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Shadow Attacks

“Our shadows exist to teach us, guide us, and give us the blessing of our entire selves. They are resources for us to expose and explore. The feelings that we have suppressed are desperate to be integrated into ourselves. They are only harmful when they are repressed; then they can pop up at the least opportune times. Their sneak attacks will handicap you in the areas of your life that mean the most. “ -Dark Side of the Light Chasers

It takes me years of study and research to begin understanding. With shadows, my first response was generally denial or disbelief. Then moving on through more study, a kind of grudging belief that perhaps this could be true. Now as events come up in my life I grab hold of what is this shadow and how can I allow it real expression? What has it brought to me and why now?

So, another sneak attack and as I look at this particular shadow I find I’m really liking the beauty of it and the acceptance that I am gifted in this way.


Crystal Bowls Meditation this Sunday

Sunday, April 15-5:00-6:00
Join Sue Moon and Sue McCarthy playing 15 Crystal Bowls in guided meditations designed to raise your vibrations and heal your physical body. The Bowls literally vibrate out negativity and toxins in the body. It’s a lovely thing to do for yourself, especially since it is Spring and time to detox all systems.

Bright Spirit Center   7551 Main St   Ste 206    Ralston, NE  68127   402.319.0678

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The Personal Monthly Astrology Forecast

More and more people are realizing the value of astrological information in their lives. Not the generic form of entertainment that you can read in the newspaper, but personalized for each unique individual.

I am offering personalized mini reports to help guide you through the energies that each month will bring you. The monthly report will include information on your Full Moon, New Moon, any Eclipses, Retrograde planets, Venus, Mars and more. Each report will be emailed to you around the 15th of the previous month. June reports will be sent on May 15th.

The cost is $25 a month or pay $120 for 6 months and save $30

During this time you will be given the direction that your personal planets are moving in, making it much easier for you to navigate the coming times.

If you would like a more in depth reading there will be a 15% discount for members of the Monthly Report.

“In the years to come there will be radical political, economic, societal and environmental upheavals that will rival the worst the world has ever seen, it is also simultaneously true that humanity is on “the Path of Return” if we are to believe the ancient Chronicles. From one angle, the future’s so bright we better keep a stock of sunglasses ready! We just have to prepare wisely to get through and beyond the conflict and crash…” Robert Wilkinson


April Astrologically For All Signs

April is full of retrograde chatter! While Mercury only stays retrograde till April 4th, it takes at least a week to 10 days before communication begins to flow smoothly again. Mars has been retrograde since 1/24, helping us all to plan more wisely in whatever forward direction we would like to take in our lives. It will unleash its bolt of energy and then all of our plans can go into motion. Saturn continues it’s approximately 5 month retrograde cycle and Pluto goes retrograde on 4/10 to stay till 9/18. What this is causing for us all is a “time out” to reconsider the directions in our lives. Think deeper, plan wiser, cut your losses and let go of the past.
The Full Moon in Libra on the 6th will be a lovely time for most as Libra brings harmony and balance and a love of beauty and art. This would be a good time to relax and enjoy the new exhibit at the museum or art gallery. The New Moon in Taurus on the 21st is similar to the Full Moon in that Venus is the ruler of both Libra and Taurus. Venus brings love and beauty into our lives, so enjoy that this month and relax and plant beautiful flowers.
Mercury moves into Aries on the 17th which brings communication to the forefront. This will be aggressive at times and everyone will feel the need to express themselves……..all at once! Venus moves into Gemini on the 4th bringing a sense of lightness and fun! Due to Venus going retrograde in May, she will stay in Gemini till August 7th! In June she will eclipse the sun! Big news and more on that in May.
ARIES-Time for you to really move on what you want. You will have a lot of help for new ideas and lucky influences coming your way! The Full Moon on the 6th will light up your committed partnership house and bring nice energy to that. The New Moon on the 21st will be a time to think about what talents you have that you haven’t been using. It’s a productive and money making month for you.
TAURUS-Meditation is good and if you don’t have a practice find a class and learn how this month. Being still will help you to understand the unusual events coming your way now. Physically, it’s a strong month for you to move the body in a new direction or change your exercise regime. The Full Moon on the 6th may bring up some emotional issues at work, but it will all work out thanks to the mediation of Libra.
GEMINI-Party month with lots of happy friends and frivolity interspersed with quiet/reflective times. Home is busy and you might be doing some re-decorating. If you have children they may be a concern at this time. Pluto continues to help you make deep, transformative change for many years to come. Get your spiritual path dusted off; Neptune is calling you to be a positive force for change in the world.
CANCER-Lucky influence for you in your career! Socializing this month is vital and abundant! You are starting to broaden your view of the world outside of the home and thinking/planning takes a priority all month. Brothers and sisters could be squabbling as Mars continues to sit in the sibling house. Home is on your mind, what do you need to do with it? Paint?
LEO-Change is occurring at very deep levels for you. You are broadening your mind and beliefs this month and also your achievements. This is a good time for you to put yourself out there and see what you can do. Siblings can mean more responsibility than you would like, but it will pass before late Fall. Take care of your health and exercise more, your heart needs it!
VIRGO-Mars is super charging you physically right now so it is a good time to take long walks or workout. The Full Moon on the 6th will have you emotionally attached to your possessions and perhaps buying a few more goodies. Mercury in your relationship house has you thinking about what you would rather have instead. Longing for far-away places at the New Moon on 4/21. You may just need to take a day to get away and dream.
LIBRA-The Full Moon on the 6th in your sign of Libra is delightful and charming for all who know you. The focus on work at the beginning of the month will move into relationships later. You may need to re-think some of those to bring them more into alignment with your evolving life. Change is strong for you in positive ways this month. The New Moon on the 21st is a time to dream of the life you want and then move towards it. A very lucky blessing will come to you from Jupiter in that regard.
SCORPIO-Something hidden may come to light about you this month. The highlight is on things that you take care of, work, pets, plants, people and your health, although relationships take up a big portion of this month. You may have an opportunity to re-energize an old loving relationship this month and there seems to be a very profound and deep change accompanying it.
SAGITTARIUS –It is a strong month for you in oh so many ways. Your talents continue to grow and be noticed. Your subconscious is being creatively transformed and is infusing you with creativity. It’s a fun month and a hard working month. Please take good care of your health, the New Moon and Venus will help heal any illness now. Your career is super charged thanks to Mars; just keep your ego in check.
CAPRICORN-What can you do to make your home fit your personality better? Are you having enough fun these days? A highlight will be the Full Moon in Libra in your Achievement House, this brings honors and recognition and a lot of love. The New Moon on the 21st offers you relaxation, simple pleasures and a well deserved respite.
AQUARIUS-The New Moon on the 6th reveals deep psychological changes that are going on in your psyche. The Full Moon on the 21st tweaks your Mid-heaven which shows honors for your achievements and a possible career move up that ladder. You are undergoing major transformation with Mars in the 8th house till July, just breathe and enjoy the ride.
PISCES-Major healing of who you are continues and you have been thinking a lot about that lately. Possessions mean a great deal to you because of the comfort or beauty they bring and that is highlighted this month. You may even buy some new toys, just watch that you don’t over spend. With Mars in your relationship house you will need to curb your ego and your tongue and just say “yes, dear”. Many fundamental changes for the good are taking place if you just allow them to.

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Our Current Status as Evolving Beings

2012 and “The Second Mayan Prophesy”

We’re experiencing the emergence of a larger, deeper, and more powerful energy field, and we’re each sensing it in our own unique way. What is common to us all is that energy field is a vast meeting ground, where we are meeting ourselves and others in “a new world that’s a-borning as the old one dies.”
The tribes are assembling, both large and small. The time stream has quickened over the past decade, so that things are arising faster and faster prodding us all to make critical choices in our view of living with fear or love, darkness or light, separateness or Oneness. Perhaps that’s related to what all the prophesies about this time have stated from times past.
A Spiritual Brother who is a site sponsor is directly wired to authentic Mayan scholars in Guatemala. From time to time I pass on what is offered so we can understand what this “end of time” is really all about, and why the future is very bright for all who embrace the qualities of the emerging field.
I’ll close my part of this by saying that as it now stands, almost everyone on Earth has either a septile or sextile between their Neptune and their Pluto. In a nutshell, we all know better.
There is no excuse for unconscious behavior, since everyone now knows on the deepest levels what “right action,” “right intention,” “right response,” and “right relationships” mean. Now is the time to focus this deepest and broadest personal experience of the Eternal, God, Spirit, or whatever you call it, to synthesize our personalities with our Spirit-Soul and demonstrate the integrity of our unique gift to offer the world.

And now for “The Second Mayan Prophecy.” It’s part of our Brother Felipe’s Mayan Calendar Series over at Maya Earth Coffee. (Yes, he does ship direct!) I introduced you to some of these authentic Mayan opinions on the subject many months ago, and since he just sent this to me today in his newsletter, I thought I’d pass it on to you for your consideration, slightly edited for readability.

“The Second Mayan Prophecy”
The second prophecy shows two paths: one of comprehension and tolerance and the other of fear and destruction. On both paths, you learn the necessary lessons for the evolution of consciousness.

It’s up to us to decide which path to choose, it’s heaven and hell manifested simultaneously. It tells us that humanity is moving towards a new era of harmony, but in order to get there, we have to confront our greatest fears and accept that we experience difficult situations so that we can learn from them.

And if we maintain inner peace in whatever situation we experience, no matter how difficult it may be, then we can maintain and increase our inner energy producing a high state of vibration and true respect for all living beings. It says that difficult situations will be part of our life as long as we need to learn a lesson from them.

The second prophecy announces that as a result of the August 11, 1999 eclipse, the physical transformations of the Sun will alter the actions of humanity. They say that some will lose control of their emotions while others will fine tune their inner peace so as to synchronize them with the rhythms of the galaxy. In this way, they will be able to neutralize the drastic changes that are described in the following prophecies.

On that day we saw a ring of fire that cut off the heavens. It was an eclipse without precedence in our history due to the alignment of a cosmic cross with the center of almost all the planets in our solar system.

In addition, the shadow cast by the moon over the earth crossed through Europe, passing over Kosovo, the Middle East, Iran and Irak, and then through Pakistan and India; its shadow appeared to predict an area of wars and conflicts.

“The creative imagination of the Mayas was truly galactic, just as their knowledge was.”

Fundacion Centro Cultural and Asistencia Maya C.C.A.M.

Chichicastenango, El Quiche, Guatemala

To which I’ll add that the 1999 Solar Eclipse in Leo was one of the most powerful in history, and shattered everything that was up to that point, thanks to the Grand Fixed Cross involving the Sun/Moon in mid-Leo, Mars in mid-Scorpio, Saturn in mid-Taurus, and Uranus in mid-Aquarius. 4 major heavyweights, none giving an inch! I’ll write something about that in the future.

Truly, the emerging changes require us to be open to subtle frequencies of life, light, and love, and experience the living energy we are all together. While many things will seem difficult, as we learn to detach, become more dispassionate about what appears to be, and discern between the real and the unreal, the truly important from the apparently urgent, we can find a greater power in generating positivity in our view of what is and what could be.

You might as well let go of all your fears and worries and live the integrity of your heart strength, love, and wisdom. You have nothing to lose but your separateness from yourself and Spirit.

© Copyright 2012 Robert Wilkinson

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