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Halloweens From My Past

The Halloweens I remember so fondly were in the 1950′s.  We always made our own costumes as the ones you could buy in the dime stores were lame and the masks were hard plastic and never fit right.  I remember being a cat very often as I had this long black tail from some dancing costume.  Black eyeliner made whiskers on my face and little black ears were cut from cardboard, painted and tied on with string under the chin.  It was easy to find a black shirt and slacks.  Our goodie bags were old pillow cases, and you needed a bag that big for all the homemade goodies you would receive.  Popcorn balls were the best, made from scratch just like the hand dipped caramel apples.  Old Mrs. Hubbard would bake her famous sugar cookies and we would eat those still warm beauties before we ever got home.  You knew everyone who’s house you knocked on and delighted in fooling them about who you were.  There was much laughter and mystery and memories made.

In the center of town the teenagers would always find an outhouse in the country and bring it to town and lock somebody inside of it.  Toilet paper streamers danced in the air from the tall trees and you expected to see ghosts at any minute and often, of course, you did.  The smell of hot apple cider wafted from doorways and many times you were warmed by someone’s generosity on a cold night.

I feel blessed to have lived my youth in the then small town (500) of Ralston, Nebraska.  The memories are a rich journey into my past at times of the year like Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone, may you be safe, but still in awe of the mysteries of life and death and the celebrations we share.


Reflection, Escape, Reality

This time of year is a time of reflection and honoring the past so that we can let it go. It’s always a Scorpio time of year, and especially with the added planets of Venus (love/beauty) and Mercury (mind/messags) in Scorpio. Mars (more power) just leaves Scorpio today and enters into expansive thinker Sagittarius. You may notice that some suppressed irritations will now find their voice. Be careful and don’t critisize others, we need to get along and not judge.  In other words, play nice. Halloween should be a fun time with the Moon just leaving party boy Leo and also opposing Neptune who loves to dress up and just plain escape reality. Don’t forget to honor the dead on the 1st and that means the old dying you.  If you can’t let go of the past how will you find a brighter future?   During the upcoming elections you will see some harsh realities exposed as the Moon conjuncts stern Saturn.

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Full Moon in Aries

It’s a powerful one and oh so good for many things. Aries is the leader and points the way to new endeavors. When the Moon is full we experience more, everything in our lives becomes fuller. However, with Mercury, Mars & Venus in Scorpio, this Moon can get a little intense. Scorpio is intense and Aries is a firebrand. And they share the same planet of Mars the aggressor. Look for some power surges in your life and try not to fuel any arguments right now. This is a much better time to go off and discover something new and laugh with friends. Happy Full Mooning!


After the Pluto/Moon-Thoughts Become Things

The Moon in Capricorn just left mighty Pluto which always puts me in a contemplative mood. Plummeting deeper thoughts is a hallmark of that conjunction. Interestingly enough it is also a perfect time to dig deep into the earth to rescue the miners in Chile. Somebody must have been paying attention.
I’m in a reverie about how our thoughts become our lives.
Isn’t it amazing what our thoughts can do to our state of being. Happy thoughts, happy being, sad thoughts, sad being. Conscious choices; we get to make them every nano second and voila-our life!
And even the Seasons bring their own set of thoughts that we step into. I come alive with thoughts of regeneration/hope/joy/new life every spring, especially because I am a gardener. Each summer my thoughts turn to relaxing in the sun and enjoying friends. Fall is my favorite because I am not only a gardener and get to harvest mine and others fruits of labors, but I am also a serious cook and this is my favorite time of the year to do that! Then winter, a mixed bag of thoughts for me. Great joy and anticipation for Christmas and surprising loved ones with thoughtful gifts and good food, but then the long cold. For me, the long cold is a dark place and one I actively avoid.
Thoughts……where do they come from? Is it our feelings/emotions that bring them on? I sometimes sit in meditation and watch the thoughts come out of nowhere, it is fascinating, they just pop up from no origin I can find one after another.
It isn’t easy catching and changing thoughts, but it is of great value to a happier and more fulfilling life when you do.

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Venus Retrograde Oct/Nov

I’ve written a smidgeon on this topic and how important it is to repair all of your relationships.  When we have the help from the planets it is wise to take advantage as it makes the journey so much easier.

My friend Robert has written a lengthy piece on this and I’m putting the web link here  for your perusal:

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10-10-10 Whatup?

Nada, unless you want to consider that every day is packed full of some kind of energy shifting around and changing. In numerology there is no 10. After 9, it starts at 0 again. 0 is new beginnings, you get to start fresh and new. So if we look at this from that standpoint we have a super jump start on starting new today!
Of course there are many other things going on astrologically at this time. The web screams out those messages in thousands of astrology blogs and web sites with some truly great info.
But for the most part, I’m going with new beginnings today because that is what it feels like. I’m in the middle of so many new beginnings I’ve stopped getting anxious about the changes. I have also noticed that we are  handling the rapid evolutionary energies of the past and certainly the coming years much better. Most of us anyway. So if you are having a bit of a problem with letting go and moving on, you probably want to see a therapist, get your chart done, call a psychic, get some energy work………… get the drift. Work with this stuff or it will work on you without your awareness and new beginnings will feel like fearsome and unwanted change. All your choice, always is, where are you focusing today?

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My Grandmother’s Birthday

Today my Grandmother would be 112. Memories of being with her on that small farm in Nodaway, Iowa fill my heart this morning. Soon I’ll be going to the last Farmer’s Mkt of the year, buying so many of the veggies we grew on the farm. And the eggs, at least I won’t have to reach under those persnickety hens who liked to peck my small hands. Gram and I gardened, canned, cooked, plucked chickens, slopped the hogs, fed the wild kitties and more. She was a great Libra influence in my life and molded my young ways with a very practical attitude. Work first, and always play and laugh when finished.
Happy Birthday Emelia Johnson Orstad! You were the best!


New Moon in Libra Oct 7

Equality and fairness are markers of Libran qualities. With the Sun and Moon now in that sign it is good to look around you and see what you can bring into balance. Saturn (the judge) and Mercury (the messenger) are also in Libra adding the important message that the world needs to come into balance and create better laws and more. This is the time to bring harmony to every part of your life.
On the 8th Venus in Libra turns back into Scorpio. The major focus right now is on relationships. Your relationship to yourself may be calling for an overhaul. Your external relationships to people, places and things might need a little “tweeking” too.
Jeff Jawer points out: “…there are also 5 conjunctions this month-Saturn/Mercury; Venus/Mars; Neptune/Chiron; Pluto/North Node; Jupiter/Uranus. Their collective message is that there are diverse ways in which people can work or play together. A New Moon in Libra is about forming a new relationship to relationships. Individuals and institutions find alternative ways to cooperate with one another. We may still be standing in the shadow of old obligations and expectations, but it’s time to put them behind us and find balance within ourselves.”
And from my era, a great slogun for these times; “Make Love Not War”.

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Hang On To Your Heads……

It’s a roller coaster out there and you will need to be very careful how you respond to everyone. Now is the time to practice diplomacy and flexibility. These are gut wrenching changes we’ve been coming into since summer. Now you get a chance to show what you have learned. Breathe deeply before you speak and be very thoughtful and considerate of other’s feelings. Choose wisely in every moment of your day. It is very important  to act from your own deepest wisdom and integrity. Much can be gained by taking the high road  and much will be lost if the low road wins.
May you be at peace always. Om Shanti

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