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A Time To Digest

Saturn is now retrograde which is lightening up some of the heavy responsibilities and lessons that can be associated with stern Saturn moving forward. This is a a time to digest the past months and see what kind of progress you are making. While it can seem a little sluggish when Saturn slows down, use the time to sort out where you want to be by the time it turns direct next June 13th.
Noted astrologer Robert Wilkinson adds this great info for the house placement. Look for your birthdate at the end of each house (there are 12):
1st house: Get a new perspective on newly accepted obligations and duties. Examining what you’ve learned from experience, reorganize your inner and outer limitations and involvements. Accept the discipline as a learning rigor to repair a more ideal sense of self. This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between September 10-October 3.

2nd house: Find a more appropriate balance in your values and how you view and use the resources at your disposal. See that the triumphs and limitations in these things are the result of what you did and did not do in the recent past. Use your values to repair the ideal. This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between August 9 and September 2.

3rd house: You’re restructuring how you view things and communicate them. This could be a time to repair relationships in your environment, or with your brothers and sisters, or also a time when consequences come home to roost. Train your mind and speech and repair the ideal. This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between July 9 and August 2.

4th house: You’re restructuring your base of operations by viewing the limitations and strengths of your early upbringing. This begins a long term rise to a greater authority or visibility. Train your roots and flowers will result. Repair the foundations of your life. This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between June 8 and July 2.

5th house: Retreat within to repair self-confidence to express more creativity. You will be seeing the consequences of how you’ve related to children, as well as your own playfulness and enthusiasms (or lack thereof.) Repair your connection to joyous self-expression! This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between May 8-31.

6th house: This will show you the consequences of how you work, and how you’ve cared for your health or not. This gives opportunities to restore the balance in these areas preparing you for new ways of relating to others. Repair your sense of a greater ideal of service. This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between April 7-30.

7th house: You’re going to get to repair how you relate to others as an equal, as well as see the consequences for not doing this or letting things get out of balance with your partner. Let go of the need to control or be too rigid with others. Restore a proper proportion. This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between March 7-30.

8th house: This will help you view past losses from different perspectives. You may get insights into others’ values that help you restore your sense of fairness. This balances various desires with the consequences of those desires, helping restore a more just view. This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between February 6-28.

9th house: This will show you the consequences of truths you’ve held up to now, and offers opportunities to mature into a more balanced larger view and sense of truth. Use inner equilibrium and learning disciplines to find a view that moderates the opposites. This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between January 7-30.

10th house: This will bring blowback for past authoritarian behavior, but benefits for willingness to take responsibility in public ways. It offers ways to repair the elegance and style of your public image. Be honorable in restoring your sense of what’s just and fair. This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between December 8-31.

11th house: This crystallizes new goals and ambitions while bringing the results of past imbalances in these and group involvements. A good time to repair friendships. Look at how past ambitions brought you to what you’re dealing with while repairing your ideal of group work. This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between November 9 and December 1.

12th house: Mature into a new sense of self as you spend time in solitude adjusting the ideal of “the movie of your life.” This can help you see how past motives brought you consequences that are yielding either rewards, sorrows, or both. Repair a balanced self-sufficiency. This applies to your Solar chart if you were born between October 9 and November 1.

Copyright © 2011 Robert Wilkinson


Jupiter Goes Into Aries Sunday

I love the expansive and benevolent energy of Jupiter, the planet of Good Luck and much more. It’s just easier to accomplish what I want when Jupiter is shining. Sunday, Jupiter moves into fiery Aries. Aries is about taking the lead, being innovative, winning/charming and radiant. Jupiter has been moving through my money house and it’s been great, now there will be an added oomph in that area because Aries is clear and strong about what it is doing. You might want to check out where Jupiter in Aries is going to be in your chart to get the most out of the next few months till June 4th. I think we will all be getting pretty inspired and fired up to accomplish a lot more and generally be happy too.
In April we get 6 planets and the Sun and Moon at various times all in Aries! Start planning now so that you utilize all this raw power in a productive way instead of just feeling overwhelmed.
If you would like to know where Jupiter in Aries is hitting you, just ask me, I’ll look it up for you. I’ll need your birth date/time/place.


Full Moon in Cancer

Cuddling up with a close friend could be oh so nice, but if you don’t have that kind or relationship with someone you could be sad and filled with longing. To help offset any feelings of lonliness, take care of someone, do a good deed, fluff somebody’s pillows!
Emotionally charged always with a full moon so tone it down and nurture yourself and others and take it easy.

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So Much Information……

And sometimes it’s not true or researched very well before publishing. One wannabe Astronomer made a lot of news and created much ado about nothing over the new zodiac sign/constellation etc. Much of this was exposed in the ’90′s as the astro slamming by a sci-fi writer. I’ve published a great article by Eric Frances on Facebook and now I’m posting Robert Wilkinson’s rebuttal, a good read, thanks Robert and Eric:

The So-Called “New Zodiac”
by Robert Wilkinson

Well, it seems that someone has just made a name for himself by looking at a Babylonian zodiac and proclaiming that all our astrology signs are different. Is this really news, or for that matter, true?

Gotta love it when a nobody comes up with something that goes viral even when it’s not news or even relevant to modern existence! (No, this is not another Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, or “balloon boy” story…) According to the Minnesota Planetarium Society’s Parke Kunkle, the BIG NEWS is that the Babylonians had 13 constellations. They were the current 12 plus Ophiuchus. Supposedly Ophiuchus was “discarded by the Babylonians because they wanted 12 signs per year.”

This is not news, and is superficial clap trap at best! As I wrote to two friends who emailed me this not-so-stunning announcement yesterday:

Yawn. This is just more of the same old same old. The astronomers approximate the “Sidereal positions,” though all will admit that NO ONE actually knows when the divergence between the zodiac and the constellations began. This is just another approximation made by a literalist who wants to link astrology to the constellations rather than the symbolic cycles of unfoldment.

There are also ancient zodiacs that included Cetus and Ophiuchus that did not include Libra. In ancient days there was one HUGE constellation called Virgo-Scorpio. It was only upon the arrival of Venus in our solar system that the ancients created Libra out of Virgo-Scorpio and made the one big one into three smaller ones.

This is just more nonsense comparing apples and oranges from a nobody trying to become somebody.

It’s also why I encourage students of the craft to study the planets and aspects, since a square is a square regardless of what signs it falls in. We can call a sign whatever name we want – many cultures did not call their signs the same names as the Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans. The key element regarding the signs is what each phase means within the whole of the cycle of unfoldment.

Rudhyar had a lot to say about this obsession by the official culture to discredit astrology by pointing out what it believes are inconsistencies. Please check out his writings to learn more.

© Copyright 2011 Robert Wilkinson


Wise Words

I was reading my favorite astrologers site and thought I’d share this article about some of the interesting transits the planets are going through:
Astrology in January 2011 – A Venus, Mars, and Saturn Turning Point for Everyone
by Robert Wilkinson

Occasionally there are configurations that come and go quickly, but are very important in our lives as well as worldly affairs. The coming week is one of those times.

Right now, and for the past several days, we’ve had Venus in early Sagittarius forming a septile to Mars in late Capricorn. This has put our Taurus and Libra chart areas at a critical turning point relative to our Aries and Scorpio chart areas. These are working out in the houses where transiting Venus and Mars occupy, i.e., Sagittarius and Capricorn. It indicates that people with these signs prominent are hitting a major turning point in all those sign areas.

Though this aspect will pass during the third week of January, it’s still powerful enough to precipitate events in our lives where we must confront decisions and changes now through next week. In addition, another major factor making the upcoming week so important is that Venus will soon septile Saturn and Mars will biseptile Saturn. Given that Saturn is at its threshold degree where it will soon go stationary retrograde for several months, this makes Saturn’s themes all the more important.

Because both Venus and Mars form waxing aspects to Saturn, it indicates a point of “critical emergence” due to the choices made in the next week. This will show as turning points in our Capricorn and Aquarius ruled areas worked out through both Venus and Mars related functions. So (to use a somewhat broad brush) expect activities involving relationships, values, loss, regeneration, and initiatives that will help Saturn in Libra lessons show themselves.

Along with some of the hotspots being activated this weekend and next week it would be a good time to practice patience, tolerance and control any urges of anger/violence.-Sue


New Moon/Solar Eclipse

This Solar Eclipse is the first in 2011 and its effects will last approximately 4 years. With an eclipse, the sun’s light is blocked momentarily and we are much more open to the energy of the Universe. The Sun filters that energy most of the time. Eclipses close doors (solar eclipses slam doors) on the past and hopefully you will be able to shed old patterns to let in fresher ideas and ways of living. This is beneficial as it removes out of date parts of your life that don’t represent who you are anymore. There will be endings in whatever house it falls in your chart. For instance, if it falls in your 1st House you can expect to be revamping your style, exercising/eating better and maybe upgrading your personality, or you may be faced with the grim reality that you let yourself go for way too long and become depressed.
This is a good time of the year to have your yearly astrology chart done and see where this particular eclipse will be closing doors in your life. For the month of January I am continuing the very popular special of $95 (normally$120) for an hour+ reading/taped etc. Call 402.319.0678

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