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The ’60′s Revisited This Summer

I remember the ’60′s as if it were yesterday. Exciting, free, radical, exhilarating, rebellious, creative, alive!!! Well, that’s what is developing and we will taste of that elixir this summer. I’m not 20 this time and not sure how my aged psyche/body will handle this last tango between Uranus and Saturn.  We have been dancing/fighting with this opposition since the elections of ’08.

I want to fly free, but I’m not the same headstrong, irresponsible, freedom loving “hippie” I was back then.  Life has a tendency to mellow the fires of youth, or maybe just “beat the snot” out of them.

We’ll see the fruits of the summer of 2010 in ’11 and ’12. This would be a good time to revamp your life and let go of the old or you won’t get a zingy new life because you’ll be dealing with sludgy old patterns that get you down and make you sick.

The even bigger summer news is the Cardinal Square between the big kahunas, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter & Uranus.  This is a slightly unstable pattern that will unleash enormous power through Pluto the planet of Power & Transformation.  Pluto will be under tremendous pressure to do something.  This whole configuration will be operating on the level of Soul, hope you have been listening to your higher self and following the guidance of your intuition.  It will be very important to relax through all of this, so do take a nice vacation and plan your next course of action in your ever evolving life.

There will be a lot of energy for taking action to change this summer, just don’t let it run you over!



The world truly is changing before our eyes and nobody knows where it is going to fall apart next, so I really think we need to just garden more, play more and be as helpful to one another as we can. No big plans just be a lot simpler in our approach and not make things so heavy all the time. Not sure why we are addicted to heaviness.

At least spring is dancing before us, the little tease, but she has to come or at least paves the way for her sister summer.


The Blame Game

When I was in my twenties I wanted to blame someone for why I wasn’t happy/rich etc, so I looked to my parents and saw all of their failings and decided it was their fault. Fortunately I outgrew that and woke up enough to realize we all create our own reality by the thoughts we choose to think, it is always a choice. Although my own children never blamed me for their problems (that I know of), I have assumed some guilt for their struggles and wished I had been a better parent. Now, I don’t feel that way as I look at the relationship dance that all human beings go through and how we grow by looking closer at ourselves, assuming full responsibility and accountability.
Today I opened the email and found the below comment and it made me laugh out loud……….thought you might like it too.
“Question: My grown son still blames me for having caused him pain when he was growing up, and he keeps bringing it up when we are together. I know I could have done things better, but I can’t go back and change the past. Is there anything I can do here?

J-R: You could tell him that if you have caused him any pain, he is smart enough now to get over it and make it an experience from which he can gain much wisdom.”

- John-Roger
(From: Fulfilling Your Spiritual Promise, p. 1115)

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Quiet Beginnings

Although patience has been a spiritual practice of mine and many in this life, mine has been worn a little thin.
As I sit and look out at the new fallen snow on the 1st day of spring in a long succession of snow since November, I am not the same person I was back then.
Several difficult transformations, or letting go, have pushed me out of my comfort zone and I’m not sure who this person is yet.
It is not comfortable to have a new skin in later years.
Something was at work deep inside throughout 2009/2010. And now there is no going back to a life that was shrouded in the past.
I wonder what this new life will look like? Even my diet is changing, again. Pleasures of the past don’t excite anymore. Looking around quietly to see where I want to go.

In the grand scheme of things I wish to be more involved with the healing of the planet. On a smaller plane I just want to be comfortable in uncomfortable times.

Brave New World was a book I read in high school and now I am here.

“Over the last several months we’ve found wisdom while understanding Nature’s cycles and continued our journey away from “a narrow destiny” and “routine duties.” We’ve purified our personalities so we could find a more effective Soul expression, and had opportunities to accept power or Grace to take the lead in our world. We’re now in the final months of consolidating our Saturn in Libra lessons while finishing our Saturn in Virgo lessons.
It took a few hundred years to poison this Earth, so it may take a decade or two to reverse the negative exploitive destructive thoughtforms that are rampant today. Still, the effort is worth our lives and “our sacred honor,” since if we don’t, we’ll wake up on the other side someday and wonder why we didn’t take advantage of our opportunity to create a better world for our children, grandchildren, and all sentient Beings to come.”     -Wilkinson


Be At Peace – Always

This morning as the day loomed before me and I tried to see how I could make it a little more fun, I found something I had written before and decided to re-publish it as it just made my heart sing!
I have been so very blessed in this life and I am really feeling that this morning. A spiritual path/journey has been a golden thread woven throughout. And even though I become consumed with karmic dancing with others, falling into gloomy pits of depression and other human frailties, the one thing that stands as a beacon in my life are the amazing Teachers who remind me of my universality and connectedness to it all.

I awoke this morning to a personal message from a Teacher I respect as one of the Greats of our time. It took me up and out of life’s minutiae and there I was having one spiritual experience after another all linked from my earliest years, the wisdom thread that holds my life together.

As a small child in the Catholic Church I felt Jesus and the amazing joy of his graceful/playful presence. As I grew and evolved the beauty of Buddha’s wisdom enveloped me. The loving and playful Krishna and the many forms of god’s face thru Hinduism embraced my soul. There have been so many wise Teachers on my path. I pause to send my gratitude to them all now, and especially to Jesus, Mary, C.C. Zain, Edgar Cayce, Hildegaard VonBingen, Yogananda, Amrit Desai, Kripalu, Genevieve Lewis Paulson, Golden, Robert Waterman, Robert Wilkinson and the magic in every moment of my life.

I am a child of the Universe and I bow at your feet……….Jai, Om, Shanti…………….Namaste to all.

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The Telly………or TV

I’m not much of a TV person. Seems like a waste of time to sit there for hours watching fake life. I do love the Discovery Channel and the History Channel and sometimes PBS, but not enough to pay the exorbitant price.
There has been a lot written about what TV is doing to our children etc., so when I found this little commentary by a great astrologer, I thought I’d share it:
“What is the product of the television industry?
The first (and incorrect) answer that most people come up with is TV shows. No, the content of television programming—TV shows, movies, news, etc.—is not the product—it’s the bait on the hook. The actual, no-kidding product of television is captive viewers, who are then packaged into demographic groups and sold to advertisers for revenue. The fantasies of advertising are ideally suited to the hypnotic impact of television to implant consumers with desires for products.
Basically, television replaces reality with a hologram that appears to be reality but isn’t. Everything on television is fiction. Everything.
Which brings us to corporations, the monsters of the midway. They sell the
hammers that drive the nails into the coffin of alienation. Corporations don’t like human beings, and they sure as hell have no use for human empathy and togetherness. They want obsequious worker bees and docile, compliant consumers.”         -Bill Herbst

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I have been grappling with time management and desires.  What do I want to do today?  Do I have to do anything I don’t like?  Can’t I just go play?  A funny little stuck place that inhibits growth.  That’s because I believe growth is forward moving and action etc.  But on further introspection I see that this limbo type place is full of lessons.  The first one I see is fear of moving for fear of making a mistake.  A thought pattern that says if I just sit still nothing bad will happen to me.  Then frustration at not being in control smiles at me and I just have to sigh and remember that nothing happens unless I make it so.

Yogananda was one of my greatest teachers and he has this to say about time:

“Very few of us know how much we can put into life if we use it properly, wisely, and economically. Let us economize our time — lifetimes ebb away before we wake up, and that is why we do not realize the value of the immortal time God has given us.”

– Paramahansa Yogananda


The Great Depression-Financial currents thru 2020

Many are writing about the similarities of the Great Depression of the 1930′s and these times.
It is a “squeeze” to be sure, and many are frightened and holding on to not only their money, but their fear of change. I can see the economic trends ahead through studying the many great astrological configurations about to occur. I found this piece on an astrologers website that rings right on. We have to let go of fear and find new ways to prosper and be happy.
“Revolutionary times of profound change through new ideas are not yet upon us in 2011. Denial will still have the upper hand, as the existing power elites of the American empire continue their efforts to resuscitate the old Humpty-Dumpty economy.

About the only success they can have, however, is to dig the hole of financial disaster much deeper.

2012 brings the financial and economic meltdown of corporate business and government to critical mass as Uranus reaches the first of seven partile passes in square to Pluto. That is the most passes of any Uranus-Pluto alignment for more than 1,000 years, making the 2010s the
longest period we know of breakdown followed by radical reform.

By mid-spring of 2013, the second Grand Cross gets underway and makes its eruptive presence felt. The breakdown goes viral and spreads rapidly to every outlying social institution — governmental, educational, civic,
etc. State governments go belly up. Social services are severely cut back. Many global markets simply seize up and grind to a halt. The Cardinal Cross continues unabated until June 2016, but Uranus and Pluto remain within 10° orb of their square for four more years past that, through
early 2020. The entire eight years from 2012 represent the most urgent wake-up call ever for America, and, by extension, for the world.

People who expect life to remain largely unchanged are in for a shock. Even those who anticipate a slow-motion shift over two or three decades may be surprised at the sudden cascade of events that accelerate and overtake us in the middle of the 2010s.
From where we are now, however, most of the big questions remain unanswered. How severe will the crisis be? No one knows. Will chaos overwhelm civility? In some places quite probably, at least for a time. That happens with every sudden and dramatic change. What radical reforms
will be put in place in response to the breakdowns? How draconian will they be? How compassionate? Answers to these and other questions will depend on how and to what extent our individual and collective consciousness awakens.”      -Bill Herbst, Astrologer

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