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Finding Your Higher Purpose in Turbulent Times

We are in the thick of such radical change that it can be a little confusing as to which “me” we need to be.
Asking yourself a few questions can be helpful if you allow the real answers to be revealed in your questionings.
Am I happy? If not, ask yourself what would make you happy and keep it very concise.
Am I passionate about the work I do? If not, what would make you more enthused and excited about what is yours to do?
Do my relationships support me? If not, why are they in your life?
Do I find pleasure in the “little things in life”?
What is my stress level at?
What is really important to me?
In the following weeks you may come up against many seemingly argumentative and angry people as we all search for meaning in our lives. We know the old has failed us and the newer archetypes haven’t formed yet. We are in the space of gone but not yet here. Find a peaceful practice, one that allows you to breathe and reflect on the changes that you need to make for your world and all of ours to be a better place. A world that does not allow poverty/hunger/war/abuse etc.
Jai Bhagwan (All Glory to God)

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Mars conjunct Saturn-Calm Down & Focus

Tomorrow’s intense Mars (force) conjunction to Saturn (resistance) may stir up hostility/frustration and more. Today as Mars looks across at Uranus (genius/chaos) you will need to be very cautious and hold back on being impulsive in any way. Breathe, count to 10 or 100 and know that if you can make it through the next few weeks without a knock down drag out you are following your higher nature. And that is always the best advice for any time at all. Follow what you believe in your heart: kindness, tolerance, compassion, moving into happiness, love and generosity.
We are being remade, you might say that we are now given a higher archetype for being and it is like learning to walk all over again. So be kind to yourself and to all others, especially be kind with your thoughts and words, they are very powerful right now, not that they aren’t always! Your thoughts become “things” in all of your life…..look at your “things” and see if  some need to be discarded and if you would like some new “things” instead. Breathe or Chant into this re-birthing of self……..AUM

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Angry or Motivated Your Choice

To better utilize the intense energies of today that are flowing into the weekend and beyond thanks to that powerhouse Mars, get focused on your plan and move quickly into researching (Pluto) a deeper and way more fulfilling path.
Don’t take any criticism and anger seriously, it isn’t about you for others, it’s about them not being happy with themselves.
My favorite Astrologer Robert Wilkinson says: “These are times of dynamic change, intense challenge, and truly an opportunity to ‘move and groove through the intersection of fate and free will’. Just remember that it rains on Saints and sinners alike. And sometimes we learn more through apparent defeat than apparent victory.
Astrology shows us the energies of the field, when they are in flux and flow, and what we are challenged to do or not do in a given moment. However, Astrology is no substitute for character, courage, clarity, and compassion.”
I’m making lists and taking action with all this Mars get up and going energy and still zooming along with great speed towards my goals.


Gaia’s Crop Circles

I came across an amazing website regarding crop circles. I know they’ve been around for a while but I don’t know much about them. As I looked at the photos I felt like I was looking at a map of the planets and some of the aspects occurring at different times. Very interesting. Check out:
While it is true that anyone studying the stars feels connected to the Universe in a personal way I began to feel very connected to our Mother Earth and felt like these “messages” were from her and we were not getting it at all.
The circles as far as I could tell occur in ancient sacred sites all around the world but chronicled by many in England. Why the world isn’t studying this to understand why our earth is communicating to us in such a visible way is beyond me.
I believe we are about to enter into a time where psychic communication is not just with other humans but with the stars, the plants and animals and more. I can really feel that when I look at the circles.

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Breathing into Change……off we go!

This is the day many astrologers have been waiting for a couple of years, the last exact opposition of the Titans”:  Saturn and Uranus. I hope we have all learned the lessons of reinforcing what is good and solid in our lives while winnowing out the dilapidated dreams or foundationless fantasies. The other side of that is to be fearless in following what inspires us and stepping outside of our comfort zone to see ourselves as the brilliant lights we are and capable of enormous effort and resilient beyond belief! Look around and see who is left standing after this sizzling summer of change. Make sure you are in the crowd and notice that you’ve changed your hair and your clothing style and found a new career and healed some old relationships or threw them out altogether!!! We’ve all been on the astrological roller coaster whether we like them or not.
There should be a tad of a break as Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have slowed way down and gone retrograde. Translation: rethink your big changes and self discoveries, breathe deeper into your changes and poke your head up above the crowd to see where it is all at for you now.
Be encouraging to all around you and find your support in people you trust.

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Full Moon in Aquarius

Emotionally charged as the full moon wants to be, we can experience the humanitarian or the controlling aspect of Aquarius. And since it is in opposition (dance or fight-your choice) to the Sun expect to be very energized for either or that dance or fight. A good use of this energy is to work hard at some manual labor. Yard work is great to help dissipate excess energies. Anything started during this particular Full Moon may not be very stable. So be creative and try something a little different that has a humanitarian vibe to it and laugh a lot though out the day. No sourpusses allowed.

Today in India they celebrate Guru Purnima-honoring the Guru (teacher) and is a huge celebration-Jai Gurudev!

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Keep The Faith Baby! Saturn’s Last Opposition to Uranus

And stay as true to yourself as you can. We are in the choppy waters of the last Saturn opposition to Uranus (started elections ’08) and this last one really packs a whollop!
Stay true to your self, follow your highest destiny, keep the faith in the face of potential calamity. Do not take others advice at this time, they are struggling with their own stuff. If someone betrays you chalk it up to a lesson well learned and keep moving forward on your path.
We have all learned so much and let go of so much these past few years. It’s like we have been in our own cocoon and the metamorphosis is just about complete………….step out, look around, and welcome to your new world. You’ve been creating it for years, take a deep breath and spread those wings………………Om Shanti

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Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces

Today Jupiter, the planet of great expansion/philosophy/generosity and enthusiasm, retrogrades (slows down that energy) into Pisces (spirituality/deception). This will give us all an opportunity to dive back into our spiritual paths. And if you aren’t “working” one, this is a good time to re-start a meditation practice. Connect with other like minded people and see what good you can do for your community. Find someone struggling with financial problems and tithe your bounty to them for a month or so. Support the many micro-loan organizations around the world like
Jupiter stays in this retrograde pattern until November 18th so you will have ample time to sort out your spiritual values and maybe polish them up a bit.
Just watch your boundaries during this time as they tend to get pretty fuzzy, thank you Pisces who knows no boundaries!

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August Leonine Energy

I love August with that fabulous Leo energy!! Leo’s are the Brave Hearts of the world and rule all situations that arise with their true spirit. They shine from their heart with a generous, open loving energy at their best but can be a little egotistical and need a lot of attention. That is because they want to be recognized for the great gifts that they have. I have a Leo grandson with a great heart/spirit and his Father’s Leo Moon can show a rich and generous expression of feelings. My own Leo energies are huge with Mars/Pluto/Saturn in Leo in the 7th/relationships.
If you have any Leo friends you might want to hang out with them this month as they shine so brightly, you will be entertained to the max!

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Saturn in Libra till October 2012

Tomorrow Saturn moves into the sign of Libra for the next 2+ years. Saturn reminds us to be responsible and to do it right for all. It’s like a wonderful grandfatherly Judge looking at you and everyone else and asking what you are here for? What crime did you commit or were you the victim? The Judge asks you to be thoroughly honest in all of your dealings and to correct or make restitution for anything you were foolish enough to slip up on.
Many will be called to “fess up” to past crimes and do right by the victims. Look to big government to start also acknowledging some past errors i.e., Congress passing a Bill to reinstate employees benefits. There will be more of that and some of it shocking as we now see the last opposition of Saturn to Uranus on 7/23. This is the 5th zinger since we first experienced it during the 2008 election. This opposition has changed us all. Look back to the fall of 2008 and scan through your life till now and you will see huge changes if you are honest.
Always good to work with the energies at hand, so be fair, be diligent, responsible, accountable and do your fair share of good works……and hang onto your hat as the planetary vibrations stir you up like a centrifuge, throw off the dross energies and keep what is good.

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Heads Up and Alert!

July 22 thru August 22 is being called the “zap zone” by one astrologer I know. Fairly intense and bursting with potential disputes, irritability and possibly a few accidents. Doesn’t have to be that way if you are focused on changing your life for the better. Continue to clear out old clutter to prepare for a new life. I’m not kidding, a new life is barreling down the pike and you do not want to get mowed down by this. Breathe in the fresh air of your own unique originality and truth to yourself. Find a worthy cause to support and take action instead of just thinking about it. Check out your local politicals and let them know you are a concerned citizen. If it isn’t “green” it’s killing your world-get rid of the plastic! Start reading some of the books that have exposed who is really in control in our world like Eaarth and Eating Animals.
The rest of our summer will be electrified and “gear grinding” so jump in with both feet and get to work on your life and what you want it to be and “give peace a chance” to blossom in your life and our world.


Todays Energies

During the weekend of July 17-18 many are gathering around the world to help birth in an era of peace and love. The Planets are certainly lining up to push us through those doors.
Many people wonder how it will look when we reach this place of peace. Well, it will take generations to accomplish this and much that is wrong with our world will complain and fight back bitterly. There will certainly be more chaos.
What is a person to do? Move in the direction of your highest self, do what you know in your heart is right. Be kind, help others, recycle, complain about food in plastic, complain about cruelty to animals, you get the drift.
When I opened my email bag and found this quote below from Edgar Cayce I decided to make my spiritual lesson this week to think consciously and not automatically.

“Learn the lesson well of the spiritual truth: Criticize not unless ye wish to be criticized. For, with what measure ye mete it is measured to thee again. It may not be in the same way, but ye cannot even think badly of another without it affecting thee in a manner of a destructive nature. Think well of others, and if ye cannot speak well of them don’t speak! But don’t think it either!” Edgar Cayce Reading 2936-2

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Evolving with the Planetary Impulses

With so many powerful planets urging us to be more than we have been, I periodically choose a trait I would like to be better at. This past month I’ve selected tolerance through accepting diversity. In other words, to quit judging people, places and things because they are different than me.

What this usually does, and this month is no different, is bring into focus how many times I am doing that which I want to heal. There was an article in the newspaper about a young woman attempting to get off of welfare. So, I experimented with really looking at her picture and reading the story without prejudice. My heart was softly opened as I heard her story through the reporters words. Then I remembered why I and so many others judge. It is so much easier and less painful than really looking into another’s situation. As I read her story so many feelings of hoplessness, fear, shame and then just anger/rage at a society that allows a group of people to have to live like this.

It’s no wonder we choose judgment. How can we live with ourselves otherwise?

This week I choose to accept the diversity all around me and to do what I can to help ease suffering and pain without judgment.

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The Cardinal Square on July 30

As we sail or grind through the intense energies of this summer one of the opportunities on the horizon is Mars conjunct Saturn on 7/30. Saturn in Libra teaches us about equality for the world. In Libra we seek Justice and with Saturn wearing this sign we seek it relentlessly and with focus and intense determination. When Mars joins the foray at the end of July, there will be an added force to be dealt with. Mars is impulsive, energetic and of course, the God of War. World events will certainly be affected by this combination but how it will affect all of us depends on our sign. Saturn and Mars will be staring across at Uranus (chaos) and Jupiter (expansion) in Aries and Squaring back is Pluto in Capricorn. Welcome to the Cardinal T-Square that is transforming our world and our individual lives. If you have the wit you will get clear about your motives, avoid negative people and angry attitudes, learn to trust in the bigger picture, and by understanding things in terms of the human experience, find ways to be involved in healing our community and our world. This is the time of taking action.

For deeper delving into all of this visit:

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Still zoomin’…………

The planetary influences continue to inspire us all to find more creative ways to live our lives. Take advantage of all that’s happening this summer! The last eclipse was like catching a wave and I hope you are all still zooming with that energy! Cut your losses, clear the clutter, clean out your house both inside and out…….get ready for a huge end of July. In order to handle this power for change you need to become a bigger and better person. Don’t harbor any grudges, revenge, disloyalty or separation. Expand, open your arms and let in the life that is wanting to manifest with your own brilliant and unique flavor. We are called to step out of our smallness and into a thrilling life of Unity with all that is.
No more projecting what the future will be like, it is here and as the Hopi say, “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”
Don’t get left behind mired down in your own negativity.
Jai! Om Shanti

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Conscious Convergence July 17-18

These are big times we live in. The planetary influences are unlike any we have ever experienced on this planet. You can feel it in the air which is literally crackling with energy.
July 17-18 a global experience called the Conscious Convergence will manifest is large and small groups in all nations.
Here in Omaha Doug D’Arcy and I will lead a talk/meditation/ceremony at the Omaha Healing Arts Center in the Old Market. We hope you can attend.
The Mayans will be leading once again in Mexico and Central America.
This is an opening, opportunity for us all to step into Unity Consciousness. That means realizing are oneness. That there is no difference between a shepherdess in Jordan and Barack Obama. We have this opportunity to step into what many of us have been saying/believing and living to the best of our ability with a global community.
Carl Calleman, noted Mayan Scholar says: “This will become an event that influences the course of our civilization by setting the intention to manifest unity consciousness on a large scale with the ninth wave of the Maya calendars. I would then like to share my own vision of the Conscious Convergence, and what it may accomplish, in an article that does not have too much technical detail.

Over the time period since the Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987, and maybe even earlier than that, an increasing number of people, and not just a few select mystics, have come to directly experience states of unity with all things and a purposeful direction in their own lives. Yet, although sometimes such experiences may have been enlightening or blissful, they have not come to alter the way our world at large operates.”

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The Day After The Eclipse

Great energy was unleashed yesterday, so how are we dealing with it today? The gift of personal power comes with responsibility. How wisely do you use your power? Do remember that each of us has our own agenda and that might not fit in with yours.
Remember to keep your heart open to be as kind to yourself and others as you can. Don’t let the ego forget it is to remain aligned with soul, it is not running the whole show.
So, be in alignment with your higher self and feel the power of the eclipse and the development it is bringing you personally to advance into the best you can be.
These are the days of accepting power and flowing with grace and that is what will change our world and heal our planet.
It’s big stuff, but we are ready.

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Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Cancer Sunday 2:41 pm

If you are hearing doors slamming shut and your breath taken away by new doors whooshing open…….welcome to the second eclipse of summer!
Fresh air, an infusion of Light and the call of the Universe to step into your unlimited possibilities is happening now. This is the time of unbridled creativity in redefining our lives. Whatever has outworn it’s use will have to go, don’t mourn, there won’t be time because you will be so happy to welcome in your fresher life. These are the days of enthusiasm and change for your brighter future. Your soul is calling and the planets are lined up to help you now. We will be experiencing the effects of this summer for years to come. And with the help of Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus in a lovely fire trine it will be oh so easy to let go and let in and love will pave the way.
Stay tuned………………….


Uranus in Aries Now Retrograde

When the planets retreat we have an opportunity to dig through their lessons. Uranus, the planet of change and creativity or chaos offers a lesson of moving forward with conviction into new realms we have not foreseen. It demands that we dig deep into our creative ether and pull forth new ways to live our lives in excited joy.

Uranus now takes back it’s place in the T-Square formed with Pluto (transformation) and Saturn (responsibility) and asks us alll to take a reality check of our lives and our part in healing the planet.
Pluto’s part in this is a call to get the world together or have us de-evolve where there will be even more civil and planetary war.

This summer we feel the powerful T-Square in intense waves of change all around us.  There will be more violent weather, almost certainly another big earthquake and the economy will continue to fall apart.

What can we do in all of this seeming disarray?  Change.  Step out of your dead past, your stuck patterns, your codependent relationships and find the creative inspiration to live your life outside of a stereotype.  Find a local garden and pitch in.  Learn how to be more self sufficient.  Get rid of the plastic in all areas of your life.  Get real, have fun and be the creative genius you have denied yourself all these years.

Uranus just asks you to be a more exciting and original piece of work so that you can contribute to the healing of a world.

Aum   Shanti   Shanti   Shanti

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