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Is That Milk You Are Drinking?

I have long been an advocate of not drinking pastuerized milk as that process kills anything that is good for you. This morning I opened my email bag and there was this article that I thought I would share with you:
“First of all, please understand that I do not recommend drinking pasteurized milk of any kind – ever. Because once milk has been pasteurized it’s more or less “dead,” and offers little in terms of real nutritional value to anyone, whether you show signs of intolerance to the milk or not.

Valuable enzymes are destroyed, vitamins (such as A, C, B6 and B12) are diminished, fragile milk proteins are radically transformed from health nurturing to unnatural amino acid configurations that can actually worsen your health. Finally the eradication of beneficial bacteria through the pasteurization process actually ends up promoting pathogens.

The healthy alternative to pasteurized milk is raw milk, which is an outstanding source of nutrients including beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus acidophilus, vitamins and enzymes, and it is, in my estimation, one of the finest sources of calcium available.

Raw milk is generally not associated with the health problems linked to pasteurized milk, and even people who have been allergic to pasteurized milk for many years can typically tolerate and even thrive on raw milk.

However, some people may still experience problems, such as upper respiratory congestion, when drinking raw milk, and the difference between the breeds of cows the milk comes from appears to hold the answer.”

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A Little Lighter…………..

Now that the Saturn/Pluto square has moved on….. but do get ready for this summer. There will be  opportunity for radical change on a personal and global level, more than we have seen in many a year. It will definitely be a time of nose to the grindstone to crank out your dreams or go down with your rigid/stuck negativity. There will be so many “miracles” around, you might as well  grab yours. It just takes effort to move in the direction of your dreams by taking action. Action is the key word. Dreams won’t manifest without the action.
Enjoy this Mercury retrograde as a time to plan, rest and rethink some of your ideas for a happier life.  Great change is afoot and this is a glorious time to be alive!
“Saturn is now out of the square orb with Pluto, so that’s not really a factor in this RX period. However, the on-going Saturn opposition Uranus in some ways anticipates the expansions and breakthroughs indicated by Jupiter conjunct Uranus opposing Saturn beginning now and lasting through late Summer. This begins the wild ride of the Cardinal squares and crosses I’ve been writing about for years, so get ready!

Mercury retrograde is good for reworking, rehearsing, rethinking, researching, or finding a different approach to whatever is not well understood. It’s also great for busting lies and misconceptions, though if you have the misfortune of dealing with someone operating from a delusion, they still may not get what’s right in front of their face. In that case, let them go and apply your energies to more worthy relationships and endeavors.” Wilkinson

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An old friend emailed me this morning and asked how I was doing with nepantla.  I had never heard of the word, so she sent me this description. A very intuitive woman.

“‘Nepantla’ is a Nahuatl word meaning. “in-between space.”
During nepantla, our worldviews and self-identities are shattered. Nepantla is painful, messy, confusing, and chaotic; it signals unexpected, uncontrollable shifts, transitions, and changes. Nepantla hurts!!!!
But nepantla is also a time of self-reflection, choice, and potential growth—what Anzaldúa describes as opportunities to “see through” restrictive cultural and personal scripts.
Nepantla includes both radical dis-identification and transformation. We dis-identify with existing beliefs, social structures, and models of identity; by so doing, we are able to transform these existing conditions.”

Pretty much sums it up. Although I might add that during these “messy” times of change we are being offered enormous potential for fulfilling our true hearts desires, we just have to discover what those really are.

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Another Mercury Retrograde……..

I’ve grown to love these retrograde periods, usually 3 times a year, as I get so much done. Finishing old projects, cleaning out the closets (just in time for spring cleaning!) and tying up loose ends.
This particular Mercury is in pleasure loving Taurus. Taurus is stable and hardworking, creating things of great value that will last a lifetime. You can’t hurry that energy, it is a little slow and plodding at times and during a retro period plops down in a grassy field gazing at the beautiful flowers.
Might as well enjoy yourself, take a little break, plant a few flowers/veggies and breathe the fresh air of Spring.
Other things to watch for during this approximately 3 week cycle (it goes Direct on 5/12), are miscommunications and break downs of electronics etc. We will be faced with choices once again, do we have what we need to be happy and so on.

For each sign it will act a little differently, so look below and read your Sun Sign and your Rising sign.  If you don’t know what your Rising sign is, just ask me.

ARIES-What you hold to be of value will need some re-thinking.

TAURUS-Take time to exercise and maybe a course in how to influence others in a more positive way.

GEMINI-The mysteries of your life are under the magnifying glass, look closely to understand yourself better.

CANCER-Fun with friends, take a cruise or just the afternoon off to enjoy your pals.

LEO-Take the lead and show your stuff, people will notice, this is your time to rethink the career!

VIRGO-Your higher mind is being given some new messages, listen up and plan accordingly!

LIBRA-Life and death, such a time to regenerate yourself!  Be reborn.

SCORPIO-Take the time to devote yourself to a special relationship.

SAGITTARIUS-The plans you make now will help your work soar!

CAPRICORN-This period just screams for a vacation, hope you can take one.

AQUARIUS-Might want to redecorate your home, or spend time with a family member.

PISCES-Communications may be hard, so write everything down and think about what you really want to say.

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New Moon in Aries-Big Times

The Aries New Moon (4/14 7:30am CST) is rushing to move forward – do be careful, we are getting ready for a Mercury Retrograde (4/18)  and Saturn is retrograde (till 5/31) and so is Pluto (till 9/14).   Aries wants to start everything fresh and strong but these powerful retrograde energies will have this New Moon sitting in a pressure cooker, hope you know how to use one so it doesn’t “blow”.

We are so at a crossroads of so many choices, choose wisely, so that you go for your bigger and grander destiny and not a lesser one.
Wilkinson states: “This is a Lunation where decisions will be made and actions taken that will move us through new ideas and visions into new ways of experiencing life and ourselves. Though the energies may seem ruthless at times, this is the beginning of new possibilities in action, thought, and feeling. Just make sure that while you’re acting and thinking you take some time to experience what you’re feeling and why, since those will lead you to needed closures and allow you to feel timeless feelings that connect us all with each other.”

We lived through a difficult winter in many ways and are all eager for the rebirth of our lives now that spring is  here.  Just choose wisely……even if it is difficult, you know what is the best path for you to take, it is right there in front of you knocking on the door of your heart.

“The next 4 weeks will offer many important turning points in 11 of the 12 signs, and many who have been seeking up to now will turn to new actions, thoughts, and feelings even as they complete whatever needs completing, letting go and blessing the endings to make way for new developments set into motion by this Lunation in Aries. We can now find new life orders and move from the old to emergent areas of potential action. As we do, these will grow into new understanding of the process of unfoldment, leading to new truths, visions, and ways of life in June.”  -RW

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What’s Goin’ On……….Saturn in Libra

Marvin Gaye said it so beautifully in 1970, and here we are again with very similar energies for change.
I’ve changed and I see it in everyone around me. It’s a little disconcerting at times and pretty amusing to watch some try to keep the old habits and patterns in the flow of inevitable change.
Dig down deep inside of yourself and notice what really is going on. Slough off the old ways of doing things and make room for more creative living to emerge.
Saturn in Libra calls for us all to find balance, integrity and fairness. We (the world) are back to the drawing board of who we are and changing it! What have we committed to in our lives? Is that still valid? What are you doing in your relationships? How are your boundaries? We are exploring our relationship with ourselves and everyone during this time (09-12) how are your relationships confining and draining you? How much energy do you waste on old patterns that aren’t working anymore? Saturn is busy right now pointing out the error of our ways in all of our partnerships/relationships. If you notice any discrepancies about equality/fairness etc. they will become like the Princess and the Pea-unbearable.
The biggest problem I am noticing with this struggle for fairness/equality etc. is the patience factor. Saturn doesn’t do anything very fast because He wants it done properly.
I find myself taking a lot of deep breaths.