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Happy 2013

As we enter a new year and a new era,
May we all know the profound peace that lives deep in our hearts,
May we all live each day in the truth of our souls,
May we call forth the greatness in one another
To create communities grounded in compassion, respect, and dignity.
-Alan Seale


January 2013 Astro For All Signs

It’s a New Year and the balance of power between the masculine and the feminine is grinding into action. We will see power struggles between our material and spiritual beliefs. The right use of power is what we are struggling to understand. Is it right when multi-billion dollar industries dictate what we eat, wear, say, think etc? The Collective Consciousness is waking up in everything and change is afoot! This month heralds a huge shift in global politics, structure and the way things have been done for too long, much of it without our knowledge. There is a great need rising up in people to be better, do better, help others and find meaning in their lives. You can see this is the movements that are sweeping our nation. Co-housing is happening, even in Omaha; this is where small communities are created that are multi-generational and sustainable; (Visit: for more info about Papillion’s new development). There is another movement gaining popularity called Guerilla Gardening. This is where a group of devoted gardeners arm themselves with plants, shovels, seeds and more and descend on an area that is ignored, neglected, or used for clandestine activities and they transform the area. This is helping poverty neighborhoods regain some pride in where they live and the results are amazing! ( Welcome to a time where grass roots passion will transform our world. We are in for decades of dramatic change, some of it horrific, and some unbelievable miracles! The key to handling this year, and our future, is to be extremely flexible and open to change for the better. Talk to your neighbors and your children, relax and stay focused on what is yours to do, find out what is yours to do. This month will have strong highs and lows and the possibility for great love and passion. We are remaking our lives/world, and we are all up to it!
ARIES-The New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th offers you a chance to show your worth and make some changes. It’s a busy month with friends and hopefully no arguments, but Mars is in your friend sector and can highlight ego discussions. It would be better to use up some of that energy in contact sports. There will be radical changes in your life this year with some very lucky influences standing by to help. Relationships may be challenging in the autumn.
TAURUS-The New Year will be a mixed bag of stress and ease intermingling and it might make you a little irritable to be around at times. Just breathe; there is a strong focus at the New Moon on the 11th for you to expand your knowledge and to seek higher learning from a wise teacher. With Mars touring your career zone you could find people really appreciating your hard work and steady application, might be a good time to present some new ideas on where your company should be going. If you are unemployed this is a good month to find work.
GEMINI-The year begins with a happy attitude, fun with friends and great communications. Expect some form of increased financial support towards the end of the month. This is a month that can also challenge you to release old patterns and to make better/healthier choices. Busy, as you like it, contemplative sharing with others and a new friend or two on the horizon. Just don’t overeat or overdo!
CANCER-Relationships and especially marriage partners will be your concern as we start the year. You may be thinking back over the year and wondering what it all means and where it is going. It’s a pretty fast pace all month so just take some time to reflect as you will be undergoing major transformation thanks to Mars. Venus will help out towards the end of the month with all of your relationships, but it will light reading, nothing ever is when Pluto is around and he will be in this area for many more years. It’s a good time to be honest about what you need with a partner.
LEO-The New Moon on the 11th is in your sign helping you to lay plans for who you want to be next! Leo’s love changing roles and this is a good time to do that. The theme of the whole year for you will be healing, spiritual transformation and expanding your mind. This month may bring a new love into your life or re-charge an old one. There is some stress with authority, yours or another’s and you will be communicating a lot, but keep that sharp tongue to yourself, make it peaceful.
VIRGO-All in all this is a pretty great month which is a precursor to a good year for all Virgos. There will be some challenges, there always are, but you are favored now. This month you will be appreciated for your gifts and possibly asked to do more at work because you are so capable now. The New Moon on the 11th lands in your achievement/career sector showing it is time to start something new. Home life is good this month and there will be lots of activity with children or creativity.
LIBRA-A great year is in store for all Libras who have been working towards their goals. This month will be lovely most of the time with just a little nudge here and there to stay on track and be your best self. There is much energy in your home area so you might want to do a little rearranging, moving, painting etc. Uranus in your partnership house could bring some unexpected activity between you and another, keep it peaceful.
SCORPIO-January will start a little better than December ended and hopefully you can mend a few fences now. Mars, one of your co-rulers is pretty strong on the home front this month and could cause a few arguments, it’s much better to re-arrange furniture than argue, it’s just energy, use it wisely. Work is sporadic and there is a mild caution to take your time and not hurry through things. You don’t need any accidents.
SAGITTARIUS-A good year for Sagittarians to stand in their power and move forward! You are very attractive and charming this month thanks to Venus. There is a focus to get out and develop more of your talents and to even make more money. You will be working hard on that and maybe get a little help from a sibling or neighbor. Home is still undergoing much healing and hopefully you are being really creative and changing it around to suit your evolving self a little more comfortably.
CAPRICORN-With so many planets (Pluto, Mercury, and Sun & Venus) in your sign, the month shines a strong light on you. Your sterling character of seeing what needs to be done and doing it will be a rally call to your friends to step up their efforts at self improvement too! Be sure to keep up with any health concerns because Jupiter continues to be a strong influence for the better in that area, which means any little step you take to heal your body, will bring healing much faster!
AQUARIUS-Power packed! Mars and the Sun will have you super charged and the whole month is strong for you physically and mentally! Enjoy your loving friends at the beginning through mid-month. Your creativity is also very strong due to a Jupiter retrograde; dig around for some old art project you could finish now, or take a little vacation it will expand your mind. Everyday life is just full of unexpected pleasures and people for the whole year.
PISCES-Breathe in the beauty and joy of your life, it is all around you. This month will be filled with love, friends and great activity in your home. Remember to let go of the old, especially old friends that you have outgrown, so that the new friends have room in your life. Thanks to Venus, you will be seen as a beacon of love which is your natural state. Home is a haven but you may be thinking of moving. Saturn has been grounding your sweet spiritual nature as it gets ready to move into your career sector later this year…….this is groundbreaking for you! Much honor and fame will come your way from this.


December Astro For All Signs

Astro-December 2012
2012 draws to a close with many powerful statements. This month many will see stellar changes in their lives that began with the double November eclipses. A powerful combination of dynamic energies starts the month off with a bang! The New Moon at 21 Sagittarius on the 13th will have everyone thinking about who they are and why, bringing some new insights and needed change. Uranus the eclectic/chaotic force for change will go Direct on this day and it could be a wild one! Saturn and Venus are still traveling together the 1st week of the month bringing harsh realizations about our loves and loving natures. 12/12/12 promises to be a day of awakening to a greater reality and the knowing that our world is what we make it. The 12/21/12 hoopla has some very dramatic support, one being a YOD (Finger of God) involving Pluto (power/death/transformation), Saturn (responsibility/accountability/structure), and Jupiter (expansion/higher mind). Benevolent Jupiter will be the funnel thru which all these energies flow and wherever that falls in your chart will bring much needed change and awakening. This focus will continue for years. 12/21 is also the Winter Solstice, traditionally a time of peering into the coming year and setting our intent for what we would like. This Solstice is packed with much activity/potential and power. As Americans, we will be collectively waking up to the future we want for our country. The Full Moon at 7 Cancer on 12/28 (emotionally nurturing) opposes Pluto (Lord of Hell) and hopefully all hell won’t break out for you because there will be a big emphasis on partnerships of all kinds. Many believe we are on the brink of a Divine life……………see yourself looking out over a vast land high up on a plateau……………..knowing that where you want to go will require you to either fly or jump to a soft landing………..key words for December are FAITH, COURAGE, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, VISION, ACCEPTANCE.
ARIES-You continue to be reinventing yourself and exert your original power. The New Moon on the 13th will challenge you to think in higher realms and maybe change a few philosophies and you may be surprised by some of it. Something big could be happening in your career/achievements in this life. Your heart is opening to change and you will realize that the love of power is being replaced by the power of love. The Solstice/YOD on the 21st calls out for you to pay more attention to the details and expand your thinking, this could be a rebirth for you. The Full Moon on the 28th lands in your home, how can you make it positive?
TAURUS-The month starts out as a challenge to let go of the past in big thorough ways and open to what is evolving in front of you. Your mind is being remade and it is crucial that you surrender and don’t put up a fight, you will not win. Relationships take up a great deal of your time this month and there will be a few “realizations” that all are not as rosy as you would like. Career gets a big energy shot in the arm towards months end and the Full Moon will put a light on it right there in front of you. If ego is involved you can plan on arguments, however, if you soften up a bit and see the bigger picture, you may find inspiration and help from an unexpected source.
GEMINI-Wild ride with people you work with, are in relationship with, other people’s money, and who you are. It’s a challenging and exhilarating month ahead! With Mars transiting thru your 8th house you are under-going TRANSFORMATION! Keep it creative and as spiritual (I did not say religious) as you can and it will manifest in your career sector as acclaim. Friends are really quirky, but you love them anyway. The New Moon 11/13 could bring an interesting new person into your life. The Equinox/YOD packs a wonderful whollop of change directed at how you see and present your truth to the world-go get ‘em Tiger (or I should say Tigger!)!!
CANCER-The New Moon on the 13th offers you a chance to heal your body by changing life-style choices. If you take heed of said needed changes you will be rewarded by month’s end, if not, there could be a mini breakdown of some sort in the health area. There is a possibility of arguments with loved ones, but you can turn that around and inject some humor into the situation. There is a strong chance that you will heal existing relationships or draw in a reliable new one. Spiritual knowledge continues to beckon you, are you studying anything new? Career is full of unexpected changes for a while. The Full Moon lands on your most physical section of the chart to give you a new lease on life. The YOD/Solstice occurs in your 12th or Meditation House pointing out that you need to connect to source more often to sustain you in this brief human experience.
LEO-There are some tough realities facing you regarding your home and also your innermost self. Because Saturn is involved it seems like you need to let go of some fantasy and see what is really happening there. But there is plenty happening this month that is just plain fun! You are having a mini renaissance in your creativity and maybe even falling in love. Work is intense and it is very important for you to take super good care of your health, you can thank Pluto for that. All of your relationships will be “ego at the ready” at month’s ends, so just don’t fight with anyone. The friends and small groups that you are attached to become vitally important on the 1st; look to them for guidance and support in the changes you are trying to implement. As you close down 2012, go off by yourself for awhile and ponder what you want to accomplish for 2013.
VIRGO-The changes occurring in your life are very private and you may find that if you don’t start sharing some of these deep feelings you are going through, you will burst! The New Moon, on the 13th, lands in the most private sector of the chart-your home. This would be a good time to make a few changes for how you would like your home to feel and look. There will be a lot of activity in the home this month. It may seem that people in your daily life are a little harsh right now, it’s because you are supposed to be paying attention to how you interact with them. Radical change is occurring for you for a long time to come, relax into it and just see what shows up next. There may be a major career change in store as the YOD/Solstice energy funnels directly into that area of your chart. If you want a new career, this will be the month that gives it to you.
LIBRA-The month is energetic for sure and you will get a big dose of activity in the home sector the first week. Then the New Moon on the 13th inspires mental creativity and a desire to socialize more; have the neighbors over for some holiday cheer! The Solstice/YOD affects you in ways that will transform your ability to see clearly, expanding your mind in a very strong way. There will be some sort of transformation in the home, your $ and your philosophies. At the end of the month look for recognition and acclaim; the Full Moon lands in your Career house and you will be reaping much reward from that in the months to come. No quiet little get away for you New Year’s Eve…………….the month ends in a very public way!
SCORPIO-You will be perceived as a respected authoritarian and will be very charming this month thanks to Saturn and Venus. New ways of making money are coming in; spend time brainstorming on that one and new talents could also be under that. It’s so busy in there you might be making a major purchase of some kind. There will be much communicating and socializing in the neighborhood. Mid month will challenge you and open your eyes to deeper truths. This will specifically be in the area of major change. There could be an inheritance or someone giving you some monies, possibly a grant, but there is a little danger lurking behind the scenes in the form of Lilith the Dark Moon, so be cautious about accepting money. The Full Moon on the 28th finds you daydreaming about taking a journey or a vacation and just relaxing for a while.
SAGITTARIUS-You are on fire with energy this month! And if any recent activity like a job loss has happened from those November eclipses, this month will go a long way at repairing your despair. You will have an opportunity on the 13th to re-invent yourself, thanks to the New Moon in Sagittarius! You are about to be recognized for the talent that you are-put yourself out there and don’t let it slip through your fingers. Knock on doors, call in your markers, assert yourself and make the changes you need to. A bit of a struggle with illusion/addiction from Neptune in your subconscious can be very disorienting, it will help you to find a more spiritual way to connect and express yourself. The YOD/Solstice on the 21st hit you the strongest in the house committed partnerships. Either commit or move on, there will not be any shades of gray here. The 28th Full Moon demands transformation and that means letting go of the past.
CAPRICORN-You are a powerhouse all month thanks to a conglomeration of energy shining on you like a spotlight! The New Moon on the 13th asks you to look inside and find ways of change that liberate you. It may be a little uncomfortable but long overdue. The YOD/Solstice challenges you to pay attention to what you are taking care of, especially your health and work. There could be a major overhaul coming in both of those areas. Friends and socializing are a focal point all month but it isn’t exactly overjoyed, there are some lessons in here, be sure you get them. The highlight of the Full Moon in Cancer on the 28th is concerning your committed relationships, do they need some attention?
AQUARIUS-You will be seen this month very publicly, so do be on your best behavior. This is an important month for your career and a raise may be coming or more responsibility in an existing job, make sure you are paid accordingly. The New Moon lands in your friend sector and you may be meeting new people as you let old friends go. The Solstice/YOD points to the need for more relaxing fun/laughter/creativity. If you have children they need more of your time. The Full Moon on the 28th asks you to nurture yourself more, how can you do that? One of the ways is to be of service, volunteering will bring you rewards you cannot imagine
PISCES-You are so busy planning and looking into the future it makes your head spin, but in a good way. Your career is rewarding and people see you doing a great job! The YOD/Solstice focuses on your home. I see this as a very positive energy that will heal much that has needed healing. The Full Moon on the 28th highlights children and creative activities. A very busy month with lots of beneficial changes and spontaneous outbursts of creativity!! Take time to rejuvenate and bask in the glow of positive change.