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Venus in Black Lace

Remember 9/9 till 11/9 and you will have some idea as to how Venus was affecting you during her tour in Scorpio. She has been in lovely Libra (a sign she rules) since, but on 12/1 she goes back in until 1/8.
In case you don’t remember, Venus in sultry Scorpio heats up the venue. This is usually the sexual venue, but if you are not involved, or looking, this will add a deep intensity to whatever you are doing and whoever you are doing it with.
In Scorpio, she can become very intense in all of her relationships. Self indulgences can be a problem (I put on 5# during her last sojourn).
She also endows the arts with a deeper intensity so, during the month of December you may want to look around at your life and see where a little creativity might make  it more exciting.
We’ll be in a Mercury retrograde which will slow things down enough that you will have time to pay attention to all of this. Mercury retrogrades can be frustrating if you don’t go with the flow. And with a demanding Venus in the mix the potential for frustration and even jealousies is going to be pretty strong.
Best advice, laugh at yourself, get into an art project and journal. Put your deep feelings on paper and not on your neighbor.
However, passion will be sitting on that back burner and you may want to go there periodically thru the month. Just drop your ideas of how this next month should be and accept what it is. Naughty Venus can be a lot of fun if you don’t get your ego in the way.

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Full Moon in Taurus 11/21

This lovely Full Moon in the tender/stubborn sign of Taurus is one of a series of Full Moons that are urging us to finish up old projects, heal or release old relationships and so on. Since it is on a Sunday you may have time to reflect instead of all the details of the M-F lifestyle. Reflect on where you are in your life and if that makes you happy.
Robert Waterman ( states: “This will help us break free of old emotional blockages and help confirm our natural worth. Though deep feelings will be present, so will inspired visions, ideas, and ways of acting. Major growth comes from embracing new experiences while staying aware of possible consequences.

This Lunation is regenerative, stabilizing, and should give us all a greater sense of enjoyment, play, creativity, and security. Adjust to the natural rhythm of emergent structures and roles, and use the vacation from the familiar to reorient to a path of greater fulfillment. Release what needs releasing, and go to your inner feminine to find the Light.

We now stand at a cosmic point of fulfillment, and can grow into a greater Truth and understanding by practicing creative visualization to shape our future circumstances. Adaptability and creativity will help us anchor forms of spiritual power which will show us the linkages we’ve established before now.”

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Good Times Will Roll………….

Now that Jupiter (joy/bounty) and Venus (lovin’ delight!) have started moving again we will see an increase in happiness, prosperity and just plain energy to do more of what we love. How nice is that! So, if you have been feeling a little “stuck”, that will start to change. Set a few goals and make plans,  this time until the first of December needs to be used wisely. The reason for this is that Mercury goes retrograde through most of December. If you are buying anyone electronics for Christmas you will want to do that before December. In fact, do your shopping thru the rest of November and relax during the holiday season because that is what there will be energy for. No rushing around and being crazy-chill!!
Enjoy the rest of November with good cheer and and an expansive spirit-Thanksgiving will be jolly, enjoy it!

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Intuitive Astrology

I have studied Intuitive Astrology since 1979 with my good friend and mentor Genevieve Lewis Paulson. I just returned from a workshop there about the coming influences of 2011. This will be a challenging year for all and I will be teaching many classes and workshops on this in December and January. Watch for the announcements.

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World Peace

Visualize it………hold it in your minds eye……hold it in your heart…….see it…….smell it……taste it……..feel it……..sense it…….do it now.
Why would any of us want anything other than peace? Ask yourself these questions: Does anger make me happy? Does sorrow help a friend? Does being mean fill me up?
Where are our priorities? In a world of great need it is time to step outside of our small lives and contribute for the good of all.
Take time today and visualize peace.
Take time today to pray for peace.
Take time today to be peace.
Om    Shanti   Shanti   Shanti

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We are experiencing the beginning of some pretty big energy. Neptune (spirituality/creativity/illusion) has been unleashed from it’s retrograde cycle. It’s been retrograde since last spring. You may experience a beautiful creative flow of energy in any area of your charts that transiting Neptune has been visiting. Venus (love & harmony) moves into Libra (balance) indicating a time of ease and beauty. Soon she will join Jupiter (expansive & jolly) and many wonderful things will be possible. A lighter and certainly merrier time this November. That is, if you are not swimming against the currents of your life. These planets reward you for aligning with your purpose not working against it. So, if you are struggling right now, look around and see where you are not working in your best interest.
Get your Christmas shopping done in November as we will be dealing with a tricky Mercury (communication)  retrograde all of December and that usually denotes missed engagements, lost packages, communication breakdowns and more.
As the holiday seasons are barreling down at us remember to keep the joy in them and pare down unrealistic fantasies.

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New Moon in Scorpio 11/5 & 6

The Sun (vital spirit), Moon (emotions), Mercury (mind), Venus (love) are all in watery Scorpio. Many words associated with Scorpio are dark, but there are also many great qualities to this sign: idealistic, passionate, intense and persistant.
This New Moon is filled with emotion, possibly high drama and all the things that Scorpio energy can present. Because energy is neutral, it manifests through each individual in whatever level that individual is at. In other words, if you want the most out of this very powerful New Moon, you need to be in a high vibtational state. Love is a good place to start, then happiness, being playful or in a compassionate/thankful state. But don’t get caught in a foul mood now because it will backfire and be hard to rectify later.
Do be careful of others who may not have your best intentions in mind. With all this Scorpio energy  around whatever you do will be filled with passion so, go find a loving space/loving friend and enjoy it all!