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Astrologically from Robert………….

We’ve now made it through the first opposition, with Sun opposition Mars still occurring between now and Friday’s Full Moon. This is the eye of the storm, with heart strength and a greater sense of higher purpose the rewards for those who persevere.

Figure out what needs to be done to keep things moving forward, and be deliberate in continuing to “gather your medicine” so that your heart is strengthened in association with others who share that magnetic solar fire. The momentum is about to quicken in our affairs, though there will be adjustments and sacrifices in the very near future.

Keep your eye on the prize despite momentary interruptions and deflecting distractions during this time of slowest momentum. Fit things into a long range perspective while beginning to do what must be done to renew and/or complete what was started Autumn 2009.

Been a bit down and wondering what to do next….so, of course found this piece by Robert and can see a little bit better. Might need more patience, I don’t know, these are some odd energies we are all in. You may be experiencing it in really good ways, but many are stuck in the letting go process I’ve noticed.
“Play with ideas, see the source of all ideas, and explore the inner connections with All-That-Is to receive new inspirations that will help you plan anew, knowing you have “made it through the night.” For those who have strived for many months, the tide is about to turn. February 8-18 completes the process of transfiguration.

We all have much to learn from the subtle world and its signals during this time of Jupiter in Pisces. Having needed protection from unnecessarily aggressive human elements, now we can experience our indestructibility as we move into more complex relationships that will help us master any lingering tendencies toward discouragement.

Overall, this polarization/realization process we’re going through is preparing us for the new energies emerging this coming June. It’s as though what’s going on is creating a powerful void that we will fill each in our own way beginning June 2010 that will re-shape our personal and collective world in 2011.

This is the time to see things as realistically as possible, stay focused on long term goals and friendships, make preparatory actions, and get ready as things begin to roll forward in dynamic ways by mid-February.” -Robert Wilkinson

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Mars inner rumblings…..

Feels like one of the old Boilers at school. When it would kick in it would rumble your insides. That’s the kind of vibration this Mars retrograde has.
Another feel is waiting for something to happen, grrrrrrr. I’m an action person, with a cardinal sun and ascendant I like to move forward first, take care of business and move on.
Sigh, not a lot of moving on these days. I have to work really hard at getting anything done. It would be a better use of this energy to lay plans for the spring forward boost into action.

This Mars is sitting on my Pluto/Mars/Saturn conjunction in the 7th house.  Personal relationships are just “sitting” there also.  Not getting better, not getting worse and certainly under scrutiny.  What do I want with these relationships anyway?  That’s what this is good for…………..what do I want you to be in my life?  Do I even want you in my life?

I feel a call for solitary hermitude (if that isn’t a word it should be!)  After March 10th, watch for the hermit to be gone!


Inevitable Change and Soft Landings

“Change is constant and all things change. Suffering is caused when we act against the changes that are inevitable. We must cooperate with the inevitable even though there is pain in the letting go of the familiar.” -a core teaching of Buddhism

Much is changing in work, relationships, our country, our world.  I can’t see a bit further than the next bloke.  Just trying not to suffer too much with it all and working on letting go.

This fits in nicely with the Stars at this time, they too are asking for change, letting go and trusting the process.  I am reminded of a saying about leaping off the cliff and knowing that you will either sprout wings and fly or there will be a soft landing.


An Odd January

Even though Mercury has gone direct we are still experiencing a backlash of energy that started during that time. It’s just plain odd out there.
It’s not a comfortable energy and you can’t especially count on anything.
I’m just looking out to see what is going to happen next.
Still hassling with email lists that I can’t send out, no printer at work and a sense of being in a bubble.
As I peruse through many astrologers sites I hear much the same.
Of course Mars is still retrograde till Spring and so is Saturn, I will be ready for intense forward movement after all this downtime!

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Astro Stuff

“These times are about coming out of drifting into focus, letting go of corrosive or divertive relationships and ideals, and finding a self-organizing balance and perspective to achieve a greater initiative, autonomy, and ability to care for what really matters. Due to Mercury’s influence, the next 45 months will definitely require a broader point of view, more fair, just, and balanced interpretations, and seeing the core of things to strip away superficialities and glamorous assumptions. It will certainly end old illusions of control.
major new beginnings are on the way for those who have prepared, even if it didn’t seem like they were preparing. New groups are being formed (if somewhat slowly and in a roundabout manner thanks to Mars RX), and what will end over the next 45 months will start being replaced with new ways of acting creatively or in a wholehearted ways beginning May 2010.” -Wilkinson

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Much Ado in the Heavens

If you have been feeling a little intense these days, welcome to 2010 and the ongoing rapid-fire evolution of humanity! Near as I can tell, no one is being left unscathed with this.
Just a heads up, as Mercury goes direct in a couple of days, you still might want to hold off on buying electronics for 5 days or so, same with signing contracts. An added dose of mega energy that is going to be slamming a few doors in people’s lives, is the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on the 15th. My Ascendant is in Capricorn and it is affecting me in some pretty strong ways. Look to your chart to see where this Eclipse will be zinging you as it is so much better to work with these energies than try to swim cross current in a wildly cavorting/changing Universe.
Or better yet, get your transit chart done….it’s a new year, get some help on how to navigate, it makes it so much easier.
Email me from this site or to home at:
Jai Bhagwan and Keep the Faith, baby!


Morning Star Featured in Metro Mag

Metro magazine did a nice piece on the Center that Dixie and I started about seven years ago.  Let me know what you think of it.    -Sue

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It’s Evolution Baby! An Astro overview for January

Shifting, changing, wheels grinding to a halt, while the spaceship of my being leaves this galaxy for future adventures…’s evolution baby!!

Check out my monthly article in Metro Magazine on Astrology for all the signs, it’s called Vibrations:

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2010 and Mercury Retrograde

Working out some fairly intense computer glitches both at home and at work. Will post more when fixed…………Sue

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