so the Soul can come forth, and how to accept power or Grace to take the lead in our world.

There will definitely be major forks in the road for everyone, with our Soul speaking out and many things being thrown out or regenerated. It shows some heart-related things are about to spill out that have been held in check for a while. It’s time to bring Spirit to matter, and let your heart express itself!

A live and let live attitude will do wonders, as well as returning to simpler joys for pleasure and revitalization. Those who have shown faith, determination, indomitability, and willingness to rise to some occasion or meet a challenge in the past few months will receive gifts from Spirit as a reward for their diligence. Many can find a new inspiration in a silent moment that can provide a penetrating shortcut to direct accomplishment and social success.” -Robert Wilkinson

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The Magic of Space

“The Self — Its Relation to Space and Matter”:
The emotions are natural forces on their proper plane; and because they are natural, many persons think it unnecessary to control them; and many who would like to control them do not know how, because they do not understand their own natures. Simply because a thing is natural is no reason why it should not be controlled. Electricity is a natural force. Used properly for illuminating purposes it is a very good thing – but it is a natural force and can be used to destroy human bodies, and valuable property – so there may be a perversion of natural forces through the misuse of them, since they seem to make up the greater portion of ourselves. In appearance they are many, and yet, on close analysis, we find only four basic ones, and the battle will not seem so hard if we can realize this.
The emotion which causes the most needless suffering is Fear. Together with Sensuousness, animal Sex Desire, and the most subtle of all, Vanity, these are the basic elements of the emotional nature. You cannot conceive of any emotion that has not its origin in one or more of these four basic ones. Let us briefly examine each of these emotions, since the larger part of the actions of mankind are directly attributable to one or more of them.
Fear is the cause of most anger, most jealousy, most murder, failure, theft, doubt, discouragement, despondency – and many of the lesser inharmonious conditions. Analyze any one of these states of mind and you will find that fear is the father of it. Eliminate fear and you have destroyed the root, or basis, for many of the emotions which lead men astray. Begin your fight directly upon fear, and not the many phases of it, and a tremendous amount of force will be saved, for it must be conquered before very much will be accomplished in life. You will remember that you were told that the mind is magnetic, and draws to itself whatever it frequently thinks about. When you are constantly fearing something, you are drawing toward you the very thing you fear, and the reason that humanity has not been swept from this planet long ago is because it has shifted its fears from one object to another so often that it has never held to one thing long enough to destroy itself.
To accomplish rapidly the destruction of this great enemy, it is well to begin by controlling some of its grosser forms, such as physical cowardice. Great numbers of men and women are inwardly the most wretched cowards and yet suppress the external expression of their fears because they are ashamed of them. Here is where the fear of public opinion is greater than the fear of something else, and the emotion is not conquered, but shifted. Try to conquer your cowardice, because it is an enemy to you and will retard your development…
Many people are afraid of mice. To people of this class we would suggest that they think about the many small boys who have made pets of tiny mice, and love them; and if a child is not afraid of a mouse, there is surely nothing about them for an adult to fear. A child loves his pet mouse, and we do not fear the thing we love. They are small centers of consciousness, and we are only larger centers in the same consciousness. The same life principle that sustains them sustains us; and after we have come to a realizing sense of our relative positions our fears will fade away, never to return, for we realize that all is one.
When you have eliminated the grosser forms of fear, then attack the finer forms, such as fear of the unseen, or the unknown. Many persons’ lives are made utterly wretched because of their fear of the future. They are continually expecting things that never happen. Others are afraid of the criticism of the world, and a common question on their lips is, “what will people think?” You must remember that the world always criticizes and condemns everythiing and everybody that it does not understand. You must declare, therefore, that you are not afraid of the criticism of any individual, nor of the public at large; that you are not dependent upon anyone for your health, wealth or happiness; and that the approval and disapproval of other persons, whether collective or individual, are alike to you. If you declare this earnestly and often, you will overcome all fear of criticism.
The Magic of Space by a Tibetan Dakini
Chapter 7

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Here I am for all to see………A glistening product of eternity………………
I found the below description on Alan Seale’s website ( :
“Presence—how an individual or organization ‘shows up’ in the world, the energetic space that their “being” creates, and the energy that they bring as they meet challenges, opportunities, dreams, and visions.” -Seale
We practice “presence” every moment of every day…………what is your presence saying to the world and what is it saying to you?
“Transformational Presence—a state of being in which one lives, leads, works, and engages in life from a place of profound alignment with their soul, their soul mission or life purpose, and the Greater Consciousness. This presence opens the door to the greater potential waiting to emerge in any moment, situation, or circumstance, and becoming a steward for that potential to manifest.
The more authentic and dynamic one’s presence, the more effective that individual or organization will be in serving the positive transformation and evolution of our world.” –Seale
I am present in my life; I am a presence in many people’s lives. Just making that statement brings in such a profound energy and it holds me accountable to be the best I can be.

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The Mars Report

Mars is kicking up his heels through next June and you may want to see how that is going to hinder or help all of your plans in the months to come.

Mars is strong, aggressive and a vital life force that helps you make the changes you desire in your life. When this turns to negativity it can be violent, harsh, mean spirited and hurtful.

People with favorable aspects during this time will be helped in a dynamic way to achieve their goals. Many special gifts and favorable circumstance will plop down in front of you at times.

And while it can be a little hard and fast which can create friction, there is GREAT ENERGY to get things done!!!!!

During some of that time we also have an opposition to the Sun. It will be important to take the high road and be virtuous in all you do. Lend a helping hand, be friendly to all (and mean it), be kind and gentle, be as generous as you can be and above all, remember to stay in the moment, stay grounded and love others as you find deeper ways to love yourself and your life.

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I’ve Been Hacked

Well, I guess it happens quite a bit, but I was quite shocked to log onto my beautiful new Astrology website and find that it is now gone and a hacker had inserted a new page.
Fortunately, a friend was able to put the old Blog back up.
I’ve lost all entries since the first of September, but at least I am back here.
Not sure what will happen next, so just chillin’

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