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Full Moon in Capricorn

When the Moon is full we tend to be a little more emotional. However, Capricorn is not emotional.  Capricorn is very responsible, disciplined and pretty much stays the course in whatever it is doing. Although sometimes the negative side will show through; then we experience a tendency to be rigid, opinionated and just plain hard to deal with. Which side will show through? Whichever one you focus on. It always depends on the state we ourselves are in as to how these things manifest.
Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn wants everything to be in order with a solid foundation. The Moon is not concerned with that, rather the Moon wants our emotional needs to be met. How these two combine will lend a persistant, ambitious instinct to do the best one can and get ahead. It could come off a little ruthless with some. Should be a great time to get a lot of work done!
Happy Full Mooning!

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New Moon/Solar Eclipse-Cardinal Grand Cross of 7/1/11

Last night our Astrology Study Group met to take advantage of the powerful surge of energy at play in the heavens.  We could all feel, and had been feeling, the rushes of energy that are unleashed at this time.  Many of us are experiencing vast change in some area of our lives.  Many old patterns, friends, homes and ways of doing things are leaving to make room for newer, brighter and more evolved activities.  It’s about evolution baby!  And it has never moved this fast, except perhaps, during the 60′s.  Although I was much younger then and enjoyed the rapid changes in consciousness a lot more.  Now it seems I’m groaning at the seams as the shift happens. 

I was describing the Grand Cross experience from a past life image I have of ancient Rome,  a man has his arms and legs tied to 4 stallions and they charge in oppositie directions.  (Who thought that stuff up?!)  However, it is a pretty good description of how the Grand Cross is affecting some.  So what is the point ?  To break through our very rigid patterns which will allow the light of creativity to create something new and hopefully better in our lives.

This was a partial eclipse, and unless you were a penguin in Antactica and parts of the ocean there, no one actually saw it.  That doesn’t really lessen it’s power due to it being the 3rd eclipse in 4 weeks.  This one was in the sign of Cancer and closes down a series of Capricorn/Cancer eclipses of the past few years.  We get a chance to finish off and tie up loose ends and lay somethings to rest.  Maybe it can all just be “good enough” for now as destiny is swirling in for dramatic and long lasting regeneration thanks to Pluto in Capricorn till 2025.

We will all be experiencing the whirling dervish dance of 3 eclipses for many months to come.  You have time to sit and organize your thoughts, what would you like to have instead?  Who would you like to be with more? These energies want you to be your highest in all that you are.  It’s about you being you and being grounded in the moment and no longer living in denial or fear or anger or fill in the blank.  It really is a time for rejoicing and throwing off the chains of the past.  Allelujah!  Jai!

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