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Mercury Retrograde For Your Sign

We still have 13 days left of this Mercury in Virgo Retrograde cycle. Plenty of time to get the most out of this and apply yourselves in the direction easiest for your sign:
ARIES-You may find a way now to jazz up your work scene or even find a better job! Any health issues can be corrected easiliy now-just find new ways to do the old stuff.
TAURUS-Liven up your life and find the old zing you lost. Surround yourself with children and play more.
GEMINI-Clean your house, rearrange and toss the clutter! Family/home issues demand your attention now.
CANCER-Your brain just can’t stop spinning and new thoughts bombard you daily! This is a refreshing time of changing old patterns of thought and being a more original communicator.
LEO-What do you value? Money could be a little short, so hang onto it and save. Plot a new course and your talented nature will blossom after the 12th!
VIRGO-Hitting you pretty hard about how you present yourself. Time to finish up your old life and step out of the cocoon mid September.
LIBRA-Closure time, let go of the past sorrows so that you can step into a more loving and compassionate life. Forgive yourself and everybody else.
SCORPIO-Frolic with friends old and new and you will gain insight into you. Check your motives and those of others in any group you belong to.
SAGITTARIUS-Recognized at last! And it’s long overdue, so celebrate that. Do be careful of miscommunication as things are changing rapidly.
CAPRICORN-Back to school to learn as much as you can and apply that to your life. Take a new look at everything you do and make sure that it is all in line with the Truth of your Higher Nature.
AQUARIUS-Death and rebirth from the smallest to the greatest. Heavy thinking for an air sign. Flashes of insight will come now, pay attention and act on them.
PISCES-Your relationships deserve honest communications and fair dealings. You will realize that now and be able to open up to all of your relationships in a more intimate way.

If you know your Ascendant (rising sign) you will want to read that along with your Sun sign.

If you need your chart read contact me!  Always good to get a yearly report.

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Bumpy Rides

But those potholes are filled with opportunity. With so many of the outer planets retrograde it can feel like you are driving our past winter streets all over again. So many potholes to navigate. And of course, watch out for those crabby drivers!
I do feel like everyone is stirred up and urged to move on but there is no where to go just yet, thank you Mercury retro. Practicing patience is more than a virtue, it is a lifesaver during these times. Breathing, yoga, tai chi, you know what to do. Make your plans, go over them for errors and then go over them again, ready to spring forward mid September.


Caution in the Face of Tests

Many will be undergoing some pretty intense testing during the “sizzling summer of change” energies and now this Full Moon. Caution is advised in the face of any adversity. This is not a time to be reckless and foolhardy. If you are going to take a leap of faith, make sure where you fall is well padded.
Robert Wilkinson has this to add:  “So this Full Moon will demonstrate the light of leaving behind elements of our ego-self so that we can become our Higher Self, using times of solitude to practice detachment, discrimination, compassion and understanding.

We are told this degree is one of “conscious stewardship” where we sustain our “enduring values” in “an uncompromising testimony to (our) deeper allegiances. Here “moral courage is a dynamic for all transcendental achievement,” where “fearlessness is a corrective for the maladjustments of both individual and society.”

The formula is Sustaining, Practical, Efficient, Specializing, Physical, and Sensitive. Rudhyar states the degree is in the Span of Idealization, in the Actional level of Characterization.

The Lunar degree symbol is “A squirrel hiding from hunters.” Rudhyar states this is a degree where we use our “instinct of self-preservation as a basis for greater realization” and lift ourselves to “surer foundations.”
-Willkinson at

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Full Moon in Pisces-Sun in Virgo

The Sun has just moved into the Great Earth Healer sign of Virgo and we have a Full Moon in Pisces creating some very unique environments for us all. Pretty unpredictable with fluid Pisces wanting romantic creativity and spiritually climaxing encounters. Practical Sun doesn’t quite know what to make of this Full Moon, but you do. Romance your own life, do something different that spiritually uplifts you. Pull out the paints and create your own Picasso/Rembrandt. Dream your dreams for a more expanded and happy future. Drop fears as Pisces ruled by Neptune can take you down some pretty confusing or dark corridors-your choice-keep the faith, stay grounded and focus on the highest now. You have days before and days after a Full Moon to take advantage of these impulses.

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Mercury Retrograde Time Again

We don’t usually have 4 Mercury retrogrades in one year, so this year is special. It doesn’t start till the 20th but you can feel it coming…….not wanting to get out of bed in the morning after being pretty jazzed about projects is how it is affecting me. Time to slow it waaay down, look around at your busy life and re-organize. You will have till the 12th of September, and really 5 days either side of the retro is still hazy energy. Most people know that you don’t buy electronics during a retrograde and that things break down. However, it is a wonderful opportunity to clear out the clutter and get more focused on important projects that were begun before the retrograde. This is hunker down time to get busy on finishing up old projects.

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Rethinking Your Spirituality

Uranus (creative/uncontrollable) went retrograde in Pisces (spirituality/deceipt) the first of this month and will stay there till the 6th of December. During this time we will re-visit what we think our spiritual nature is. Uranus wants us to be enlightened and to remember that ego works best if aligned with the soul. Personal freedom is very important during this time and you may find yourself reviewing choices and lifestyles of the past few years and perhaps reinventing yourself to debut just in time for Christmas!

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Moon in Libra Conjunct Mars/Venus/Saturn

More zingers to our Cardinal T-Square and the Moon just moved in. You might find this a little tense. So, if you can keep your cool it will help everyone’s situation. Today’s energies are great if you can harness them for fair play, mediation, helping others and just generally spreading good will. But the tendency will be to feel rushed, out of sorts, irritable, stuck and just wishing somebody would come in and clean your house. With all the other transformative energies out there you might just feel like crawling back in bed and pulling the covers over.
We are being pushed to clear up our stuff and finish a few of those projects as Mercury goes retrograde on the 20th.
Bite off as few heads as possible, nose to the grindstone and spread some good cheer. Remember we are heralding an Era of Peace and there is a lot of work to get done!

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The Dance Of Venus & Saturn

This week Venus (lavish beauty) is dancing closely with Saturn (narrow focus). You might call that some harsh realizations about how you live in harmony and beauty, or not. How your relationships are loving and supportive, or not. Saturn demands that things are done properly, like a good English butler. No shortcuts are allowed with Saturn and it is asking you to thoroughly examine all Venusian activities in your life: Art, money, love, beauty, harmony, sexual liasons, and much more.
We’ve been through quite a lot this entire summer and most are becoming aware that life will not ever go back to what it was. This week is a good one for visualizing what you would like most in your life. Look around at every aspect and on a scale of 1-10, rate it and then start thinking diligently about how to get where you would rather be.

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New Moon in Leo 8/9

Once a month during the New Moon we get an opportunity to think about what we would like to have in our lives and then begin to plant those seeds.
A New Moon in courageous Leo stirs some part of us that is not feeling recognized for our gifts, to seek attention. Put yourself out there and let the world applaud your unique qualities. If you have been wishing for something different, take action now or it will just remain the same old status-quo.
Leo favors an open heart, a jolly laugh and to be the life of the party.   Gather friends around and regale them with your tail/tales! Enjoy, eat well, be merry!
It’s a little respite from the intense challenges/changes of the legendary summer of 2010, enjoy your new mooning……………tally ho!

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August 6-7 Not Again In Our Lifetime

The Cardinal Grand Cross now has Uranus (chaos), Jupiter (expansion), Saturn (foundations), Venus (love/money), Mars (aggression), Pluto (transformation) and the Moon (emotions) in a very hard and finger nails on the chalkboard Cross. One astrologer, Susan Miller, looked up the dates and we have never had this before and it won’t happen again even in 500 years.
It would be wise to just chill now. Shore up your reserves because these energies are moving through you and eliminating what can’t stand the light of day and that goes for governments/institutions/corporations etc. Look to see where the weak links are and that is what is leaving.
Be very cautious with money as it is unstable right now-don’t gamble, emotions are running too high and fear is afoot.
Now is a great time to meditate and find other stress busters for your life.

And I saw the river
Over which every soul must pass
To reach the kingdom of heaven
And the name of the river was suffering –
And I saw the boat
Which carries souls across the river
And the name of that boat was

—Saint John of the Cross


Feeling Small

In the face of such Titans as Uranus (change), Saturn (accountability), Jupiter (expansion) reeking havoc in our lives, it would be easy to become afraid and want to hide. Feeling too small to handle all of this monumental change is another response. And now that Venus (love) and Mars (force) are mixed up into this Cardinal action some people may just want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over.
That’s one way of dealing with it but perhaps not the best. Stop for a moment and breathe into it and then look around at your present space and state of mind. Notice what you are grateful for. Look out at your day, how could you make it feel larger and more enthusiastic? What can you change right here in your present moment that will open up your life? In other words, what would you rather have instead??
These Titans are not against you, they come to show you your infinite strength and adaptability that you may have forgotten. They also are helping you to break free of the dead zone=the past.
During the month of August I am offering mini astrology readings on how all of these energies are working in your life. Contact: or 402.884.0621
We will all do better if we stick to the basics and keep it simple and follow all those “golden rules” we grew up with. Be nice to each other and to yourself.

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Keep Your Head

When Alice was playing croquet with the Queen, the best advice given her was to keep her head as the Queen gleefully whacked off the heads of others.
That’s good advice for this month but especially this week as planets move into position for some pretty hardball games! We have a little rest today with the lovely Moon in Taurus, use it wisely because you will need your strength starting Wednesday. One astrologer I know likened this month to an agonizingly long drawn out illness and was just wishing for it to be quick! The best use of these energies (and they must be dealt with or you may get sick) is to continue to look at your life realistically and sort out whatever makes you frustrated/angry/helpless/hopeless etc. Find the time to incorporate that which brings you joy and feelings of love and peace. I will be focusing on peace and to that end am naming my new Yoga Studio-Om Shanti Yoga & Meditation Center – Be At Peace Always.
Find ways for yourself  to be at peace always.

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