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Happy Elevening……………….

I’m somewhat of a loner. My friends go out to plays, museums and the long list of activities people go to for enjoyment. And then there are the gatherings for meditation, classes on the occult, retreats etc where people talk about what is going on and what it all means. I lead many of those classes/retreats, but I’m not usually a participant listening to someone’s idea of the universe and airy new age dialogue that is not founded in practical application. I am a practical person and I don’t like conjecture and someone seeking ego power from “knowing” something that others don’t. I think it’s just their ego seeking power, lilke egos do.
So, I don’t go out much, but it does get a little lonely. So, today I am going to gather with others for a little meditation on 11.11.11. I don’t know, given our calendar, if this is 11.11.11, but I do wish to be of service in any way that I can to bring peace and healing to our beautiful planet.
And this from Robert:
“As for most New Age approaches, I tend not to take very seriously much of what is asserted in our world about other dimensions, evil aliens, glorious pronouncements and messages from “ascended masters,” paradigm shifts, and personal “ascensions,” to name but a few. I find a lot of it highly speculative, usually exclusive rather than inclusive, and not based in depth knowledge of the requirements of human evolution across centuries and millennia. I am particularly wary if it seems like it’s a) threatening, b) cheerleading, or c) assuring us that we don’t have to take responsibility for being here and to whatever degree is possible, selflessly contribute to a better world while freeing ourselves from glamor and the causes of suffering. Basically, I feel that if it doesn’t apply to Biafra or Bangladesh, it’s probably more local than global and needs further examination before being proclaimed as a universal fact or Truth.

Glamor, Illusion, and Maya (the Sanskrit Maya, not the people) are serious traps for any truth seeking Soul. I truly believe it’s best to develop our “glamor dispelling mechanism” so we can see things without that world problem intruding on our perception and understanding.”

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Full Moon in Taurus & Time & Evolution

I was sitting down to write this article about what a lovely Full Moon we have today and thinking about the pleasureable energy of Taurus when my mind wandered into all that is going on in the world and for each person. Evolution=Revolution, we are seeing it everywhere. This Full Moon is a little like a rest stop on our fast track to change, so enjoy it. Take time to take time for all the little things that make your life worth living. Indulge a bit and relax a lot, call old friends and tell them how much you love them. Surprise yourself with time and attention. It’s really important in the midst of all this upheaval to pull back and relax and smile and just enjoy. Today we can do that.
And a bit more on the times we are in and the spiritual evolvement we are going through by my old friend Robert:
“There’s a great deal of glamor, illusion, and Maya surrounding our current transitional period, with lots of rumors and speculation. Regardless of our current belief systems, there is a greater evolutionary reality going on that’s beyond our perceptual interpretations conditioned by our limitations.

So today we’re going to re-examine the nature of time, perception, and how our minds work. By understanding how these work, we can keep some things in mind as we move through experience and adapt to what is, and what’s coming.

Time is a funny thing. It is a one-way street, and is the means by which we measure movement in perceptual experience through the 3 denser dimensions. Time is also infinitely fluid, and as such has no beginning or end.

As someone recently pointed out, an odometer is a good metaphor for how we have come to measure space and time as functions of each other’s movement. Rolling ever forward, every end is followed naturally by a new beginning showing the next phase of an unending process. If the dimension of time is never-ending, then though calendars end, consciousness is forever.

Humanity, barely understanding a few of the principles of the 3 dense dimensions of human reality, usually do make stuff up to explain time and how it relates to experience. Mostly these are attempts to find metaphors to classify what hasn’t been confirmed within conventional means. I believe that’s why a lot of what is asserted these days does seem disconnected, or weaves together highly speculative assertions that require us to accept a lot on faith. The human imagination does wonderful things to cover up holes in its incomplete understanding.

While I’m big on faith when it is needed, it has no place in any serious study where thorough scholarship is needed. Devotion is good, but it’s an entirely different field of energy than Knowledge. It’s somewhat like trying to use cooked spaghetti to hammer a nail. Both are perfectly fine in their realms, but ultimately have different purposes, methods, and outcomes.

Many sites offer speculations about the current and coming transitions, and try to tie them to the Mayan calendar, the Great Pyramid timeline, the prophesies of Nostradamus or the Book of Revelations. I have found they require us to assume quite a few things, some plausible, some wildly implausible. Much of it seems like a game of “Telephone,” where each successive retelling becomes more and more elaborate, usually for the purpose of convincing people to suspend reason and join, surrender, or repent something.

All interpretations of prophesies make assumptions. We all make assumptions. That includes you and me, as well as the Mayan, Nostradamus, and Pyramid timeline scholars. In fact all groups studying anything, including the fields of art, science, philosophy and religions, make assumptions. We can extend this to all societies and cultures, since humanity has been trying to classify reality and experience since its infancy 3 million years ago.

Even when certain assumptions are “proved true,” they are usually within local conditions and may not be an absolute. For example, we assume gravity to affect everything that has mass and density. However, countless Eastern Yogis have demonstrated that sometimes gravity does not affect the human body when certain levels of consciousness are achieved.

In terms of the larger “paradigm shift,” right now, due to a lack of true scholarship in the field of metaphysics and the Ageless Wisdom accumulated through many civilizations over millennia, collectively we are somewhat like the proverbial 7 blind men trying to describe the elephant. So many see the parts and assume them to be the whole, or that somehow the trunk is “more important” than the leg. Mostly people have fallen under the delusion that forms have permanence and that getting attached to those forms is sustainable.

We do have an accumulation of wisdom of the ages available if we research it. Then we can relate the many derived, more recent local forms of that knowledge to the source material. There’s a lot of speculation about the New Era, but most newer “experts” on the subject never studied the older larger and smaller eras preceding this one to get context or a sense of the continuity of what each successive age represented in terms of the spiritual evolution of humanity. One must study to know, know to understand, and understand to judge. Critical thinking skills are essential if we are to transcend superstitions and half-truths based in limitations of perception.

This all serves the evolution of the race across larger sweeps of time. Each successive sub-race within the larger Root Race contributes to a new understanding of “God,” which serves the needs of that space-time continuum. This requires new metaphors, new approaches, new ways of regarding what IS. However, evolution is a continuity and usually builds upon itself, with occasional mutations.

I tend to doubt the veracity of new material when it tries to negate the established spiritual principles of accumulated human wisdom. Legitimate newer forms of understanding never negate the sum total of the accumulated Truth, Love, Wisdom, and Intelligence of the larger evolutionary trajectory. They do, however, add to the total understanding of All-That-Is, and usually offer hope for the inherent freedom of the Soul to come forth. Evolution is inherently inclusive and liberating.

In part 2 we’ll continue exploring the nature of the Soul, false dualities that lead us into confusion, the problem of fear-based thinking, New Age cheerleading, Root Races and sub-races, and what we’ve been told by oracles past about 2012 and the nature of the coming Aquarian Age.”

© Copyright 2008, 2011 Robert Wilkinson


Our Changing Lives/World

I’ve been thinking and planning and saving for a future that I am unsure of. Today when I checked my favorite astrology site, this piece jumped out at me and I thought I would share it with you:

Life In The 21st Century – An Age in Transition
by Robert Wilkinson

We have entered a period of living on the edge of change like few other generations in history. There are global forces in motion affecting us all that will alter the course of destiny on every continent in ways unimaginable to our grandparents. By the time this transitional period is done, we will confront a new world, a new way of viewing matter and energy, and a new sense of the interrelatedness of life.

Due to a number of factors, both physical and metaphysical, it is evident that we’re in the heart of a 22 year rendezvous with making the history of the future as we sort through the creation, preservation, and transformation of our assumptions about matter, time, space, electricity, magnetism, life, our planet, and each other. The good news is that everything points to a much better world in the future, despite the many current vectors showing us the need to learn, adapt, and become skilled in new ways to move safely through the difficult times ahead as the old systems crumble and die.

Very often in our world, surviving is less determined by who is “the fittest” than by who is learning to “think in the future.” We may be doing well in the present, but time and conditions always change, and much that we assume today will be irrelevant in the future.

It is through our ability to anticipate changes that we move toward models of sustainability that will endure despite the radical events going on around us. Collectively, this will bring forth the environmental, economic, and political solutions we so desperately need to correct the on-going wreckage of the obsolete models of war, harsh competition, and wasteful pollution that poisons our land, air and water and threatens the very existence of entire nations.

There are on-going breakthroughs in every field of study in the world. Old ideas about the environment, economics, religion, health, government, and what constitutes social sustainability are being discarded as never before. New ideas never imagined present themselves every month, sometimes as solutions to our pressing problems, sometimes a new ways of valuing things, and sometimes just the spur of necessity showing us we must adapt or face dire consequences.

While some of these ideas are “bridge forms,” and not meant to endure past this transitional era, others are “seed forms” that will form the basis of things to come. Over time, many apparently separate systems will be seen in the light of synergistic, holistic understanding, and assist the development of more integrated ways of approaching the material creation.

Thanks to such things as the Internet, Quantum Mechanics, mind-body medical breakthroughs, and an ever-increasing global knowledge base showing us we are interconnected in astonishing ways, the inevitable conclusion is that millions are embracing the power found in community and shared knowledge and skills as antidotes to the avarice and separateness of the old era. Utilizing the principles of economy of energy, magnetic attraction, and synthesis, the cooperation of various beings coming together in the next decade will create a radically transformed Earth and humanity.

Now is the only time there is. Now is the only time to learn, to know, to dare, to embrace, and to break free of the inertia of the past. Now is the time to prepare for what is, and what is coming.

By moving beyond old assumptions and limitations, we can recognize and accept a greater wisdom, intelligence, and effectiveness, and find our community within which we can live well and contribute our gifts to our world. As we move through this heart of “the Winter of the 21st Century,” this is the joyous challenge.

We only have about 2500 days to go before it will be evident that we’re all living a radically transformed reality that is the beginning of a 2100 year era where we will remember more about the nature of the electromagnetic creation than we can currently imagine. Enjoy the ride!!

© Copyright 2007, 2011 Robert Wilkinson