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Astro 2011

It’s almost the NEW YEAR, are you ready?

Have your Astrology Chart done for this very important year of 2011. This chart will show you very personally just how the planets are calling for you to grow/change and step into your awesome power. Nobody in the world is like you and yet, we are all the same! This year will make you very aware of that seeming duality.

This report will help you glide into creative transitions in your life.
For the month of January this $120 report is $95, a savings of $25 for the first 10 people to respond. (A one + hour reading, in person or over the phone, taped with handouts)
This is one of the most important years of your life, and the lives of everyone on this planet.
During this year we will see two major planets change their signs and so much more……………………………

Neptune (spirituality/creativity/deception) moves into Pisces (dreamy) on April 4, 2011 to stay until March 31, 2025. During this time you will see enormous humanitarian and spiritual changes in the lives of all.

Uranus (innovative change or destruction) moves into Aries on March 11, 2011 to stay until March 7, 2019. This time will herald the breakdown of rigid, out of date structures and begin anew from scratch.

Chiron (wounded warrior/healer/astrologer/philosopher) moves into Pisces on February 8, 2011 to stay until February 18, 2019. The last time Chiron was here was 1960-1969. This will be a radical shift similar to the ‘60’s of throwing off the chains of bondage and restriction to break into personal and global freedom. The theme is HEALING.

And this is just a taste of the many transitions this year begins for us all.

“Though some people will experience severe challenges and the need to back off if they find themselves out on a limb, illuminating what they should be learning through, I believe there is little to fear from this eclipse. A lot of positive work can be accomplished by combining how you have been or are being blessed within a larger group, social, or community context with the willingness to live a higher set of life standards.

The next few months blesses us or shows us how to bless others. We will truly learn that we need to be willing to live our Spiritual Self in the highest possible way while retiring from old dramas. Use creative visualization in your own unique way, and you can transcend old limitations and find dominion over your life. Aum Namah Shivaya!” -Robert Wilkinson

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And so we have this amazing eclipse and it was much bigger than I had anticipated. Emotional with family and one particiular person having a meltdown that effected so many of us and all trying to figure out how to make this one person have an easier time of it. Certainly pulled the family together and brought the elephant into the room.
Yes, eclipses can be quite dramatic and the blessings are such a relief after the shazammmmmmm!
Today the Sun changes into one of my favorite signs-Capricorn. In Capricorn we are grounded and steady, and do we ever need that now! Capricorn takes the lead in a very practical but powerful way. It feels like someone opened the door and fresh Spring air has flooded the room.
Mercury retrograde continues along in very thoughtful ways of creating deep change through mindful thinking but not taking action just yet.


Full Moon Eclipse at the Solstice 2010

It’s a double whammy of incredible blessings! This eclipse begins a closing out season in whatever house it falls in your chart. If you would like to know how this will affect you personally just ask me-IT’S FREE! I will need your birth date, time and place.
We enter into this time of the year in awe of the deep and the dark. It is a pivotal time where we can reflect on our lives and begin the elimination process of what no longer serves our highest nature.
We can tap into a high spiritual state now and bring forth the gifts of wisdom/creativity/love and more, to share with our families and communities. We can realize our “oneness” in a very hands on way of taking action and sharing our gifts and love.
Because we are also in a Mercury Retrograde, you can expect people and things from the past to re enter your life for examination and reconnection and letting go.
Celebration and Graduation are two great words to describe what we are all going through now.
Gotta love it!


Mercury Retrograde Through The Houses

This is a very interesting retrograde cycle and I’m seeing a lot of clearing and cleaning from self and others around me.
If you would like a very brief report on how this is affecting you in whatever house (theme) it is in your chart, just contact me-”IT’S FREE”, with your birth date, time, place. If you don’t know the time I can still give it to you on your sun sign. Just respond to this blurb.
Happy Holidays!


Neptune in Pisces 2011-2025

Neptune, the planet of mystery/spirituality/enlightenment/creativity, is returning to the sign it rules, Pisces in 2011. This will be a culmination of 165 years of spiritual growth on this planet! Do a little historical digging and see what we humans have been up to in that realm. Now we peek into a future that will change the way we view God and how we interact with the creative life force. Get ready for some mind blowing changes where the people on this planet start waking up and dropping old vengeful god beliefs and the principles of peaceful acceptance and tolerance of all begins to settle in. Incredible beauty and creativity will be unleashed also, look for our world to be transformed……….again. The negative side of Neptune in Pisces can delude people into believing things are different when they are not. Neptune also rules drugs and altered states where we may see a turn for the worse in that area but better understanding and help for people who want to change. Stay out of self-deception and rise up to your best and highest state and you will soar with these energies.


Power Point

It can be a little intense right now if you are not focusing and just being present for other’s angst. Pluto (plumbing the depths), Mars (power surge), Mercury (usually the messenger, but stopping communication now till the 30th) are under Capricorn’s gaze (obstacles, discipline, limitation, government). Not an easy time thru the rest of December. I find my dreams waking me up and the symbolism blowing my mind. Some mornings I can only muse about said dreams and wonder their greater reality connected to the collective unconscious. These are deep waters that are being activated for us all to become more accountable in how we treat ourselves, others, the land/waters etc. I do believe I feel a car bomb somewhere going off…………that would be the negative use of this powerful tri-energy.


December Astro for All Signs on

December is gonna rock your sign in oh so many ways! Like Bonnie Rait says, “let’s give ‘em something to talk about”………….ok then, let’s talk about Mercury retrograde starting on the 10th, but you will feel it around the 1st and it won’t go away Momma till the 29th, and you will feel it into the New Year, which is another story altogether!! Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods and rules communications/electronics etc. When he slows down you can count on mis-communications, lost mail, computers breaking down and puhleese don’t buy anyone you love electronics for Christmas, unless purchased in November! So slow it waaaay down and just relax. You will not be able to rush around in December and frantically buy presents, just won’t work this year. But there are many things you can do, especially with Venus touring through sexy Scorpio. I call this Venus in Black Lace and there will be a lovely sexual energy floating through the entire month. What you do with that is always “behind closed door”. The New Moon in fiery Sagittarius on 12/5 will align with the Galactic Center and you will want to be very still and reflect on just what you want your life to be giving you at this time. New Moons are the time to plant the seeds of what you would rather have instead. And to boost this, Uranus (chaotic/impulsive) will go direct and create such uneasiness in some and creative brilliance in others! Almost too hot to handle. And oh so much more but I’ll leave it with the indescribable Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on 12/21 in Gemini at the Winter Solstice. If you believe in anything………polish it up now and offer it to the gods of the coming Age for this eclipse will shut down many things in your life that have not served your highest interest in oh so long…… with it, surrender the dead past and bravely be born into your brightest future!
Go to: to read individual signs forecast.

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Originality Moving Forward

Uranus, the planet of originality/inventions/uniqueness/chaos/electricity, is moving forward now, after being retrograde since August 1st. How this energy effects you is unpredictable, but it will infuse you with a desire to do things a little differently. Since we are in the holiday season, a good use of this energy would be to make it different this year. Be original and let your own expression of what this season is truly about come forth.
Along with the added jolt of energy from Uranus, we have Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn asking us to pause and think before we leap. In truth, this month is good for introspection, not so good for frantic holiday fare.

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New Moon in Sagitarius

Higher philosophies are beckoning you, take a good look at how you are living your life and see if it could use a little more clarity and wisdom. Sagittarius calls us to be our authentic selves and to look around and make the world a better place to live in. New Moon’s are the time to plant seeds for what you would rather have instead.
Because Mercury (communication) and Pluto (heavy) are coming together now, you can expect some weighty conversations and life changing ideas to enter the field.
When Mercury goes retrograde on the 10th, slow it way down and relax as much as possible. Look around and see what good you can do for yourself and others by staying focused and calm.
The times they are a changin’ and we get to learn new ways of living the life of a human on planet earth…………………mozel tav!

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