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Mercury Retrograde 3/30-4/23

I knew it was happening and still got caught in a bunch of snafoos anyway! Car wash completelly on the fritz and I almost couldn’t get out, the signs, the doors, the water sprayers and even the heat blasters all quit working at different times making it a very unusual carwash indeed, and a little scarey. Have heard many similar incidents and that was just the 1st day of this retrograde. What I have started to notice is that things are happening much quicker than they used to with these planetary influences. For instance, the day Uranus went into Aries, March 11, Japan rocked the world. This is that accelerated time of the last portion of the Mayan Calendar due to be completely fulfilled by October 28, 2011. So, hang onto your hats this month, it is sure to be filled with one surprise after another.

“Mercury retrograde is good for reworking, rehearsing, rethinking, researching, or finding a different approach to whatever is not well understood. It’s also great for busting lies and misconceptions, though if you have the misfortune of dealing with someone operating from a delusion, they still may not get what’s right in front of their face. In that case, let them go and apply your energies to more worthy relationships and endeavors.

Regarding The Grand Irrationality – this is a huge ongoing influence that symbolizes why our world is spinning in some very weird ways. It shows a long wave period where obsessive-compulsive behaviors are in the air, irrationality pervades the atmosphere, and why humanity is at a major fork in the road of our individual and collective destiny.

So during the next few weeks as the inner planets all roll into Aries and begin the string of conjunctions, turn from the past to the future, see what authentic “best self” you can bring forth in direct actions, and after you do your research, rehearsals, and reviews, “just do it!” The Grand Irrationality is again in major motion, so these next few weeks are very important in shaping all our futures in extraordinary ways cutting us loose from the past.

On a final note for today, during any Mercury retrograde period there are always strange twists and turns and returns. However, if it’s not a return of something you should have taken care of before then, remember that whatever happens it probably won’t turn out the way it seems at the time.” Robert Wilkinson

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Japanese Monk’s Prayer Request

I found this on Robert Wilkinson’s beautiful website ( and hope all will read and send this very evolved form of prayer to all of Mother Earth:

A Japanese Monk Sent this Prayer Request

The damage of the earthquake in Japan is devastating. Unable to cool down the reactor, we are facing a possibility of nuclear transplant explosion. Please join our prayer. Feel free to forward this prayer request to anyone. It would be great if more people can pray.

Here is a translation of a message/oracle from the Ise Shrine in Japan:

After sunset we need strong power of prayer. Please let me deliver the message to as many as possible. We can stop this earthquake with our prayers, but right now the nuclear plant is in danger.

Please heal the suffering, sadness, anger, worry about nuclear plants. Please do not think that this accident will bring justice.

Please care for each other. The energy toward conflict and fight is also fueling the things happening right now. Please stop the conflict and stop the fight and change the worrying voice to the power of prayer. Please pray that as many people as possible can be saved.

We will be O.K. If our hearts start connecting with each other the earth will be healed.

There are the sounds/vibrations that can release the karma of earth. Anyone who can make a prayer sound, anyone who can do reiki, anyone who can do long distance healing, please direct your energy to the center of Japan. The exact location is above the Hachiro gata, Akita Prefecture.

If you can sing, please sing. Humming is fine too. Let the earth listen to the sound.

Please send gratitude to the Earth. If Mother Earth wakes up, everything will stop. The word Song/Sing writes in Japanese Kanji – small possibilities support a big lack. Please send your prayer to the Earth to wake up the Spirit.

I will be in meditation after the sunset. I will pray for the light shining in the sky even in the darkness. May everyone be safe. Thank you for supporting my heart at this very difficult time.

Gratitude for our life.


To paraphrase a recent quote in a post, “Ask not for whom the bell tolls in Japan. It tolls for all of us.” We all are asked to hear the call, and be our Highest Self during this time of transition.

While there are many things beyond our control, we can, through the power of prayer, meditation, and visualization, make our world a better place to the degree of our intention, our focus, our selflessness, and our ability to allow the Soul’s Light, Love, and Power to restore the natural harmony of Life, since within and without are One. Let the song of your Heart shine forth in its natural radiance, and be at one with the Harmony of All-That-Is.

We must try in every way we can to bring this nuclear disaster under control. An explosion of one or more reactors will change life for all of us forever. So please take a moment to pray, meditate, visualize, sing, do Reiki, or any other thing you can do to mitigate the damage, lessen future destructive effects, or send healing to those who suffer.

May there be least harm to the good, may the pollution be contained, and may this time of suffering, grieving, and higher intention be what it takes to abolish, finally and forever, the nightmares of nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and nuclear waste from our Earth.

© Copyright 2011 Robert Wilkinson

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April Astro For All Signs:

This is the article that will be published in Metro Magazine, they are still behind in publishing from the fire last year.

April is a huge Aries month this year with Lilith (shadows), Mars (aggression), Sun (spirit), Venus (loves), New Moon (4/3-plant new seeds), Uranus (combustion), Jupiter (expansion), Mercury Retrograde (mind), all in Aries at various times this month look for some BIG ACTION in your life! I think that April will be filled with great enthusiasm for most. There is a ’ take charge’ kind of energy now that makes things happen! This month also heralds the ingress of Neptune into Pisces-no small matter-until April of 2025. This is the spiritual evolutionary card that humanity is being dealt. The awakenings that will happen from this are phenomenal and will save our world, but not without the action of each individual taking part in that spiritual revolution/evolution. Chiron (wounded healer) moved into Pisces last month and is traveling with Neptune to help us spiritually heal as a world and for each individual. This is the time to take a very good and long look at your life and make whatever your highest nature is a reality. April is the beginning of not only Spring, but of the Awakening/Quickening. Pluto in Capricorn (till 2024 continues to revolutionize the Middle East until all dictators are gone…..phew! And of course, we have Mercury retrograde all month. Don’t buy any electronics and clean out your closets. Finishing up old projects is a good idea too.

ARIES-Re-invent yourself now. Throw off the old chains of your past and breathe in the fresh air of your bright and shining future. This month will either completely super charge you or you will be so overwhelmed that you can’t get anything done. Such choices! And where do you think inactivity will lead you? Try depression. Your choice: A new better you or depression……………..hmmmmmm
TAURUS-April can be uncomfortable for you most years because April is just not your style until the end of it! This Spring take a good look and maybe research some deeper aspects of yourself that could use a new infusion of energy. Open up to the love of Venus as she moves into your sign late in the month, she’s wanting to help you love yourself more.
GEMINI-Your 11th house of Ideals/friends/allies is blasting you for new ways of interacting with your friends and how do you gain more freedom to be your own unique self! This month will re-define how you view your life. Now that Neptune and Chiron are in spiritual Pisces in your House of Purpose, get your life in perspective and find your bliss.
CANCER-Your 10th House of Career/Purpose/Authority/Respect/Fame is so loaded with energy this month, who could not want to give you a raise or recognize how brilliant you are?! Neptune is adding a great deal of spiritual light into your higher mind and now is the time (thanks to Chiron in Pisces) you will be able to heal your views on religion (esp. if you were raised Catholic ;-) )
LEO-Your 9th House which shows where your spirit soars and your mind expands is on FIRE with Aries motivation and originality and leadership. You really do need to travel around the world and soak it all in. But, if you can’t right now, then at least read some travelogues and meditate as if your life depended on it because your spirit does.
VIRGO-Hold onto your psychic hat honey, this month is blasting into your area of REGENERATION! (sexuality, secrets, taxes, inheritance, the occult, shadows of the psyche, emotional intensity, transformation, intuition, joint finances, death, healing) That’s a whole lot of healing energy in a healing house, can you handle it? Better get on some kind of cleanse and talk to your therapist. Seriously, don’t let this month leave you in the dust of dead patterns-CHANGE NOW.
LIBRA-Libras are re-working all of there favorite relationships! 7th House issues are: marriage partners, romantic partners, business partners, roommates, counselor-to-client, doctor-to-patient;
relationships which require co-operation with another person;
how you relate to those who openly oppose you: competitors, adversaries, opponents in games, detractors, openly declared enemies, lawsuits, conflicts with spouse or business partner;
intimate relationships which require co-operation & compromise with another’s needs or goals;
challenges & conflicts arising from a close one-on-one relationship of any kind. Need I say more? This month take charge!!
SCORPIO-Your 6th House of Service/duty& health or how you serve others in a useful way: helping, working, waiting-on, attending, serving, using skills, teaching skills, craftsmanship, taking care of details, organizing; how you do your duties: everyday work routines, chores, job functions, responsibilities, using proper methods, being punctual, being organized, keeping schedules, working well, being efficient/competent/skillful, how you work or perform to make a living, is blaring at you this month! What are you going to do with that? Choices, oh so many choices!
SAGITTARIUS-Party time for most of you and your creativity is OFF THE CHARTS!! Just enjoy yourself to the fullest this month. The 5th house is the house of love and romance, children and creativity, sports and games, gambling and speculation, in short, the house of fun! And yours is loaded for bear this month!
CAPRICORN-You are going through a major psychic “face-lift”. You might even have that happening in your outer world/home. Perhaps you will knock down a few walls literally or figuratively, but down those walls will have to come. Reconstruction on your interior will be swift and long lasting. Aries energy gets you in a very real and lasting way-NEW CHANGE on your most intimate fronts.
AQUARIUS-Honey, please, sit down, get real and stop trying to manipulate the world to do what you want it to do. Instead, rise into your higher, more humanitarian nature and help us all with newer and better ideas to change the world. Just don’t get too crazy this month, and don’t bite off anybody’s head. You would be better advised to write a manual on how to be a leader and transform the world in a newer and better way!
PISCES-If anyone had a better chance of “striking it rich” this month, it is you, thank you 2nd house energies packed with Aries go get ‘em! Gifted/talented/money energies are packed with more than you have had for many years. Strike while the iron is hot and make your first (or maybe 2nd) million. People would pay you good money for the bountiful/fortunate energy you have to create a successful life this month. Dana Gehardt talks about this: To diagnose the condition of your 2nd house, she suggests looking at an area of life where you feel continually disempowered. Though this conflict may surface in areas associated with other houses–your relationships (7th) or your career (10th)—your disempowered approach, she suggests, will likely source from the negative attitudes in your 2nd house. In other words, the key to your power in the world—or the lack of it—lies here.” Power Pisces, go for it this month!!!

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Our Spring of Change

I awoke this morning to a forest of white. It shocked me, I am in spring mode and not prepared to greet the woods all coated in thick white beauty. Where is the green? Sigh, this is just more of the accelerated changes; the abrupt move from one state to another. Our early spring has already “rocked” the world off of its axis and even though a little snow in Spring is not all that unusual, it reminds me to be prepared for unexpected and abrupt change personally and globally.
We are heading into April with major planetary influences urging us to drop our dead past and begin to care/love enough to heal the world. This is the call for every person, get out of your ego-driven selfish, surface skimming life and look around at how you can improve your corner of the world. Love has got to be your driving force.

Prophecy of Montreal (1888)

Everything will be decided by how we travel over this precipitous passage [in time]. If we survive the trail, carefully traversing it without falling, then everything will be recovered and health will return. But if we miss one step we will fail; the world will remain unhealthy. Man will grievously suffer from the effects or die altogether.

Attributed to the Japanese Seer, Onisaburo Deguchi (c. 1896)

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The Days Ahead

There is an excitement in the air. Of course, spring is part of that, but Aries energy is starting to pick up speed now. Aries is the initiator, the leader of the pack, and it is leading the Sun (spirit source), Mercury (communications), Jupiter (abundance) and Uranus (unpredictable) in a surge of bright, let’s change the world and make it a better place, energy!! We are witness to sweeping changes all around us. It is so important that we are consciously choosing which direction to go in. It’s all about “waking up” and seeing what needs to be done in our individual lives, and where we can be of service in the lives of others and especially our planets life.
And this from Robert Wilkinson: “The next two weeks offer us opportunities to see a greater Truth, Life, and Light in self and others that can anchor a new set of motives, continuity, and sense of compassion. Follow your feelings into decisions and actions, and then make sure you’re operating from the newest information and update your understanding and vision.

Continue to break free of old rules, limitations, fears, and “shoulds.” Keep letting go of being seduced or distracted by opportunities that are not really opportunities, as well as perceptions and relationships that divert you from the ideals and visions you really care about. These weeks are about clarity and compassion, repair work and new openings, and seeing your unique qualities that the world can recognize and reward consistently.

Accept the endings, accept the rewards, accept the new identity, accept what you can do, and accept what you cannot influence. Your wisdom has cooked, and now it’s time to take it out of the oven and serve the Guest!”

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Super Full Moon in Virgo 3/19

Moon gazing is a spiritual event for me. The closeness of such a large object, just hanging in the air, so close to my home is like magic. And the color! Not really white, but infused with a silvery light, ah, makes the heart wax poetic.
This weekend we will have a rare view of a “super” Full Moon in Virgo. It will be a stunning Moon, so be sure to get your Moongaze on and think on your life and all the richness of it, then think of others around the world who are struggling just to survive.  What can you do to help?
I’m taking one of my grandson’s to the Nature Conservancy center in Kearney, NE, where we will gaze at 500,000 Sandhill Cranes dancing their primordial lives, from the hidden facility of a blind. I can only imagine how this will play out under the beauty of the Full Moon.
Virgo Full Moon’s can activate our healing nature and wanting to help others less fortunate. That is very timely now as Japan needs the help of the entire world to regain their footing and feed and clothe their people. This Full Moon is a good time to donate money or offer support of some kind for anyone who is in need.
And this from a writer at CNN on the Super Full Moon:
If the moon looks a little bit bigger and brighter this weekend, there’s a reason for that. It is.  Saturday’s full moon will be a super “perigee moon” — the biggest in almost 20 years. This celestial event is far rarer than the famed blue moon, which happens once about every two-and-a-half years.

“The last full moon so big and close to Earth occurred in March of 1993,” said Geoff Chester with the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington. “I’d say it’s worth a look.”  Full moons look different because of the elliptical shape of the moon’s orbit. When it’s at perigee, the moon is about 31,000 miles (50,000 km) closer to Earth than when it’s at the farthest point of its orbit, also known as apogee.

“Nearby perigee moons are about 14% bigger and 30% brighter than lesser moons that occur on the apogee side of the moon’s orbit,” the NASA website says.  This full moon will rise in the east at sunset and should look especially big at that time because of what’s known as the “moon illusion.”

“For reasons not fully understood by astronomers or psychologists, low-hanging moons look unnaturally large when they beam through trees, buildings and other foreground objects,” according to NASA.  Even though it may look close enough to touch, Saturday’s full moon will still be at a healthy distance — some 211,600 miles (356,577 km) away.

As rare as it is, it may be worth a look. Miss it and you’ll have to wait until 2029 to see it again.

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Earth Changes and Astrology

In the coming years our planet and each person will be undergoing radical transformation. The type of transformation/regeneration that is rapid and sometimes shocking, thank you planet Uranus! But the truly big event is the square (friction) between Uranus (change/chaos) and Pluto (death/rebirth).
As we all mourn with and pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who are enduring starvation, brutality, injustice and horrific earth changes, may we be prepared for our own startling changes and help as many others as we can.
I found this on my favorite astrologers site, great info and dates to watch out for cataclysmic events:
“This square will bring about major transformations in our world and the way we relate to everything and each other! While some disruptions will be severe, and many old forms will be shattered forever, we will also see major innovations and discoveries that will shake up the old world paradigm in major ways.

By the end of this period we shall have a new history, a new science, a new philosophy, a new mythos, and a new vision of the promise of human possibility. We shall understand the Cosmic Laws of Economy of Energy, Magnetic Attraction, and Synthesis from an entirely different angle of approach than now, and find a new way to achieve inner and outer cooperation based in a shared vision with others who share our Soul ideal.

So when can we expect major wreckage and breakthrough points? Again, these will vary with each individual person, city, state, and nation. However, there will be some points when the generic tension will be most challenging, and these are what follows.

Having started Summer 2010 and then abated through early 2011, Uranus square Pluto will continue to increase in intensity, becoming strongest this year in June, July, August, and September 2011. If there are going to be major, Earth changing events to happen this Summer associated with this revolutionary, purifying, intensifying, and transforming aspect, they will most likely be triggered June 18-20, June 23-30, the whole month of July (Solar Eclipse making a Cardinal T-square!) esp. July 7-10, and August 7-13.

After that point the Uranus square Pluto gets farther apart. While it’ll still be triggered each time an inner planet makes conjunctions, squares, or oppositions to either of these, the influence won’t be constant again until March 2012 when the intensity will again build to its crescendo beginning May 2012 when the aspect is exact and be a constant through late November 2012.

The next in the series of jolts to our collective system will occur beginning March 2013 with the next pass of Mars through Aries. That will mark a complete Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries cycle and reactivate the current forming Uranus in square Pluto in Capricorn. Again, we saw what these were about Summer 2010, so reference information about that Cardinal T-square in the archives to learn more, substituting what you know about Uranus for what I said about Jupiter.

By May-June 2013 Uranus will again make its exact square to Pluto, and shortly after in July and August Jupiter in early Cancer will trigger everything the square has been teaching us about balance, justice, perspective, proportion, and karma. This is where the “chickens come home to roost” from what we learned or did not learn about these things between October 2009 and October 2010!

Uranus again exactly squares Pluto on a constant basis from October 2013 through June 2014, so expect periods of time to get very intense with lots of challenging situations and hard-edged energy in the air. Just stay clear about needs, security, and lines of supply, and you’ll do fine.

From then the aspect begins to be less frequent. It will again intensify in September 2014, be exact November-December 2014 and January through April 2015, and then dance back and forth with Pluto in various distances of the separating square through late 2015 when they will make their last close square. Though separating, they will be close enough so that any inner planet making a conjunction, square, or opposition to either of them will trigger major effects.

Remember that these square energies got set into motion for the first time during the Summer of 2010 when Jupiter and Uranus in Aries opposed Saturn in Libra with all 3 making a Cardinal T-square with Pluto. So whatever was ending, beginning, turning corners, disrupted, or produced awareness moving you into a new archetype or life role will be impacted by these ongoing squares, oppositions, and T-squares between now and 2015.”                          -Robert Wilkinson

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What is Power and What is Ego?

These are times of such potential! It’s important for each of us to look around at our lives and see what we would like to do next. There are many dreams waiting in the wings to manifest.

As Pluto in Capricoen breaks down our old structures, Uranus wants us to create a life we have not known before.
These are not easy times. Radical transformation demands our full attention, our “presence”. Eckhart Tolle awoke thousands with his books “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth”, based on practising being present and in the moment. Before that the Buddhists have been practicing and extolling being present for thousands of years.

During the month of March, prepare and make plans for what you can do differently with your life. Mercury (mind/communications) goes retrograde (slows way down) on the 30th of March thru April 22. During this time you can fine tune any plans and re-think your directions. Be ready to launch in May.
More on frisky April later!

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Mercury in Aries then Retrograde

Today Mercury (mind/communications-messenger of the Gods) goes into fiery, assertive Aries. This will put a nice spin on how we all communicate this month. Aries is blunt, to put it politely, and has more to say than most; he does rule the ego, you know. This can be a great energy if you need to be clearer about your own needs, or to speak up about some injustice you’ve noticed. It can also descend into quarrels and pettiness and just plain being irritated with self and others. However, the spark or drive of Aries can plan and achieve new ways of living your life. It’s a “go-getter” for sure! That will all quiet down March 30th when the planet goes retrograde (you will feel it sooner though). Do not buy any electronics or sign contracts at least a week before the 3/30 retrograde cycle begins as they usually break down or have to be re-negotiated. This cycle will last till April 23.
It may be a little difficult for some to handle the many changes that are happeneing this spring, but others will move forward with great zest. It’s just a lot of big changes and big dreams/hopes…………..and the world is changing and so are we. Now is the time to believe that the best can happen and start visualizing that in any way that works  for you.


Dream Your Dreams into Reality

Now is the time as Uranus is in it’s last degree of Pisces to dream your dreams into reality. For the next few days, drop anything that interferes with what you really want in this life. For just 4 days, believe in yourself, set some goals, firm up your boundaries and go for your own Gold! And this from noted astrologer R. Wilkinson: “We’re in a critical point of the “dream time,” where our self conscious and subconscious imagery will condition our long term future. This is the time to be clear about our expectations and assumptions and practice focusing our intention to bring forth a better Way, Truth, and Light in our life.

It has been stated “we create our own reality.” That’s not entirely true, since we all are within a much larger field of life that we did not create. There are greater and lesser creations in each life, each according to the nature of the creator.

The Sun has Its creations, the Earth has her creations, humanity has its creations, and we have our creations. All creation leads to an expressed phenomenon. That is why as we learn to concentrate in order to get clearer about what we want to create, it takes shape in our lives in some way. This is true whether the creation is productive or destructive, life-affirming or disintegrative. Concentration on the creation leads to manifestation.

Examine what you’ve been dreaming these past two years, as well as new ways you’ve been living, since these can show you elements of a greater Truth and better future that have begun to assemble in your life. And please open to dreaming the highest and best possible patterns that could present themselves in your life in the near future.

Open to being inspired by flashes of higher awareness giving you visions of a better future, since the next few weeks are a great time to leap into a new life potential. There are many things to grow into, many dances to do, and many possibilities we have not dreamt of before now. Our potential to live a higher “Truth of Being” is limitless.”

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March 11-Uranus into Aries for 7 years

This is a little long, but so worth the read. I will be posting more articles on this pivotal moment in history. Below is an article by astrologer Salvatore Russo:

The greatest revolution in human history begins March 11th, 2011 with the planet Uranus’ entrance into the constellation of Aries. This is a pinnacle moment in human history that will come to be known as the Revolution of Consciousness. Unlike revolutions of old, this revolution will be centered in the hearts and minds of the men, women, and children that inhabit the planet Earth. What is about to unfold is nothing less than the most brilliant period of not only our lifetimes, but of all lifetimes – and it starts in just a few short weeks!
The first ‘shot’ of this revolution will be a metaphysical one, fired from a Divinely awakened quantum gateway in the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. This gateway will unleash powerful, higher-dimensional energy that has never before been felt on Earth. This radical new energy will totally immerse the planet, affecting an instant evolution of consciousness in the spiritually awakened; a quantum leap of the mind that has never before been experienced on Earth. As we journey closer and closer to the 2012 event horizon, this spectacular cosmic event serves as a crucial step in mankind’s ascension and acceptance of the realities of the higher dimensional nature of existence. This galactic gateway that will soon open is comparable to the concept of a ‘wormhole’ in that it will serve as a channel to higher octave energy sourced from the 8th dimension. The 8th dimension is that of unity consciousness, or simply put, God’s consciousness. This energy is the essence behind the events that will soon come to pass. God’s unity consciousness will soon begin to flourish in us all.
This new level of consciousness, sourced from God, is of course universal in nature. As such, it will provide the foundation for the acceptance of extraterrestrial life, which brings us to a major aspect of what the upcoming Uranus transit entails: mainstream acceptance of extraterrestrial life. Humanity will soon become intimately aware that not only does extraterrestrial life exist, but it has been influencing events on Earth for quite some time. This singular aspect of the coming Uranus transit alone is enough to exact an instant, global, paradigm shift, and that is exactly the nature of this transit’s energy: instant paradigm shift. Mainstream acceptance of extraterrestrial life will instantly shatter paradigms of the past and create a new way of thinking and feeling in us all. We will no longer accept the artificially-maintained status quo that we have for so long. Exotic new technologies will begin to go public as if a science fiction movie had become reality. Free energy technology will be a major part of this, as well as revolutionary advances in medicine, agriculture, communications, computer sciences, optics, magnetics, and terraforming. This technology will transform the way we live and interact with one another forever. The coming explosion in technology and innovation will spur levels of humanitarianism the world has never seen. A tremendous global movement to eradicate poverty, uplift the nations, and heal the ecosystems of the world will begin to manifest. Hundreds of millions of passionate, altruistic, like-minded souls will begin to connect, collaborate, and push projects to success that in years past would have never come to fruition. Imagine dormant neurons in a brain, flashing into life and connecting billions of times over until the entire mind is illuminated, totally beaming with light – that is where we are going as a civilization. I must warn that this astrological movement also signals the beginning of the greatest amount of political and economic turmoil the world has ever known. As a revolutionary spirit inflames the globe, we will experience wide-spread instability, manifesting in a variety of ways. The newly awakened society will begin to revolt in such massive ways
that they will absolutely cripple ‘the system.’ First World nations will be swept with peaceful protests, sit-ins, and demonstrations while Third World nations will erupt with war-like violence. The world over, corrupt government agendas will come to a screeching halt by the
will of the people.
Within the first year of this transit as people begin to awaken, it will become understood that negative extraterrestrial elements have been embedded deep in human society and have been playing a destructive role in our evolution as a civilization. This understanding will kindle a united, warrior-like attitude among global citizens that will serve as the most important driving factor in the coming revolution. Make no mistake that the power structure of Earth is currently ‘operating from the shadows’, but that the time of their authority has expired by Divine Decree and in perfect timing with Cosmic Order. Intervention has and will continue to happen in strategic, surgical strikes that will ultimately lead to their defeat. This battle will be most intense during the summer months of 2012 as the planet Uranus squares the planet Pluto. By winter of 2012, it will become clear that humanity is free, finally, after thousands of years of manipulations. After December 21st, 2012, as many of the world’s most infamous prophecies come to a crossroads, mankind’s Golden Age will finally commence. An aspect of astrology that I find absolutely beautiful is that as events happen on a global or macrocosmic level, they also happen on a personal, microcosmic level – in exact synchronicity. This upcoming Uranus transit is no different, and soon we will all be going through our own personal revolutions, albeit in unique ways, all in accordance with God’s Divine Plan for each of us. This is where the Sacred Science of Astrology can enlighten so brilliantly; it can identify the source and the expression of the coming revolutions in our lives, with mind-boggling accuracy.
On a cultural level people will start to openly embrace and seek out the profound wisdom of the Occult Sciences, which are rooted in the higher dimensional nature of existence. People will realize that there is a hidden, perfect order to creation. In times of great change, they will increasingly want to understand, at the deepest levels, exactly what their role is in this perfect symphony that they may navigate hrough the coming changes and manifest the highest outcomes. The best way to create personal security and abundance during the coming times will be identifying, accepting, and properly expressing one’s personal revolutionary energy.
This personal revolution, which will manifest for many as the development of extraordinary, even Biblical-level spiritual and metaphysical gifts, will be the answer to all our present and future problems. It is up to each of us to totally embrace the shocking changes in order to fulfill our destinies in the coming global revolution. Those who succumb to fear and resist these changes will do so at their own peril. Those who embrace the changes will skyrocket to prominence and success. This can be a very frightening thought to entertain, which brings me to the significance of Uranus being in the constellation of Aries, the archetype of the warrior.
In Astrology, attunement to archetypal energies is an extremely important concept to understand and integrate. In simplistic terms, one must ‘vibe’ with the virtues of the sign to manifest the greatest outcomes of the transit or placement. With Uranus being in Aries, we can manifest magnificence in our lives by cultivating and expressing bravery, confidence, fearlessness, independence, and novelty in the area of our life (and natal chart) where Aries energy lies. This is a time where a warrior will be born in all of us, though it’s up to us to decide what to do with this new energy.
As this fiery, Uranian energy blasts through the collective consciousness, the values of people will be changed and elevated in an instant. The lust for the trivial will be transmuted into the yearning for spiritual and metaphysical talents. Materialism will be replaced by spiritualism. The so-called celebrities of today will fade into obscurity as a new breed of celebrities, deriving their power from spiritual development and humanitarian passion will be catapulted into the limelight. These will be the heroes and heroines of the New Age that is being birthed before our eyes. After intense personal changes these past few years I have come to understand and accept my role in the coming revolution. As an Intuitive Astrologer that can interpret the language of the Heavens, I can relay the most important information to my fellow brothers and sisters that they might align with and benefit from synchronicity with Cosmic Order. My vision for our future is golden and brilliant, and it is my sincere wish to impart this same vision to you all through my writing and my astrologically-based spiritual counsel. As we find ourselves rapidly approaching a quantum explosion in our lives I leave you with these words of wisdom: ‘These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.’
John 16:33 ~ Astrologer Salvador Russo