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Current Trends in the Planets…..

Hopefully you are all keeping up with the current command to let go, filter out, open up, be free to fly! It’s moving much faster now and you can feel it after the somewhat stagnate winter. Not really stagnate, but felt that way as the really intense and very deep internals changes were working thru the muck.
Great opportunity this spring, don’t miss it. Another Robert quote:
“So it would seem that the entire world is on the edge of change the next few weeks, with the future in our hands. Some things are about to explode, and the roll of the dice of destiny is about to show its unpredictable nature.

If things seem strange, crazy, out of control, or fraught with possibilities, they are. The next few weeks are a cosmic moment of decision for millions. Choose wisely.” Wilkinson

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The Finger of God

Is expansion through sacrifice and it is in full swing. These are hard adjustments for all.  In order to get what is really good/best/right etc. for you, you will need to let some things go and you may not have much of a say in it as these are powerful forces at work for change for the highest good of us all.

Wilkinson says, “While there will be “forced adjustments,” many of these will help us master discouragement, get what we need, and find a new sense of permanence or a new dedication to some collective ideal or standards. This is a time when we can demonstrate our ability to express a form of “higher power,” as well as add to our lives through renewed commitments.”

Because we have more than a double Yod at this time, we also have Saturn (responsibilities) squaring Pluto (power) and Mars (moving forward) moving backwards~your life is being stirred up quite properly.

Mini Reports on Your Chart and how these changes will manifest in your life:

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And if you haven’t had a yearly astrological reading in a while now would be a good time before Uranus goes into Aries and Jupiter joins in too………….summer will be very interesting.

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Tough Aspect For All-Saturn Square Pluto

I’m pasting some very good information about what is going on in your life right now and in the world. Saturn square Pluto is a tough aspect! You can see that major changes need to occur in your life but it is difficult for that to happen. R. Hand describes this, “…your ambition for your work may be frustrated. Bosses or coworkers may try to prevent you from accomplishing what you want. Financially, you will probably have to curb expenses. Sometimes the experiences of this transit is much like struggling against chains that hold you down.”
Well, the Borg’s told us that “resistance is futile” and so it is at this time. There will be many obstacles to overcome during this time because this is a time to eliminate the unnecessary in your life. Pluto rules breakdown and regeneration. If you work with this it will turn out positively, if not, quite negative. You will be a lot stronger when this transit is passed.
…….”From a practical, “real world” angle, these multiple “expansion through sacrifice” energies have triggered some very “hard adjustments” and forced some major shifts in whatever life areas they influence. Let’s take a look at just a few things that have been going on during this time of interlocking Yods.
First, the Vancouver Olympics with their equipment malfunctions, weather issues, ticket cancellations, and safety problems. They began with the death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili last Friday, forcing a rearranging of the luge course to slow things down. Then the games began with one of the columns of the Olympic flame not rising as it should.
The weather has totally messed up the Alpine schedule, wiping out the first two races on the opening weekend of the games as well as a bunch of training runs necessary in order to hold actual races. This is because Cypress Mountain, site of freestyle skiing and snowboarding, has not had enough snow.
Organizers covered the course with hay bales and dumped snow on top, but heavy rains washed much of it away. Organizers then canceled tickets for all snowboard events — men’s and women’s snowboard cross, halfpipe and parallel giant slaloms. That’s six events with no spectators lining the course, a total of 28,000 tickets requiring refunds of $1.5 million.
The reason? The snow washed away to the point where people were sinking up to their knees, and in some case even deeper, putting many spectators in very unsafe conditions.
Fans can’t get into events for which they bought tickets, and can’t even see the Olympic cauldron since it’s a restricted area, creating mass discontent. Athletes are competing in less than stellar conditions — Tuesday’s snowboard cross competition was a fall-riddled nightmare, and the speedskaters were less than pleased to be kept waiting to compete Monday night because of a malfunctioning ice-resurfacing machine. Or, like the Alpine skiers, they aren’t competing at all, or even getting in training runs.
I couldn’t help but note while viewing the couples figure skating competitions that I’ve never seen so many falls in any Olympics I’ve ever viewed. The judges were actually awarding high marks even when one or both skaters fell in any number of ways. I believe it’s because skaters are always pushing to exceed the old standards, and some jumps they’re attempting are almost impossible anyway. It’s easy to see how some adjustments might be in order just to keep from falling on their bums. The judges sure had to adjust their standards relative to past Olympics!
Besides the Olympic mess, there have been other major events going on as well. There is the seemingly never-ending stream of bad news for Toyota, with multiple brand recalls for a fairly large spectrum of problems. We’ve also seen many announcements of retirements from the US Congress including an unexpected death due to complications from surgery. (Update: There are 45 so far, one of the largest waves of retirements in history!)
The Taliban’s number 2 guy has been captured along with several Taliban “Shadow Governors,” the Ukranian election results have been suspended amid allegations of fraud, and in a very bizarre turn, an Alabama college professor went berserk and killed several colleagues. Upon further investigation, it has been found she killed her brother years ago in very peculiar circumstances, and was even a suspect in a bomb plot at another university a while back!
I’m sure there are more events that are indicative of Saturn square Pluto with multiple interlocking quincunx energies, but these are the ones that have happened so far that I know of. Oh yes, and one of my favorite poets died, Lucille Clifton.
It would seem that the times are truly a wild ride, with more to come once Mars goes direct!”
For more on the recent Yods, please revisit Astrology in February 2010 – Entering the Mars in Leo, Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn Yods, or Fingers of God.
© Copyright 2009 Robert Wilkinson

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The Light That Came to Lucille Clifton

Sad to say, I had never heard of Lucille Clifton before this morning.  As I perused one of my favorite astrology sites, an ode to a famous poet who just passed.  I will gladly search for any of her published material.  Enjoy……..

the light that came to lucille clifton
came in a shift of knowing
when even her fondest sureties

faded away. it was the summer
she understood that she had not understood
and was not mistress even
of her own off eye, then
the man escaped throwing away his tie and
the children grew legs and started walking and

she could see the peril of an
unexamined life.
she closed her eyes, afraid to look for her

but the light insists on itself in the world;
a voice from the nondead past started talking,
she closed her ears and it spelled out in her hand
“you might as well answer the door, my child,
the truth is furiously knocking.”

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Moving Into The Year……

As we move, somewhat sluggishly, into 2010 there is a felt quickening in the air (Pluto in Capricorn) and soon the rapid fire changes (Uranus in Aries) that we have so impatiently been stamping our foot at, will be here.
Last minute checks to see if you have clearly stated what you want from this year (Mars retrograde). Be thorough, look at every part of your life. Do you want a garden? Perhaps rescue a shelter animal? Do you need to change your career? Do you need to move, or take a vacation? Want different friends?
Surfing on the winds of change (Uranus) will help you now, don’t bury your head………breathe, expand, open to your greater potential and the even greater reality that we are all birthing here. A reality of equality, acceptance of all, tolerance and the abolition of fear. A reality that supports everyone in all of their uniqueness and creativity.
This is the time of planning and re-planning (Saturn & Mars Rx) till we burst through to Spring’s great activity (Mars goes direct on 3/10), you can smell it in the air. This is an exciting time, believe in yourself and break on through to the other side……….


On Men & Women as Valentine’s Day Approaches…..

“A man will treat a woman almost exactly the way he treats his own interior feminine. In fact, he hasn’t the ability to see a woman, objectively speaking, until he has made some kind of peace with his interior woman.”

-Robert Johnson, Jungian Analyst

I stumbled across this quote this morning and it made a huge impact on me. What a nice way to look at this. In fact, reverse it and say the same about a woman.

The dance of the sexes……….I believe more has been written about this than any other topic. Hopefully as we move into the greater evolution that is upon us, we can all make peace with our own interior men and women and come out equals at last.


The End of the World

Not so much really, and I think everyone is starting to get that. Fortunately we still have some freedom of speech in this country and many who are evolving rapidly in the spiritual realms are helping to spread the word. Wake up. Step up. Move up…………it’s time to leave the negativity of your life behind and get healed.
Sometimes that healing doesn’t look like it, it can look like illness and anger and sorrow, but you are just cleansing in order to be in a higher state and closer to God/Light.

Bill Herbst is a great astrologer and has this comment about these times:

“Civilization is not coming to an end, just the mistaken and childish directions
we’ve been on for quite awhile. The challenging, difficult, and sometimes
agonizing work to reform and rebuild healthier families and societies, to create
better, more sustainable models for commerce and finance, and to evolve into
responsible shepherds of the ecosphere that supports us and all life begins in the
2010s. The decade we have just entered will serve us notice that our collective
childhood and disturbed adolescence must end.
The Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 1960s brought our species’ first baby steps
toward a new and better world. The 2010s are only the second step, where we
leave adolescence and accept the enlarged responsibilities of young adulthood.
The 2040s and 2070s will take the work further, into full adulthood and senior
maturity. Our collective performance throughout the century will reveal whether
we are indeed operating with sufficiently enlarged empathy and wisdom, as well
as renewed reverence. One step at a time.” –Bill Herbst, Astrologer extra-ordinaire

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Astro-Vibrations for Feb in Metro Mag

The cutting edge magazine in Omaha, Metro-Magazine, was destroyed in a fire.  But, like the phoenix is rising up from the ashes.  The February addition is a little behind, but some of it is up now.  My astrology predictions for each sign are at this link.  I would love feedback from you.

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The Original Our Father in Aramic

I am particularly fond of research and reading about the original Bible, not the generally used one of today. Years ago when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered and then bit by bit information was released, I was amazed at what one simple word change could make in a statement. For instance, when it says “The meek shall inherit the earth”, the original translation was “awake or aware”. I never understood why being meek would work, not in my nature anyway, so that was an important puzzle piece for me to hear.

I love the translation of the Our Father and I use it often. I find the words holy and I say them very slowly and with meaning. Now, I have a very beautiful addition to that prayer that fits more with what I believe.

Enjoy, Sue

The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, the language in which it was originally spoken…

O Breathing Life, your Name shines everywhere!
Release a space to plant your Presence here.
Envision your “I Can” now.
Embody your desire in every light and form.
Grow through us this moment’s bread and wisdom.
Untie the knots of failure binding us, as we release the strands we hold of others’ faults.
Help us not forget our Source, yet free us from not being in the Present.
From you arises every vision, power, and song, from gathering to gathering.
Amen: may our future actions grow from here.

Neil Douglas-Klotz – translation

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Jupiter in Pisces this year

Such an interesting winter. I use that word lightly so as not to say anything negative. We can always find something positive to say about anything, and so it is a very interesting winter. Sloughing off old patterns that can keep us trapped in negative feedback loops is also very interesting. I’m not a big fan of continual deep internal clearing but it seems to be the only game in town right now.
Jupiter is in and out of Pisces this year creating opportunity to delve into our deeply spiritual natures. And finally, I think, getting it, that everything is spiritual. It’s a huge paradigm shift from church/religion/compartmentalizing spirituality and so on. I can feel the collective brakes grinding to a halt and people looking all confused and saying “what”? What indeed. Great expansive, beneficial, philosophical Jupiter in the dreamy, creative, psychic Pisces is opening up doors and windows to our souls and removing the veils from out brow chakra. As we peer out and see the world in a much less pollyanna way, the world, all of it, is shown as all of our home, not just Mexico, Haiti, England etc……….what happens everywhere is also happening to us. This is the awakening of Jupiter in Pisces…….the call to justice.
Robert Wilkinson has a nice clip about this I’ve pasted below:
“Jupiter in Pisces can lead us to greater faith, blessings, and connectedness if we dare to dream our deepest Truths. It is where we can “put our bread upon the waters,” trusting in our feeling-knowledge to be led to a greater Way, Truth, and Life. It is a time to say goodbye to whatever is no longer part of our quest for Truth, and get ready for the fiery new beginnings of Jupiter in Aries.

As I recently told a fan of the site, perhaps Jupiter in Pisces marks a closure on old sorrows and motives while embracing a greater wisdom-compassion within a sense of an all-enveloping Divine Mother energy. It could be a time to find a deeper sense of ourselves as Divine Witnesses, along with a greater appreciation of the value of solitude. This can help all of us say goodbye to many things as we prepare to leap into the new this Summer.

I’ll conclude these musings with a good Jupiter in Pisces meditation:

Imagine yourself as a leaf floating on the surface of the ocean of Divine Mother energy.
Infinite sky and depth are all around while you gently float, securely held on Her lap.
Feel the unity with All-That-Is.
Watch as resistance and fear flow away as vague sensations, and experience vaster and deeper feelings of protection than you’ve ever known.
Say goodbye, forgive, and be at peace held gently within the All.

© Copyright 2010 Robert Wilkinson

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