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Thank God for the talented teachers. They are like milestones on our path. Remember the first one you loved? Remember the one you didn’t love but you learned so much from?

Anyone can be a teacher. It’s the gift of your knowing going into the fertile ground of one who is receptive/awake.

Reminds me of the parable about seeds falling on good soil or rocky soil;

Same seeds – same truth

Good soil – open mind

Rocky soil – no germination

Being in the teacher role for years I am very aware of the lessons that come my way through teachers of every kind. Family, friends, books, nature, spoken words, driving, shopping, chance encounters, my body, my thoughts ad infinitum.

Today I am fertile soil.

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Closer to God

It’s a New Moon in Virgo, and you can let that bring you closer to God
“… to be able to remember the sunset, to be able to remember a beautiful conversation, a beautiful deed done where hope and faith were created, to remember the smile of a babe, the blush of a rose, the harmony of a song – a bird’s call; these are creative. For if they are a part of thyself, they bring you closer and closer to God.
-Edgar Cayce Reading 1431-1
We spend so much time looking outside for some form of beauty and ease from our toils. Spend a moment with eyes closed and call up a breathtaking moment from your life……..then bring up another, perhaps a time when you truly felt loved……, a time spent in nature where you felt the presence of God……look back through your years and recall the beauty……….let that be the guiding force this day.
Blessings from Sue


Hogue Prophecies

Heads up people!

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Out Of Balance

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.  He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither”.  Benjamin Franklin

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about everything; the world, our country, cities, farms, people, families etc.

I was thinking about cookies and pop and what an impact they have had on our society. Holidays are for treats, holidays and special occasions. Every summer when it gets really, really hot, there is nothing like a cold Pepsi over ice. I have one every year. During Christmas, what could be better than the old family recipes of fudge, divinity, Christmas cookies etc. I wait eagerly all year long for those treats.

Indulgences make the body soft and weak. Just like a country that gives up freedom for security. When the body gives up staples (whole grains, vegetables, fruits) for treats (sugar, fats, white flour) it cannot do the job required; a strong immune system, a happy mind, all parts in balance.

You could say our bodies are a reflection of our country. Too many treats and not enough staples.


As Above, So Below

That statement makes me a little spacey. And it brings up all kinds of questions about what is above?? Why are we below??

So I have to expand my consciousness to wrap around statements like that. Then I begin to feel the multi dimensional gravities of many planes of existence, this one being just that, a plane of existence. Consciousness desires to grow and evolve. Coming from infinity we have little choice about growing and evolving. Choice being our free will. However the compelling nature of change does not allow us to remain stuck for too long. And I am thankful for that.

As I journey thru my lessons like everyone else here I now cooperate a little better. I spent a great deal of time/energy/life force attempting to do it my way. And I doubt that I will give that up completely, but it does feel better to occasionally let the flow carry me along without having to struggle quite so hard.

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No Difference

“To me there is no difference between one person and another; I behold all as soul-reflections of the one God. I can’t think of anyone as a stranger, for I know that we are all part of the One Spirit.” -Paramahansa Yogananda

It was often said of my Grandfather that he never met a stranger. What a blessing it was to grow up around such a wise and jolly old sage. He showed me how to see the good in all and to respond to that in humor and connectedness to others.

Yogananda, my second Hindu Guru, reflected this on such a high level that oneness was perceived/achieved.

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Full Moon in Aquarius Today

I love Full Moons most of the time and today feel that awesome surge I get when her bright face shines down from the sky!
It is a time when emotions run high and if you are having a positive time it really enhances that. However, quite the opposite comes thru when you are down. Remember, you are the transformer for all of these energies which are neutral without you.
So, today our beautiful silver moon shines brightest in humanitarian loving Aquarius. It’s really time to love yourself and the rest of humanity and start making your corner of the world exactly how you would like the whole world to be. Remember John Lennon in “Imagine”, and imagine all that you love and the peace that you desire.

Robert Wilkinson states in his long treatise on this full moon:  “We are all being moved into a newer, simpler, more enjoyable dedication of self in a greater service. This is where we find a larger “consecration,” and can “hurry on our errands of mercy” even as we open to sensing a more fortuitous connection between the visible and invisible worlds and our helpers in both. The “traffic jams” can help us all heal into our Higher Self, and prepare us for deciding what parts of our gardens we want to cultivate while seeing how Nature is rewarding us for past effort.

So expect a lot of weirdness, friction, ego crashes, and disappointments that will show us the way to let go of our lower self and embrace the fire of our Higher Self and its Truths. The difficulties may not necessarily manifest in our lives, and so may happen around us, showing us to an effective Soul expression. This is a time of rebalancing our Soul’s needs and expression freed of lower ego and its assumptions.

Follow your feelings into decisions and actions that help you integrate what need integrating, and then get more information and new ideas to come to a clear vision. Allow your information files to be updated, and follow the flow into new actions.

This is a very active and diverse time, with developments spanning all 12 signs. Take a larger view, stabilize what is valuable and beautiful, use your imagination, be gently and sweetly determined, keep it simple and straightforward, and move step by careful step into walking the way into a new life, while anticipating a freer, more playful life to come.”


A River Moving In You

When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you, a joy.
When actions come from another section,
the feeling disappears. -Rumi
I have experienced a “river moving through me” often in life and especially right now.
We are experiencing a once in 500 year flood of the mighty Missouri River at this time too.
And that is how some of these powerful astrological energies are flowing through our world, like a river running, overflowing, out of control and very strong.
Some days it’s all I can do to sit and breathe and allow these rivers of energies to flow through me, other days I’m caught up in the flow and experience amazing creativity. I’ve just about transformed my Center and organized files that have been laying around for over 20 years. Thank you to Mercury retrograde, always good for cleaning up old stuff.
The bigger changes of Pluto, Uranus, Neptune are transforming all of us and I am finding it hard sometimes to connect to old friends. The energy is gone, we’ve changed, and we don’t match up anymore. Life times are speeding by and it is vital to remain flexible, open, free, non judgmental, compassionate and to stay out of any unhealthy ego patterns.  It’s all very exciting and I wonder what 10 years from now will look like and  who will be in my life then.

And this from Robert Wilkinson: 

“That’s right – we’re now in the heart of a few very volatile days. It began when Mars entered Cancer August 3, setting the square to Uranus and opposition to Pluto into motion. These are very challenging and dynamic aspects to two of the most powerful disruptive energies in creation.”

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How to Forgive

Several years ago I wrote The Dailies on this Blog. Then I shifted into mostly astrology musings.
Tonight I’m back into the Dailes with something that has caused me angst, great angst, all day. I was listening to the radio news at either 91.5 or 90.7 (can’t remember which station now, as they are the only stations I listen to). The story was about Meth addiction and a man in Council Bluffs who had just killed a cat. But not before sexually abusing the cat and then throwing it out the window, where it died and someone reported him.
I have wrestled with this all day, and tears flow as I try to understand why.
Years ago I made one of my spiritual practices on Forgiveness about sexual perpretators. It was a hard discipline as I had very rigid judgements against anyone who could possibly sexually abuse a child. I was vigilant in my pursuit of real forgiveness……it took years before I came to that place. During that time I researched perpetrators and how they could harm such innocence. The essence I took away from that investigation was that all perps had been abused so severely at such an impressionable age that pleasure/pain/shame/sex etc was all rolled up into a very complex desire for love.
Today, I lost my work on forgiveness. Unfortunately, my mind won’t lose the image of the cat and how that whole scene had to play out. It took me to Africa, where women and so many very young girls are raped daily in a war I can’t understand.
And that brings me to a place that I have no understanding of and I wonder if I will ever be able to let go of humans abusing life.
I don’t want to hurt others in any way. But I do understand that through our deep emotional pain we seek relief. I do understand that sometimes our darkest shadows can emerge and perform acts that our waking consciousness would be horrified of.
My prayers are with the cat tonight. Maybe tomorrow I can pray for the man that fed his lowest cravings for love.

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Dog Days of Summer

I’ve been writing so many classes and articles on Astrology I haven’t spent much time on the Blog lately. Missed commenting on the Blue Moon altogether, LOL……….oh well.
If you want a really great/simple take on how August will be affecting each sign go to: and also:
August will be full of opportunity to re-do many things in your life. There will be some gear grinding regarding the deeper issues in your life and it’s just a good idea to take long walks and maybe an appt with your therapist. The energies all month ask you to seek and be the deeper change you wish in the world.
Happy Dog Days of Summer, thank you Sirius, the dog star!!

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