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Messages anyone?

We have a nice little conjunction today from Mercury to the South Node of the Moon.  It remains the same theme that I’ve been writing about with the eclipses, grand cross, solstice and more.  That theme is to let go of whatever in your life drags you down, drains your power and makes your life dismal.

Mercury, our beloved winged messenger coming straight from the Gods with this direct command can actually show you how to let go.  Listening is your part and that is best done in meditation or at least quiet reflection.   Sometime today, sit quietly and open your heart and mind to hear what Mercury’s message to you is.

Your past is begging to be released.  It’s function has been served and you can’t take it into your future.  Sorrow, anger, bitterness, these do not serve your highest good.  Or even longing for some better time in your life from the past will not serve your happiness today.

Wisdom comes in the form of  release and moving on.

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Give Peace A Chance

As the great John Lennon penned so many years ago. This would be the time during a rather eruptive eclipse to find that peace within you. It is way past time for us all to stop being so reactive to external forces and breathe our peace out into the world.
You may notice your dreams are getting very intense or maybe you are receiving many messages from them. Listen and take action on letting go and lightening up your life. Do you really need all those clothes/dishes/pictures ad infinitum? Happy eclipsing………………….

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Cringing or Changing-What is Real?

Lately I have been reading a great deal of “prophetic” types of articles from Astrology to Nostradamus. Phew! Heavy stuff, and it has made me afraid of what the world is coming to in the not so distant future. Fortunately my interior voice keeps speaking up and saying ‘you have nothing to fear but fear itself’, and then I can breathe a little better and it pulls me back into the moment.
Do we have reason for concern? Oh yes, the world has gone down many corridors of negativity and we read about the disasters on a daily basis. They are getting worse and will continue to worsen long after I will be here. I don’t believe I will see this new age come into the state of peace that it will eventually come to. And that’s alright. I can only do just so much and that is what is put before me. For me, it always comes back to have I been a good enough person, did I love enough, was I generous enough, was I more of a help than a hindrance?

My best advice to myself during these times is to breathe and remember who I am- a being of Light having a brief human experience.  So, I donate to micro loan organizations like to help my brothers and sisters around the world.  I care for an aging parent.  I support a daughter in school.  I treasure and support a grandson.  I take care of myself the best way that I can.  I smile at strangers.  I bless irritable drivers.  I pray for the innocent animals.  I recycle.  I teach people how to overcome their outworn patterns and meditate.  I encourage good health on all levels-physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  And then I am back on center.  The world will go the way it goes, I can only do my part here in my corner of the world.

Astrologically, after this summer we will all be moving more in the direction of healing personally and globally.  It’s about change, we are always changing, and it’s about not resisting those changes.  Let it go and let in the new you, the new life, invigorating and fresh!

“If we develop concern for other people’s welfare, share other people’s suffering and help them, ultimately we will benefit.  If we think only of ourselves and forget about others, ultimately we will lose.  The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own sense of well-being becomes.”

-Dalai Lama                                                      Om Shanti

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6/21-Summer Solstice

It’s a power summer to be sure with so many heavenly influences churning everyone’s psyche and there will probably be a few blow outs.
This Solstice is indicative of how we need to celebrate our real connections with the earth and each other. The best advice is to remain calm in the face of much possible adversity. This summer is changing us all, try to remember that when you get bogged down in your own little world.

Because Uranus (rebellion) is so active and in the sign of Aries (in charge), hold on and remember that change is necessary and good.

Uranus wants  us to break free of our past and know that chaotic circumstances are helping to usher in a new era.  The key is to remain calm and flexible and have a little faith and belief in the power of you.

Solstice celebrations are a wonderful way to connect to each other and celebrate the beginning of  Summer!  Invite a few friends over and talk about the changes you would like to see in your life and community and don’t forget to laugh and share a little food.

Next up 2 eclipses that will rock your world-hopefully in a good way-up to you!

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The Cardinal Grand Cross of 6/26

Ch ch ch change…… can feel it in every breath! New enthusiasm for your life and moving in fresher/newer directions! It would be wise to have an update done on your Astrology Chart to see where this will affect you the most. Call me 884.0621 an we can set up an appointment to best navigate this most important time of your life. Eclipse reports in person are 1 hour and specially priced at $75 (save $45).
As we move rapidly toward the Lunar Eclipse/Grand Cross on June 26 we are preparing for the Solar Eclipse on July 11.
My favorite political astrologer, Bill Herbst has this to say about the June 26 Eclipse/Cross:

“Collectively, the meaning of this Eclipse/Grand Cross alignment reaches back
three years to 2007, when the outer-planet T-square began to form between
Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto. That right triangle, which will remain in the heavens
through much of 2011, gives us the basic context of meaning: Sudden
breakdown in the economic, social, and political institutions that govern social
organization and structure commerce, with an accompanying denial through
refusal to face reality.
During the T-square, and even after Humpty Dumpty’s great fall in the financial
meltdown of 2008, the powers-that-be preferred to imagine that they could put
Humpty back together again just like before. Despite unimaginable loss of wealth
and unfolding revelations of rot at the core of our failing institutions, few if any
efforts will be made to reform the system. Instead, the fantasy of “business-asusual”
continues, with no one taking responsibility. The deluded fantasies of
endless economic growth and easy wealth creation through massive debt hold
sway, as does the continuing theft of the commons by the morally criminal (but
technically legal) transfer of wealth upward from the base of the population into
fewer and fewer hands, namely, those of the super-rich who own the banks, run
Wall Street, and have taken control of the government.
Those among us who are horrified at the elite corruption, public malaise, and
lack of active revolt against such depredations need to better understand the
timing here. The Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square tells us in no uncertain terms that
calls for reform or revolution are currently premature. Make no mistake,
however: Financial, economic, social, and even political revolutions are indeed
coming, but not until after Pluto and Uranus begin their seven-pass first-quarter
square from Capricorn to Aries. That starts in 2012, continues through 2015, and
carries repercussions that ripple out through the rest of the decade and far
beyond. What we are seeing before then, in 2008-2011, is the sporadic
unraveling of toxic beliefs, some of which date back 40 years (financial
schemes), others of which have been with us since the beginning of the
Industrial Revolution (predatory capitalism). These are the sacred cows of
American mythology, and their ruin challenges the great edifice of propaganda
and hubris that took 200 years to build. In that context, four years of denial
represent a relatively brief period. Shaking off our delusions (the American
Dream) is not accomplished overnight.
To this basic context, we add the meaning of the eclipse. Solar eclipses
symbolize beginnings, while lunar eclipses imply culminations. The alignment of
this lunar eclipse with the outer-planet T-square reveals a peak period of six
months within the four years of the T-square where the “Ah-Ha!” of what’s
happening flowers into realization. Does this mean that the ruling elites will
recognize the folly of their efforts to restore the status quo? Hardly. They will
remain in stubborn denial until circumstances of mounting collapse finally make it
impossible to continue the illusion.
As oppositions, lunar eclipses represent awareness through polarity. The sign
axis of the full moon shows us the subject of concern and the mirror that
awakens. The Sun is in Cancer, which is also the “bull’s eye” of the T-square.
That tells us the personal security is the heart of the matter in this event. The
Moon is in Capricorn (conjoining Pluto), which reveals that what is bringing the
awakening into awareness is the institutional and financial meltdown.
With regard to the public consciousness, most of what’s happened so far has
been detached from our lives. Bank failures, trillions of new debt in bailouts,
markets imploding — all this makes headlines, but doesn’t necessarily impact the
day-to-day reality of ordinary people. This Eclipse/Grand Cross is the astrological
indicator of a change in that status. No longer will the concern and occasional
panic be confined only to Wall Street. From now on, Main Street feels the pinch,
and the fear. Quality of life for individuals and families is indeed threatened by
the institutional breakdown now underway. From this point on, personal security
is impacted by collective insecurity.
Does this mean that we can expect earth-shaking events over the next months?
Not necessarily. This shift in the archetype field is not a radical shift (as 2012 will
be), but instead is a culmination of existing symbolic forces. It is meaning hitting
home, which could take place intangibly, through a psychological-emotional shift
in perception.
We might start to see the repercussions of financial bailouts playing out through
rising inflation and a higher cost of living. Prices for food and fuel may begin an
upward spiral as the dollar is intentionally diluted by the bankers and the
government. Such a policy amounts to slow death, and the politicians and
bankers know this all too well, but it is the only option to keep our massive debt
at bay for awhile longer. The stock market’s downward spiral is already
underway, as are the bond markets, and the dollar has held up only because of
crises in the European Union. As the dollar depreciates, however, price inflation
for goods and services will soar.
The Eclipse/Grand Cross suggests that a significantly enlarged percentage of the
public is starting to feel the pinch in their own and their families’ lives. In short,
the repercussions of where we’re headed are sinking in. Over the summer, I
think we can expect to see a greater outpouring of public over the cascade of
breakdown events now unfolding, both in the media and in our day-to-day
interactions with others.
At the personal level, generalizations about meaning are impossible to focus. The
people most impacted by the Eclipse/Grand Cross are those who natal charts
contain significant symbols in the early degrees of cardinal signs, namely, 0-6° of
Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn. These are the same people — about 40% of
the total human population — who are already being bombarded by a triptych of
very personal and powerful outer-planet transits.
Though impossible to specify a single meaning for so many individuals with
uniquely custom-tailored lives and a radically different circumstances, we can at
least narrow the seemingly infinite range of possibilities by noting that early
Cancer is the small section of the zodiac that represents the target bull’s-eye of
this event. Whether or not you have one or more natal symbols early in cardinal
signs, the house associated with the initial six degrees of Cancer in your chart
will give a clue as to where in your life you might be emerging from denial or
unconsciousness and into the “Ah-Ha!” of new awareness. Also, since the Moon
is the natural ruler of Cancer, look to the Moon’s position by sign and house in
your chart to see secondary but associated meanings.” -Bill Herbst

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Breathe and Be At Peace-Eclipse time

While the world is hurtling into massive change on all fronts, it will be very important now, especially at the first eclipse, June 26, to be at peace within yourself. Lighten up all of your activities and relax as much as possible. You may not believe it, but what you do affects the world consciousness. I remember years ago reading about a Tsunami in Japan that was caused by the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings in Canada.

The eclipse of June 26 is also a Grand Cross between some very potent planets. If you will stop worrying about your stuck little situations and breathe into a greater reality of healing and peace for the planet, you will have added greatly to helping instead of hindering.  And this is not a time to lash out at others for your own limiting beliefs.  This is a time to dream a bigger reality and love into your life and then to send that out into the world.

“The Cardinal T-Square, which at times will be a Grand Cross, is something we haven’t witnessed on this planet since history began. It’s big, and already it’s translating into sweeping events such as the BP oil spew, the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano, escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, and global financial crises, to name a few. And we’re just getting started…” -Alison from Real Astrologers.

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New Moon in Gemini

Be flexible! Don’t be too attached to the old familiar ways as things are about to heat up and change dramatically all around for everyone. Breathe in the fresh air of change and breathe out the old dusty past and bless it for it’s time is over!

“With Mars trine Pluto, Mercury quincunx Pluto, and Jupiter and Uranus both square Pluto, it will make for many major turns and twists forcing adjustments due to what’s coming up. This unlocks parts of the new archetypes through the decisions and reorientations we’re making.

Do not decide to do things against your best interests, keep bringing your excellence to the fore, avoid reckless behavior, and examine old hopes and dreams, allowing the best to come forth. There is Divine protection in the air, as well as inner powers and strengths to bring to the surface. Many will find Divine help when human efforts fail.

Keep it very simple, straightforward, pleasant and determined. Things set into motion in the past few weeks are moving forward, if not dramatically. Yet at times it will be very dramatic due to the major Aries-Capricorn squares going on! See the power in the symbols, find a new stability, and allow whatever needs to crumble to be blown away by new information and developments in motion.” -Robert Wilkinson

So, step up and get ready to fly into your glorious new life, it really is happening and it is now.

Love for us all!

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Pockets in Time-A New Look at Uranus in Aries

I spent a delightful morning with my dear friend Jill and her two magical children. It was a pocket in time of activity completely in the moment. The girls are loved and guided in a way many children don’t get anymore due to the stress in their parents lives. Therefore they are wildly creative and joy filled little beings.

Now that Uranus is giving us all a taste of what spontaneous creativity in the fiery sign of Aries is all about, we can expect a few of these pockets in our own lives more often.Time devoted to intense creativity that we perhaps haven’t allowed since we, too, were children. Hours devoted to new and eclectic activities will be presented for each person’s life. Plug back into the creativity of your youth before it was segued into responsibility and the death of dreams.
Uranus calls each persons individual creativity/light to be on center stage so that the world can evolve into a better place for all.

This summer dip your toes into the waters of creativity/change and let your inner child free to express-emote-play and delight not only yourself, but everyone that knows you.  Be inspiring to yourself and others and don’t let anything hold you back.  Your life is about to become a change filled kaleidoscope of possibilities!  I remember a quote from years ago:

How long will you wait before you see yourself in your highest light and do what makes you truly happy? What will it take for you to open your heart and radiate outward the ocean of love which lies within you? You have been bound up too long, shackled to your fear, imprisoned by ghosts who are not real unless you make them so. The world needs you to be happy, to shine your light on all that you see, to laugh without limit, to touch the hearts and minds of every man, woman, and child who come your way.

Take a chance now and live life like you’ve always wanted. Envision yourself throwing off the fetters of fear, and calling unto you the glory that is yours by right of birth. Let your joy blaze like a fire in the night. That’s what the world needs from you.

And, more than that, that’s what you need from you.

From The Code ~ Intentions in Action

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Where You Go……..There You Are…….

It can be so easy to blame external circumstances on our own unhappiness. But, truly, whatever makes us unhappy is inside of us, not outside.  And with Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn and soon Sun/Mercury stirring up your insides in June, you may want to look closely at yourself in a mirror and tell yourself the truth about who you are and what power you have to make it what you really want.
Found this quote in my email bag this morning and thought I’d share it with all of you.
“Break the patterns of unhappiness and helplessness by accepting a simple truth: when you leave that someone else (and it could be a lover, a spouse, a colleague, a boss, a parent, etc.), you are still stuck with whatever is inside of you that causes unhappiness.

That doesn’t make you bad or wrong. In fact, once you realize that the source of your unhappiness is within you, then you are in a position to change and transform that source.”

- John-Roger
(From: Relationships: Love, Marriage and Spirit, p. 125)

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