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Happy Summer Solstice

Cardinal Grand Cross involving Pluto (death/rebirth), Mercury (messenger of the gods), Saturn (foundations), and Uranus (unexpected) with Lilith (danger), creates a very interesting solstice for summer 2011.  Just look at the weather and then check your own internal weather to see how it’s going.

Many cultures celebrate various combinations of the winter and summer solstices, the equinoxes, and the midpoints between them, leading to various holidays arising around these events. For the winter solstice, Christmas is the most popular holiday to have arisen. In addition, Yalda, Saturnalia, Karachun, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Yule (see winter solstice for more) are also celebrated around this time. For the summer solstice, Christian Catholic cultures and Nordic Christian Protestant cultures celebrate the feast of St. John from June 23 to June 24 (see St. John’s Eve, Ivan Kupala Day, Midsummer), while the Wiccan culture observes Litha. For the vernal (spring) equinox, several spring-time festivals are celebrated, such as the observance in Judaism of Passover. The autumnal equinox has also given rise to various holidays, such as the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. At the midpoints between these four solar events, cross-quarter days are celebrated.

In most cultures the solstices and equinoxes also determine the midpoint of the seasons, which can be seen in the celebrations called midsummer and midwinter. Along this vein, the Japanese celebrate the start of each season with an occurrence known as Setsubun.

In Hinduism, the solstices are termed as Uttarayana and Dakshinayana. The former occurs around January 14th of each year, while the latter occurs around June 21st each year. According to the Vedic Calendar, Uttarayana is termed as auspicious while Dakshinayana is inauspicious for deaths and births, while for festivals the reverse stands true. The offerings to ancestors and the dead occurs in Dakshinayana.


More Eclipse info…………..

This from
As a result of the recent Solar Eclipse, this Lunar Eclipse, and the coming Solar Eclipse a couple of weeks from now, we have entered a period where we are shutting down old Gemini energies and growing toward new Sagittarius energies. Let go of old ideas and interpretations, and be pulled into broader views, broader truths, broader understanding, and broader futures. When in doubt remember that a sense of humor solves many mental problems.

This very bright Total Lunar Eclipse will begin a several month “shut down” in the houses it occupies in our charts. Given that it happens during the period Saturn is going stationary direct, you can bet that your evolving archetypal role is on the move, so be kind, be understanding, and be willing to get beyond terms, language, and specific forms of ideas and see people for the human beings they are.

We had a prelude to what’s happening in this one in the Lunar Eclipse of December 2010, and began to release or demonstrate patterns directly associated with this one. The clearance we began then anticipated the bigger, longer-term endings set into motion at the Solar Eclipse in January 2011 that was boosted by the Solar Eclipse of 2 weeks ago.

So like most Lunar Eclipses, this one ushers in a transitional period of about 3 2/3 months that will clear things out of our lives, and especially our past (the Moon). The space created can attract circumstances and people through which we can develop skills helping us deal with the wild ride of The Grand Irrationality that’s in continuous motion during these months and years.

Those around the world who will definitely feel effects of this Full Moon are the places where it falls near the angles of the chart. Places where the Lunation is near the angles and activating energies powerfully are the west coast of North America, eastern South America, the UK and Western Europe, Iran, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.

We’ve all been challenged to choose wisely despite the general weirdness and hard edge to things. The recent New Moon Solar Eclipse stepped the energy up as it fell in the Gemini zone of the Grand Irrationality, and so many strange and “destiny-producing” events have quickened to warp speed, throwing us all in major new directions. The whole world is at a critical turning point where we must find compassionate ways to link with others to assist the whole to survive through a rough patch.

We can find illumination in being aware of how things are expanding and being communicated as we stand on the threshold of decisions that will reorient us all in different ways to stabilize recent beginnings. This can take shape through how and what we believe to be truth or a greater future, and how we use our imagination to play with skills that will become powers in the future, with the purpose of showing our world our ability to play with rhythms of activity as we keep our eyes on the prize.

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Eclipses can show us that we are confronting a major fork in the road in some part of our life.  Something has to give when we make choices.  Letting go of what isn’t best for you might be a good start.  Today we have a lunar eclipse in philosophical Sagittarius asking us to delve deeper into the collective unconscious and heal the negativity that is rampant in the world. July 1st another solar eclipse, this time in nurturing Cancer. During this eclipse the planets are lining up to form a cardinal Grand Cross. Keven Burk describes this as, “The cardinal Grand Cross is essentially an identity crisis. The challenge with a Grand Cross is that whatever is triggered, all the planets want to take action at once, each going in their own direction. This can lead to individuals either feeling pulled apart and overextended, or else feeling a building sense of frustration because of an overwhelming need to take action.”
Just before the July 1st eclipse the Moon (emotions) will conjunct (sit next to) Pluto (power and transformation). This promises to be very powerful for all, start preparing for this by deepening your spiritual practice and practicing tolerance, compassion, forgiveness and anything else you could be a little bit better at…………….
Jai Bhagwan
Om Shanti

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Gratitude or Relief?

I like to work on positive attitudes in the face of life. The other day I was overcome with a sense of gratitude about something and just into the feeling when I noticed that it was more a feeling of relief that something didn’t happen. That got me to thinking about all the things I am grateful for………so far it looks more like I’m very relieved instead of grateful. That makes me wonder what real gratitude feels like.
This feels like Neptune in Pisces, which is happening now for the first time in 150 years. Neptune is a spiritual harbinger of greater awareness. I have really been noticing that what I thought I believed/know etc is being revealed as something a little different. Perception is widening and opening to newer playing fields.  Very awesome and sure I will enjoy this immensely!

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First Eclipse Today in Gemini

What is leaving your life? Can you let go a little more gracefully?
Eclipses signal endings, but without the doom and gloom. We know that no door closes without another ready to open.
Wilkinsons states: ” So the Light of the New Moon is shining on “self-recreation,” “relaxation,” “appreciation,” and “adventure in experience.” Here our dynamic self-expression yields forms of fun, where we find a “soul-satisfying experiment in the infinitely varying channels of possible self-discovery.”
Grow toward experiences that reward our “worthiness of self as the foundation for self-fulfillment,” be creatively alert to possible good fortune, and radiate good will and “proficiency of self-interest.” These will demonstrate through the illuminated South Node qualities.”  (
The changes occuring interiorly and externally are big, but if we just chunk it down, breathe, notice our surroundings and loved ones, it can bring us great happiness.  I am going to thoroughly enjoy the eclipse and celebrate by Grandson Valor’s  6th birthday ………………laughing all the way!

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June for all Signs

June 2011 Astro Vibrations for Expedoodle

With so much already going on in the world and astrologically you would think that the summer might give us a little peace. No, ‘fraid not! We start June with a big old Solar Eclipse in Gemini trining (beneficial) Saturn (better foundations). With eclipses we get to close out the past. Look at your past and see what needs to be eliminated for good and do it yourself before it is done to you. That’s the problem with eclipses, they work with you or without you. June 15 brings us a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (philosophy) and all of us will experience a shift in consciousness. How that will affect each individual depends on the placement of it in your chart. Now is a good time to get your chart read by a well rounded astrological counselor. Two weeks after this lunar eclipse, on July 1st we get another solar eclipse, this time in Cancer (nurturing/co-dependent). And the summer is just beginning. What does this all generally mean for us? It is time to get our proverbial heads out of our arse and see the reality of our lives and world. Waking up would be good now. Do good works, be kind and helpful, know your neighbors, start a community garden, help out with local kids (Teammates needs volunteers!), volunteer at a shelter or food pantry. These eclipses ask us if we are doing enough. Are you? It’s time to build a better world, both privately and collectively.

ARIES-How is it feeling with crazy, unusual Uranus running around in your most intimate home-your body? The Moon/eclipse of the 1st will send shivers of electricity over to you. Get a new do or start a workout regime to handle all this power. The Lunar eclipse on the 15th will ask you if you have expanded into your greater, more authentic reality yet. This is a good time to seek higher education, especially philosophy/spirituality.

TAURUS-These eclipses may unearth new talent in you, or accentuate some old ones. The big thing is handling money, either you will understand this or not, but it will be one of the transformative energies at work this month for you. Letting go of the past isn’t just a novel idea anymore, it is a survival issue.

GEMINI-All eyes are looking your way, can you stand in the spotlight this month? Not much choice, so strut your stuff. A few relationships might need re-examining and after the 15th some may go the way of the dinosaur. Destiny, yours, is calling you to make your mark in the world and do it with more spirituality. Than means, more heart and tender loving care in all you achieve.

CANCER-There is some pretty deep transformational work going on in your subconscious that might affect your health if you aren’t processing all that is happening in your life right now. It isn’t an especially easy time for you, but if you do the work, it will pay off in happiness later……………..nose to the grindstone!

LEO-Roar your way into just about anything you want. The planets aren’t exactly easy in your chart, but if you are careful they can certainly be productive and yield success in whatever you are undertaking. Friends may need your help, or you theirs at months beginning, by the end of the month get ready for a bomb to go off in your karmic sector. Hopefully it will be good karma.

VIRGO-Home and career are your focus this month. Starting with career/achievements at months end you will need to be ready for whatever comes your way. Old doors close as new ones are about to open. The 15th brings an awareness for a needed change in your home and personal surroundings. Some Virgos will move or change careers this summer.

LIBRA-The Solar Eclipse on the 1st happens in your 9th House which is like your research library and travel agency rolled into one and the 2nd Eclipse on the 15th hits your 3rd house which is like your mail/phone room or communication center. This month you will be busy examining your beliefs and the way you communicate in all areas. You will be changing in dramatic ways at fundamental levels. And it looks like you will be getting a little get-a-way in too.

SCORPIO-You like it intense and so it is this month. You will be preoccupied with yours and other people’s “stuff”! Dramatic change starts on the 1st. What can you let go of or rebuild or build anew? With Pluto hanging out for many more years to come in your daily life house, you are capable of sustained planning and change now. Committed relationships are a sensual delight this month.

SAGITTARIUS-These eclipses will have you looking long and hard at your relationship to yourself and to other very special people in your life. You may even decide to commit to one in particular. If you are already in a committed relationship it may need some tweaking this month.

CAPRICORN-The Eclipses happen in your 12th and 6th houses this month and will have you scrambling to understand how to take better care of yourself and how you earn a living. Business is highlighted and needing some better direction from you. Time to meditate/reflect and get insight on how to improve your earthly existence.

AQUARIUS-The highlight for you is friends, having fun and just hanging out. Have you been getting enough of that? You need to feel special and unique now and you need to share that with people who think you are too. Be sure to take advantage of bountiful Jupiter as it is ready to move into your home sector. Bright colors, bigger furniture, maybe move to a larger place! Jupiter decorates and makes everything bigger than life.

PISCES-The month starts out with an eclipse in your home-don’t yell at each other! Halfway through the eclipse hits your career, calling for needed change in that area. Something could be opening up for you at last. Lots of activity in your daily living sector too and hopefully some fun with the neighbors.

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