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Doing It Up Right………..

When I was small I spent a great deal of time on an 80 acre plot of heaven with my grandparents in Nodaway, Iowa. We followed the seasons then with how we lived and what we ate. Spring was planting and filled with hope for the harvest. Summer was hard work tending to all that was growing, not only plants, but livestock, especially those chickens. Fall was the harvest of so much loving labor and stocking up and storing for the sleep of winter. Winter was when all the tools were sharpened and repaired and the things you didn’t have time for in the other three seasons. Rest and rejuvenation, not only the farm, but our bodies. There was time to play the piano and sing the old songs, time to sew and dream.
Today I was out in my yard harvesting sour cherries. And I just want to thank the squirrels and birds for leaving me enough this year to make 3 big pies. When you are involved with nature, time has a way of being eternal or in the moment. You have to pay attention. While I was cherry picking so many thoughts of my childhood came back to me of what we would do after gathering the bounty. One of those things was sharing. I remember the pies and jellies and jams and butters we would deliver to the neighbors, our friends, and how delighted they would be to receive these gifts, but it was more than the food, it was the thought and consideration and the love that went along with it.
While I wasn’t able to gather that many cherries, my neighbor has a birthday on the 31st and she loves cherries. This year she gets a cherry pie from me filled with labor and love. If you have ever picked cherries, you know how much work it is between picking and eating!
We used to know that it truly is the little things that make life worth living. It is the effort and love that counts and the sharing of all of that.


There Is Nothing More Important Than Love

As I sat on my patio this evening gazing into the peace and serenity of my 15 acre wood listening to Pandora with old favorites, Joni Mitchel, Judy Collins, James Taylor……..Van Morrison came on with that great song “Days Like This”.
It’s been intense for so many of us this spring. Many endings and beginnings, many people leaving our planet and many being born.
I lost a dear friend last week, not the first time, but that doesn’t really matter. Death/Birth, so vital, so important, so with us all the time. Pausing to reflect every day; did I love her enough? Did she know how important she was in my life; how much she enriched my life?
Three months after my Father died he came to me in a long dream and at the very end he looked deeply into my eyes and said, “None of this matters, only the love matters.” It changed my life and healed my relationship with my Dad completely. I saw him as I had never seen him in this life, and he looked at me with love for the first time that I consciously knew. Thanks Dad. Thanks Alison, for coming into my life and being a beautiful inspiration to me.

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May Horoscopes For All Signs

It’s an earthy May and one of the most beautiful months of the year. It’s a busy month with much activity from the planets. To begin with the Full Moon on May 5 is in Scorpio (intense) making emotions run high and passion soar. A good way to use this energy would be to do something that you are passionate about and avoid people who annoy you. Full Moon’s have a way of bringing out whatever we aren’t dealing with, especially when it’s Scorpio. Venus (love/beauty) begins a retrograde on the 16th heading into a very auspicious eclipsing of the Sun in June. The Venus energy is calling all of us out to deal with our loving relationships. There may be old loves from the past or old memories coming up to be healed during this time. The focus will definitely be on all topics Venusian: Love/passion/art/ beauty/healing etc. On the 20th we’ll have a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Eclipses slam the door closed on something whose time has come, and then a new door appears. Endings and beginnings: You won’t be surprised by the endings, you know what needs to leave your life, however, and you may be surprised by some of the new life coming in right after. All month we will feel Mars (strength) trining (ease) Pluto (transformation) helping us all to make reforms in our lives that will help change the world into a better place. This month is definitely about healing and moving on into better times for all.

ARIES-You may be thinking a lot about money or your possessions and undoubtedly money is coming your way, thanks to abundant Jupiter. The Full Moon on the 5th lands in your house of change and it will be highly emotional whether positive or negative is up to how you handle it. The eclipse on the 20th will affect very personally. Do you need to clear the clutter out of your house? Do you need more mentally stimulating conversations?

TAURUS-Be cautious when it comes to expanding because you might just be putting on weight and missing the real expansion that needs to take place, i.e., who you are in the world. You will be inspired to develop more of your gifts this month and Venus will help you. Party hardy, but don’t burn yourself out. It would be wiser to create more happiness and fun in your life. Take time to meditate as Uranus (inspiration) and Mercury (mind/messages) will help you find more inspiring ways to live your life.

GEMINI-You are lovely and all can see that as beautiful Venus moves through your physical sector. Think about new ways to enliven you “look” and present yourself in a new way, it will definitely pay off. Redecorate or move but don’t fight within your home. Lots of energy in the home area, use it positively. Buy a dream book to understand the symbolic messages coming through in your dreams. Above all, stay grounded, work out, eat better and it will all make sense in the months to come. You are undergoing enormous transformation-get REAL!

CANCER-It’s a happy month for friends and social groups but you have to go out the door and be there. You are so affected by the Moon (your ruler) and this month the Full Moon in
Scorpio will affect you in the area of children/fun/gambling/creativity. It’s a good time to buy a lottery ticket and find time to spend with your kids (literally and metaphorically). Career is unpredictable but FULL CHARGE AHEAD!

LEO-“Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots is your theme this month! Super energized talents, home life, work & taking care of others, also lots of fun with friends! Your month should be very energized and you are making great progress in getting ahead. Many deep changes continue under the surface, but you will be healed by all of them. People are counting on you to help them out and you rise to the occasion as your regal self in auspicious ways.

VIRGO –You are strong while Mars sits in your physical house till July. Caution against arguments during the full moon on the 5th, it won’t work out the way you want…..try mediation instead. Be prepared for big changes in your career at the eclipse on the 20th, although you may not notice it till well into the summer. Eclipses close the doors on the past so you can move into a brighter future. Heal all those relationships-it is so worth it. Unpredictable change continues to haunt you, however if you would just surrender to the inevitable it would go much smoother. Look for great advances this summer.

LIBRA-You are in such a state or re-doing who you are and hopefully are regenerating the physical body. Even if it looks like you are falling apart, you aren’t. You are changing what needs to be changed. The Full Moon on the 5th has you concerned about your possessions. Relationships are a little haywire especially in regards to communication. Transformation is happening on so many levels, remember to breathe.

SCORPIO-At the beginning of the month you may want to reassess your physical body, does it need something? You could also be having thoughts about yours or someone else’s health and it could be unusual or unexpected. Committed relationships are a strong focus now and you just want a stable, reliable person who totally adores and pampers you. Venus could be bringing a new love into your life that could care less about stability.

SAGITTARIUS-It hasn’t been easy these past months, but you should start to feel real progress this month. Your home can become a spiritual haven for you now; maybe you should fix it up a little. You may be thinking a lot about your children or wanting to be more creative and do things your own special way. Work is stuck in a rut of some kind, but that will change by June. Love is filling your relationship area for many months to come and on May 20th the eclipse will be there too. Someone is leaving your life………….and someone else is coming in.

CAPRICORN-You really need to relax and indulge yourself in playful and creative times this month. Work is about to get much better after you clear out old stuck energies (maybe people) and clarify what you really want. This would be a good time to have a party in your home; it will attract unusual and very mentally stimulating people.

AQUARIUS-At month’s beginning you have a nice Full Moon in your career/achievement area, be open to receiving recognition and honor. Everyday life is a little chaotic with many unexpected changes; you will have to put your thinking cap on to figure some of it out. Hang out at home as much as you can, it will soothe you and recharge your psychic batteries. Lots of fun for you this month and maybe a new love!

PISCES-You are undergoing such radical transformation and really stepping into who you are! You are creatively gifted and this month some new talents may be discovered. Life is rich and rewarding, relax and enjoy. The New Moon at months end is also an eclipse; this occurs in your subconscious area, a very good time to get in touch with who you are and what you would rather be doing. Home will be lovely all month, although Mars may stir up an argument with a loved one-check your ego at the door.